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    Hi Treeboy,

    Yeah I know the estate on Tolpits Lane, that's the problem though! with so many people looking landlords have got the pick of the bunch. Funnily enough I thought about the canal but would if I was on my own with my kids. It costs about £1500 a month for a 2 bed flat around here, we need at least a 3 bed house. Oh well what ever happens is meant to happen.

    Sadly this will end up in military action, Kim will not back down because he knows the west will not use nukes (unless he has the nerve to do so) Guessing it will be an ICBM from NK to hit somewhere and then specific targets will be annihilated.

    It's obvious due to all the Russian and Chinese borders being bolstered up military wise.

    It's sad that we live in a world like this, greed and power rule and seem intent on destroying the earth, sometimes I think this earth would be better off without the human race or some kind of natural issue to lower populations considerably of course this an extreme and a bit taboo. Birth control maybe ? If anyone has red Inferno by Dan Brown it does come up with some views that make sense, our beautiful Earth cannot sustain us.

    The human race is responsible for all this and all wars, maybe it is what we deserve, for me (this will make me sound nuts) some of us are spirits from another realm, another place and we will return there.

    So bad!
    Didnt get out of bed til 1.30pm
    Coffee first as always
    tidied up
    had lunch outside with wifey
    laundry on
    Another coffee
    Now thinking what else we need to move and pack before eviction day

    That's fine not over loading. Yes we can just about afford local rents at a push and council did say they would help with deposit and up front rent. Trouble is we are on an IVA and no landlord will touch us? Even with 7 years worth of references from landlord/bank and IVA company. Even a guarantor doesn't make a difference.

    And yes we understand the strain the councils are under and have said we a flexible to a point, take on premises that need work (cosmetic) trying everything we can, our housing officer is very blunt and has no compassion what so ever which makes it harder.

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    Hi Alf,

    Yeah not an enviable situation!

    We have been told worst case scenario but I have managed to back ourselves up with as much as we can to fight our corner, CAB are pretty much just a signposting service now, Shelter have been great as they tell us stuff that the council has clearly lied about like them having a duty to store our stuff when we have to leave.

    The one thing that bugs me is that we have to prove we have local connections to area to be housed locally yet they are accepting others from other boroughs? Just doesn't make sense? Won't even help us find private rent as we can afford so much to pay, not like we are slackers and won't work, wife is full time and even though I could officially just say "Sorry I am disabled and can't work" I am not doing so and looking for work and volunteering.

    Seems to me that trying hard and trying to work is detrimental.

    Thanks for your mail though, appreciate the advice my friend

    Lol slowly but surely break them down, I would do the van thing but my epilepsy getting in the way atm but never say never I may get my licence back one day.

    Keep going brother, patience will pay off, if it doesn't I will try hypnotising her :)

    Hi guys,

    Well i have done the retail thing, the factory thing and college employment ended up in Police but only for a year! (Serious health issue forced me out)

    So after over a year out and some soul searching and volunteering for mental health charity (The best thing I have ever done) I decided i would never work for a large corporation again.

    Through the volunteering I got recommended to go for a job and had an interview to be a peer support assistant helping on courses to help people recover from drug and alcohol addictions/trauma/bereavement/anxiety/anger/depression, I find out later today or tom morning. Part time and a perfect job for me helping others.

    I actually got told by the benefit office that I would be better off financially on benefits and not to go for the job! Seriously I was told this, and also told it would or could effect the council finding us somewhere to live as we are about to be evicted from our home in 2 weeks time! Landlord wanted house back to sell, fair enough, rent round here astronomical, have lived here all my life worked locally in jobs that all helped the community as does my wife, family here always paid my way and what help do we get? Not a lot and having to fight tooth and nail to get anything in first place. None of this situation is our fault, we are hardworking people with 4 teenagers that go to a local school.

    Been told we could be housed miles and miles away in temp housing and we have to foot the bill for extra travel for schools and work, could risk the job I have just had interview for. Even though i have letters from my neurologist my GP the school wifes employer to back us from being moved as need to be local.

    The past year has been tough as lost dad to cancer too, but tax credits messed up and say we owe £8K? their fault not ours but still have to repay, after my cardiac arrest and epilepsy diagnosis and left work they took both mine and wifes wages off claim and they were told about mistake. Advised to claim for this and that but just end up it all going wrong and owe money again because of over payments? Seriously the system built to help us has made it a whole lot worse for us.

    No one actually helps, have had to do everything myself, paperwork the lot and on top of arranging my dads funeral earlier on in year and fight to get my mum some help.

    Drives me insane

    Sorry rant over.

    I would so love to live on a barge, and when the kids all fly the nest I thought it would be a great idea, buy one and own it outright so not trapped in the system.

    Mentioned to wife and, "No chance" was the reply :cry: might have to get her on a few to see what they are like or it might be separate living arrangements lol

    Fair play to you my friend, a brave thing to do but like someone else mentioned there is more to life than money.

    Lost my job due to a health issue which led to a epilepsy diagnosis so didn't have much choice! Stupidly when we claimed for benefits we ended up with the same money coming in as I got working a 40 hour week! That amazes me as it gives no incentive to anyone.

    Not being able to drive anymore and not being able to travel far I stayed at home for a while, but started going a bit doo lally so I volunteered for a mental health charity helping out on courses for anxiety/depression/anger/mindfulness/Yoga a long with starting a support group and I absolutely love it more than any paid work I have ever done so threw myself into it.

    And out of the blue the tutor pulled me aside and said she has got me an interview at a local wellbeing college (which is tomorrow arrgghh) doing the same as I am already doing but getting paid for it plus will be put on a teaching course so eventually run the courses myself which will double my hourly rate. Will only be doing 3 courses a week so only 9 hours as each course 3 hour sessions over 12 weeks. So sometimes what you think is the worst thing that can happen turns out to be another door to something better.

    Good luck my brother in your new job