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    Some people will be deemed not suitable for enslavement into the matrix and will be left to prosper or more commonly decline in the homogenising world except for the increasingly more often occasions when they become visible to the system. Then they will attacked in some form.

    Keeping ones head below the parapet is a skill with few if any young apprentices to carry the torch into the future.

    An NHS trust has been told it will have to pay almost £10,000 a month to provide families with free phone calls during the pandemic.

    The above is on BBC news site.

    More bullshit or new scam?

    I don't think there's a dark force agenda behind this virus but the way things are planning out I believe is down to the supreme incompetence of the world's mediocre minded so called leaders.

    The masses have been controlled and fearful for millennia and the slime that slinks up the human race ladder will continue to manipulate them for the foreseeable future.

    If you have a lot and reasonable wits it's not so hard to hedge your bets and win either way in terms of materiality and so circumstances have persuaded many of the supposed elite to place their two way bets and fuck the rest.

    Read mein kampf before using Hitler as a first port of call as an example poor practice, the only reason it's been banned for so long is to maintain that control over the fearful masses lest they see some aspects of common sense logic and realise they have been conditioned.

    Hopefully the opposition party will “contribute” to making the UK a fair and just place to live, work and play. Support our elected government to resolve the immediate crisis and steer us into and through a stable, safe and prosperous Brexit transition. Heres to the rebirth of they Labour Party.

    Wow! If you remove the word hopefully the rest could have easily been written by the Labour partys very own propaganda machine.

    Imagine if you will the virus jumping ship from mucus in mouth or nose to swirling smoke in mouth or nose of smoker. It may even be that the velocity of said smoke dislodges virus and tornado like carries it as it exits smoker. I am not aware if virus has to be contained in a potentially heavy droplet or can be its own possibly lightweight entity. Cannot find reference to weight of virus or smoke but as a tangible thing they do have a weight.

    If a 1micron smoke particle can linger in the air then maybe a 0.125 microns virus riding a 0.2/0.25 average tobacco smoke particle can do so fighting gravity for more than twice as long.

    Who knows? I certainly don't and can't help but suspect nobody does.

    If scientists informed government of such scenarios I doubt government would inform public. Smokers would become ultra pariahs facing lynch mobs but that would not be governments reason for silence. Loss of members of the herd of tobacco tax cash cows would be their motive.

    .... I am therefore clueless and consider it a disservice to my profession that elderly (at risk) retired health care workers and clinicians are putting themselves on the line without demanding ppe by contract... Its not heroism IT IS STUPIDITY!

    Couldn't agree more.

    Also imagine if one one them becomes a carrier but has no symptoms in that environment

    I reckon if you were decapitated in an rta and medics swabbed you and detected covid 19 they'd throw you on the total.

    Noticed BBC using expression died with coronavirus not of.

    On my hour walk to Aldi this morning passed several people, pungent aftershave one and couple of smokers. Nose detected them from fair distance away, moderate wind and I was downwind but still lingering smell having passed them.

    Got me to wondering can virus use smell molecules a la surfboard?

    Couple of hours googling later, mucho time on hands as for most, and am none the wiser

    Can find many references that corona virus is 0.125 microns and I presume that is diameter and that odour molecules are classed as below 0.3 microns. Tobacco smoke particules are listed as a range from 0.01 to 1.0 micron with most in the 0.2 to 0.25 range. Obviously the visibility of the tobacco smoke makes plain it really is there.

    I cannot find anything that says categorically virus cannot travel on these apparently larger things in fact there is a complete dearth on info on such matters.

    If anyone knows otherwise a link would be great. Nothing leading to David Icke/Alex Jones and the like please.

    More editing from the wonderful BBC.

    Now it's "no " apparent " underlying health conditions" and still family opinion not medical and "to our knowledge he had no underlying health conditions" again families view supposedly.

    I say supposedly as and here I am going to make assumptions and typecast the family as I have found in life that generalisations based on personal knowledge of different people not given opinion is easily way more than 50% accurate and say that the family were more likely to be wailing and angry than give a precise account to journalists.

    I think this is typical media speak being altered as the lawyers look over their shoulders.

    To put your shitty views into perspective on this thread, a 13 yr old has just crossed the rainbow bridge, no underlying problems, just a kid.

    There's nothing in that link saying "no underlying problems". Scaremongering wankers the BBC are If there was proof of no such problems they would have plastered it everywhere in capitals.

    Paragraph 4 is a new tactic. " linked to co

    Unbelievable as I was writing this I referred back to link and it has just been edited.

    Now say family claim no underlying problems when before it had nothing. Still not a medical claim.

    paragraph 4 originally said " deaths linked to coronavirus" and now just says a total .

    I think they are attributing every death with a virus link however tenuous as a virus death which is utter bullshit.

    last paragraph clearly shows Westminster cunts are going to yank on that leash most are in.

    Good vibes are just shallow fucking words and no match for the truth which we're not getting either.

    Today after an at least 300m queue ( 50m pre virus) in Tesco I found a lone jar of own brand tomato and chilli pesto, my favourite which I haven't seen for some weeks and as I snatched it of the shelf felt quite elated, like Gollum recovering the ring.

    I wonder if panic buying has some sort of rush and will to some become an addiction.

    Still no wholewheat spaghetti so jar will have to mature in van cupboard awaiting a partner.

    You can bet that the eu would have divied the bulk buy in a manner they would call equally amongst the member states including the poorer ones who generally put fuck all in the kitty and the unit price for each thing the UK received would have been worse than buying each item from Harrods individually return black cab fare included.

    half a million confused citizens think “about time” we get it from the horses mouth.

    If the government were actually consulting a horse, any horse, a donkey even, we might be getting better information and less mumbling platitudes from the "asses". I

    A lot more photogenic on the screen too.