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    I think the 'gods' were ancient aliens. They came here in their spacecraft, did their genetic improvement work, hung around for a bit to see it take, and buggered off. All the old civilisations have a flood myth, they all have flying myths - dragons, feathered snakes, people with wings on their backs, cities in the air. They all have the weapon that never tires of killing. I certainly don't believe the christian white-haired-caucasian-old-geezer god and as I've said on here before, I don't trust any religion which employs intermediaries between the 'god' or 'gods' and the supplicant. Especially intermediaries who seem suspiciously well off, well fed and well housed... hmmmm.

    But somehow, alongside that prosaic explanation, I do think there is earth energy, earth fields, gaia, a conglomeration of spirit, the quantum, and that to me is maybe not to be worshipped, but certainly to be acknowledged, to be grateful for, to believe in and take comfort from.

    Shame the Romans burned down the library at Alexandria, and some of the Dead Sea Scrolls were used as kindling and / or sold off to private collections for £££££s.

    One of the group has invited the council round for a meeting and for them to see our vehicles. That was last week, and the council indicated a meeting was possible. However, no date has been set. I know the person from here has chased... we shall see what the council elect to do.

    I am fine, I have options, I am not tied to any one place, I have work which I can do remotely (mostly), I have friends who have offered me space, and there are lots and lots of laybys. I am fine. I can just drive off to Canterbury to do some work for my friend who needs me physically to be there, and then come back to Brighton and keep moving from park up to park up. By the time they are aware I am somewhere, I am somewhere else.

    However, I am very annoyed that the council views me as 'vulnerable' (their word) and thinks that I have somehow been tossed around in the winds of life, blown this way and that, all completely outwith my control or consent, and I am so feeble in mind and body, so pliable and so compliant that I have just gone along with this and whoops here I am at the bottom of the heap, forced to live in a lorry. NO! That makes me so angry, it's so fucking patronising, it's rude, it's offensive. It's lazy thinking. This is a choice, a conviction, a religion almost - certainly a philosophy. It's my stand against the rape of this planet, my way of reducing my demands on our fragile ecosystem. This is how I live, autonomously, in a home I own.

    So I will take on the council and all comers, living in vehicles is a thing, it saves space, resources and council money. I will take this forward, I will not have my decision dismissed by someone who doesn't know me, anything about me, my business, my health, what my vehicle is, where my vehicle is, what is inside it. This is prejudice, it's discrimination and I will try to do something about it.

    Yes, I use both Imperial and metric scales when making stuff. If I'm giving directions I might say, It's a mile down the road, no, wait, probably more like a kilometre'.

    No, it isn't.

    I would be the first to go to a rave (been to many in the past) however, they were in empty warehouses on empty industrial estates (one was in a field miles from anywhere), there was no alcohol and mostly the drugs were E and puff. It's hard to get a fight up in ya when you're E'd off your face! That was at a time when there wasn't a pandemic.

    Now there is a pandemic and these people were in a residential area.

    Having said that, look at the way government, friends and family are behaving. It's kind of understandable why these things are happening. Also media daily underlining that it's only old people who will get it, not young people, how young people will pick up the bill, how young people will suffer - even The Guardian is at it.

    Whose? Some inhabitants of another world.

    Difference? I'm not sure... my first reaction was, 'No! I am real! I don't want to be made by someone!' But since I really like my life I suppose no, it doesn't make any difference - unless the people in charge of this experiment decide to change it and make life more difficult for me / us.

    I worked for DC Site Services litter picking at festivals and events, it was good except I got sacked for having dogs. But there are no festivals this year. What about car parking at testing sites? Part time driving for one of the supermarket delivery services? Do three or four days a week then travel, or work a full time block and then travel?

    Friend has glamping business, she is busy now. Possible you could get holiday work, work hard over summer, save up, fuck off over winter?

    Labouring: you might get some harvest work on farms, might, they seem to prefer eastern europeans who they can bunk four to a room and extract rent from, but it's worth asking around farms. One off labouring jobs would free you to roam and relieve you of responsibility for repairs etc, that would fall to the main contractor. Try small ads in shops for one-off labouring jobs, perhaps garden clearance etc?

