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    I prefer quality over quantity, weather it's new or second hand doesn't matter as long as it meets my requirements of being well made.
    For instance I would never buy a new car, a mid range car that costs 10k just doesn't add up I would much prefer to own a 7 year old car that was 50k new for the same price.
    Clothing I limit to a small selection of well made products, items that fit well and are made to last/ preform their job well for many years. For instance a quality winter jacket bought in the summer sale for half price lasted 10 years before it started leaking and I never waterproofed it once in all those years.
    I have a little motto that is almost always true.

    Buy cheap, buy twice.

    I have emails with the cats I had to them that they agree that how I got banned is bs but they can not do anything about it. I said I would never use eBay again to sell anything, and I would tell everyone not to use it ad they screw you over big time. Much better to use Facebook or Gumtree (also. An eBay site) and sell for free

    Yup eBay is a total joke for sellers. If your a buyer the your covered regardless. I vowed never to sell on there again as they treated me like shit last month. ( eBay also agreed to that what I did wasn't against their rules and but they banned me anyways)

    Depends on what you use your laptop for, if it's for searching the Internet and the very odd word document have you thought of a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard? Also there is plenty of 2 in 1 / hybrid laptops on the market.

    Awesome, I would look for a decent last years / last season /end of the line laptop rather than a budget laptop. You will find better deals that way made with better parts and better quality control.

    PayPal should refund you the cost of of it. I wouldn't stand for anything over a week of them receiving the laptop back. They should acknowledge the return and give you what you wanted pretty quickly.
    PayPal are very good at returning money if all requirements have been met and I'm pretty sure you have a strong case between the email or code from zoostorm, the returned tracked package and whatever laptops direct have said plus the laws on buying online. PayPal will side with you and give you your money back

    Once despatched, if you have ordered the wrong item by mistake, we also allow you 14 days from the day following your delivery to let us know if you want to return your product(s) so long as they are unused. (Excludes business customers.)
    Please note: You are responsible for the cost of returning unwanted/cancelled items to us, and for the value of the goods if they are diminished as a result of your handling whilst with you or in the return transit to us.

    This is taken from their own returns policy. Zoostorm have already given you the go - ahead to return it. And as said in a previous post you can return it to them.
    If you are returning it personally I would use a courier like my hermes. These are cheap, offer better insurance than Royal mail and are very fast. Yes you will be returning it at your own cost but I'm sure the lesson will be learned.
    I think I would sack off the phone call andi would ring them telling them that the service is unacceptable, broken items should not be sent out and you have changed your mind about the laptop . You will be returning the item along with whatever code / email Zoostorm have gave you. And expecting a full refund. Yes it states in their policy unused however how do you test for broken pixels without using the product?

    How many pixels are not working? Have you tried fixing them yourself as they might just be stuck. If it's an LCD screen there is ways to fix it. Have a Google at stuck LCD fix, there is a method you may want to try

    I've been at it for almost 2.5 years, I've made alot of money. But this is no life to lead so I would certainly say that jobs are bad for your health. I probably won't have any time off after this job (contract) I'm hoping to line up another similar job. Pay off all my debts including the mortgage and live debt free, buy a van and dissappear knowing I have an income from the mortgage free home I will have...
    That's the plan but I'm about half way through it and I'm very much drained.

    Work is good for one's self-esteem, I'm not sure about jobs.
    Work is to achieve a end result where as a job is a task in exchange for money.
    I'm in a job at the moment and my mental health is completely pickled

    They must give you a refund if you want one, by law. If bought over the Internet you get a 14 day cooling off period, even if there is nothing wrong with the item you can still return it. 14 days is the minimum cooling off period but under certain conditions it can be up to a year

    How long have you had the laptop? By law they must allow 14 days weather you want the product or not. As you can not see the item till it arrives. So regardless to what they tell you they must give you a refund if you request one. PayPal is pretty easy, you can open a case saying that you have returned the product (give a tracking number) and there will be a case opened, follow it through and you will get your money back

    I wouldn't consider myself a hippy in any way... Not like a 60's stereotypical hippy. I'd say the most hippy thing I do was attend on a daily basis now. (probably something I should have done many years ago)
    I do love quirky unique products and items. I dress to be warm and comfortable. Living up north requires fleeces and waterproofs for 3/4 seasons. And my taste of music is rather too far away from the expected genre. I'm in and have been in a deep dark drum and bass worm hole for the past 13 years.
    But what is a hippy is there a definition of what one is?

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    If it was me the I would look at buying a £2-300 laptop. Probably go for a macbook around 2010-12. These will keep their value and are great for both running mac and windows (yes you can dual boot them and apple freely let you) there is a guy in here that can help you with computer problems /repairs. Beyondthevan he has experience in both if you had any issues with either platform.
    My old macbook was bought new in 2009 and I only bought a new one last year. After 7 years of ownership the laptop cost me less than 500 quid in depreciation. I only changed it as I had the money to upgrade. There was nothing wrong with the machine or I would still have it now. The only thing that went was the battery, that was fixed with a YouTube video, poundland screwdrivers and a Chinese battery off eBay. I think you will find better specced older laptops will last far longer than new budget ones

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    What about having a section where you can watch video advertising. You know the sort that you see on youtube or in free mobile phone games. I don't know how much traffic you get through the website per year or month but lets take your known figures there is 18k members if each one watched 1 video per year at the minimum rate of $0.03 then a revenue generated would be $540. I'm sure there is plenty of members that probably wouldn't mind taking 30 seconds out of their day to watch 1 video through to the end. You wouldn't have to watch it, just put it down and walk away.
    When you log on to the website its mandatory (unable to skip) 1 video every time you come to the home page .... or something down those lines.
    If people feel how mrsP does then this could be a viable way forward.

    I would like to know if the website is still financially ok or if it is back in arrears? I do really want to help im just wondering what the best way to do it is.