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    Try out things very different to your usual choices, hobbies and such and you may well find the distraction you need that also opens doors to new things and people. With that can come more productive thinking rather than dwelling on negatives.

    Even those with large resources can rarely think themselves out of depression, if ever. Dwelling on such seems to make the rut deeper.

    I've had them a fair few times and if you like very savoury things they are delicious.

    Mealy worms and water bugs not keen on as they are still pretty soft centered after cooking for a not so good mouth feel. For a westernised palate at least.

    Raw is not for me. It would take real hunger or suitable payment to eat raw witchity grubs.

    Like most I have friends, acquaintances, associates who at one point were strangers to me and to acquire them, if that is the correct word, I likely offered goodwill possibly charity or even accepted it and am sure that will be a continued practice.

    These people entered and became part of my tangible life and so to me they and their lives now matter, but not all uniformly equally, we all accord status to those in our circles by whatever criteria we use.

    I have travelled and actually lived in vastly differing cultures but of the seven billion plus humans I have met a mere miniscule fraction of them with experiences from fabulous to dire. The vast,vast majority I am indifferent to, their lives do not matter to me except possibly to the point that there are many that I would prefer extinguished rather than let them continuously overbreed oblivious to the pressure especially on the available living resources and also oblivious to the well being of their own human neighbours as they compete to consume and acquire.

    My viewpoint is far from unique but the simple fact is is I don't care, dwell on or have an interest in protecting the lives of the majority that I don't know or ever will know. To suggest that I should care about black lives or all lives is a western society construct probably derived from religions which still preach such things with much hippocracy attached, to maintain order for the main benefit of those giving the orders. Travel the so called third world and you will find swathes of people who don't give a shit about those outside their sometimes very small circle and some who truly want the demise of many others. Whilst poor or non existent education and plain old stupidity plays a part in this it would be wrong to rule out natural genetic protectionism an important and I think practical behaviour.

    My beliefs weren't coerced into me, I thought them through and reached my own conclusions which I continue to evaluate depending on what I see and hear.

    In the grand scheme of things, universe and all that, we are all insignificant. My ego doesn't get bruised by accepting that none of our lives matter.

    Yeh, clear enough. Your just the same as “everyone else” full of shit & your views are the only one that’s right, for you at this time of your life anyway It’s no big deal really. We are all entitled to our opinion.

    Your first paragraph shows your somewhat limited thought processes.

    If I am full of shit and only my views are right like "everyone else" as you state then presumably you consider yourself either the righteous one or part of the full of shit crowd. I suspect the latter though doubt you do.

    it would have been more informative if you could explain your reasoning, since you’ve asked two of us to do so regarding our answer.

    My reasoning is clear for all to see back on page one of this thread. Limited attention span maybe?

    What your saying: “NO life matters”! Does that me “no black life matters” also? I’m sure we can make you a T shirt up to wear as you go about your public business.

    Honestly, why the fuck would you think "NO life matters" wouldn't include black lives.

    Unless your prepared to qualify that one word answer, as to why exactly they don’t matter. Then it's just meaningless shite as is commonly used to control the masses from early age. :whistle:

    Using logic, common sense and pain old facts. Consider these in the equation
    A. Birth right

    B. Human right
    c. Right to life


    No all lives don't matter to me as is so with many others.

    Your attempt to use a quote for the opposite proposition actually fails because it becomes factually incorrect to use in opposite context and if you actually believe you have a "right" to birth, life and the vague catchall human rights then you have swallowed all the libtard guff hook line and sinker.

    Your beliefs if that is what they are, allied with the masses are what has shat on this planet and stifled real human progress in symbiosis with all the other life forms.

    Clear enough?

    As to the original question of this thread I had thought of offering it as a multiple choice questionnaire with three choices.

    A. No

    B. Yes

    C. Fluffy kittens

    C option is to hopefully filter out the complete retards.

    The answer is A.

    Think of it as a mock exam.

    There is still time to think through why you actually think what you think you think otherwise just stick to B and C.

    All lives matter.

    It's not rocket science. Some people get it and some don't.

    Unless your prepared to qualify those three words as to who exactly they matter to then it's just meaningless shite as is commonly used to control the masses from early age.

    If you think they matter to everyone you're deluded.

    Whilst they may be a minority there are still people who actually think through and choose what their beliefs are based on logic, common sense and plain old facts rather than just accept the agenda riddled crap regurgitated to the masses by their so called betters.

    I don't know why people even refer to a labour and conservative party. They ceased to exist long ago when they were mass infiltrated by liberals who knew if they wanted to get their snout in the trough they'd have to pick one of two regular winning sides which ruled out their natural home of the liberals.

    Liars, cheats and cowards probably all 650 of them.

    I think as "300" has become synonymous with valour and righteousness "650" should be the go to terminology for describing groups of human detritus in future.

    Where do you like to ride?

    Riding in London is a to b stuff but leisure is towpath and cycle way herts,essex,bucks. Generally do at least one 50/70 mile ride a week and a couple of multi day multi hundreds of miles trips each year hammocking along the way. It's great thinking time.

    Would love to have a simple watery solution to soak whole towel in for complete wipe down without needing to rinse. Effectively a giant wet wipe.

    Googled "magic bed" but just references to kids movie ?

    Been a bit of a bummer since the gyms were forced to close from a showering point of view.

    I have a 12v shower, trug tub etc but anybody have a good cold water recipe for soaking a towel in for a good all over wipe wash that doesn't require the contents of a fully stocked apothecary.

    Water + two simple and easily available ingredients max.

    Not looking to remove mud just aftermath of long cycle rides.

    As a philosophical and ideological solution to the woes and inequalities of humankind it holds promise.

    Unfortunately the promise is probably only toward humankind as even if implemented correctly and combined with the inevitable " humanity" I feel that the rest of the biologicals on the globe will still be getting the sharp end of the stick.

    All creatures are probably born/hatched with a genetic predisposition to favour their own kind/genre which seems a perfectly natural evolutionary practical process to me.

    Forcibly trying to reverse such a process most definitely does not seem natural yet that is what the global controlling societal system is about and has to be if it is to be dominant.

    I like Darwinism but do not feel the need to blindly accept every statement it offered.

    Almost all existing primates are pale skinned under the hair so I fail to see why one should automatically assume pale skinned humans are descended from dark skinned humans. I see no reason why the different races could not have descended from different primates over different timelines. The discoveries and "science" around the human timeline regularly move and no doubt will continue to do so, sometimes well meaning sometimes not.

    The races are different and to say otherwise is a denial of the facts but the current spiral into a dystopian future of the human race becoming a homogenized jack of no trades serves to benefit no one, not even those seeking financial gain over the masses unless they have no care for their future progeny.

    Very disappointed with the magpies at a place I often park.

    For many weeks I've sat on my side door step and fed them sweet corn and wholemeal baps with them often less than a metre from me. No social distancing for them.

    Couple of days haven't seen them. Take a wander up the road by the now opened drive through McDonald's and looks like them squabbling by the bins, more rubbish near bins than in them as per usual.


    If I had elderly parents I wanted to see and they themselves wanted me to come I'd be there in the blink of an eye.

    I'd put on clean clothes, gloves and a quality mask. avoid coughing and sneezing to the point of discomfort if needed and wipe down whatever I touched before leaving.

    Fuck what the halfwits in Westminster spew out. Sadness and depression lowers people's immunity, pleasurable contact raises it. When all the extra suicides, domestic assaults and self harming get laid at the governments door they will trot out their usual garbage " we were following the science" and the scientists didn't tell us that would happen.

    People are being scared into missing potentially last chances.

    It was never not safe to come out for those possessed of common sense and practicing competent general hygiene.

    Those who have completely surrendered their liberty to a bunch of incompetent condescending twats posing as leaders have irredeemably embarrassed themselves and best get to grips quickly that nobody who they are awaiting their further orders from gives a shit about their whining.

    Oh for a virus that would target bipedal invertebrates.

    Even if you live in the most corruptly policed state to claim 100% negative interaction between yourself and those you have associated with marks you as either insular having not engaged with wider society or a liar.

    I have spent my entire adult life on the other side of the fence to the "authorities" in numerous countries and whilst I generally avoid interaction with the police I have seen the good and the bad and all points between in them.

    Regards Italy interaction I have had with carabinieri has always been positive and that of city police, a somewhat lesser beast has not been particularly onerous where biting my tongue and walking away worked. I don't have a chip on my shoulder.

    Demanding the police do something for you rarely works.

    Lucid and well mannered requests fare much better.

    I think it all hinges on the use of the word matter.

    The western societies in general try to instil a pro sanctity of human life attitude in their citizens to the point that any loss should be felt as a negative by the collective as opposed to just the interested parties, the big religions do so to.

    I think that the various organizations pushing black,trans,LGBTQ and whatever lives and agendas matter are also insisting it's the collective that should care which I think is unaturual and unrealistic.

    Technically, yes all lives matter to certain individuals and groupings but that is not the context being used by those pushing their agendas.

    Individual,family,village,town,county,country, all represent a scale of loyalty which is usually given because it proves advantageous on a sliding scale but caring about the lives of the masses of an overpopulated world which most will have no contact with and pollutes the planet further is a construct of those who's agenda it suits. It flies against evolutionary instincts as its patently obvious that a global collective is not presently or possible ever going to be available for the genuine benefit of all.

    If the protesters chanted black lives matter to them as an individual and adjusted their poster literature accordingly that would be fine. But they're after universal submission to their cause which to me means their talking bollocks and can fuck off.

    All lives matter. Even the lives of cops who have been shot and killed.

    Why do all lives matter?

    If your answer is because they do that's the way you were raised/ conditioned/indoctrinated then it's not your answer it's someone else's opinion put on you.

    Actually take the time to contemplate it logically. They don't except to the individual concerned and those connected.

    It's just more of society's suppressing humans true nature to minimise the boat rocking.

    That boat needs torpedoing. I reckon other organisms that aren't parasites would agree.