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    I used to weigh in Ally cans and some non-ferrous scrap, often enough that I had an a/c with my preferred scrappy (newspaper went to a paper mill). When the first changes to do with waste management regs came in, and the prices went down, I gave up.

    One local scrappy will not pay you in cash, only by BACS, and has loads of recording CCTV. I have a feeling that he had to do all of this to comply with regulations and keep the feds off his back.

    Because there had been a real spate of *******ds nicking memorial plaques out of cemeteries and off war memorials.

    As for mystery shopping ...

    Been on that, but store-side.

    I passed the "test" and within a few hours the Rep turned up with a box of chocs. The Glaswegian twunt that was the store manager intercepted it - I was on a break - and apparently took it home, because I never saw it, or any of the contents.

    About a week later I bumped into the same rep in another place, he asked me "Did I enjoy the chocs ?"

    "What chocs ?" was my reply.

    He went slightly ballistic.

    Later that afternoon, he turned up with a much larger box and came directly to me. "These are for you, now where's the manager ?" The twunt was approaching at speed and tried to get the box off me. The rep proceeded to tear him a new opening, in public, whilst I escaped with the prize. I went upstairs and divided it up into four, to share with my team (who didn't want to share, as it was my mystery shopper handling that was being rewarded).

    Boss twunt was seriously snotty with me for weeks.

    Another one I detest is Asda, and that dislike dates from before the walmart takeover.

    Based on the internal appearance, some really poor quality food but most importantly, the way they bully staff is totally unacceptable to me.

    I had a friend working there, and when her OH started to have some really weird behaviours, such as disappearing for days without notice - including abandoning their son on multiple occasions. The son was being "awkward" at school, in the street and in shops etc because the son has hearing and learning difficulties. This meant mom was called (variously) by the school, police and social services to come collect her son at once, if she didn't want him "taken into care". Asda got really shirty with my friend at this situation, despite her best efforts to accommodate booked hours and these events with her son. Several occasions I had to leave my own place of work (luckily, my boss was understanding) to go and collect the poor kid and take him home whilst she tried her best to get time off ...

    Using dried yeast seems to leave less "bread" taste in wine / ginger beer.

    I have a f**kton of windfall apples atm, so thinking about a cider brew-up.

    OH and I are childless by both choice and medical necessity.

    We own about 3/4 acre of land, with a decent sized dwelling on it and I planted several hundred trees and shrubs a couple of decades ago (just before we moved out here we gave refuge to a couple of friends who were about to become homeless).

    We have a good lifestyle, but were frequently asked about producing brats for many years.

    Locally, I have the choice of Co-op or Sainsbury's ... prefer the former.

    If I have a choice - Co-op first, then Morrison's, Sainsbury's followed by either Waitrose or Booths.

    Another good one is Roys of Wroxham / Hoveton (I found them on holiday a few years ago - look 'em up ! they seem to sell almost everything)

    I detest Te5c0 with quite a passion.

    There's a stonker of a store in our local market town (say 20ish miles away).

    They got the site in a very underhand way. Local council refused them planning permission to build a new store, so T bullied Robbs into selling them their second site, the one that looked like a garden centre and with a decent car park. (the first one is a rabbit warren of a building in the town centre, without any parking). This was then knocked down and rebuilt in corporate style as "It leaked and had other faults" - actually, it didn't leak that much as I had a p/t job there in the area most likely to leak - a glorified glasshouse !

    The way they treat their staff is another horror story.

    However, they do let me collect for the Lifeboats ...

    finally, a personal one.

    People, supposedly friends, who slag you off and complain about what you do, even imagined slights from years ago; when you have spent thousands of hours and pounds sorting out their foul-ups and inability to manage their lives for themselves over more than two decades. (ie after getting made redundant suddenly can't manage their money so get made homeless, can't drive anywhere without getting lost, can't remember appointments, but expect help with anything mechanical / electrical / plumbing or on a computer.)

    I could go on ...

    further potential candidates ...

    people who are : cruel to animals (farming, hunting, dog-fighting, bull-fighting), pollute the environment (plastic litter), don't pick up dog 5h1t, waste resources, destroy historical artefacts / buildings to make a quick buck.

    people who are cruel to other people ... eg child abuse, violence to others for religion or race

    More ...

    Drivers - those who; tailgate, undertake and lane change repeatedly, turn without signalling (or make misleading signals), stupidly noisey exhausts / in-car entertainment, towing without care for others also farmers / hgv who collect a long queue and ignore opportunities to pull in, chuck rubbish out (especially plastic), deliberately hit wildlife (or cats / dogs), get too close to horses / cyclists, don't attempt to maintain so drive vehicles permanently emitting clouds of black smoke / oil, park in dangerous places, use mobile phones, drive drunk.

    no doubt there are others ...

    Dat's a cute baby !

    A few years ago, I found a slow worm that had been injured (probably bitten by a cat). Took some advice from my vet, and looked after the speedy object until the wound healed, which took a week or more.

    Just before I was going to release it, she cast a skin so more advice and another few days care.

    This was it, next day was the re-planned release.

    Suddenly realised that the vivarium contained eight or nine baby slowworms ...

    There is no way that this £100 million is going to do much more than be a very temporary and ineffective sticking plaster on a major problem.

    Scrapping universal credit (or seriously improving it) and the de-humanising processes for claiming PIP/DLA would help far more.

    As would actually having some really affordable social (council) housing ...

    Plus sorting out the NHS generally and specifically the provision of help for mental illness.

    I didn't want a smart meter - various reasons (but we've not had a real meter reader around here for years) mainly privacy.

    I'm also concerned about the profile to raise prices when you have no choice but use energy ...

    I'm already stuck with LPG (more expensive fuel) for central & water heating.

    This coming winter, I plan to use the woodburner far more.

    Sorry to hear that.

    It is always heart-breaking.

    Last time it took us all of three days to find another dog, again a rescue (as that saves two dogs).

    And I'm sure we'll do it all again.

    Also ...

    Watching location changes when the actors must have had FTL travel to get between A & B and then C in a short time, when those points are many miles apart ...

    A really good example is when Robin Hood lands at Dover, next scene has him at Hadrian's Wall in sycamore gap and then back near Nottingham.

    Time for an update on the jungle-bashing aka gardening.

    Recent weather has been splendid - good enough to not only catch up on then suntan, but also helpful to the plants. I have had to water the many container grown plants and a patch of newly laid turf (wombled off a mate).

    The transplanted roses *seem* to be doing OK, and some red-hot pokers have managed a couple of flowers. They were also moved at the wrong time.

    We took further advantage of the good weather to rebuild the dwarf-wall foundation for the "big" greenhouse and the built the structure. It awaits glazing, fitting out / finishing and then populating with plants (which will be mainly tomatoes).

    Weather broke yesterday with a thunderstorm and heavy showers ... which meant the clouds obscured the 'Blood Moon'.

    As I said ^^^ - the full reasons are actually more complicated than just having those mugs in the station.

    (and they were not particularly artistic nor tasteful !)

    But because of the volunteer code, and that I'm not actually with that branch / station, I don't want to discuss those details in public.

    Although I will agree that the RNLI is quite bad at dealing with such situations, but, in my own experience, not much worse than other big name "employers".

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT! it is not difficult. Its the same in Brighton and definitely the same in Bristol. I like your use of the word "respectful" it perfectly sums it up.

    Respectful, I like that word. Dignity is another, my take on the people who are causing the problems is that they are just selfish. A lot of the motorhomes in North Wales are probably just trying to avoid paying the £30 a night for the campsite

    You should be like a leaf, blown by the wind.

    Thanks Bernie ...

    When you consider how much money they will have spent, either buying or hiring those monster motorhomes ...

    These are the same sort of people who leave broken glass and plastic behind them.

    Some years ago I was out hill-walking, on part of what is now the Hadrian's Wall Path, and came upon a group I thought were admiring the view whilst have a food/drink break.

    The amount detritus left behind at this popular point is astounding, as I said to this group - you've carried full packets and bottles to the spot, they'll be a lot lighter to carry away empty to a disposal / recycling point.

    I made a point of repacking my stuff into my daysack !! even the banana skin went back with me.

    (I had helped litter pick there about a month before and it was nearly as bad as it was then - we sorted and (part) filled at least half a dozen bags with plastic bottles and buried some apples cores etc under the hedge)

    To be fair to this group's leader, he made sure that they did pick their stuff up, and some extra.