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    A friend of mine lost her husband and started using dating sites when she felt ready, to start with though her heart wasn't really in it so she didn't have any second dates. What it did though, was give her the confidence to get involved with a guy when she really WAS ready.

    Dont give up is all i'll say but if you asre happy with your own company then it really doesn't matter all that much how long it takes

    . Yes! That's what I'm thinking too, being ready is the most important , so I will just stick to being gorgeous and maybe one day someone will notice me. Haha :)

    Thank you all for your answers. I totally forgot about this post and have my laptop in repair so kind of neglected this forum. But I feel some positive changes in my life now, and as Maxal said, I do realise it all sounds sad, but that's probably because I just expressed what I really feel deep inside. And only at certain times - when I have too much time to think. As for everyday life, I do what I love and I have a lot of positive energy and I know and believe in the good outcome of everything I do. First time in my life I know what I want and I know I can't compromise with it. I have started my tarot cards reading course and already met some wonderful people there. Singed in for second carpentry workshops and I'm looking forward to it. I decided I will not think too much about meeting a potential partner, will focus on doing positive, interesting activities I always wanted to do. Dating apps out ! Thank you again for your insightful and wonderful answer, Maxal, I think you're a good listener and you feel people very well.

    My story is long, but I will keep it short. As a young girl I fell in love, we created a family, had our daughter, I started studying and meanwhile being a mum, I studied and worked as well. It was wonderful time and it felt much like a dream. it wasn't meant to last long, my partner died when our daughter was 14 months old, after 3 years of our relationship. We had an accident and I wasn't aware of his death while being in the hospital. After 4 weeks, my grandma told me, and my life was ruined. I have had to put myself together for our daughter. And we went through this nightmare together. My family was very supportive and I will be thankful for their love for ever.

    Now, my daughter is almost 18 years old. I have been married, got divorced. It's been 3 years since we got separated and then officially divorced.

    I have used this single time to get to know myself, to feel myself more, and to clear my head from past issues and start everything again, to learn to not to compromise in important matters, and to close my eyes on little things that don't really matter. I have grown a lot spiritually and became a better, happier person.

    I registered on one dating website, met some men, for a coffee, or a glass of wine, and nothing. They wanted to meet again, continue, and I was just feeling like they are all not for me. No connection, no missing anyone. No spark.

    There were other websites, but the same thing. The only man I really felt something for was a Portuguese man who was a chef, but wanted to build a food forest in Angola. Who talked a lot about his plans, but as we were getting closer, I noticed there was no place in his plans for me, so I decided to quit. He didn't really notice I said good bye too, oh, well :D

    I have deleted all dating apps, websites, apart from one. But all I see is either men who are looking for sex, no commitment, then men who want to get married and have kids ( NOW NOW !), or men that I am not really interested in.

    I go out, yes. But then I mainly go for live music events and I feel music so much that I can't be bothered with looking around , and perhaps I always thought it will just happen itself.

    Maybe it's not my time yet.

    I know, I should just do my things, keep my eyes open, accept and appreciate what I have now. However, I can't switch this thinking that I would like to share joys and worries with someone who cares. Someone who is straight forward and honest, who doesn't play games and pretend to be cool. I am like that, simple and honest, yet it's so hard to find someone who can open up and walk barefoot with me.

    P.S I feel a bit better now, some times just writing stuff helps to bring some order to this crazy life.

    Hello dear, welcome to the moody sisters tribe. Yes as Rainbomama said, it's probably our hormonal imbalance and we can look for some help with that. There are herbs, certain natural foods and aromatherapy.
    For me personally, Maca root ( powdered in capsules) helped me a lot, I take it daily and I had to wait for results, but I feel much better and kind of... content.
    You can try almost everything, it's what will make you feel better that matters. Yoga, cleansing your chakras, herbal teas, herbal pills, music, aromatherapy.
    Some times it's also about pineal gland problems, it's worth checking.

    Just like menstruations are different and not all the same every month, the mood swings can be more or less, last a day or two or two weeks. It's irritating, isn't.

    wardrobe sides make great worktops! :)

    Very true !

    I have some worktop as well, someone has been fitting kitchen and it must have been leftover. Looks like huuuge butchers block. Don't know yet what to do with it. But I am sure it will find it's " destination ".

    My friend recently asked me what would be my dream job if I wasn't a caregiver. I didn't think too long, I said - " I would like to be a carpenter ! ". Currently signed up for free carpentry course our council offers to residents. Can't wait to start !

    Today, I wombled 5 colorful skirts ( long, and look ethnic / indian ) for my rug project.

    If someone needs free pallets, we have a tool shop here (SE18) and they give them out for free.

    Hello marshlander ! :hippy:

    I am glad to meet another djembe player, so good to hear that not only I enjoy banging the female goat skin

    It's weird, because I can literally see this concert and hear the music, the way you described it. I haven't been there, but it sounds amazing and really interesting.

    Strangely, I am coming to Nottingham this weekend :D

    Paul, I am in the Rough and dirty area, according to the map. I can't see anything rough here, a lot of African people going to church on Sundays, a lot of people who enjoy their life on benefits. Just recently, my best friend went back to full time work after working for 5 years just 25 hours a week. She has 3 daughters and had some tax credits as well. She is back to 40 hours a week, and she is better of £30 a week, working 15 hours more ( tax credits and housing benefit reduced). So no wonder people who don't have degree prefer to work less or to not to work at all.
    All about rough SE18, tower blocks rising like mushrooms after rain, small hipster coffee shops opening, they will be moving Leisure Centre to the centre of the town, prices are going up. Barbers, chicken shops and African churches, that's all about my area. Still, it's my home, I don't know anywhere better for now.

    You are right, Paul, about Fulham. It is strange place. And my friend there has a council flat in the middle of houses worth millions. Even his house is split into two flats, and the one downstairs is owned by some celebrity ( get me out of here).
    And you are very right about Dalston, I used to go to a community place, which was also a live music venue. Previously squatted. After 10 years of hard work, the place has been sold secretly to estate agents, and all gone. This is very much happening all over Dalston, Stoke Newington area. I guess it will be just like Brixton. People have brought the culture, places became lively, then sold out to yappies.

    Hello, Levey, that coffee sounds awful, too much going on, haha. Are you sure it's not gluten free, organic and dog friendly?

    Big hello Danann! Big hug to you too. Yes, it's all true what you said, all individuals here, and that's what I like. Diversity. I can see the love in you so sending one more hug back. :wave:

    Some time ago, Evening Standard released an article with this title : 'East is poor, West is posh, South is rough and North is 'intellectual'.

    This is how Londoners see London. My friend who lives in posh Fulham likes my area better.

    Personally, I like it here, because it's my home. But then I like only my part of South - Royal Greenwich Borough and some parts of Lambeth.

    I often go to Dalston for live music, and that's all about me liking the other side of the River. I live just by the River anyway, so can use footpath tunnel or ferry and be at the other side.

    Plenty of vegan and vegetarian places to eat, one of my favourite is Lovegiftvegan in Brockley Rise, and some small local family run Indian or Nepalese restaurants with V menu.

    I didn't say breatharianism or UT is a solution to these problems. I didn't advise anyone on doing anything either. I only said about my own experience. For me UT worked well and I pointed out that it could have been the fasting with water only, not the UT itself. I was honest. When it comes to scientists I'm sceptical. And doctors are trained to perform allopathy, to keep us coming back to them. Why none of them suggest we hydrate ourselves well when we have a headache ? They prefer to promote Paracetamol as the divine solution to all problems.

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    surely urine is the stuff the body has rejected because it has no nutritional value? Why would drinking that be good for you?

    NOT ONLY is urine sterile, but it is a valuable physiological substance. As blood travels through the body it passes through the liver and the kidneys. One of the liver's major functions is to detoxify the blood. The kidneys balance the various elements in your blood, extracting excess amounts of vital substances and water in the form of urine. Urine contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, hormones, antibodies and amino acids. This forms the basis of urine therapy, which is simply "recycling" urine by drinking it. Practitioners claim that it has cured, amongst many others, constipation, psoriasis, eczema, endometriosis, rheumatism, allergies and even some cancers.

    We believe in different things, we have different opinions, some people go to church, some don't. Some meditate, the others drink alcohol to relax. Usually, it's always the negative from non-believers, I will end my talking about urine at this point. It's breatharianism topic :D

    Urine therapy.....a whole different level of taking the piss :D:pp

    I don't know how it works, but it worked for me and my knee.
    I have been on painkillers and doctors said there is nothing wrong with my knee, but I had strong pain for a few months.
    I have done proper detox, 2 weeks on water only, and started Orine therapy. It's very possible that fasting helped me to get rid of the pain as well. After 3 weeks in total, the pain has gone.
    I am back to normal eating, and my knee is ok. I know when I will catch any flu/cold, my first thing will be fasting, and a few days of my own urine under my tongue. I haven't had cold or flu since 6-7 years anyway.

    After 2 weeks on water only, the urine doesn't smell or taste funny. It's just water.
    I am single so I don't care :D , people do more terrible things.

    Breatharianism would be ok, if we wouldn't have our bodies used to food and if our digestive system wouldn't have been developed as it is now.
    I lived on fruits for years, lived on alkaline diet for years and it is all good when you have a source of natural and organic fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, even organic fruits and vegs are polluted because of the soil and water, so I don't bother much anymore with organic stuff, as it's all the same.

    There was a man who attempted to not to take any food and water, he is also a urine therapy enthusiast. As I do believe in urine therapy, I don't think we can live totally without water. Food? Ok. Not a big deal. Humans can live without food for long. But not without water.

    have you tred thats where most communes have details of places.

    I have checked them all for Bruce but its a long recruiting process in some of them, the only one he can go straight away is :


    But not sure if living in a tipi is something he would want in the autumn/winter. The good thing is, it's free.

    A lot of them are housing co-op or restricted to gender, age or other stuff.

    I also use rock salt stick. It's good, but less good if someone shaves there :D

    The combination of shea butter and cocoa butter + baking soda and some essential oil is not greasy. You need really small amount and the skin will absorb it. I used it in the morning and I am ok even now, after 12 hours. Really good stuff.

    Me too, not a smoker, an odd drink (wine) here and there, mainly when I am surrounded by good company.

    I don't need a drink to feel good, so I am thinking about stopping it totally. It has became a habit more than addiction, it's this social BS that everyone asks " Oh why you don't drink? Are you a Muslim? An alcoholic? Why you don't go to pubs or go out on saturday night? "

    Having said that, I drink kombucha every day, for health purposes, and I make it myself. It's been said that kombucha can have up to 5% of alcohol, as it's fermented tea, but I don't think it's that much. i drink a glass daily, and some times I forget.

    Breakfast for me was a shared packet of biscuits, that was all mum could afford and the odd one used to go to the child that went to the shop to get it. I get bored with muesli and bran flakes and don't want a cooked breakfast so I'm struggling with what to get for breakfast.
    I FOUND A NICE breakfast that I liked by kellogs have stopped producin it, I can only get it when I'm in Spain, it's a bran pillow with a tiny block of chocolate in, I didn't think I'd like chocolate for breakfast but I do plus it gives me the bran my body needs.

    What about nice dark rye bread with anything on top of your choice ?

    Another great way is to use apple cider vinegar to rinse hair. I alsouse now only shampoo bar ( soap) also handmade, and my hair doesn't need any conditioners anymore. It's difficult to start because the soap strips your hair from all the residue left by shampoos, but it's amazing how my hair look now after a few months of using just the shampoo bar.

    I use real Aztec bentonite clay mask on my face and hair , wash with shampoo bar and rinse with apple cider vinegar and water solution.

    There is many things packaged in plastic and " vegan and organic ", but I would rather make it myself, cheaper and better.