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    Well said mate, everyone has an opinion, just need to accept that everyone else does too. I like a bit of a rant myself now & again to lower the pressure, but try to accept others may not agree (even tho I'm right every single time, obviously!😉)

    That said I would be distressed to lose anyone from the forum ,now or anytime over something trivial such as a difference of opinion. These forums are my family to me, & the members my friends, weather we have met or not.

    Tempers are bound to fray a little just now, but hopefully we can all get thru this & still be a tight community...😀

    Much love & good vibes to all from the bear xxx

    Makes no sense to expect people to stay in lockdown while still welcoming people into the country from other infected nations. What happened to the lockdown for every passenger entering the country?

    Its all fucked up from start to finish, nobody seems to be on the same page at all...

    Earthy, I feel for you man wish I could offer something practical.

    Not totally sure of your situation, my advice could be impractical/ unwanted right now but I just feel that your situation could be a bit easier if you could possibly get out of the caravan into a van maybe. To my mind a caravan will stick out like a beacon parked up anywhere. I reckon people take less heed of an odd van. Also easier to move on in a rush if needed. Just my thoughts for what they're worth buddy, hope you find some peace soon...👍☺

    Glad to hear you're doing OK Millie.👍😉

    Reckon some good things will come out of this, even if its only new friendships being forged....

    Should be no problem taking it back, especially if its not fit for purpose. You should find the guarantee will cover it from original replacement date I think. I bought a petrol chainsaw from B&Q some years ago, took it back for replacement 4 times before I settled....👍😉

    Frightening times, the more I read the more I think this virus is only the begining of the problems that the common man is looking at facing in the near future....

    There isn’t a Country in the world that hasn’t/isn’t enduring a major f**k up with something crucially obvious at the start of this outbreak. Terrible as it is that lives have been lost. However it’s lives from all levels of society.

    We continue to base our hardship/losses on our ability to buy/supply our way through the virus crisis. If we could only see (fly on their wall) the largest % of the wealthy, whom have squirmed hourly, while watching all they have accumulated/ invested in/ worked for, dissolve before their very eyes and there’s still no end in sight.

    Governments fk up frequently. They are only human and like most of us “assume someone has already sorted it.” At the ninth hour the fk ups are often picked up and resolved. Nothing like this has been dropped on our plates before. It’s the learning curve we have all failed to study for.

    Dunno about lives lost at all levels mate, havent noticed any mps/royalty falling to it yet, or anyone particularly well heeled either....

    Apparently the powers that be decided to follow a theoretical model rather than follow practical advice from the medical profession world-wide.

    So basically another monumental govt fuckup, but this time one that has cost lives, & is costing more lives each day. Meanwhile, life at the top of the tree goes on pretty much as usual. They dont care because they have the means to cushion themselves from harm, so just throw us under the bus....

    We voted these people into power to look out for us, not to bleed us dry & trivialise our existance...😡

    I noticed that too. Apparently Eddie Large has just died, from some form of heart problem I believe, but he had contracted this virus so that is being listed as "died with coronavirus"

    RIP Eddie, by the way, 😞

    The Man's a fucking charlatan! Not just bent but outright dangerous, peddling fucking lies to profit from this pandemic. He should rightly be prosecuted & jailed, he's no better than every other greedy bastard seeking to profit from this situation.

    Can't believe that anyone could be gullible enough to fall for this utter bollocks either, I know faith can be strong, but fuck me do people really think cooking oil & red fucking string is God's answer?...😡

    Not run out of anything yet, was touch & go for baked beans but managed to grab some t'other day. Managing to get milk OK but the local Asian garage/store has put it up now...

    Had to bite the bullet tonight & put the heating on for an hour, only set to 16deg tho.

    Keeping busy breaking a few pallets down into boards so Jenn & me can make some raised beds & boxes to grow a bit of veg. Apart from my daily walk round the cemetery, not much going on here. Managed a short trip up to check on ma & pa yesterday, so checked the bus too as its parked at the farm.

    Hope you manage to source some eggs buddy, take it easy with the knee....

    Was sat in the sunshine t'other day in the cemetery thinking exactly the same, the birds & bees & flowers & trees are carrying on doing their thing, sun comes up sun goes down. Apart from us humans, life is just going on as usual. I looked at a big ol' tree near me & thought "what highs & lows has that tree lived through? What changes has it witnessed? But it still stands there, unaffected by this & any previous occurrences....

    Just got local milkmans no, but the woman who gave me no over phone, said he s prob fully booked up,

    I can just eek a week out of the milk, (i froze some)

    Lets pray the lock down slows the virus, it got to peak in about two three weeks time.

    I managed to grab some today always use semi skilled cos it lasts longer than full fat.

    Always have a tub of powdered milk in too for emergencies, as well as a couple of cartons of uht...

    Only seen 2 people in my entire village wearing masks, both were asian students from the big posh school down the road....

    My gran, married to a miner loved thunderstorms & used to take a chair & sit in the open kitchen doorway to watch it. My other gran, married to a farmer, used to shit bricks & hide under the stairs!...🌩⚡Me, I love it, love being out in stinky weather...😉👍

    Not felt at my best for a week or so, bit of a cough but nothing major, bit short of breath if I do any exercise but not to the point of worrying.

    What the fuck, if I got it, I got it nothing I can do to change anything so not worrying.:peaceman:

    I never see people scooping up after their horse either, all they need is a shovel and a bin bag. :insane::D

    Always makes me mad, if it was a dog they would be fined, yet a horse turd, nearly as big as a small dog! & its fine to just walk on & leave it??

    Coincidence maybe that horses seem to be a privelage of upperclass types...

    Even Harold Steptoe carried a bucket & shovel.....👍😉

    Even if they are out there under duress, they still deserve a big debt of thanks not just for this crisis but for every time any of us has had a road accident, or got hurt at work, or even had too much drink/drugs etc & needed their services. Good on yer, each & every one o' yez!...👍😋

    Hoping you're over it soon mate. Sounds like a real bummer, not knowing weather you're well or poorly from one hour to the next would mess with anyone's head. Stay strong buddy...:sun: