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    Think you can use bread yeast but it leaves a taste. cider and wine use a different yeast to beer, it lasts longer in alcohol so allows wines and ciders to have a higher alcohol content .

    get it cheap from fleabay or your local homebrew shop

    I have made it in the past. It can turn out to be a fairly decent brew but watch your sugar content, had a couple of slightly dodgy experiences when the alcohol content was approaching rocket fuel levels...

    Put your fingers in your ears to block them, have someone pinch your nose while holding a glass of water for you to gulp.

    Been told it works but if it doesn't at least you'll get a good laugh...

    I find that in life, a massive cheese eating grin usually winds these people up more and more...

    So as junkymayle says just spend the remaining notice period F**king people of with your cheery disposition and how much your looking forward to your new life...

    Been looking at a few of them on ebay.

    Seem to go quite cheaply and in quite good nick.

    Also looking at a merc 609

    What are the like for reliability and spare parts etc ?

    Quite like the idea of the 7.5t, think that would tick quite a lot of boxes and as you say the competition would be less.

    I work during the week so was thinking local stealthyish during the week then leave Friday night and not come back till Mon so mileage would be mixed. Don't think 25/30mpg is to unreasonable for a vehicle that size.

    When you say bus are you litrally meaning a converted bus ?

    Would like the extra space tbh as I have an old kawasaki so could do a race van idea with a space at the back for a garage.

    Thanks for the info :)

    HI Folks,

    Looking for a few opinions on the type of vehicle to choose for full time living.

    Already have a vw t25 which is an amazing quirky wee van for weekends and short trips but at 6'2 its a bit cramped for full time living.

    Torn between getting a motorhome and being able to hit the road straight away or converting a Luton van and saving myself a fair bit of cash. Theres also the stealth issue. Fairly handy so converting a van myself wouldn't be an issue.

    Also have a c1 licence so could go up to a 7.5t. Are they worth the extra running costs ?

    Would be looking at living in it over winter so would need a Woodstove etc

    Have looked through various forums on the pros and cons but just wondering on everyones opinion.

    Thanks in advance


    Just thought I'd introduce myself. Looking to get of the treadmill for a while, either motor home or converted van full time.