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    If this whole palaver drums into the thick heads of many in the East that pangolins do not have magic medicinal properties and hence leave these weird but wonderful creatures alone then it's all been worth it.

    Problem is its probably upped demand for rhino horn as a cure all.

    Why did out governemnt arrange to fly people back here who had been / were in Wuhan, they should have quarantined them in China to give them the all clear in efforts to keep containment to a minimum.

    Because for decades this nation and most others have been governed by those possessed of mediocre minds lacking common sense and ability.

    It's why I have never voted in my life and unless some sort of fairly stringent competency test were to be imposed on voters before allowing the ticking of boxes never will.

    Guess I'll not be attending a poll station ever.

    Sometimes, maybe even quite often the conspiracy spin doctors are probably the actual conspirators just putting the blinkered off any possible scent.

    Why the put downs on nature?

    This weapon of sorts was already "out there" in the environment.

    Is it so different to an army laying mines to pick off the less smart.

    I'll side with nature. It's probably the only thing worth respecting.

    Unless the masses shake off the conditioning they've been subject to for the last couple of century's at least there'll be no meaningfull change.

    I can't see the above happening so best hope is pandemic or some such to cull the complacent drones in the urban areas which will remove corporate power. Those possessed of common sense in rural areas will have a fair chance of weathering such an outcome and maybe breed a new and improved human in round 2 of what currently appears to be humans vs earth.

    Long odds but the current crop of supposed leaders have long since proved themselves not up to the job.

    "Experts" ,what a misnomer for the majority of such twats.

    Maybe one day there'll be a genuine expert who can conclusively show how small a percentage of these trough lickers actually have a real grasp of the subjects they pontificate on.

    Opportunists having waffled their way into an overpaid position is what they mostly are.

    You'd get no worse information at the bookies, probably better.

    The laughable UN will eventually create a weaponaid section to hand out nukes to the "underprivileged" nations under the guise of levelling the playing field.

    All too literally probably.

    I really don't get why it appears to be so hard for the masses to see a reduction in the mouths clamouring for meat et al is the only sensible solution.

    Or maybe they do see it but haven't what it takes to accept it.

    To quote Maajid Nawaz - "

    Whilst the vast majority of the media are naive blinkered fools under orders from their accepted superiors a slimier piece of shit that is the above mentioned would be harder to find in that industry.

    I would suggest you delve into his personal background before pontificating on his missives and if you are still of the same opinion then that reflects poorly on you.

    Trump is an idiot, Khameini falls into the same bracket but only because he believes there's a god, other than that he's a far sharper operator than Trump.

    If Iran takes its revenge in the region though not in Iraq it will retain the morale high ground amongst the Muslim world and if America retaliated with weapons on Iranian soil it will create unification amongst some of the players of the region and maybe even an alliance of Shia and Sunni.

    I am sure there are some among the US military who are aware of this but whether they can cut the Orange puppets strings that snake all the way from Israel remains to be seen.

    Any members of a coalition with the US of such an attack will suffer on their own soil which already hosts large Iranian communities who are generally of a far higher level of education than the third world dregs coming here for free stuff.

    Along as Iran doesn't retaliate on US soil it can't really lose in the eyes of the world but if America hits on Iranian soil it becomes more of an outcast as bullies should.

    Hitler's downfall was fighting on too many fronts at one time.

    I hope history is repeating itself.

    These companies are not going away, and as such it's about logic, not personal purity.

    I am pretty sure KFC produces a greater profit margin on these products than Quorn and continue to grow quicker till they or similar buyout the latter and continue the downhill slide.

    A logic sure to be frowned upon by the likes of Spock.

    Your either against all animal use or not.

    It appears the vast majority of practitionists of veganism are not prepared to go through the growing pains that other religions, philosophies suffered in their early days but rather want it given to them on a plate if you'll parcel the pun.

    The big food corps are simply exercising an opportunity to stick their grubby hands in the pockets of a new group of idiots.

    Vegans who seek out these products boost these corps powers and thus are helping the continuation of such poor planetary business models and are patently as apathetic and lazy as the general masses.

    If their products are of the standard of vegan cheese it'll be a one time sale to those who regularly buy their other rubbish.

    If you really believe in something and want respect for it at least have the common decency to do it properly.

    Yet again big business taking the p*as and most too blinkered to see it.

    If there is a "right" to have children then what about the right of those who raise children entirely by their own means to not have the taxes imposed on them squandered on raising those of people who clearly cannot and never will be able to afford to raise them plus the not insignificant number of human cuckoo's that abound in society.

    As the world automates there will be decreasing employment for these future generations, especially the lesser intelligent and yet the continuous increase in breeding new consumers for the global corps.

    Free IVF is simply the icing on a cake of supreme stupidity.

    As long as there are giant food processing corporations and huge pharmaceutical companies there's no chance of a healthy diet for the masses who let's be honest are ignorant by choice due to their habit of being glued to their idiot screens waiting for orders instead of seeking what they need from available sources.

    Veganism, liberalism, pacifism at al, they're all just religions as useless as the current ones.

    If we don't achieve the ability to get off planet soon then a cull is the only real fix. Probably best done anyway.

    The hand wringing bleeding heart libtard idiots who appear to think they're in charge need to mind their own business and let good old evolution thin out the crap. It proved itself pretty competent for a good few milennia till tossers started interfering.

    Vegan kids, fat kids, anorexic kids, it's all a long since ceased to be laughable joke caused by parents unfit to carry that title.

    Mistreat a dog and potentially be prosecuted and banned from having them though a law far too seldom exercised. Do the same to a child and there's nothing to stop them breeding more potential trash.

    The human race has become an embarrassment to the planet.

    classifiedcampers is a clear misnomer considering the utter lack of classifieds.

    Anyone new finding the site via keywords I can imagine is gone within a few clicks.

    Monetizing a general forum via subscription to make a living is a no hoper especially one aimed at a group of people who by their very nature are pretty frugal.

    I don't think having the word hippy in a title will be attracting new blood nowadays as even if a growing group of the younger are living in similar fashion to those who coined the name I don't think they feel or even want the label.

    I don't blame them, I'm no hippy I just live differently and I'm not young.

    I thought the old format was good, lot of variety of info and opinions and worth logging into but this past year I've logged in monthlyish , clicked on unread posts which I can't add to to see a grand total of 10 to 15. The forum is pretty much dead.

    The lack of real activity on the other site means I rarely log in there either.

    You want to make an income, classifieds for alternative living aimed at those living alternative lives. Very low ad prices targeting volume, all sorts of items.

    The old format, snappy title Stateuncontrolledcitizens, Welivedifferently, Outofthematrix etc and lots of classifieds for all values of items. Free for under £10, £1 for up to £100 along those lines.

    If you do it as a business then unless posters are especially abusive or threatening towards others let them speak their mind without the interference you indulged in before and by abusive I don't mean by the pitifully low standards of some idiot safespace seeker.

    If shops started frisking people at the door to check they had money and intent to buy before letting them in to peruse the goods they'd be done for pretty quickly unless they have something very desirable and you need new people to view posts,ads,rants etc and they most definitely will not be subscribing.

    I reckon you knew that sometime ago.


    Whilst this brexit fiasco has removed the blinkers from a few previously deluded people its not nearly enough to make a difference.

    This country needs to leave without any form of supposedly protective deal to enable those capable of initiating fresh ideas to come to the fore.

    Businesses that are only existing and basically treading water because of free money via idiot govs quantative easing need to die.

    For too long mediocrity has been allowed to thrive in this world and has strangled real human progress.

    If you truly desire to be ruled by an ever growing globalizing organisation you are weak and lack imagination. It's time we went back to our mammalian roots and only the true alphas breed. No non prey creature needs such a huge number of hanger ons depleting resources for no beneficial gain.

    Will finish now, have jackpots to polish.

    .Try running without the heat diffuser first. If its clear then resumes with the diffuser fitted it may be carboned. Heated carbon may produce carbon monoxide the dame as charcoal burners do.

    It sounds to me youre getting stingy eyes from something overheating

    I must concede I have missed the bleedin obvious. Thank you!

    Been doing a lot of crumpets and toast on the diffuser the last few weeks and is very carbony on one side. I think seperate new shiney one just for heating on the cards.

    Anyone ever had such a thing as a "bad" bottle of gas. I ask as after a year of using heat diffuser on a gas ring with no issues whatsoever on my latest bottle my carbon monoxide alarm is now pre alerting whereas it never did before and my eyes end up stinging a little after hour or so but no headache.

    7kg bottles, from Morrisons where I regularly have got them, 30mb clip on reg and flame as blue as ever, everything same as has been for past year except new bottle. Cannot smell any gas at bottle, pipe or cooker whether on or off. Bit baffled to say the least.

    I am not in need of health and safety advice regarding my method of heating.

    Whether Trump is a loon or actually has a clever hidden agenda here's hoping he's lit a fuse that has something substantial at the end of it for once. The thought of more decades of listening to spineless so called world leaders waffle with no substance is pretty depressing and to date has achieved diddly squat. Something big needs to happen be it good or bad to get the world moving again. If your only interest is in maintaining the status quo then you might as well be a wildebeest in the middle of the herd eating the poorest trampled grass, breathing the dustiest air and a crap view, literally.