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    As Janet said. I'd send some flowers tho, or make a small donation to a charity he was interested in or something. If your kids understand your reasons then that's the main thing.

    You need to take her to one side and tell her about the freaks that can inhabit those places. With pictures if need be. Gord knows i wish i'd been more heavy handed with mine!

    Do a bit of research and find a safe fun forum or site to replace it with tho. If she doesn't listen, exaggerate the powers of the web...that you'll e-mail the admin with a pic and IP so she'll be automatically banned from the dodge ones. ;)

    Funny but I didn't realise who the woman was til now (just googled the story!)... basically I know her! Yes she did have a drug problem... so fooking what? She is over that and is a great woman, I met her while we were training to be welfare rights advisors... top lass!

    Innit. Gawd fucking help you if you ever have a problem in your life, then find yourself in the middle of a police scandal x amount of years later.

    Tried and convicted before you've had yer cornflakes.

    I can't believe this comment!

    You do realise that she was at a PEACEFUL memorial FOR Iain Tomlinson, on April 2nd, don't you? He died as a result of police tactics, yet here they are the very next day, still at it!

    She reacted to a guy being pushed around by the police, pushed to the ground by the throat when he was trying to pick up his paper. Now, i dunno about you, but when i've seen people pushed around unfairly in the past, in whatever situation, my automatic reaction is to go 'oi, what are you doing that for?'...which is all she did! And got a kevlar gloved backhander off a guy who was a good 1 1/2 feet taller than her, built like a brick shithouse and TRAINED TO DEAL WITH RIOT SITUATIONS. And you're here saying that the 'silly bint' more or less asked for it? Well maybe people SHOULD stick their beaks in MORE when they see someone getting uncalled for grief in the street, not less! Ever heard that advice that if you're getting sexually assaulted that you should shout 'fire' instead of 'rape' coz you're more likely to get a response? THAT'S the kind of world we're living in, and attitudes like that fucking perpetuate it.

    Oh, and she didn't exactly go running to the papers now, did she? The story only broke a good 12 days later.

    Get back behind yer net curtain. FFS.

    Oooooh yes....there was a bit about her on the radio this morning and her publicity seeking ..........:eek:

    All the usual shite was in the papers man...'accusations' of shoplifting (not convictions you'll notice!), ex-junkie, squatter (how many squatters do you know who get £50pw HB? :rolleyes: ) exceteraaaaa

    It's bollox...all designed to get peoples knees jerking.

    What are PR people?
    Am I being thick? :S

    Public Max Clifford.

    He's the ghostbusters of the meedja....who you gonna call when you've got 50 journos camped outside your house, constantly ringing you, tracking down family, friends, anyone remotely connected to you?

    Max Clifford. He's the ONLY name that we all know.

    Nobody mentions the stuff he does behind the this, taken from another forum...


    I've never said this before but. He is not all that he seems; he took on the 7/7 survivors and families on the first anniversary for nothing, without publicity. Before, I was getting up at 4am and working til 2am, and trying not to lose my job, taking up to 6 calls an hour from UK and international media, because I had a blog, and was therefore visible, and had somehow become the unpaid press officer and first point of contact of any journo wanting a 7/7 victim interview. I had a breakdown, he stepped in, and put 4 full time members of staff on it.

    He negotiated a decent wheel chair for a double amputee, he helped people get compensation, and he protected those who did not want to speak, held the firestorm at bay, and never said a word or asked for anything. He gave me and the families over GBP100, 000 of representation for nothing.

    Maybe not the demon that the papers (oh yeah, who hate him coz he's FUCKING GOOD AT HIS JOB!) make out, ey? ;)


    In 2002 a suspicious death investigation was opened after the body of Ms Sally White was discovered in a flat in London. Although the victims body showed extensive evidence of violence including bruising, a head injury and a bite mark on the inner thigh the pathologist, Dr Freddy Patel, ruled the death as natural causes by way of a a heart attack and the criminal investigation was closed. The man who lived in the flat went on to murder two other women before chopping up their bodies and dumping the body parts in bin bags. Dr Freddy Patel was not disciplined for this failure and went on to perform Mr Tomlinson's autopsy.

    Although Dr Patel is a fully accredited pathologist he is not a member of the Forensic Pathology Service, a group of specialist pathologists who normally investigate suspicious deaths in the Greater London area. Dr Patel does however have quite a lot of experience in dealing with deaths in police custody. In 1999 he carried out the autopsy on Roger Sylvester who died in St Anne's Hospital, Haringey after being violently restrained by eight police officers. Mr Sylvester's death was again put down to natural causes by way of heart attack and the police were cleared of any responsibility for his death. Following the coroners inquest Dr Patel was formally reprimanded by the General Medical Council (GMC) for giving false and misleading information about the case to the press.

    ^^^ The pathologist who said that he died from a 'heart attack' most other people who die in police custody...:rolleyes:

    Most of the witnesses are saying that a couple of plastic bottles were thrown, which missed, and it stopped when the people chucking 'em were told what was going on. They musta thought a snatch squad had just done their thing...understandable seeing as that's what had been happening throughout the day.

    That video is supposed to be the 2nd time he was assaulted as well, but i don't know how accurate that is yet.

    Rescue remendy worked wonders with my over-meepy was like valium to him! :D

    Try a couple of drops in the morning and at night...take him for looooong walks in the afternoon, get him knackered out. Moving him out of the room when visitors are there could have the opposite effect to the one you want...he needs to learn how to be calm round people when he's told...he won't do that if he's shut away from them. Try putting him on a lead before answering the door...let him sniff them and briefly greet them, then when you go into the front room tell them to turn their backs to him if he tries to jump up, don't make eye contact ETC...while you tell him 'Bob (or whatever he's called) down! or Sit!' then 'stay'...don't forget to treat him when he does it. Use the lead to re-enforce it if you have to (which you will at first)

    I personally wouldn't advertise in the paper...unless you're willing to properly vet the prospective owners. And i don't think it'd be fair to rehome him without a bit of basic training first...years ago i rehomed a giddy dog...he ended up back at mine after going thru another 3 owners, one of which (or even more) had obviously beaten the shit out him...he was a cringing shadow of his former self...never, ever again :(

    Good point, well fuckin' made :mad:

    Tekno...i think i <3 you :D :clap:…g20-protest-ian-tomlinson


    When I watched it, I thought they chose her because you know... she's glamorous and clever and successful and someone people look up to... and domestic violence doesn't only affect the stereotypical dowdy, nervous, not-very-bright woman that most people probably see in their minds when they think about the subject. And it plays on the whole behind-the-scene thing: look how smart and confident she is, everything must be perfect in her world - abuse doesn't happen to people like her, it only happens to people who ask for it, etc.

    More this ^^^

    I don't really have her down as iconic and powerful TBH.

    I wonder how they'd play out an emotionally abusive one? That shit cuts deep just as much...sometimes more :( Of course the 2 often go hand in hand...but it's hard to explain to people when there's no physical damage. :(

    also, if i dare to say it, you love the man and keep hoping it will pass/change/be worth it

    Yeah, that too of course. I've had a couple of violent relationships myself...luckily i could give as good as i got (still not good mind!) and it grinds you down 'til you're a shadow of really don't have the strength to do anything to stop it. I applaud the women who do find that flicker of realisation and determination and get themselves the hell out of there. I hope more can find it as well. It's bullying, end of.