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    classifiedcampers is a clear misnomer considering the utter lack of classifieds.

    Anyone new finding the site via keywords I can imagine is gone within a few clicks.

    Monetizing a general forum via subscription to make a living is a no hoper especially one aimed at a group of people who by their very nature are pretty frugal.

    I don't think having the word hippy in a title will be attracting new blood nowadays as even if a growing group of the younger are living in similar fashion to those who coined the name I don't think they feel or even want the label.

    I don't blame them, I'm no hippy I just live differently and I'm not young.

    I thought the old format was good, lot of variety of info and opinions and worth logging into but this past year I've logged in monthlyish , clicked on unread posts which I can't add to to see a grand total of 10 to 15. The forum is pretty much dead.

    The lack of real activity on the other site means I rarely log in there either.

    You want to make an income, classifieds for alternative living aimed at those living alternative lives. Very low ad prices targeting volume, all sorts of items.

    The old format, snappy title Stateuncontrolledcitizens, Welivedifferently, Outofthematrix etc and lots of classifieds for all values of items. Free for under £10, £1 for up to £100 along those lines.

    If you do it as a business then unless posters are especially abusive or threatening towards others let them speak their mind without the interference you indulged in before and by abusive I don't mean by the pitifully low standards of some idiot safespace seeker.

    If shops started frisking people at the door to check they had money and intent to buy before letting them in to peruse the goods they'd be done for pretty quickly unless they have something very desirable and you need new people to view posts,ads,rants etc and they most definitely will not be subscribing.

    I reckon you knew that sometime ago.


    Whilst this brexit fiasco has removed the blinkers from a few previously deluded people its not nearly enough to make a difference.

    This country needs to leave without any form of supposedly protective deal to enable those capable of initiating fresh ideas to come to the fore.

    Businesses that are only existing and basically treading water because of free money via idiot govs quantative easing need to die.

    For too long mediocrity has been allowed to thrive in this world and has strangled real human progress.

    If you truly desire to be ruled by an ever growing globalizing organisation you are weak and lack imagination. It's time we went back to our mammalian roots and only the true alphas breed. No non prey creature needs such a huge number of hanger ons depleting resources for no beneficial gain.

    Will finish now, have jackpots to polish.

    .Try running without the heat diffuser first. If its clear then resumes with the diffuser fitted it may be carboned. Heated carbon may produce carbon monoxide the dame as charcoal burners do.

    It sounds to me youre getting stingy eyes from something overheating

    I must concede I have missed the bleedin obvious. Thank you!

    Been doing a lot of crumpets and toast on the diffuser the last few weeks and is very carbony on one side. I think seperate new shiney one just for heating on the cards.

    Anyone ever had such a thing as a "bad" bottle of gas. I ask as after a year of using heat diffuser on a gas ring with no issues whatsoever on my latest bottle my carbon monoxide alarm is now pre alerting whereas it never did before and my eyes end up stinging a little after hour or so but no headache.

    7kg bottles, from Morrisons where I regularly have got them, 30mb clip on reg and flame as blue as ever, everything same as has been for past year except new bottle. Cannot smell any gas at bottle, pipe or cooker whether on or off. Bit baffled to say the least.

    I am not in need of health and safety advice regarding my method of heating.

    Whether Trump is a loon or actually has a clever hidden agenda here's hoping he's lit a fuse that has something substantial at the end of it for once. The thought of more decades of listening to spineless so called world leaders waffle with no substance is pretty depressing and to date has achieved diddly squat. Something big needs to happen be it good or bad to get the world moving again. If your only interest is in maintaining the status quo then you might as well be a wildebeest in the middle of the herd eating the poorest trampled grass, breathing the dustiest air and a crap view, literally.

    - if you stay away from people you tend to lose resistance to any colds and other bugs that are going around -

    This is so true. Despite being pretty fit and active I keep getting knocked down by cold/flu type things shortly after my rare interactions with others. Never had this in previous semi conventional life.

    I wish there was some karmic payback theyd all reap for their poisonous duplicity but like always theyll get away with it,live happily ever after and we'll carry on paying the price.

    Not that I'm a believer but I could be wrong and occassionally like to think that when such assholes are done with this world they'll find themselves drowning in shit in another.

    Are you referring to MBE? I've been researching about this. There is mixed feedback. Some say they have had their DVLA registration and insurance denied, just like the OP. This is the single reason why I haven't moved into a mobile accommodation yet.

    With MBE you are given a number or if you actually have a box the box has a number which I have. I put apt before that number in any correspondence and have never had a problem, ever. With the DVLA only companies are allowed to register vehicles at PO boxes and I suspect if you put the word box and then a number in your address they may well assume it is a PO box which is very different. A privately owned vehicle is obliged to be registered at a UK address at which the keeper is contactable. A UK address is defined as a distinct numbered or named construction that has been allocated a postcode. If an insurance company ask specifically if you reside at this address and you lie and say yes you take your chances. Some insurers are easier going than others regards the information they want so just change though it usually puts the price up. What price peace of mind. Banks will only be aware if you start apply for things that involve credit checks and I can confirm that Santander and NatWest have yet to be aware. All parking tickets I file in the shops bin, I did ask the staff once many moons ago if they could put the obvious ones straight in the bin and not stuff my box but was told no as it would constitute them interfering with the mail but they were happy for myself and several others I ocassionally see to dispose of them onsite. Bailiffs turn up once at most and get short shrift from the staff. This I have witnessed more than once.
    MBE is by no means the cheapest mailbox service though, in London almost all others are cheaper and I use one in the suburbs to keep licence distanced from vehicles. None of this is breaking the law however pissed of the various authorities are. They made the far from watertight rules so sod them!

    I didnt blame Brexit for dairy price rises.Nobody else on this thread did either.

    Supermarkets have for the past year been saying Brexit will lead to higher prices. Is it your suggestion that relevant information from sources other than this forum should not be used?
    Seeing accusations where they don't exist?
    It's not all about you!

    Maybe it's all part of a North Korean master plan. Get part obliterated and the bleeding heart liberal west will start pumping billions in for reconstruction/aid. Plenty of fattening opportunities for the surgery altered survivors who exit the bunkers.

    Lynx, wolves, bears and the like, what a breath of fresh air it would be to have them reintroduced. Instead the only imports we get are bipedal rats.