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    I was watching a YouTube video the other day which was about how to use diet to reduce menopausal symptoms. Essentially it came down to eliminating all refined/processed sugars because the cells become more insulin resistant during the menopause. I think they said quitting sugar helps to control hot flushes.

    If you like holistic therapies, there are aromatherapy oils and techniques that can help the transitional element of the menopause, plus it’s very good for relaxation and taking time out for yourself.


    Your dream of building a camper van sounds excellent. Do you hope to eventually live in it full time or use it for travelling?

    I haven’t seen him make maple syrup yet, I’ll look out for that tomorrow. His videos are great and he seems like such a genuinely kind person.

    I didn’t realise that kind of build was possible in the UK till I read about a guy who bought some land in wales and built a log cabin.

    A discovery of witches on sky 1. Its not on now this minute but I forgot to mention it the other day, its really good. I'd like to buy the books with my birthday money (which won't happen because I'll probably spend it on my girls) they look really good and doubt they'll make all 3 into a TV programme.

    This book series is so good, I’ve read them so many times. I’m looking forward to watching the tv series. I hope you get to treat yourself to the books for your birthday!!

    There is a YouTube channel called My Self Reliance which I’ve been watching for quite a while now. A guy in Canada bought some land and built a log cabin by himself and is now working on some outbuildings. He shows the whole process so it’s really interesting and quite relaxing viewing.

    For history programmes anything by Ken Burns is brilliant.

    I’m giving up chocolate for stoptober as I quit smoking 2 years ago and I haven’t had alcohol since July. So far, giving up chocolate feels harder than quitting smoking.

    Thank you for sharing your experience treestump, I felt quite emotional reading it - did you feel a strong emotional release afterwards?

    My awakening experience happened a few years ago and sounds mundane in comparison. I was in the office (of my old job) early one morning and I was on my own building a bookcase. At one point the sunlight flooded through the window and I just felt this incredible embrace of love, light and energy - with this experience came the strong compulsion to retrain as a healer. It kind of felt like an intervention to make sure I was guided on to the right life path. Since then I’ve retrained as a holistic therapist.

    I’ve noticed that when I try and ignore this life path things tend to go really wrong (mentally & physically) but when I move my focus towards healing/caring for people things seem to work out. I think I’m finally learning to trust in the universe and just go with the flow. As dollybassett said, it can be a bumpy ride getting use to the changes but embracing your light and energy and letting it shine for the world to see is totally awesome. Wishing you much love and light on your journey x

    Rosewood - if you have read a book on quantum physics then you are way ahead of me.

    I should be careful when I write things, I don't waant to put ideas into peoples heads. :shock:The twinned star thing isn't a theory (I don't think), it's just something I made up entwining things I'd heard. Such as popular phrases, you know what I mean don't you? I think they say everybody is a star, or has a star. Every now and then you hear it. And when somebody dies a star appears in the sky . . .

    I see what you mean. I was just having a bit of a brain fart whilst trying to imagine what an event horizon is.

    The Corporation really is an excellent documentary. A lot of what is discussed is quite disturbing but what really stuck with me was the section about people in Bolivia being unable to collect rain water as it was 'owned' by the water company. It's perverse. I've never been able to understand the view point that the Earth is just a commodity to be traded, as if we have another Earth as backup that we can all move too once we've messed this one up.


    It randomly crossed my mind the other week wondering if the whole concept of conspiracy theories was set up by the government. That way anyone who decided to think outside of the box could be quickly branded as a freak. - I'd like to qualify that sentence by saying that I haven't succumbed to wearing foil hats and lead suits. I did watch a documentary a little while ago about people who believe they've had a chip implanted in their brain by the government/military. They said they could hear voices as if they were tuning in to radio frequencies and they thought they were being used as human test subjects for some unknown experiment. They were wearing lead suits to sleep in at night and some were constantly on the move only sleeping in one place for a night or two. It wasn't just one or two people, there were a lot of people from all over the world who thought they were part of a mass conspiracy. They've set up a support network but they were in fear of being killed as one of the founders had recently died.

    Maxal - Yes, I'm going to order Replay as it sounds like a fascinating read.

    I've not heard of the theory that we are all twinned with a star, it's an interesting idea. I find physics fascinating but I barely, if at all, understand it. Having just read up on event horizons I'm still non the wiser. There is a book called The Quantum Enigma by Rosenblum and Kuttner which is probably the most accessible book I've read on quantum physics.

    I guess the twinned stars and event horizon theory would align with the theory that after death our individual atomic structure doesn't break or decay.

    There is a documentary called The Corporation which is very interesting viewing if people haven't seen it already. I like to watch it whenever I need a reminder of how messed up the world of big business is. It talks about the power of corporations including lobbying. It came out in the early 2000's so it might be a bit dated but the whole documentary is available on YouTube for free.

    Maxal - Yes, it's the same book.

    It was recommended by a friend who read the book when it came out in the 70's/80's. He also tried the experiment but I can't remember if it worked for him.

    The same person told me that a few years ago he met someone with whom he felt an instant connection with. They both felt very strongly that they had know each other as young children in a past existence and that fate had drawn them both together so they could make a brief connection in this lifetime. If I remember correctly, I think they believed that one of them may have drowned. Neither felt that their lives were directly connected or intertwined in this lifetime, they viewed it as two old souls getting a chance to meet one last time.

    Oldkeith - That's a really interesting point, if reincarnation does occur than it isn't because of any religious belief system. I'd never really considered that view point before.

    I was having a read about the subject the other day and I was surprised to find that reincarnation was mentioned in the kabbalah and early versions of the bible but it was edited out at some point. I suppose it didn't fit with trying to frighten peasants into obedience with the prospect of eternal damnation.

    I'm sat on the fence with regards to my view point on reincarnation. I do find it fascinating to read about but only the stories where people claim to have lived fairly ordinary lives. As others have said already, there must be a lot of people claiming to have been Elizabeth the First or some other well known monarch. In the book I read there was a story of one person claiming to be a lonely fisherman who felt very isolated and was on a cycle of reincarnation until he found the family he desired and longed for.

    By complete serendipity I was offered a guidance/healing session today, it isn't something I've tried before but as it was free it seemed a good opportunity to try it out. The healer spoke a lot about childhood memories and releasing an energetic weight which was possibly left over from a previous lifetime. It wasn't specific in terms in terms of saying I used to be called Dave and lived in Bridlington. She said that people may come into this life with a burden of energy or threads that are still connecting us to a previous existence that need to be broken.

    If reincarnation is real then I don't necessarily think it relates to fulfilling a specific role or purpose in life. I see of more as a growth or learning cycle.

    Either way, as a thought experiment it's quite interesting.

    I recently read a book called Windows of the Mind - The Christos Experiment which explores the possibility of reincarnation. Individuals are taken through a guided meditation process before experiencing past life regression. I think it's an interesting read even if you don't believe in reincarnation as the individual experiences were fascinating to read about - it wasn't full of people claiming to be Anne Boleyn.

    I was just wondering if anyone on this forum believes in reincarnation or has any thoughts on the subject?

    N.B I haven't tried the experiment properly but I did work through the meditation sequence one night before going to sleep and I had the most bizarre dreams about watching a sacrifice in an ancient stone circle, but that could have just been from eating cheese.

    Maxal - you made a good decision not to watch La La Land, it was as bad as everyone said. I waited till it came onto Netflix and was swayed by the way it was supposed to be a reboot of classic Hollywood - it wasn't.

    Sex and the city is dreadful as well, the second film is possibly the worse film I've ever seen. I don't understand how it even made it as far as production, there must have been so many times when someone could have pointed out that whole thing was a dreadful idea.

    My favourite films tend to be the ones that I come across without having any prior knowledge of them. I watched We're No Angels for the first time last year and thought it was great. The Death of Stalin and Hidden Figures were fantastic films as well.

    Sometimes Netflix has some good documentaries. I just finished watching the Ken Burns documentary series about Vietnam, it was absolutely incredible.

    Working in a coal mine must have been an interesting experience.

    If you're on Facebook and haven't come across it already there is a page called BAJR - UK Archaeology which tends to be the go to page for anyone working or volunteering in archaeology.

    Hi. This sounds really exciting!

    I worked as a field archaeologist for many years. I'd recommend that you get kneel pads or a kneel mat as archaeology can be very hard on the knees. It's always good to have water proofs as well and to do some warm up exercises before you start work. Archaeology is great but it really takes a toll on the body depending on what you're doing. Getting hand cramp from using a trowel is really common when you first start.