    Artist. Well, if it were normal times I would say try to sell stuff at festivals but there's nothing normal about now! I know in holiday places people do set up in lay bys to sell their wares, or on the beach. A friend sold jewelry near a beach cafe, the owner loved him as he was attracting more custom for the cafe, cafe attracting custom for my friend. Your lady could maybe do some cheap and cheesy mementoes of the place along with some proper artistic work that costs more. Or try selling on ebay or etsy or local sales pages?

    I work for myself from 'home' as a PA / book keeper / transcriber so my work arrives by email and is sent back via email. I do have one lovely client who gives me piles of crumpled up receipts, this obviously requires either an address or a visit (which I am going to do next week). As long as I have signal and light for the pv panels I can work.

    My current neighbour does film editing and music videos, so he moves around, the editing he can do anywhere he has signal and light.

    That would be a LOT of time and energy just to work out the definition and how it would be regulated and populated.

    It would be a lot of time and after the experience of advocating for facilities for all of us during lockdown I'm not sure I want to give up my time. It was hard to get consensus between just six of us but what really pissed me off was the one guy who, on learning travel restrictions would be lifted, wrote to the council individually pleading poverty and asking if he (not the rest of us) could be allowed to remain in this layby. Of course the council said no, be would be moved on. I was very disappointed after all the work FFT and I did on behalf of everyone here that he tried to save just himself.

    I weep for my ideal if an anarchist society where everyone takes responsibility for their actions and conducts themselves with respect for each other and the planet!

    You need an address for bank account, driving licence, insurance, doctor. My cousin kindly agreed to help in this regard. Before that a friend helped but she sold her house. At one point I used an address service but the DVLA would not accept it, nor the insurer. Boatmail used to be okay but don't know now, probably not. Life on the road... I like it. You need to sort out how you will deal with toilet waste, chemical loo and empty in public toilets (not lay bys please) or dig a hole or shit in a bag and bin it. Wee in a bottle, tip on the verge (it's great fertiliser) or down the drain. Wee stinks by the way. Water from graveyards or buy it in 5 litre containers from supermarkets, catch rainwater for washing or use baby wipes, or just smell! Try not to park up in a group, it attracts attention. That's it really, enjoy!

    come up to Yorkshire and see me!!

    Thank you! Have also been invited to Spain. I'm also thinking about getting a political thing going to challenge and change the environment regards vehicle living people, I'm just not sure I want to commit to what will be a huge amount of time and energy. There's just no good reason why transit camps / motorhome pitches / semi permanent camps can't be created - Judy NIMBYism, prejudice and the general anti-fun brigade.

    Brighton & Hove have served letters saying after July 4 we must go or they will take enforcement proceedings.

    You've got to laugh - took six weeks for them to organise water etc but for this they are ahead.

    I'm deciding whether to stay and go to court and remind them of their statement that the city is a 'sanctuary' and welcomes diversity, or just fuck off on a road trip for as bit then come back.

    The whole no sleeping in your vehicle is nonsense - on one hand we are told to pull over and take a break if we are tired, and if you're tired what do you do? Sleep of course! Also, what about sleeping during the day? Is that verboten? No, I don't think so. What about lorry drivers with sleeper cabs? Purposely made for them to... wait, oh yeah, sleep in. So now we have a rule which only applies some of the time so some of the people which just goes to show that these are purely and simply anti-traveller (I am including gypsies, irish travellers, travellers, new travellers and anyone else who wants to join in) measures. Pure and simple prejudice. Pure and simple irrational, uninformed, ignorant, NIMBY, knee-jerking fucking nonsense.

    Sorry MrPlumberry, went on a bit of a tangent there. The 28 Day Rule. So, the Camping & Caravanning Club allow you to stay for 28 nights, then leave for 24 hours, then come back for another 28 and so on. In the Ops Manual this is for people working away from home for a period and at the manager's discretion. In reality it allows the club to fill pitches in the off season. (But don't expect a warm, or any, welcome in high season and especially if you have a converted vehicle). This is clearly not intended for full timers, but is however used extensively by full timers. The club turn a blind eye (mostly, but this depends on the managers, some of whom are really nice people and some of whom are total cunts). There were many full timers on the Hertford site where I used to live. The shit hit the fan when people (a) tried to claim housing benefit (b) tried to get their free bus pass. This alerted the council who massively cracked down on it (citing, 'They don't pay Council Tax - see my other post re tax). Apparently the council threatened to revoke the club's licence for the site. Haven't been back for some time now, but I know people who still live there.

    If you rock up to a field and park up you're pretty obvious. On a camp site you mingle in with the recreational campers. Perhaps if you park up, plant some seeds and disappear for a few days, come back for a few days, tend your 'garden', disappear. Leave no litter, shop in the local shops, get talking to people so they know you don't have two heads or eat small children (or whatever it is that building-dwelling folk think we do). But mostly, be seen to be leaving regularly.

    Or, why don't thirteen people buy thirteen pieces of land? Each stay for 28 nights and then move on to the next owned piece of land. Is the 28 night rule attached to a particular vehicle or to the land?

    I read a book called Off Grid by Nick Rosen. Old now but well researched with good links and anyway a very good read. Planning Officers said to him that they (the ones who weren't opposed to us on principle - for 'principle' read 'prejudice') were apprehensive that if they awarded residential planning user to a piece of land for one / two / half a dozen vans, yurts, benders a development company would rock up, offer ££££s to the settlement for the land with the planning permission, and promptly build 50 houses. I think that was before the days of Ben Law who got residential permission for his straw bale house in the woods BUT conditional that if he leaves or when he dies the house is demolished and land returned to natural / former state.

    I have been working on this a little bit during lockdown on my own, with others and with FFT (Friends, Families of Travellers). There is a lot of prejudice and ignorance, due to media potrayal. The media lives to paint us as a whole group who leave litter and mess and commit crime. Personally I'm too busy working in my own business (as are three of my current neighbours) to have the time to commit any crimes - let alone that I'm law-abiding anyway and hate litter. We regularly litter-pick our current park up. The litter is left by a local rubbish clearance company and locals eating takeaway food.

    Prejudice. Oh and 'But they don't pay Council Tax'. I'm on this too - a lot of people don't pay CT and anyway tax isn't a membership fee or subscription, it doesn't entitle anyone to anything, it's just a way of raising funds for govt and local authorities.

    It seems like just a few (the same) people posting all the time. I like the name 'UKHippy' but the last three people I have spoken to on hearing the name, one was like 'Huh, well then...' and the other two sneered. Perhaps this is good, it means that those who don't / can't / won't see further than the name are automatically self-excluded.

    Classified Campers, IMHO didn't really give the flavour either, apologies Paul. It sounded more like the Caravan Club's forum for sales and wants.

    As for new members not being able to post, Mallyboppa, I think if you make a contribution to running costs it speeds up the process.

    Following (sort of) from my ET thread, I feel a little cheated by what I was taught at school - although it was a long time ago, but still...

    In RI there was no hint or suggestion of any other belief system, there was Christianity and that was it.

    In history the pyramids were graves (they are not), nothing about their celestial alignment. Nothing about our deplorable exploitation, colonialism, slaughter of native peoples.

    Oh, and, boys did interesting Metalwork and Woodwork, us girls weren't allowed to; we had Cookery (boring, and I will never forget my disgusting soused herrings and sponge cake with the mysterious grey uncooked middle) and Needlework (actually okay but I would have liked the choice).

    On the subject of sex discrimination; I wanted to go in the RAF and fly jets but back then they said 'no women pilots' - and were allowed to :(:cursing:.

    Yes, it seems that our ancestors woke up one morning and said, 'Enough with this wandering round looking for berries, let's build (what is now known as) Gobekli Tepe and plant up some food'. There is no evidence of a progression towards this new behaviour, rather that it just suddenly appeared, which would suggest outside intervention. I wonder why, who and what are they thinking now? I wonder if they will step in and save the earth, or will they let the experiment play out until we either poison everything or blow ourselves up?

    Prepper, what we understand as near or far is informed by our current technology and ability of space travel. I believe it is possible to use the folding of space to jump from one place to another and this is part of how aliens can travel long distances quickly.

    We use propulsion that pushes us along - and alien craft apparently create a void ahead and roll into it. The explanation I saw was if you put a bowling ball on your bed and push down in front of it, it will roll into the depression.

    Fascinating and unsettling in equal parts.

    trouble with the car thing it was (or im still confused) or still is illegal to have two people in a car or van from different households or maybe you can ware a mask but its still confusing, ( thanks to the idiot in no 10 i ve been confused by his messages for weeks) so people are tending to travel one car or van per person for social distancing.

    True, but even Bungling Boris hasn't managed to fuck up the message about cycling! Get on yer bike.

    When I feel down I tell myself that without valleys you wouldn't appreciate when you got to the top of the mountain. Hope that makes sense xx