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    I've had some probs with my wisdom teeth and the gums too, i didn't really try much but ice cubes were good when the pain was really bad and i would smear some toothpaste onto the area too which seemed to help with the infection. also, liquorice is fantastic but be careful not to have too much as it can make your blood pressure rocket upwards :)

    Thanks for the advice guys. It feels such a relief to be assured that this isn't normal, i thought I was just having a hard time accepting his new found faith. Thing is, if he had annouced he was going to be a missionary or something i would have been shocked, but supportive because it is something good and hopefully it would have made him happy. but he just seems more miserable than when he didnt believe in God.

    He actually got into an argument with a guy in the computer room today, he was loudly voicing some opinions and this guy took offence so he got involved. the guy asked him not to say that abortion was evil in such a loud voice because some women in the room may have had abortions, and it would make them feel awful. his response was 'well it should do'.

    anyway, i think im going to go to the uni counselling service and have a chat with them about it, see if they can offer any local support, or just keep an eye on him. thing is, we're graduating extremely soon and i know for a fact he's planning to move home asap as apparently coming here and doing his degree was 'an enoumous mistake'. so im not sure how much good it will do, but i will still try for his sake.

    yeah, the church seems pretty normal, but i have seen him on a lot of different christian websites whilst we've been doing work together at uni. i'm not in contact with any of his family, he lives at uni and his family are in his home town. Considering he isnt inviting them to his graduation ceremony im not sure whether he is even on good enough terms with them to listen to them.

    Hi everyone. this is going to be a bit long and waffly so sorry about that. I've agonised about whether to put this in the religion section as it seems like i am criticising a lot of christianity here, but this is rather a more personal experience rather than a blanket sterotype thing. I hope I don't offend anyone, i would just like to get this off my chest and accept any advice...

    I have a friend at uni who I get on really well with. he was, until last year, a rather flamboyant extremely libral and cheerful dude, who also happens to be gay. He unfortunately had a lot of stuff happening to him in one go - like his family falling out, and his boyfriend moving back to his home country. he started acting a little peculiar just the summer break last year a few times when I’d meet him for a chat, saying over and over again how he wished he could be a good person and find god.

    Anyway, I come back from holiday to start the next term and I have found him... very different. He's apparently become a Christian. Now, I will say, although I'm an athiest I know a lot of very nice Christians, and I think that some good things come out of Christian teachings, despite me not personally believing in them. However, his version of Christianity is like nothing I've ever experienced before.

    He's gone ultra conservative and his views on all sorts of things have all taken a turn towards the extreme right wing. He now believes homosexuality is a sin and an illness, and he would like to be 'cured' of his disease and marry and have children who are christian. He says a lot of his opinions in a very loud voice in public around a lot of people who are clearly shocked, and i must admit im rather embarrassed about it when i am around (he's also developed a lot of, frankly, racist and sexist views too).

    I've been challenging his ideas about it, and whilst it started off as interesting, light hearted debate its gotten rather more personal and nasty now. He's been saying he's been cutting his friends loose from his home town who didnt agree with his views and i cant help wonder when im next.

    I would really, absolutely, more than anything, love to have my old friend back. I don’t mind that he wants to be christian, but I do mind that the change has been so radical and fast, and that he seems to be dabbling with the more extreme ends of view. He attends a church in his area, but it’s a very normal one, I think instead he is getting all of this stuff from the internet. i think he's turned to this as a coping mechanism to help him through bad stuff, and I would love to help him out but I don’t really know how to make it better. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

    thanks everyone :) all i have to do now is get the entry grade at the end of the year so they'll admit me! They want a 2.1. I have an exam tomorrow :eek: its much more scary now because i have something to lose now...

    I don't have a picture of it at the mo but I fry some pieces of salmon in a little oil, and right at the end I pour in a little bit of a sauce i make which has:
    soy sauce
    about an inch of finely grated ginger
    about a teaspoon of sugar
    and a squeeze of lemon juice
    i don't know about measurements, but i just make enough for about a third of a mug (yeah, i make it in a mug :whistle:)

    and you sizzle the fish in it until the sauce caramelises all over the fish. i serve it with plain rice and green veg and my family love it. its a bastardised recipe for Japanese mackerel, but i dont like markerel.

    thanks guys :) ill make sure i eat before i go in, i usually use interviews as an excuse to stuff myself with crap for the 'energy' :p

    I'm also pretty chuffed I got some invites for interviews (just in case you thought i was all doom and gloom), but mostly cacking myself!