    I hope you have a fantastic time and find some lovely stuff!

    Yes, a beautiful life worth living.

    I'm glad you've found something that has had such a positive impact on your life.

    Wizard1luv makes a very interesting point when asking why you would wish to part with a copy of the knowledge book. Would I be wrong to think that you aren't parting with your own copy and instead are looking to 'spread the word' so to speak?

    With sincerity, people on this thread, including myself, are genuinely fascinated and would like to hear more from you - I thought the earlier post by Maxal was lovely.

    Yes, this is the knowledge book i was referring to.

    It is not a faith. It is a way of life.

    The information is already available in the UK from that website and the people involved. ☺

    Hello DeliaB.

    Would you be willing to share some details about the knowledge book and the impact it has had on your life so far?

    When I worked as an archaeologist I excavated hundreds of burials, dating from the Iron through to the late 19th century. Every time I would wonder who that person was, their name and what gods/goddess they hoped to meet at the end of their life. I would always apologise for disturbing their final resting place and if it was a child I'd talk them through what I was doing (in my head) because I didn't want them to be frightened. I appreciate that this makes me sound very odd but it seemed the most respectful way of treating them. My lasting impression was that there is an incredible sense of peace at the end/beginning (depending on your view point).

    I really liked Cricket's point about death "It is simply returning from whence you came" and nothing to be feared.

    I hope we haven't offended DeliaB. In fairness, the pictures could be a potential deal breaker.

    Did anyone else find it slightly creepy that DeliaB talks in the first person until the last sentence when she(?) used 'we'. It felt liked she'd slipped up just at the very end and it left me imagining people with sinister grins lurking in the background.

    Sadly maxal, my rugby playing friend is rapidly approaching middle age so we'd need to find a younger specimen to front the new religion.…ie-to-kolob?lang=eng&_r=1

    I think they were once more spaced out than they are these days. God lives on the planet Kolob.

    Growing up I always thought this hymn was an utter waste of a beautiful Vaughan Williams version of The Star Of The County Down. They did the same with Sibelius, Handel and Mozart.

    Cheers for that, I never realised the Mormons has such exciting origins.

    It looks like the Knowledge Book also go by the name World Brotherhood Union.

    Is that Max Weber - The sociology of religion?

    I can't find much at all about the Knowledge Book besides the main website. I came across one thread where a person was seeking advice on whether or not they'd accidently joined a cult. They were saying that you are banned from yoga, massage and reiki as it interfered with energy frequencies. They also said that once you joined you had to recruit new members and hand out information to a stranger once a week, failure to do so resulted in punishment.

    Was it the Gospel of St. Thomas that was considered Gnostic, and because of this not included as part of the biblical canons. I think it was the one that included 'split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift a stone; you will find me'. I can see why this wouldn't be popular from perspective of the church as it might encourage free thinking.

    I was looking at the Knowledge Book website last night, fascinating reading. The creation of the Knowledge book brought to mind the story of Joseph Smith, though as far as I'm aware, the Mormons are not intergalactic.

    Maxal, your experience with the Jehovah's witnesses was interesting to read. I have an undefined spiritual/pagan leaning but I find other religions quite fascinating. When I was at university we had Mormons visit the halls of residence. They were very friendly but after chatting with us all it became clear they had decided on a single person they wished to recruit. For a couple of months the Mormons would follow my friend around campus and show up to watch rugby matches when he was playing and loiter around the accommodation. I think in the end he had to make it clear that he had no intention of joining.

    The last time I spoke to a Mormon was quite a few years ago when I was living in Oxford. I was happy to chat with them but I had to draw a line at the point they said I had no morality because I didn't believe in their god. To me, it doesn't make sense that morality and kindness are only a by-product of fearing the wrath of a deity.

    Your experience with the scientologists is just quite sinister.

    Perhaps Kool-Aid is the only permitted beverage.

    "...It is an Intergalatic Constitution, carrying the seal 115-685 of the Law of Universal Legislation"

    Is this Scientology? I met an ex scientologist once, he wouldn't really talk about his experiences but he looked a bit haunted the one time it did come up.