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    Hey sweety. Sorry to here about all this and that they sent a doc you didn't know but he will ask you to go over the stuff anyway. Its their way of checking out what the people says is consistent. Frequently clients and parents / loved ones change their story for a number of reasons.Still sucks when your being honest though and it feels like they not listened. Do not worry about the blood tests. Thats just to keep an eye on the levels of the medication in his blood and to monitor his physical health. It helps to rule out physical causes of experiences and to help work out if something is a side effect, a physical issue or a hallucination. Again still sucks though if its you that has to have it. :wall:Itches can be a reaction to medication but also can be physical issues or tactile hallucinations. The main thing is to get the dose right to ease his distress. Even if they find this med does not do the trick there are many different meds they can try.

    What about you others in the house. Have you had a carer's assessment to see what they can do for you. Support, respite, financial help, an advocate if you go to hearings or for when the doc comes. It is your Right to have it and their DUTY to provide the assessment and try to meet any needs it identifies. Ask for one. It wont negatively affect his treatment or how they deal with you.If you want more info on this call me.

    I know you do not want to hear this but I gonna say it anyway. I know your focus is on your lad but you MUST protect yourself too. You and his dad are not going to be able to keep on helping him as well if you are exhausted and at your wits end all the time. You have to tell them honestly if you are struggling to cope.

    If you need to know anything about the drugs, the illness or the law about this please call me. I cannot look at his notes, it is a disciplinery offence and a breach of his confidence but I know the staff who come to see you so I can get some level of update. They know I am a Fiend of the family and will tell me things as long as it is appropriate and not breaching his right to privacy.

    Stay safe sweety. Me and Aunty Al are here if you need to talk.:oldtimer:

    If I was transported back to Victorian times I would be the decadant son of a lord. Beyond the need to earn money I would write peotry and throw parties for the Bohemian set, travel the world on the grand tour and generally live a decadant lifestyle.

    I dont think the bible (in any of its official version) actually says there were no dino's. It doesnt mention badgers or penguins either.

    Coming back to the origional question you cant ask what does Xtianity or do Xtians believe because different churches and individuals believe different things. Ask them individually. And each to there own. On a persobnal level I believe that (insert deity of choice) started the whole process running but that evolution is a possible THEORY of how the process is developing. But then what do I know I am just a scruffy eclectic pagan. :oldtimer:

    There is no problem once they were made priests they had to accept them as bishops.
    Angel spoke to Mary before her husband.

    BTW as was pointed out by a monk on the radio today Christ did not disrespect women, only his later followers did.

    1) The first person who was an evangalist in the bible was a woman The woman at the well.

    2)The only person to show true servanthood to JC was a woman when she washed his feet and used her hair to dry them. (Dirty feet a big taboo and hair a womans status symbol so a big deal). And he said so to the shame faced men present.

    3)The first person to know J's body had gone was a woman.

    4)The first person to be greated by JC on his return was a woman.

    There were more but I dont remember other examples from the book. As a proud pagan I do not follow the teachings of the Xtian church but I think it is dangerous to label the followers with a broad brush. Furthermore while I dont think it is happening in this thread, I can understand ,to a degree, none-believers taking a swing at Xtianity but I do worry when my fellow pagans are disrespectful of other peoples faith while claiming to be open minded and not restricted by dogma.

    Tarot reading in a goth / rock pub in Liverpool with another friend from www.circleofpagans . The Swan in Wood St if you are in the area. Come say hello. (The possibly going out to a rock club after??)

    Samhain blessings to you and yours!!

    May the Maiden bring you youthful joy,
    May the Mother bring you care,
    May the Crone bring you wisdom.

    Whatever your faith and path I hope you have a good day and that your memories of those we have lost are a comfort on this day of rememberance. )0(

    Quote from Dibdabs

    Maybe the question is whether the majority of people who take drugs already had a mental illness or had a strong possibility of developing mental illness before drugs even came into the question.

    Perhaps rather than causing something directly drugs can bring to the surface, speed up, or make worse, issues that were already there.

    After many years in drug work I have to agree with this. In my experience as a specialist worker it kinda falls into a few probable scenarios.

    Drugs mess with the brain chemistry and mental ill health is MAINLY messed up brain chemistry (the rest is learned / conditioned.) So if you are messed up or borderline messed up adding drugs into the mix makes it worse or triggers it.

    Some overuse of drugs can cause physical and perception damage which can effect how the brain functions and iduce illness (eg. too much speed fries the nervous system and can cause physical damage that translates into psychological and perception changes).


    People who are in certain social grouping are more prone to psychiatric diagnosis AND certain groups in society are more prone to drug use. These groups overlap to a large extent. The link is not the drugs and the madness. The link is usually social ( poverty, unemployment, discrimination etc)

    The percentages dont add up. For example cannabis is linked with schizophrenia which is usually detected in young adults but only 1% of the population suffer from schizophrenia while 40% of young adults use cannabis to some degree. If there was a direct connection we would be seeing a lot more mental ill health.

    Also a lot of folks with mental illness from depression through to full blown psychosis use illicit drugs as a form of medication. Also most street drugs are actually not physically addictive (mainly opiates and benzodiazapine based drugs get ya). Most are habit forming and psychologically addictive but not physically (crack cocaine etc)

    The only drug which has absolute scientifically proven evidence of causing mental illness is alcohol which produces physical organic damage to the brain and brings on psychosis in all long term heavy users.

    Almost all ill health based on anxiety is socially derived or is learnt responses to life events. They tend to run in families / communities but then so do the social conditions that create them so the genetic link is quite hard to prove dispite twin studies.

    My heart is broken. I took a folding chair to the beer tent, then to the dance tent.And (sob) it left with someone else (WAAAH) On the bright side my tarot deck went off on friday night with a stranger but came back to me on Sunday with a little flyer in the bag with the cards. Im so proud! My Tarot deck in a mummy! There was also the issue of doing too much weed and living on alcohol and mexican food for three days but I cant see that has had any effect on my mental state at all. Now where did I put that cider I saved. Seems a shame to leave it sitting there by itself. Oh yes, I can hear it. Im coming cider... dont cry ..I will let you join your friends again Nyahaa!!

    Quote from Atomik

    a bad wank

    Bad??? How does one do it badly?? Is there a scoring system? Does Waterstones' sell copies of Wanking For Dummies?? Maybe I have been missing something. Hand goes up hand goes down. How difficult can it be. Even for us that dont need to Hee hee.:wank:

    Perhaps I need to talk to an expert. Any real wankers on the site? Hee hee.:reddevil:

    I love the way this site can go from cerebral to carnal in seconds.:D

    I agree with Naeni. I refuse to have a fest ruined by rain. I SO want it to be sunny but if it isnt its still gonna be good. So cheer up and get something waterproof. We live on a small island stuck out into the Ocean in the northern hemisphere. Its a wet place. Get used to it or emigrate.

    Quote from Tigerdaddy

    :eek: ........... you mean there's bands playing :D

    Levs and NMA and loads of folks I never heard of. Oh yes and Boney M. Its scary that the band I third most want to see at a fest is a piss taking pop act just for a laugh. And for this I pay how much?? So here is to the vibe and the bar.

    Quote from wondergnome

    You - me and everyone who will ever read this thread has the right to choose whats right or wrong - it's just that there are the most mis-guided people in the world. Thats the bad bit - thats the bit that makes me - and I guess you angry. I can see that intolerence and discrimination is the source of hatred and negativity in a base way - it's just the other poor, stupid souls that don't get it. I would love to get people thinking more - callenge and educate.
    Fighting fire with fire is a lst resort and I think we have time to make a difference in a progressive way.

    With ya all the way on this bit. They prey on the folks who dont know better for votes. Educate people as to what the scum stand for, show people they are lying and peddling lies to get power and the voters will desert them. As Bevan said all those years ago at the rise of socialism as a political force in Britain. "Knowledge is Power". Give the people knowledge and they will see the lies for what they are. Ban the BNP and they can play their best card as being oppressed and the voice of the oppressed white majority.

    Thanks to all who have addedd to this thread btw. An interesting debate.

    Its only a myth because folk supress it

    Point taken I meant to say people on the site so noone could misunderstand my comment as haveind a dig at anyone in particular

    The Israeli nation have learned the lesson from history. The jews were oppressed and destroyed so now the Zionist wing of Jewish poilitics lead by a presedent who drove tanks through a refugee camp are oppressing their neighbours.

    I am not saying Nazis are not serious sick puppies. I just meant banning their party is not going to make them go away. Only demonstrating to the public that they talk shite will do that. Banning them just gives them recruits.

    BTW anybody see the irony of how our country cozies up with Spain who had a Facsist leader well after the war ended but just happens to have not fought in WWII against us?

    I feel everyone here is anti facsist, only our methods of defeating would be different.

    Quote from Atomik

    Nice sound bite. Try telling that to a wild animal that's about to rip your throat out.

    To compare Nazis with wild animals coming to eat you is unfair on wild animals. They only doing what they need to survive.

    Also begging your pardon but it is a bit of a naive attitude to think you can stamp out an idea by violence or banning. There have and will always be extreemists of various shades. I am no supporter of the filth they peddle. I just agree with free speach and freedom of association. I have no love of fascists and have helped the Anti Nazi League having lived in the town that was the BNP regional headquaters so I have got off my arse (and risked it) to actually do some productive positive action about them. That still doesnt mean we can crush a political organisation because we are offended by it. THAT is what brought the Nazis to power in Germany. Rioting in the streets between the left and right trying to crush eachother and the Fascists offered a more efficient means of keeping the violence away from the nice middle class folks. They (BNP) have the right to be wrong. And it keeps most of them in one place under one banner so we know where the bastards are.

    And I am also a bit concerned that a site like this should use the word Liberal as a term of insult. Do we not stand as a supporter of Liberty, of freedom to choose and live and let live. Call me old fashioned but I thought that was the origin of hippies. Or are we just drop outs feeling smug that we are better than the 'normal folk'. Lets here it for being Liberal.

    Big session in August.

    Saw Mostly Autumn last month and they were fantastic. Strongly recommend. Pseudo prog rock but more modern with a pagan twist and no big solos.

    Legally we have the right under the Human Rights Act. But in reality a right is socially derived and has no real standing outside that society. There is no right in procreation, only ability or inability on a biological level.

    Quote from starinthesky

    but....i dont want an ID card...i hate the thought of the government knowing so much about me..heck i hate everything having all my details..what ever happened to privacy?!

    They already do know everything about you. The ID card just means they can use it against you easier. I dont want one. Brown can shove it!:harhar: