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    Wool. (1) Look up 'mulesing' (2) I have been present at sheep shearing, the shearers are paid per sheep = go as fast as possible = terrified sheep with cuts to their skin (3) the sheep are raised for food (4) angora, have a look at how that wool is obtained.

    Yes wool from a pet animal, fine, I would have no problem with that. Or even will recycled from an old garment found at a charity shop (but good luck with finding such a thing). Similarly a duvet or coat made from feather and down that had dropped naturally from a bird as part of a moult or regrowth.

    Natural humans, what we ate or wore thousands of years ago, or even hundreds of years ago: I hear this often, from people with cars, central heating, internet, microwave ovens, TV in every room...

    Just explaining my rationale here, not proselytising.

    I class myself as vegan. I eat no meat, fish, dairy, I wear no leather or wool. That's a lie, I have some very old shoes that are made of leather, I will not throw them away until they wear out, and when they do they will be replaced with something not made from animals. Yes, I shop in supermarkets which also sell cruelty food and clothing. My hope is that by buying non-cruelty items the shops get the message and provide more of them, and correspondingly less of the cruelty items. I believe this is working.

    The soya for the milk I buy is grown in the EU by the way. It is not grown by slash-and-burn farming in the Amazon rainforest. It also organic, so no pesky chemicals.

    I do not eat any fast food - yuk (but that is just my opinion, if you want to eat it, then go right ahead). I don't like to eat food that is prepared by others (I worked in catering for eighteen months and saw behind the scenes). Again, that is just me, you do what is right for you.

    I take note of food miles and try to avoid stuff that has travelled a long way (eg green beans from Africa in January, apples from New Zealand). However, this goes a bit south when you get to bananas, which come a long way, but which are the staple export of some countries... hmmm, what to do here?

    It is a fact that is a waste of resources to grow food to feed to animals to grow them into food. It is more efficient in terms of resources to grow food for humans.

    I think eating pigeons and rabbits is probably good if you feel you have to eat meat, but please kill them quickly and as painlessly as possible, and perhaps give thanks for their sacrifice (soppy? - maybe). Also road kill, it would be a waste of a life not to eat it in my opinion.

    My problem is the appalling conditions farmed animals are kept in, these are sentient beings, the horrendous journey to the slaughterhouse, the dreadful, dismal way they are killed. And this for profit. Big profit. Companies are making a profit from the suffering of sentient beings. That can surely only be wrong.

    I try hard to do my bit to save the planet. I wear more clothes in winter and have less heating on, I cycle to the shops whenever I can, wear clothes til they fall off, recycle stuff, consider food miles, keep things til they break, live in a tiny house (albeit on wheels), don't fly, don't eat animals. Sometimes it's a PITA, but I do it anyway.

    Some of my friends are involved in XR and since last summer I have really been looking at people's habits regarding the planet:

    Four people I know have huge gardens - none grow their own food.

    They all drive everywhere, including driving children to school bus.

    They all eat meat.

    They all fly, some have several holidays per year which they fly to.

    One is building a new house, no solar panels, ground source heating, extra thick insulation.

    New houses are being built, many not near work or other resources like schools or shops so people will drive. Built with legal minimum insulation, no solar, no ground source / alternative heat source and big rooms, many rooms, en suite bathrooms. So they all require more in terms of resource, and then more in terms of bloody furniture to fill all that space.

    So sometimes when I trip over my bag of recycling (and in a van having recycling hanging around is a nuisance let's face it) that is waiting for me to sort out and put into the right places I swear, yes I do, and I think, 'Wow, I am totally wasting my time doing this'. And then I just carry on doing what I can to save the earth...


    My truck leaks like a sieve. I've masticked it to death but it still leaks so I've bought some flat-roof paint. Apparently it can be applied when the roof is wet but probably not in pouring rain. It would be great to have somewhere to apply the stuff - I really don't want to do it in a layby at the side of the road - and preferably somewhere dry. I will pay - or work if you prefer. My vehicle is 3.2 metres high and 9 metres long so it needs to be a biggish building and also needs to be hardstanding or else I will sink. Moon on a stick? Probably, but I thought I would ask if anyone has or knows of such a building. Even a hay shed would do, it would shelter me from the worst of the elements. Thank you.

    I'm single, have been for some years now. I love it. I'm not anti-men or anti-commitment. Relationships, not anti at all, but I feel that they can be stifling. Perhaps if a partner were confident and secure in himself he would be able to let me be me, but sadly I have rarely found this to be the case. And now I live in a truck and move around so...

    Christmas is a trying time for me. I dislike the waste, the killing of animals for food that we don't need, everybody stuffing themselves silly, I dislike the waste of wrapping paper and packaging of the presents nobody wants or needs, I dislike that people pretend to be religious (and 25th December isn't even Jesus' birthday anyway, the date was stolen from the old religion and co-opted into christianity because the pagans didn't want to be christians). I dislike that it is an old festival which has been stolen. I like that the roads are usually quieter on christmas day so it's nicer for bike riding. I like the christmas lights. I like that as a self-employed person I can have a rest without feeling that I really ought to be working. But mostly I dislike that people try to manage me, 'christmas me', invite me to their place because they think I shouldn't be on my own, it's so fucking patronising. I'm not lonely or unhappy, it's just not my special time and if I want to give someone a present I will give it irrespective of the time of year. If I've been told I have to give presents then I won't.

