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    I was walking home through Bristol city centre a couple of years ago and I could see the person who was walking in front of me secretly taking a picture of the woman walking in front of her on her phone. I should have tapped her on the shoulder and and said I could see what she was doing.

    They sound like a lot of businesses these days.

    We have cctv in the production areas at work, and people have been (rightly) sacked for sabotage.

    This idea of security came up on another thread. Its bad enough getting home from somewhere to find out you have been burgled but would you really want to watch intruders in your home from a couple of hundred miles away where you could potentially do nothing? Unless you have someone you can rely on to go round and give them a kicking your only option us the police, and the intruders are likely to be away before they get your call anywhere near the top of the priority list.

    I think I've spent too long working in fields - it never occurred to me that alot of work places must have cameras all over the place

    There was a series on discovery some time ago called death machines, and another one that i cxant actually remember the name of. Both series covered the various methods and machines that were used for torture, ritual deaths and executions. Interesting viewing - may be worth you checking out.

    The one that stands out as memorable besides the blood eagle (which must have smarted a bit!) was the brazen bull.

    The brazen bull was really grim, I read somewhere that the inventor was the first person to be killed in it. Fast acting karma

    Jordan Peterson was excellent in that interview, but then he always is. From what I've seen of him he successfully confounds people by being very intelligent and always remaining civil in the interviews. There were numerous times in the channel 4 interview where the news presenter misquotes him from earlier on but he remembers exactly what he said.

    It did annoy me that she seemed to talk over his responses quite alot and wasn't really listening. It's reminded me of a quote "most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply"

    Floki is brilliant, he's definitely my favourite character buts as Babs 80 said you do get spoilt for choice. The next episode of season 5 is on tonight. Cracking!

    Hopefully she didn't do anything that cretinous and then publicise it but I suppose you never know. As a vegetarian I'd be upset if someone purposefully hid meat in my food.

    In the article I read it said the chef had prepared a special vegan menu but one of the customers ordered a cheese pizza instead of food from the vegan menu. If the article is to be believed I don't think she did anything wrong besides make a misjudged comment on Facebook. Unless there's more to the story....

    In 2001 I was taken to the Ritz for my 21st birthday by my boyfriend at the time. I've always been a jeans and jumper person but for that occasion it was suggested I wear high heels and a dress. After many drinks I was making my way out of the restaurant area to find the toilets. Just as I was leaving I got a heel stuck on the metal strip which goes across the carpet and as I bent down to get my shoe I flashed my arse to everyone.

    Also in the same year after celebrating a friends 21st birthday I woke up incredibly hungover and still dressed in the clothes from the previous night. I bumped into the birthday boy's mum and had what I thought was a fairly polite conversation as I tried my best not to look still drunk. After 5 minutes or so she wondered off and I thought I'd done really well until I looked down and realised one of breasts had been hanging out of my top for the entire time.

    Thank you, it was a very liberating. I realise now that if I hadn't gone through that experience I wouldn't have broken the cycle of debt and mindless consumerism. I live in the countryside now and I'm learning to grow my own food and make home brew, it's a simple existence but for the first time in my life I feel content.

    Hi, I'm a bit late to the thread. I was in a very similar position to you a few years ago due to being financially irresponsible in my 20's. I ended up with roughly £12,000 debt on credit cards and overdrafts. I looked into taking out a loan to consolidate the debt but when I spoke to the bank they advised that all other lending facilities would not be allowed for at least 6 months. For me this was a huge wake up call as it made me realise the situation was pretty serious. I started reading alot about people who did 'no spend years' and how to follow the snowball method of clearing debt. I started by working out a really strict budget for the month and all other money was filtered into debt repayments. I personally chose to start with the smallest debt first and once that was cleared moved onto the next. I managed to clear all the debts in just over a year by living really frugally and it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I love frugal living now, it turned into a way of life for me. It really is possible to get out of debt, you just need to be really motivated and embrace the experience. Making that last payment and knowing afterwards you'll be debt free is an amazing feeling. Good luck on your journey.

    I work as an archaeologist and alot of the theories and dating I learnt at university (early 2000's) are out of date now. It's a subject that's constantly evolving, though most most of the time when new discoveries are made it results in more questions than answers

    Hi everyone! I've just joined the site as I love reading about alternative and natural lifestyles.

    Love and light x