    Hey there, I haven't posted in a long while due to a lot of things, but I have been skulking occaisionally and keeping up to date :angel:

    Part of the reason ive been so absent on here is because im in my final year of uni now and i have impending exams of doom next week and also a couple of interviews for PhDs including

    which im not quite sure how I've landed, I'm really rather hopelessly underqualified and stressed and not posh enough to even go to the interview. I've no idea how to manage preparing for these (i have another couple at different unis lined up as well) and pass the exams...

    anyway... i just wanted to get that off my chest really. if anyone has any tips on how to do interviews without collapsing in a nervous jelly wreck id be really grateful.


    Ugh, i take beta blockers for these because theyre so bad. those jelly strip things that you stick on your head for fever are bliss, i actually stick them over my eyes too even though youre not supposed to. just don't open them because it has menthol!

    oh, poor Steve :( i used to love reading about all his exploits. RIP hope you're happy in guinea pig heaven xx

    you should go to coventry if you like cathedrals, they have 2...

    i love the old cathedral, it even has little bits of stained glass still attached to the blown out windows.
    i dont love the new one quite so much... it has a feel of 'school hall' about it, its all big and draughty and doesnt look much like a cathedral... but it has some beautiful windows and artwork.
    if youre into photography, the contrast between the two is nice.

    im so glad he's getting better hun :)
    someone i knew got hepatitis A at uni (its the one you can get simply from badly cooked food as well as all the other ways) and he was quite poorly but he got better afterwards and was fine. He might find himself getting more run down when he has other illnesses but otherwise he should be fine.

    hehee, i wasnt getting on with my small mooncup so i got a large lunette (the Finns apparently recommend the bigger one for over 20's rather than over 30's like here, and im practically 20 so i figured it couldnt hurt to try, so to speak :p) and it worked much better... until i lost it :( i have no idea where its gone and am now back to using the smaller one... ah well.

    paint the side of the bath white and then paint some kind of mural on it. if painting not your thing then maybe ike and maya's handprints in funky colours?
    id probably go for oranges, purples or soft yellows. White in bathrooms looks quite clinical and its difficult to make it look warm. id also get some funky window transfers to stick on the window.
    put a storage thingy under the sink and maybe get one of those plastic corner shelf units that go in the bath? you can put loads of stuff on them.

    im wondering if something like ethanol, or turps would get the transfers off?

    i chose the most horrendous glasses ever when i first needed them... they were shiney, thick framed, round silver ones... SO bad :insane: but there are millions of different styles now and some of them look amazing.

    wearing glasses helps headaches and wrinkles from squinting! :pp and they make you look super intelligent in interviews. if you have astigmatism the glasses will help with distortion in a way that contacts can't.

    i could wear contacts, but to be honest, i love my glasses :) my face doesnt look right without them now.

    ooh! *edit* i have a petite face too and i usually get my glasses from the 'young styles' range for teenagers instead of the ladies range. theyre usually a bit cheaper too.

    ive had an umbilical hernia since i was born and i still havent got round to having it operated on. as long as it isnt causing any problems it should be pretty harmless. untreated hernias usually have to be treated after pregnancy though, if thats an issue. i can imagine having a hernia operation straight after having a baby is horrible (my mum had to have this done and said it was pretty awful).

    i find smilies useful because i dont like my 'voice' that comes through in my posts... i really envy people who have a friendly natural style because (i think, anyway) mine comes out all wrong. i always sound... whiney, i think :o so a few of those

    i like to write down whats making me anxious on some paper, writing down the worst case scenario and then writing down what will probably happen in reality or how i would fix it. then i distract myself (watching a film, playing a game etc) and come back to it later when my brain has had some downtime and the worst case scenario usually looks rediculous and i feel i can face it much better.

    to vaccinate or not to vaccinate

    In fact right up until Thatchers 80s, measles, mumps and everything else were very much considered to be an active and necessary part of a child upbringing, it often made a sickly child much more healthy.

    measles and mumps are often used as examples of childhood rights of passage. usually you were sick for a couple of weeks and mum would look after you and usually you wouldnt have any complications.

    but what about polio? menengitis? diptheria? tetanus?
    i wouldnt consider those childhood rights of passage. id consider those as very serious diseases, but people seem to think the vaccinations for them are inconveniences that only protect from a few sniffles. some of these diseases just aren't comparable to the mumps.

    Complications were very very rare and if the same amount of technology had of gone into working on how to aviod them, as went into developing ways of removing cells from aborted fetal matter, we would probably find no problems preventing serious complications and death from this illness.

    quite often prevention is better than cure. there are various treatments for stuff (eg meningitis) once you get it but usually its a race against the clock to treat. by the time the patient has been discovered, taken in to hospital and diagnosed, lasting damage can happen. thats when you get things like amputations happening. its far better, from the medical point of view, to try to prevent it in the first place.