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    Hello all!

    My soon-to-be full-time camper has a toilet, but no shower. It has running water (hot and cold) but I haven't tested it yet as only worked out the fault in the pump last night, so don't even know how warm the water gets. I had a little thought today "surely they've invented something that's basically a pump with a showerhead on it." And they did! I was thinking, how viable would it be to have the following materials: An inflatable paddling pool, one of those beach windbreakers with the poles (for privacy) and this:

    The intention would be that one would fill a bucket with water and pop it on a camping stove and voila, if you're quick enough you could probably manage a 2 minute shower with an 8 litre bucket.... surely...

    Of course, being responsible you'd pull the little cap on the paddling pool and drain the grey water into a cassette.

    Am I being naïve or am I onto something?

    Regardless, I like the shower and would probably get it anyway :)

    ALSO, I'm aware that there are pop-up shower tents but I'm a cheap-skate!



    Happy trails!

    Adam :)

    Well this is it guys! Sold our car and picking up a Citroën Relay with a toilet, double bed, lots of cubby holes and storage, solar panels, running water, gas stove, oven and grill, fridge and an awning for... Get this £1600 think we did pretty well negotiating that. Thanks everyone for helping. It calms my nerves to know you are all really people and some of you are really doing this! :)

    Hello all!

    So I got myself a job 600 miles away in Salisbury. A dream for my partner and I! HOWEVER... Since everything going so smoothly running up to receiving my contract, telling the landlord we are leaving and casually packing, we discovered:

    - Scotland has no agency fees for renting BUT ENGLAND DOES so suddenly we need to raise £2000+ just to move into a rental property

    - The family member who was going to keep us until we saved up and found a place can no longer keep us

    - The family member who was going to store our *STUFF* has just received an offer on her house, so it's being sold.

    - We can't get anywhere near the council housing register.

    - We have to pay for a full month's rent, despite our tenancy ending 13 days after.

    - We've had to give away our beloved dog

    All of the above is speaking to my "Little Englander" side which is saying "you need things and a house with a thatched roof and a job and an address" but our current plan is - Sell the car, buy a van (which we had planned to do a while back). Our plans are kicked into over drive and we have until the 27th of March to find and insure a van and sell everything we own.

    I don't do e-panhandling so am looking for a van at around £2000. Double bed, space for a bit of storage and a bit of a stealth look. Currently scanning gumtree and other sites. Must be registered as a camper as insurance for a 20-something year old on what is formally a van is about three times as much as for a post-conversion camper! If anyone has anything suitable that they are no longer wanting, I would be truly grateful - even just for advice!

    Thank you all!


    P.s Sorry if this was ranty, whiny or in the wrong thread, but I may or may not have gone temporarily, slightly insane. Slightly. A bit.