    Hi. It's the legit kind, I don't know how to get the other. So the stuff I use has no THC in it but I have found it useful for pain, not so much reducing level of pain but I feel less stiff and more well. The main benefit for me has been mood, I have been much much better since using the oil. It does take a while for it to work - months, so you have to stick with it.

    You can mail order from Bristol CBD - or go to the shop. Some health food shops have, but I don't recommend Holland and Barrett, very weak.

    I drop the oil under my tongue and hold for 30 seconds. Dose is individual and pure guess work but I use 8 drops a day.


    Hi everyone. I've been vegan for 4 years (not long enough) and veggie before that for ages.

    It's great to see vegan stuff advertised on TV, there must now be enough of us to make it worthwhile. Great.

    Everyone regardless of diet is encouraged to take a B12 supplement and I take Veg1 from the Vegan Society. They were around sixteen quid for three months so good value. Taste nice too.

    That's it, just thought I'd check in.

    My prescription drugs are free because I'm over 60 and CBD oil is around £70 a month I guess.

    I don't smoke and I can't drink with the painkillers I take. Never liked the buzz of dope or weed, Class A probably not a good idea as a daily fix.

    My dog and general lifestyle, living in the truck, keep despair at bay. All together it adds up to quite a lot I suppose.

    Rain, rain, rain. It's been a nice day though so can't complain. It's just that my dog will not go out for a last wee. I just know she will wake me in the night when she gets desperate and can't hold it any longer.

    Years ago I would have gone... nowadays I'm cynical and jaded.

    Haunted house. No. I believe there is something going on, not sure what, had a ouija board experience many years ago and now I leave all that kind of thing the fuck alone!

    Sod the cities. I'll stay in the sticks where it's green. There's talk of other cities following suit, Brum for one and I dare say it won't be long before someone brings in road-tolls to drive all non-compliant vehicles off the roads in the country as well.

    We're already paying tolls via PPI, Public Private Initiative. That's where the Govt puts in some of our money to, say, a motorway, a company (McAlpine or such like) get the contract and put in the rest of the money. Cameras are installed to count traffic and govt pays the contractor per vehicle.... except when the contractor's share has been paid back, they still get money. Stealth toll. Nice work if you can get it he?

    If I go in (which I have absolutely no intention of doing) it costs me £200 per day! But I worked in London for around 40 years and am well and truly sick of it. This whole thing with electric cars, scrapping perfectly good vehicles in favour of something brand new, is just crazy, and is designed purely to benefit car manufacturers. Why? Because they pay bribes to policitians. Same with road building, same with HS2, and so on. It's very depressing.

    Absolutely Bigbear 67, look in any supermarket, rows and rows of plastic and paper tat that will be thrown straight in the bin, waste. When I say christmas day is not my special day people look at me as if I had announced I eat children but the hypocrisy is cristmas day is no one's special day, it was made up by christians to try to get pagans to accept the christian religion. And anyway even if you are christian buying useless shit is not what it's about.

    I'm doing a house-sit and haven't told my relatives what the address is, so no one can just turn up and christmas me. I'll be celebrating the solstice and the start of the earth's journey back towards the sun. If I can I'll do something for charity. I won't be stuffing myself stupid with food I don't want, while sitting with people I can't fucking stand.

    Grinch? You got nothing on me! :)

    I've lived in a caravan / motorhome for ages, it will be 20 years in January 2019. I love it, it's my choice. But all through that time various people have tried to save me: 'What will you do when you get older?', 'Let's get you a nice flat', 'Why don't you put yourself of the council housing list?'.

    Lately it's been unsolicited gifts of clothes and food (!) from some relatives who don't understand that I have deliberately down-sized, deliberately use low tech where possible and appropriate, deliberately have fewer clothes, deliberately wear them until they are worn out.

    I watched Paul again the other day. No matter how many times I watch it, it still makes me smile, it's a great film. Oh and I saw Miracle on 34th Street for the first time in my whole life, the original, it was okay I suppose. Interesting to see the clothes and habits of the day.

    I regularly strip wash, it's all you need to get clean. I am quite looking forward to having a shower though. I will get round to fixing the shower up in the truck, honest. It's on my list of things to do...

    And a washing machine! Not looking forward to sleeping in a building though, feels claustrophobic. Only have to do some nights, the truck will be on the drive so I can sleep in my own bed.

    My (touring) caravan had a gas fire - to be exact a gas fired heater exchanger. It took its oxygen from outside the van and discharged waste gasses to the outside through a flue. There were no by products inside. It kept me very very warm and did not create condensation. They do use a lot of gas, but I found somewhere to buy it cheap. It was clean, controllable, convenient and didn't go out overnight. Do not cover up any ventilation - it's there to protect you from poisonous fumes.

    I lived in an old static years ago, almost froze to death! The newer ones may be better insulated, but it was expensive work trying to keep a comparatively large space warm. HTH

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