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    Part of it's to do with the 'it'll only make it worse' way of thinking...i think it's left over from bullying at schools TBH. How many of us have had our kids say that to us, or said it to our own parents when they've wanted to go into school to sort it out?

    That and lack of faith in the police and court system.

    Tempered steel actually, not wood.

    D'ya not think that it's funny that the protesters were herded down the road where the RBS was....and that it was the only bank that wasn't boarded up? Also the bank that Sir Fred was in charge of, y'know, that bloke who's been accused of ignoring the warnings of the (then) impending financial trouble that we find ourselves in?

    The coincidences just keep piling up, don't they? ;)

    Im not sure which sounds most ridiculous - the idea that trouble makers would continue to discuss and plan anything on social networking sites now that it's been published in mainstream media news they they'll be watched... or that anyone could actually think that such plans would be communicated via social networking sites in the first place!

    It's blatantly not that...the way to control people is thru fear. Oooh...terrorists you say? Here's my rights and civil liberties on a plate, take them!

    It's just another way for the powers that be to monitor, control and manipulate folk.

    Wow,I just googled the case and he was 17yrs old when he commited the murder..

    Compare someone at 17 and 25 just in normal circumstances and theyll be different,its obscene that the state believes his murder was justified as revenge :rolleyes:
    Good example Shazzaym! :)

    Innit. I'd never in a million years advocate the death penalty (Ok...sometimes i do, in the dark of night, against people who have deeply hurt me and mine, but i know it'll never happen, so it's a safe fantasy) but if i did, if i lived in a country where it was the norm, there's no way that i could agree with it 10/15yrs + after the fact. Or do you think that they make them wait on purpose? To reabilitate (whether it's truly felt or put on) then go...haha fucker, die...

    Texas is the worst apparently. Must be the sun makes 'em all bananas, from convict to governor. Bush Mk2 signed off on so many people. I had a front page of the Mirror in my window for ages...of him uplit, just saying 'murderer' underneath him...a good year or so before he got into the hotseat. He'd just signed the death warrant of the 150th prisoner to be put to death on his watch...the most prolific ever by all accounts. An average of 30secs (or close) he spent on each case. Even ones who were 'mentally subnormal'...apparently people who are diagnosed as not all there (not as a get-out clause) are exempt from the death penalty. Not on Dubya's watch! And a whole lot of other's TBF. Can't be seen to be soft on crime innit. That's one of the things that got him voted IN! Can you imagine?

    I could go on all night, but i won't.

    Not checked the posts made since my last one, but i found a link to this on another forum, and i think it sums up a lot of what other people are trying to get across re: the whole 'punishment as revenge' thing. Kind of took my breath away TBH.

    No, but i was damn close a few years ago. Being depressed and reading TAB/Chat ETC did not help in the slightest. I convinced myself that if i walked out of the door one of these horrible stories was gonna happen to me. I fronted it out, kind of, but walking round the estate (it was a bad one, but far from the wprst i'd lived on or known of) i was paranoid as fuck, it was fucking awful. And it didn't get better through keep forcing myself, i only felt alright when i was with my friends in this safe pub. Of course that opened up a whole other can of worms.

    Urgh. :(

    Still, better now. Kind of. Think that's mostly by making myself ignore it. I'm good at that haha.

    This is starting to sound like a broken record. Why? What purpose does it achieve?

    Yes, and we've all agreed that deterrence is an acceptable reason for locking someone up. That's not the same thing as punishing from a desire to see someone suffer.

    I give up. I really do. Waste of fucking breath. I may as well join a Daily Mail forum for all the use it is discussing things with you lot.

    The purpose it achieves is to make the rest of society...the ones that wouldn't dream of doing something like that and find it totally abhorrent, feel safer and more secure by removing that person from society. By the same rote, he is now protected from the section of society that would take matters into their own hands.

    Humans are just another breed of ape.As with all breeds of animal that form communities, if a member of that community is disruptive or destructive, they're expelled, for the well being and security of that community.

    I think you're reading to much into the actual word 'punishment'. To me, removing him from society, taking away his ability to control his day to day life, being analysed until he's forced to expose whatever deep seated headfucks made him act how he did to try and figure out the why and trying to get him to understand and accept that his actions were unacceptable and to face up to himself is punishment...not torturing him or saying 'an eye for an eye'.

    Of course everyone has their own definition of punishment, but there's mine, for what it's worth.

    He's not being locked up on a bread and water diet tho, is he? He's been sent to a psychiatric hospital where he'll have the best care, plenty of activities and people to socialise with, he'll be able to walk in the carefully tended grounds and smell the flowers...cushy as fuck TBH. Better standard of life than he'd have gotten at home...and better than the one he inflicted on his innocent daughter and the children he forced her to carry for him. I'm sure he'll soon find another patient in there vulnerable enough to be controllable by him as well. Win win.

    Of course he should be punished. He's destroyed lives, created more, and destroyed those as well. Christ, if i was fucked up enough to do those things, i'd expect to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Isn't the fact that the laws are there supposed to be a deterrent? Can't do the time, don't do the crime? It's when that deterrent fails to stop someone that the punishment comes into play.

    Yeah, but it would be another good excuse for a party, no? Just like the one your parents had when the got you christened, 'cept this time you'll be of an age to appreciate it ;)

    C'moooon, you didn't really think they did it so you could get into Heaven(TM) did ya?

    Well we cant have people looking after themselves can we ? what would happen to government etc if people actualy made use of the things around them and realised all this consumer culture is not the way forward ? plus of course if things are given away for free how can money be made on it ? cant have that !

    This ^^^


    I'd go with that, too. If you're not confident at waxing, having it done by a professional will be a lot quicker and less painful... it can be expensive, though.

    ...unless you have it done by a trainee at your local college? Go for a 2nd year student if you can, they've usually got it down pat by then! ;)

    Sod that!

    Go for waxing, it's over a damn sight quicker, and if your beautician is any good it'll be relatively painless.

    Hi I was there last night and a fantastic party it was until The coppers moved in on Tarantism`s set :( Yes they cracked a few heads before everyone showed force and stuck in, fucked them to back off out then barricaded ourself in. Like you say it was harmless fun with everyone enjoying themseves makes me sick.

    I got told that the rozzers turned up because of noise complaints, then some very clever person chucked a bottle at them so they came in mob that right?

    Glad you had a good 'un and made it out in one piece! Up the fukkin punx! :D

    Aye, went to 1 in 12 last week for AOS3, IT! and Captain Hotknives (proper safe bloke!)...Team Tarantism were in attendance as well, had a wicked night :D

    Just foned one of AOS3 lot and it sounded mental! You could hear the filth trying to hammer the door in...they're all safe for the time being tho.

    We couldn't go, but in touch with some folk who are down there. One rig still playing, they've fucked the rozzers off once and they're keeping them at bay for the minute.



    haha, oh dear...i've got this to look forward to haven't i...never having had a little lad myself!

    With my daughter i just told her if you want to play with it, go and do it in private in your room, but you've gotta get the tone just right....i didn't want her to think that she was being 'sent' to her room coz it was bad or dirty. (cue bad associations and future complexes...eeek!)

    Like others have said, they soon grow out of it. Altho i don't think i ever have :lol: