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    Many thanks for the replies.

    Yes I do use an inversion table and it gave me a lot of relief to begin with but it seems to aggravate things recently.

    I've been told that I'll be in hospital for about 5 days which I'm dreading as I'm a big baby and don't like being messed about with. As you said though Dave I'm sure it will be nothing compared to the horrible sciatica pain x

    Hi there

    After 5 years of back pain which has developed into quite severe sciatica which prevents me from walking very far/sitting for long etc the hospital have said that I need surgery. I have had physio/2 epidural injections and most recently a root nerve block.....none of which have been successful.

    I really don't want surgery but I'm now at the point where I can't cope with the pain which is now constant. I have not worked for 5 months and only receive statuatory sick pay so the sooner I can return to work the better.

    My first MRI scan showed that I had two prolapsed discs. I had another scan last month which showed that part of one of the discs had broken off which explains the increase in pain and mobility issues.

    I'm having microdiscectomy and decompression surgery next month. They may need to put some metalwork in too but that depends on how much bone they end up removing which they wont know until they 'open me up' ;(

    I'm extremely nervous as I've never had an operation before. Has anyone else had this or similar surgery? If so, was it successful and how was your recovery?

    No horror stories please, I'm already a nervous wreck!!! X

    Spotted a Goodfellas vegan pizza in Asda today. Not really one for ready meals/ frozen pizza etc but I fancied a good old pig out after a crap day so thought I'd give it a go.

    The topping was falafel, harissa, peppers and hoummus. No cheese but there was plenty of topping.

    Falafel pizza didn't sound too appetising but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't the best pizza I've ever tried but it was nice and I'll certainly have one again. Next time I'm in the supermarket I'll stock up ready for when I need my next pizza fix.

    Also spotted a vegan mint chocolate spread which I'm currently eating with a spoon :)

    I get hiccups quite often (especially after a few too many drinks) and it drives me mad.

    A friend gave me a tip which was to apply firm pressure to the area between your nose and upper lip (don't know what it's called) for 30 seconds. Seems to work

    A good friend of mine is a social worker and he once told me about one of their 'clients'. A person who had her first child at 15 and has continued to reproduce at a rate of roughly a child every 2 years. None of her 11 kids were either planned or wanted and Social Services have been at the hospital almost immediately after the birth of the last 5 or so for the customary 'handover of the child'. Think that became simpler than picking up the pieces when she would stroll out of hospital without a word to anyone and without her newborn child.

    In complete contrast, my nephew died at 3 days old from a heart condition and the pain I felt was unbearable. My brother and sister in law were completely heartbroken and 15 years on they are still not the same two people they were before his death. If I felt like that, how bad would I feel had it actually been my own child that had happened to.

    Maybe I'm just not made of strong enough stuff but this is yet another reason I do not want children.

    Love to you all.

    Have a good day xxx

    Although I am and always have been adamant that I don't want kids I'm sure that I would feel differently if we lived in an 'ideal world'.

    I do have those maternal feelings (though not as strongly as many other women). I have been known to feel a little flutter in my chest when presented with a friends new baby and I instantly fell in love with each of my 10 nieces and nephews when they were born but the worry and feelings of guilt would far outweigh any happiness that having a child would give me.

    I had a lovely childhood and was fortunate enough to be born into a large and very loving family but this doesn't alter the fact that I didn't ask to be here and given the choice now I would ask not to have been born. I almost feel slightly resentful towards my parents which I feel terribly guilty about as they are wonderful people but life is hard and I have more bad times than good (not complaining or seeking sympathy for that, just stating a fact). They chose to have me because they wanted a baby and now I'm here living a life that I would rather not be and I had no say in the matter at all.

    Does anyone else feel the same about this or is it just me being a miserable sod?

    Thank you all for the replies. It's reassuring to hear that it's not just me who has encountered these sorts of judgmental comments.

    I'm one of five and I've watched my poor mother live in a constant state of worry as at least one of us always seems to be experiencing some sort of financial/romantic/health problems which seem to distress her much more than it does any of us. I also see my siblings in the same boat with their kids. I certainly wont be signing up for any of that worry even though I'm always being told by friends and colleagues that at the ripe old age of 38 I 'need to get cracking before it's too late' lol.

    Thanks again for your comments x

    Hi there.

    Just wondering if any other women have experienced annoying reactions from other women (or men) when you tell them that you don't want children.

    I knew from when I was quite young that I didn't want kids. I have nieces and nephews whom I adore and many of my friends now have children. I love children but have no desire to have any of my own.

    On several occasions now when I have met new people and the topic of kids has come up I have encountered some quite judgemental reactions. Especially from people (women in particular) who do have children. People seem to think they have a god given right to question my decision, or even more annoyingly, patronise me or judge my relationships with comments like 'you'll change your mind when you meet the right man'.

    I no longer try to explain myself as I shouldn't have to. My response to anyone now who asks me why I don't want children is 'why did you want them?'. Their reply is usually that it was their natural instinct to which I can then say that's my reason too.

    I had a conversation with a colleague about this recently and she asked if I was worried that I'd have no one to take care of me when I'm old. I can't think of a more selfish reason to have a child.

    Sorry about the rant but it really really gets to me. Not a child-hating witch, I just don't want children!!! Aaaaaaargh!

    Thanks for listening chaps. Hope you are all well and happy xxx

    Lol, I'm the same. I've worked in hospitals and seen all sorts which didn't bother me but can't even see a paper cut on tv without having a funny turn. Vikings is good but I'll warn you now, it doesn't get any less violent.

    Have just discovered an amazing pizza takeaway/delivery place called Mr Singhs. It's 100% veggie with lots of vegan options and the vegan cheese is lovely. As well as pizza they do vegan burgers, wraps, hotdogs etc. perfect if you need a junk food fix. Think they've got a few shops but all in West Midlands as far as I know. Anyone tried them? What did you think?

    A couple of years ago a woman at work thought it would be highly amusing to put cows milk in my tea. I only found out because she told another member of staff who she thought would find it funny. She obviously didn't and reported her.

    Fair play to my employer who gave her a right telling off and shewas so embarrassed that she handed her notice in the following week.

    I didn't want her to lose her job over it and I would have just had it out with her myself rather than involving anyone else.

    This particular woman had a real issue with veganism and was constantly asking questions in order to try and catch me out. As Paul said in his post veganism is a deep held belief and it is as important to me as a religious belief.

    Hi. I joined slimming world last year and lost 7lbs my first week followed by 3lbs a week for the next 2 weeks. The weight loss slowed down then and I lost 1-2lbs a week until I reached my goal. I stopped going then as I was happy with my weight and I didn't really see the point in paying a fiver a week just to be weighed when I can do it myself at home. I've since put about half of the weight back on so I suppose attending the weekly groups does keep you on the straight and narrow. They don't tell the other group members how much you weigh but they do read out how much you've lost or gained that week so I guess it that's the incentive to follow the plan. The downside is that it does make you a bit obsessed with food and although they call it a healthy eating plan and they do not like you referring to it as a diet, that's what it is and I do think that dieting can lead to some unhealthy ideas about food. Having said that it is pretty healthy as diets go and there are lots of 'free' foods like fruit, veg, pulses and grains which you can eat unlimited amounts of. If you don't fancy going to the groups you can still follow the plan. My friend bought the books second hand on ebay and she's lost 2 stones by following the plan. Hope this helps

    so are you still on season 1? I can't remember which series the Blood Eagle scene was.

    I love Vikings, it does get a bit cheesy in parts but it's one of my guilty pleasures. I'm watching the current series (5 I think?) at the moment. There is definitely something about Floki but I'm a Rollo girl.

    Keep watching TheConstantGarde, there is some serious eye candy especially if like me you're a sucker for a big bearded tattoo'd brute!

    Halved and roasted some peppers. Made a filling of quinoa, bulgur wheat, mushroom, courgette, cumin, paprika, lots of garlic and chilli. When the peppers were almost done I added the filling and grated some vegan cheese on top (homemade cheese, check me out eh!) Popped them back in the oven for 10 minutes and had them with a salad.

    Made some chocolate vodka at the weekend so I had a nice big glass of that for pud ?

    She's already booked in for her second tattoo. Looks like she's got the bug! I think that if they're done well they are beautiful. A unique piece of artwork which can be as big or as small as you want and can be hidden away or on show for the world to see.

    What are your tattoos if you don't mind me asking x

    I think that on this occasion vegans and meat eaters alike have strong opinions about this particular story. Regardless of whether or not she did anything to the food, she treated one of their paying customers with total contempt. The customer may have been 'pious' and 'judgmental' as the chef described her but that should not have had any affect on the level of service she received. I really do think a lot of people have really overreacted about this and if she has received death threats that's pretty bad. Having said that, would I pay any of my hard earned money to go to a restaurant where the chef goes home after a bad day, slags off a customer and boasts about how 'they would have gone to bed still thinking they were vegan' on social media? Not on your nelly!

    Hi there. Have just seen online that the chef who has been in the news this week for posting a comment about 'spiking' a vegan customers meal has resigned after receiving death threats. I wonder how often this happens in restaurants? Fairly often I would imagine. Anyone experienced anything like this? Anyone who works in catering aware of this kind of thing going on? Would be interested to know though I may regret asking!!!

    I joined Slimming World because my friend and I wanted to shift a bit of weight. I found it pretty easy to follow and it worked well for us. I love my grub and diets I tried in the past were never very successful but you never need to go hungry with SW. I lost 7 1/2 pounds in the first week which I know is a bit too much but I followed the plan and it just happened. I lost between 1-3 pounds a week after that until I had lost 2 stones. I don't go to the groups any more. I still sort of follow the plan but I'm a bit more lenient with myself as I don't want to lose any more weight, I just want to keep it off. They do suggest some foods which I avoid (artificial sweeteners, fat free alternatives etc) but other than that it can be done healthily. My friend still goes as he enjoys it and finds that the weekly weigh-in keeps him motivated but if joining a group doesn't appeal to you they let you join online. Hope you find something that works for you xxx

    Hi there. My doctor prescribed a course of Mirtazapine 15mg for depression/anxiety which I am planning to start this evening. I have avoided taking any sort of AD medication up until now but I have reached a point where my symptoms have really started to affect my every day life and I am barely getting any sleep. I have read a lot about potential side effects which have made me have second thoughts about taking them. I would love to hear some success stories if anyone has any please??? Has this medication helped anyone?

    I find Aldi to be pretty good. They stock a lot of 'accidentally' vegan food and I find their labelling very clear compared to some supermarkets. They don't do many meat alternatives which doesn't bother me as I try to avoid processed food (apart from the occasional Linda McCartney sausage) but their vegan essentials nuts/lentils etc are quite cheap and a lot of their breakfast cereals are vegan friendly unlike Kellogg's

    It was always at the back of my mind to become vegan but I think I kept making excuses to myself. A few years ago I went to a Morrissey gig and he played a very graphic video which showing some undercover footage from various abattoirs/dairy farms/battery farms etc and I became vegetarian straight away. After a few months I knew that I had to be true to myself and became vegan. It wasn't at all difficult as I knew I was doing the right thing. I haven't looked back. I have lost weight, my skin has improved and I feel better in general.

    Thank you. I've had so much good advice and support regarding many issues on this site. I know that I ramble a bit and I take a long time to write any posts due to my mild autism but I feel so comfortable here. Thank you all xxx

    Have been to Spain once since I've been vegan and I didn't have a great deal of choice to be honest, but as fried onion said there are lots of lovely fresh vegetables and fruit. I hope you like chips! Lol. I had exactly the same problem in cyprus earlier this year. There were few vegetarian options, let alone vegan. I found the waiters/waitresses to be very accommodating (more so in Cyprus) when I tried to explain my dietary requirements and quite often they would prepare things that weren't on the menu. Grilled veg, jacket potatoes etc. In Spain one night we had an especially lovely waiter who had never heard of veganism but after I explained that I don't eat any animal products at all he arranged for the chef to prepare a beautiful big plate of grilled vegetables, corn on the cob and a huge perfectly cooked jacket potato........smothered in butter lol. Ah well, 10 out of 10 for effort! Really hope you enjoy your time in Spain and I'm glad to hear you're not struggling too much with your transition to veganism. It gets even easier as time goes on. All the best to you xxx

    I've only just come across this thread but I just wanted to say hi and I hope you're ok. I too have been in a very toxic relationship although mine only lasted for 3 years and there were no children involved. I haven't been through all the dreadful experiences that you have so I can't even imagine how you must feel. The person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with hurt me so deeply that I don't think I will ever recover. The violence, name calling, affairs etc etc I got over, but the fact that he showed no remorse and would not even accept responsibility showed me that the man who proclaimed to love me so much and promised to take care of me thought so little of me that he believed he was well within his rights to abuse me. I know things will work out for you and I admire you so much. You have been through so much but still you don't sound bitter. If only I had that strength. Please take care of yourself xxx

    What kind of things do you sell sprouted? I had never looked on Etsy until you recommended that seller. I'm really impressed, there's some lovely and very unique stuff on there and I like the idea of buying from and supporting small businesses. There is some beautiful jewellery and some of the clothes are great too x

    Ah thank you, that's very nice of you to say groove. You're quite right, it is a good place to be. Venusinfur you're absolutely right, when able you just have to keep moving. I've been able to do a few gentle stretches today and plan to go for a swim tomorrow if I feel able to, though as I'm still wide awake and unable to sleep due to pain at 4am I might be too knackered to do a great deal tomorrow. This is the story of my life at the moment, very little sleep which is difficult for someone like me who loves a good kip! I read back through this whole thread earlier and realised that I must sound like a right moaner. I do try not to feel sorry for myself but I am struggling at the moment and this site is a good way to get things off my chest. I have a supportive family but as we are all very close they worry about me and I don't want to add to their worry so I do play things down a bit. Thank you all for listening xxx