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    I think you got a laugh face from puke because he can't read well. NPC for sure 😉

    Might sound a daft question but if humans, according to all the unbiased views on here, are not supposed to rely on animal protein to stay alive and grow then why do woman lactate to feed babies or is mothers milk really carrot juice and there's some bigger plan in evolution that people are missing.

    Oh babies hungry again, I know, give him a lettuce, he'll be quiet and grow fat on it..........

    Which goes on to beg the question, how do real vegans feed their babies?

    I couldn't decide if this was serious or not, but I decided I'd answer like it was. Feels weird though.....................

    Women lactate because they are female mammals! All mammals produce milk for their young!

    It's not animal protein, it's food for their young. Human milk is for baby humans, and cows milk is for baby cows!

    It's natural!

    It has nothing to do with being Vegan!

    Real Vegans feed their babies the exact same way as carnists feed their children, just without all the dead tissue.


    I think that the problem is that you can't coerce people into being Vegan. This much I've learned! If a person isn't happy with their food, everything else goes haywire in the life too.

    This is why the Vegan diet doesn't suit them; deep down they want to eat meat, because they don't really care what happens to the animal!

    Laziness plays a big part in it, as does a lack of understanding in the meat industry today.

    I often wonder at people my age, who have children, yet they don't seem to care about their children's future as all their actions are killing their environment! What future is there without a suitable environment?

    I hope I haven't offended you, which seems to be the norm around here!?

    Thats just fucking wrong to say shit like that, its not your air, the air we all breath doesnt belong to anyone but is necessary to every liivng thing including humans. Judging a Human not worthy of breathing air based on their religion or culture is plainly racist. I didnt think displaying such vitriol is a worthy aspect of having an account here.

    It's actually a shame that supposed adults who feel themselves worldy, take such umbrage at a comment that was quite obviously sarcastic, but truthful from my end! How dare I say the wrong thing! How dare I disagree with your views!

    Perhaps you, and the other few lackeys, WOULD be more comfortable if I was to have my account terminated.

    If you wish hard enough, it just might come true. 😉

    I think it's quite sad that you had to start your post by apologising for your legitimate thoughts! You have nothing to fear from speaking your mind AW! There again, thanks to the masochistic leftists, and their donor, and the fact that you're on a 'happy happy' forum, I suppose I understand.

    90% of the 'refugees', do not fit the criteria, and it's sad that no-one cares about that. I do. Even though I have no children to pass into the world.

    I don't know much about Spain, but I can talk for Catalunya, and it's like walking in the middle East, with groups of males standing around doing nothing, and groups of women covered head to toe looking at you like you're a fucking monster!

    There should be no foreign army, especially British, in any country. Get them out. Let them argue themselves! I'm going to stop NOW even though I'm not 5% started!

    AW, all your concerns and worries are legitimate.

    It looks lovely, doesn't it?

    He should 'identify' as a horse who HAS to live in his horsebox!

    If he's British then where are you planning to deport him to? And what about all the rapists and murderers who's ways are also 'incompatible with British society'. Should they be deported as well?

    Just because he was born in Britain doesn't make him British. And I've never believed rapists, murderers and paedophiles should be in jail anyway, so no, they shouldn't be deported, they should be shot.

    I don't think that we can deport brother Anjem because he's a British citizen and even though his ideology might be more at home elsewhere I don't think anywhere would accept him the soap dodging paedophile loving terrorist bomb hugging goat shagging benefit scrounging wanker.

    Hello hooligan.

    It doesn't matter if he's a citizen or not, everything about him is incompatible with British Society. Therefore, he should be deported.

    He'll know perfectly well he's being watched and listened to! I wonder if he's allowed to enter a Mosque? That's when the shit will hit the fan.

    Is the same for most prisoners isn't it...rapists and all sorts get out half way through their sentence as as incentive for behaving themselves while they inside.

    I don't watch the news ..was this Choudary born in the UK or did he move here?

    I don't watch the news either. Just Google him.

    I agree with what you say.

    Do you know that because of all the strict conditions they put on him, the cost to the taxpayer will be 1.5 million a year as opposed to the 50,000 to keep him in jail?

    The best option is to deport him. Less cost.

    Personally I would shoot him, but that won't happen because there are still more troops to land on our shores, and the fighting can't start yet!

    Convicted Isis supporter Anjem Choudary, is scheduled for release from prison on Friday, after serving half of his sentence!!!

    Why? His sentence was 5yrs, not 2.5!

    Apparently, he will be banned from making any public statements after his release from prison, as British authorities seek to stop him from inciting support for terrorism.

    They seek to stop him? After releasing him early? He should be deported!

    British officials believe (they'd better believe!) they have drafted conditions that will stop Choudary from repeating his method of drumming up support for extremism, which enabled him to escape prosecution for years even as his propaganda motivated at least 100 people to pursue terrorism.


    In prison, he was offered counselling to try to change the views that led to his conviction (😂😂😂). It is not known if those efforts were successful (🤐), but his release halfway through his sentence shows that, despite his past pronouncements denouncing western authorities, he observed prison rules.

    WELL, THAT'S OKAY THEN! Everything will be just fine!

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