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    citizens are stealing food from supermarkets on the Italian Island of Sicily. Police with batons and guns are now protecting shops after reports of looting. This shit is getting Madmax after two weeks.

    The worst is yet to come. With UK police forces targeting their own resources, petty crime/ theft will no longer be prioritised. It’s about to get real.


    Hamsterkaus - it's a German word for people hoarding or stockpiling and it refers to the way hamsters stuff as much food as possible into their cheeks.

    Made me smile.

    RT, that is where the govt box clever - they don't encourage, but they don't discourage either so when the media is repeating one-sided, ill-researched items the govt could make a statement setting things straight, but they don't, they leave us to bicker (when I say us, I mean the general population). Divide and conquer, it's as old as time but still works as well as the day it was first used.

    I'm hoping I'm going to be okay, I'm hopeful, I've been in Brighton for a while, well before any distancing, and the cops have seen me many times. So far so good. There are other live in vehicles here so although we can't make friends or visit it does feel a bit like a community. The man on the end is deaf and Scottish - this makes communication (hilariously) difficult. We stand many meters apart - he can't hear what I'm saying and I can hear him but can't make out the words!

    I just nod and wave now as I scurry past.

    One thing I always carry with me when its dark is a good torch , helps avoid stepping in or kicking dog turds , hedgehogs ,incumbant hippies etc whilst also avoiding ankle turning divots ... , said torch does not need to be big (pocket size is fine) but I highly reccomend a 'cree' led type , dimmest setting on wide beam for walking , brightest setting and focused for longer distances and up close if threatened , apart from dazzling and temporary blinding they have a nicely sharpened correlated front edge.I charge my torch batteries via a small USB charger plugged into my solar controller, so always got 2 or 3 charged .

    Good call, I usually have a fairly dim light just so I can see to pick up her poop. I keep it off most of the time because your eyes become accustomed to the dark and I love being out in the dark, often the wind seems warmer, like velvet. But I do have a very powerful light that I use for night riding. I will make sure it's charged up.

    Cold and grey here, with a very chilly wind.

    Ah, lightning.... My grannie used to hide the cutlery in a drawer if there was any sign of lightning:D

    I've never heard that one, and I lived with my grandma until I was 5 so heard lots of those old sayings. What exactly does lightning do to cutlery? (Or the other way around).

    It was a big outline, street lights behind me, Downs and sea behind whatever it was. Big like a grown person with many clothes on so head, waist, arms, legs all indistinguishable. Fox, Badger, deer, cat - dog would have tried to chase it (I do not allow this). I do occasionally meet others out at night, we usually give one another a wide berth and a nod and go on our ways.

    Bah, probably just some students messing around. (Although Dot is not at all afraid of people). But tonight I will take my walking stick...

    Groove, yeah, I am wondering too... A couple of weeks ago I felt really shitty and spent a few days in bed - unheard of for me. Since then I have had a few slightly sore throats, slight clearing of throat, but this is normal for me when I change my diet, which I have since I can't get gluten free bread and am eating 'normal' bread. Also I was under the truck last week and got a facefull of dust and dirt when I moved some cabling so have I? haven't I? ... It's hard isn't it? Not knowing. I wish I could get tested to see if I have had it, then I could make informed decisions.

    I was out on the Downs walking my dog, in the dark, as I have done in various parts of the country for 25 years, just walking along as usual enjoying the relative quiet and I like being out in the dark.

    Anyway, suddenly Dot dogs, looks ahead, rigid with fear (she is afraid of other non-Greyhound dogs), races past me, stopping to look back, obviously terrified. I can see a dark shape, it's making odd noises, but I'm thinking it's just someone else walking, or maybe drunk or singing (?). At that point I wasn't particularly bothered. However I couldn't calm my dog down, there was no way she was continuing the walk. So I got freaked out. We scurried back to the road where there are street lights, she looking back still obviously terrified. Walked back to the truck all under street lights dog still frightened. Got back safe but wow, that was wierd.

    So, Boris and co getting the virus:

    (1) have they really got it, or is this just like, 'Hey, look, it's really not that bad, remember when we wanted loads of you to catch it (the herd immunity idea) and we all said 'Fuck off, we don't want to die in droves in order to save the economy', look, we weren't being nasty, it's no worse than a cold! Nadine Dorries is back at work and she's fine'.

    Or is it:

    (2) They haven't taken their own advice re social distancing (either because they don't believe it works, or perhaps they think a public school education protects one)


    (3) Hand washing and social distancing DON'T work and they've given this advice to make us feel better / feel like we have some control over our fate / prevent us from panicking (just like Protect and Survive bullshit in the Cold War).

    "Please please observe government advice to the letter. Keep your distance from everyone not just those with a cough or fever. Stay home if you can. Wash hands regularly and thoroughly. Get changed as soon as you get home and put your clothes in the wash, preferably at 60 degrees.

    And definitely stay away from elderly people."

    Well, I haven't got a washing machine being as how I live in a truck and anyway water is a precious resource


    I AM elderly people!

    I'm screwed ^^^^^^

    I can't be bothered to be frightened any more, still gonna do the distancing and hand washing etc but seriously I just can't live in fear all the time. Kind of wish I could get a mild dose, then if I had antibodies I could go and do some driving work for the supermarkets or voluntary work even.

    And now The Chancellor says we have to wait until June to get the money. Again I stress that I am in a good position with low overheads and also I'm already on the UC database so I can just restart my claim if necessary.

    He also said our tax and NI would go up afterwards - I don't earn enough for this to matter for me - but what a cheek! He says to make us equal with employed people. Oh, do they spend their weekends marketing, doing their books, keeping up to date with the industry? What about sick and holiday pay? What about when your clients want something NOW and it's evening time or the weekend. Or, when the people you sub contract to want you to be self employed to get around the minimum wage rules?

    *goes off muttering to self...*

    I think a better conspiracy is that in Africa there is an underground city of advanced pangolins that intentionally infected the imported workers of the Chinese conglomerates who have bought up half the continent knowing they would eventually take the disease back to the homeland of those responsible for pangocide.

    All hail the pangolins.

    Yes, lovin' this one.

    A man knocked on the door, and when I opened the window to see who it was / what they wanted, he gave me a bag of mixed veg and fruit! He said, 'Here's your veg' and whizzed off before I could thank him. His top said something about Sussex Trust, I'll see if I can find it on the interwebz, I'd like to email them to thank them if possible. Random acts of kindness.

    I agree with Zendaze (however crazy that may sound!) - Prepper, and I have said this to you before, you do sound like you are in a bit of a tizzy. I mean this in a friendly, helpful way, I hope you realise that. Is there anyone you can talk to? To get your thoughts in order? I saw something about therapists who are giving their time for free... I will try to find the link for you.

    In the meantime can I give you some suggestions (nb: I am not a doctor): Stay home for at least a few days, keep warm, drink plenty of fluids (not alcohol), eat some nice food, watch tv, films, read, listen to music, whatever you do to relax. Meditation is very good, it really is. Don't watch any news programmes, don't wind yourself up about what everyone else is or isn't doing, or what you may or may not have done. Whatever it is, you can't change it, so no point in fretting and beating yourself up.

    I'll try to find that link for you. Maybe the Practice Nurse at your local GP could speak with you, I know they are busy, but if you ring reception and tell them you are at your wits' end, can't sleep for worrying, and could you speak to someone... it's worth a phone call.

    You can always PM me, and I imagine the others would say the same. Take care xx