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    This will come over as harsh but you sound needy. Needy people are very hard work, they have to be constantly propped up and supported, they are often jealous and possessive due to the low self-confidence. Instant turn off for me.

    I would suggest building your confidence, making some friends, do a hobby, join a club, do some voluntary work. Be you, find out what you like to do, become friends with yourself. A partner will soon show up when you radiate those qualities.


    I have my own business, I work with words. I create beautiful Word documents from garbled audio files. I keep digital records. I produce spreadsheets. Most of my work is done remotely via the wonders of the WWW, PV panels and unlimited mobile broadband, but sometimes I go to a client's place of business and conjure piles of receipts and screwed up bits of paper into neat piles and then enter the result into documents or spreadsheets. I also produce content.

    I have a huge awning and part of its casing forms a gully so rain falls on the roof, into the gully, I put a 25 litre container under with a funnel to catch the water. It needs something more sophisticated but I have had access to water since March so the job has slipped down the list of Things To Do.

    Hi there. Don't buy into the Stranger Danger thing, you are unlikely to be attacked by someone you don't know.

    That said, if there's a knock at the door and I don't know who it is I open a window to speak to whoever it is.

    There are some areas where I would move on from, but that would be because of noise, cars tearing in and out of a parking area and other places where I get a bad vibe.

    I try to walk and stand like I'm not going to take any shit, which is hard for me because I'm friendly and smiley. So instead of going, 'Hi, how are you?' to total strangers I try to scowl and snarl a bit...

    I have one or two items which would put a downer on a person's day if they tried to get in. It's more when I'm not there, then I am concerned about my dog and my stuff, degree of concern would depend on where I am. I'm thinking of getting something like Ring - but not that make because it sends what it sees to Amazon and I feel Amazon already knows too much about me. Then I could speak to my dog, and anyone lurking around.

    I don't think the megalithic monuments were sign posts for ET craft, they got here across gazillions of miles of space okay, they can probably manage to find their way around once here. No, I think the pyramids were / are for healing and some sort of power. I think the messages left are instructions or warnings or maybe greetings. I think ancient civilisations knew that there is a cycle of growth and destruction (we have lost this knowledge) and built huge indestructible monuments to pass on knowledge and warnings to subsequent civilisations. I cannot offer any proof but from reading widely - as you say, all the ancient traditions have similar mythologies - and archaeological findings this is my thinking. Fascinating that there is evidence of nuclear conflict, stories of beam weaponry. What, just what is being kept from us by the military-industrial machine?

    Personally I think there is enough evidence to support the contention that our DNA was altered dramatically at some point, there were sophisticated human (?) civilisations on earth well before what is currently believed, that megalithic structures were not built by men with ropes and rollers, ancient peoples had in depth knowledge of the planets and stars and the earth's precession.

    I don't think religion was created by aliens, I think it was aliens and either humans recorded was they saw with what language was available to them at the time or texts have been mistranslated or oblique reference was made at the time perhaps or of fear or maybe reverence. For sure I can pretty much dump what I was taught in history at school - and physics, and maths too apparently, probably also chemistry but I never got it in the first place so nothing to unlearn there. That leaves cookery (which I hated).

    Some of the later Cosmic Disclosure episodes were a bit.... Okaaay, you sure about this? Several with a man who claimed he worked for a secret part of the Marines who operated in space from bases on Mars, went on various missions, after a tour of duty his consciousness, spirit, soul, world be transferred into a cloned younger body. He would then be transported back to earth a la Star Trek when the future without him in it would instantly be changed to a future with him in it... There was other stuff, you know, I try to be open minded, possibly to the degree of gullibility, and I am sure there's loads of things we are not told about but this guy talking about giant spiders and beings from other worlds who are 50 feet tall... It blew it for me, stretched my credulity to breaking.

    This person had had a polygraph test where the examiner stated, '[He] certainly believes he is telling the truth'. I noted this was not, 'It is my opinion that this is the truth'.

    As for reincarnation, I believe absolutely in this (had a weird experience). The Christian tradition also held this tenet, it was the Roman Emperor Alexander - and his mum - who expunged this from the Bible in the 4th century. Other books, the Gnostic gospels were also removed and the whole thing reorientated to favour patriarchy and enable the rule of fear.

    I empathise Derek, I am in a similar situation. I am on a quest against local authorities and wider authorities to stop the proposed amendments to the 1994 Act... but where is everyone? The best part is the changes are unlikely to affect me, where are all the people who will be affected? Beaten into submission?

    I wish you strength for your quest. I am with you in spirit x

    It doesn't love you like a real dog. Also the things a dog does wrong - the occasional shit on the carpet - are part of what endears them to you and vice versa. It's about learning to be loved as an imperfect being and loving imperfection right back. It's the element of free will, the loyalty is given, not programmed.

    Having said that, I appreciate this is an industrial robot and as such has some important contribution to make.

    The ability to do stairs is very scary - stairs are what saved us from the daleks!

    Plus 1 for 5 litre bottles. There are taps to be found, I know if 3 in Brighton which I will share if you ask. I collect rainwater oif the roof for washing up, washing me, cleaning. And sometimes go to campsites where I fill everything I have on leaving.

    Also, it has been dry and sunny. Do I want to be riding my bike on dry trails or stuck indoors talking to you lot? Now today, today is horrible out, windy, rainy yuk. Also I have some work to do that I don't want to do and I'm procrastinating 😂 😂


    Correct, Nicole Tesla wanted everyone to have free electric. Up to then JP Morgan was bank rolling him, when JPM realised there would be no profit in Tesla's idea he withdrew his funding and went with Edison ... Lots of profit.

    Here's a conspiracy theory for you: Politicians and businesspeople across the world (irrespective of nation or religion) have formed a cabal, a secret society where the entrance fee is having pots of money and influence. Doesn't matter what their beliefs are, what their principles are, just lots of money and influence. They will do whatever is necessary to ensure that they continue to have a nice time, and fuck everybody else. We are just handy (when we behave) to keep the drains working, the roads fixed, the lights on and of course pay taxes. When we are naughty the press are instructed to paint us as criminals, nuisances, crazies. The press are also instructed to print divisive reports (and yes The Guardian, I am looking at you too) so we all carry on in-fighting and do not come together in a massive worldwide revolt to bring the cabal down. Easily available credit is the cabal's friend, people in debt need to go to work, they need their jobs, they dare not revolt. Get into debt, they've got you. They can keep selling you endless stuff you don't need, a new sofa? Pay for it next year. Want a holiday? Put it on your credit card. Fancy a new car? Get tied up to a lease arrangement. A house? Tie a mortgage round your neck, that will keep you down for another 25 years! Keep up with the Joneses - all on tick.

    I've read in a couple of places now how we have the technology to feed everyone in the world, everyone could have clean water, everyone could have free (or very cheap) electricity. Now, that could happen now.

    Why doesn't it? Because the cabal members would lose their income. Those photos of starving Syrian children, with limbs blown off? The cabal doesn't give a shit, the members are selling those very weapons that permit war and kill and maim. They don't care, they're making a fat profit. Are they going to get blown up? What on their super yacht anchored somewhere balmy and safe, surrounded by security staff? No, of course not. Being blown up is for poor people.

    Free electric? What? And lose all those profits? You must be joking. Free water? Ask Nestle about that! Feeding the world? Nah, that would prevent, to an extent, war and they love war don't they? Because it's very profitable.

    Howzat for a theory?


    Dont buy cheap chinese steering locks, put them on because you are in an isolated area and when you want to leave in the morning, the fuggin lock has jammed !!!

    Uh oh, same happened to me day before yesterday, except it was my immobiliser, my extremely termperamental immobiliser, had decided that me charging the batteries was an attempt to steal the vehicle and refused to turn off. Bloody thing! Anyway, after a few hours all okay. Have you got going yet?

    I've just written this to a friend:. I am up for a protest, static or rolling road blocks around the M25, other key routes. The success of this relies on numbers, like with the poll tax, there had to be mass civil disobedience, so many bodies that jails are full and courts are backed up. I've been in so many situations before where everyone's for yeah yeah I'll be there, come the day I'm standing there by myself!

    Fun times eh? Once you couldn't go in somewhere like Bluewater (even if you wanted to) with yer hood up, now you can't go in without covering yer face. How times change.

    I chip in a little most months, yes, the site is important to me, but I also have a life, a very busy life, and I've been involved in some (more) advocacy. When I mention the name to friends and acquaintances they sneer... 'Hippy' they say, ha ha. And I say, 'No, no, it's really people who live alternative lives, who think differently... Some live on the road, some live in buildings.' I think it could be better named though tbh. Perhaps the impression given by the word 'hippy' is of a long-haired stoner on benefits, and perhaps that isn't what we are?

    I was under the impression that Caesar didnt burn it down as the annexed museum is specifically mentioned in records as being unscathed, untouched by the fire. I thought it was done by the Christians, as it contained many records and proof that contradicted the lie that their frail 'religion' was trying to set as gospel

    And now I hear that many of the books are in the library at the Vatican, that they mention visitors from other worlds. Some people think that the acknowledgement of extra terrestrials creating or improving us will cause chaos among religious peoples, but it seems that the pope is okay with this information being disseminated, as the catholics have sort of extended god's portfolio by saying he created everything anyway (so therefore would have also created the aliens).

    There's just so much we aren't being told.