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    Baa baa sheeple have you any wool

    Yes sir yes sir three bags full

    Three for the government to squander at will

    And nothing for us except a whopping future bill.

    I think the Oxford Concise Honest Dictionary (there's an opportunity for an vanlife income if you want to compile it) should define Utopia as a number of ideas roughly in correlation with the population number.

    Mmmm an increase in doorstep tat sellers, produce fraudsters,. man with van flytippers et al. What about lucky heather, a 10000% increase easily achievable. A bit more of this and we can apply for charity money aimed at third world nations. If not already we can't be far off qualifying.

    Those wannabe nomads who so lack imagination they need to desperately attempt to buy ideas to tell them what to do would be best suited to staying in the matrix and continuing to take their orders there rather than drag the existing down.

    My vanlife prosperity does me just fine and the last thing I'll be doing is sharing it with strangers and breeding competition and the future drop in living standards for myself. I will continue to be guided by my evolutionary instincts, they've served me well for nigh on six decades.

    The increase in economic van dwellers will bring the voluntary and thriving of us yet more negative attention from the state. The downhill trend is accelerating and no brakes to be seen.

    If there are conspirators they haven't incurred any cost, it's been profit all the way. None of the medical intervention, government and business refinancing, stocks volatility etc has been free, it's all financed on laughable fiat money which needs volatility to produce the appearance of growth to allow "profits" to be cashed in whether on the up or down trajectory.

    If such situation is actually so I think only a team of capable altruistic assassin's with the correct targets could put a real end to it.

    Instead of listening to the propaganda claims of media, government, pollsters, all known regular liars, why not conduct a poll among those around you for a likely truer version of feelings.

    I've done it and it bears no resemblance to the state promoted claims.

    Half a decade of van life and I've yet to have a single event related to actually residing in a van where I've felt threatened let alone desired a weapon.

    May have been lucky and I don't doubt for one moment is potentially different for a single female but best not to let paranoia detract from what can be an enjoyable lifestyle.

    You've more chance of grief from the authorities than malevolent strangers.

    I think government is now running routine tests to establish it's potential power more than it's grooming. Media will continue to brown nose them.

    I actually gave three options and those choosing your favoured third way are as likely to find themselves lumped into my option two.

    I've managed living under the radar predominantly in the capital for five years now very comfortably in a van.

    As for the EU, there's not a chance in hell they'd turn away another sucker to reside in their asylum. Saying something and doing something else standard EU, government, political behaviour isn't it.

    If that idiot sturgeon woman gets her way Scotland will end up so deep in the EU mire as the poor cousin that there'll be wistful reminiscing of the old days under the Westminster incompetents.

    Dystopia is coming. You'd best decide and prepare now whether to be an asshole compliant citizen, a trodden on member of the proletariat or under the radar siding with neither.

    Conspiracy only for the masses.

    Fact for the few.

    I am gettting sick of the constant moaning of masks.

    if I was told to where a mask all day i would,

    Several have made their points about the mask farce but the moanings coming from you.

    You carry on doing what your told and leave the rest to your masters.

    It'll give them something else to fuck up.

    If everyone compacted their waste less landfill space needed.

    As for recycling the council trucks in Barnet drive the recycling pick ups out to landfill and didn't give a shit when confronted with the evidence. Like many I bet. Still fine the sheeple for putting things in the wrong bin though.17p water elitist?

    Possion of wings generally has most not thinking of birds as bipedal but if you are giving your edible waste to some local ostriches or the like then you have a point and good on you.

    I only drink the bottled water, the other for cooking,cleaning etc.

    I cut the tapered tops off empty bottles and they become a bin. I crush all non organic waste that I can and can fit two or more days rubbish in them.

    If it's edible or quick bio degradable it goes outside to my non bipedal neighbours.

    I do watch crimebodge. If the guy has a monetary interest in doing it I don't think he's getting rich from it but he most certainly is providing a public service. If only the public would snap out of their stupor and watch and more importantly absorb the realities of what they're watching.

    Police standards have been dropping all the time I have been aware of them, accelerating somewhat in the last couple of decades.

    If you wore a mask at the beginning of this farce in defiance of governments completely useless advice to the contrary and have continued to do so good on you. You have exercised sound judgement and good old commonsense whilst facing a barrage of official nonsensical " advice" given by those who completely failed the nation from the get go.

    If you didn't wear such because you were TOLD not to and you now wear such because you're TOLD to do so then your just yet another fucking idiot taking orders from another idiot you've accepted as superior to yourself. Unfortunately in many instances that is probably so.

    Imposing the wearing of masks now will not make up for failure to shut down international travel, put a protective ring round those who so patently would need such and so on.

    Now many of the easy targets of the virus have been killed, not just died but been killed, might as well now go for the herd immunity and shorten the chaos.

    Masks will prolong this bullshit by probably quite a margin.

    I see masks being worn badly. I see masks being adjusted and moved a huge amount. I think there's more instances of mask wearers touching their masks than they would have touched their faces.

    If you want to inhale your usual amount of air you will be effectively sucking in harder. Any potentially nasty droplets in the air from others close by are more likely to be attracted to a low air pressure area, a vacuum in front of your face. If you are lucky when it lands and stays for God knows how long on the surface of your moist welcoming mask you won't end up sucking it through a surface that's probably porous enough to let viruses through side by side in a large hokey cokey chain.

    Then the mostly ungloved mask wearers will touch their mask and transfer whatever to door handles and all the other shit they handle

    Properly fitted correct micron size masks with face visor that doesn't allow hands access to face and gloves that are regularly changed or it doesn't mean shit. Except to those who desperately want to feel "safe"

    I would be far from surprised if future evidence showed that the wearing of face coverings of insignificant protective value led to a false sense of security and complacency that aggravated this whole farce.

    One of the biggest jokes of it all is the amount of twats who feel compelled to obey a law to wear a mask but as they exit a place automatically act like a cunt and toss it on the floor in defiance of litter laws.

    If your going to bow to the assholes in government over masks you'd best get yourself a cap as well. Then you can post your doffing vids on farcebook, twatter and the like.

    If anyone actually believes that wearing a face covering will protect them and all others because they were told so by government and their representatives who have proven time and again they are liars and incompetents then they are of the flock of sheeple.

    On the few occasions I have been approached by staff and once by police I simply state that a mask affects my breathing. I do not e mask he waselaborate as I have no obligation to do so and they have no right to demand I divulge personal medical details.

    I did elaborate to a Cineworld manager on one occasion as when he apologised to me saying he did not realise I had an illness I actually stopped and said I never said such a thing and pointed out the obvious to him that the mask he was wearing, below his nose, undoubtedly had an affect on his breathing. Enjoy the film sir was his reply.ritt page on face coverings scroll down and you'll find all you need to effectively tell people and sheeple to fuck off in written form.

    I think we're ok here for now as the artificial intelligence data has to be acted upon by the government who are patently lacking the necessary intelligence to make what they would consider good use of such.

    Machines leading idiots, a change from donkeys and lions.

    The only reason bame groups are claimed to be at higher risk for an as yet unknown reason by gov is because the stuttering twats Hancock and Johnson haven't got the balls to say it's stupidity, poor hygiene and overcrowded squalor.

    Throw in a dose of "insha'Allah" and you have a bunch of retards who think a higher entity is taking care of them so they need make no personal effort.

    Funny how it's Burnley, Bradford Luton and such rather than Cheltenham, Oxford and Stratford upon Avon say.