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    I feel pretty much the same - but I have the additional problem of not liking much hippy stuff either, so it's practically impossible to find anyone at all like me.

    I'm just an alien - but I've talked to a few other people who say they feel alien, and not yet met one from the same planet as me :whistling:

    Yes... I so know what you mean! Maybe we're out of our time?

    Thank you. so true about that. I never retreated yet; always keep going out even so. There is a pub near me that does bands from time to time, I cling to the bar and the landlord watches out for me, which is nice.

    I do live in the wrong town though... bit backward and everyone keeps to themselves so I guess that doesn't help. Stuck here for now, have parent to look after... and no money for a way out yet but Im asking the Universe for a suitable opportunity.. and open to it. :)

    I like being single. It's friends I need. Changing for others is a crime. I agree

    Yes,I think if there were no vans etc id be living in a horse drawn bow top or a shack in the woods or back on a boat.

    I'm just different, don't do people as they're mostly sheep but Dovedale was good. I'm past sleeping out as I like a bit of comfort nowadays. I'm on a snr dating site but cringe at most my age looking for a man. My horsebox conversion would just freak them out when it's done and my dogs would put them off.

    I see myself as an outsider but unless an unusual lady comes along will stay alone and accept my lot in peace. Just Karmic.

    I know what you mean about dogs. Im vegan, for the animals but couldn't have animals around me all the time; allergies, ocd, and its' a big responsibility... Had the potential of meeting a guy once, we clicked but his dogs were too much. Having my hands and face licked and jumping up on the bed made me cringe... And that was just him!! ;) lol (just kidding)

    I do cherish my uniqueness, wouldn't and couldn't be any other way. :) Im a happy person, but have no one to share things with.

    Just get so lonely at times. It isnt quite the same chatting online, though it is something I'm glad of at least

    Same here, I have always felt like an outsider or a 'fringe dweller'. I'm good with people, I get on with workmates and that but am never into the 'normal things' that they are into. I don't really watch telly I prefer to choose my own programs on you tube and such, so don't have much to say when asked about "did you see celebrity such and such" or whatever.

    I think the issue is that I don't tend to follow people I tend to do my own thing instead, even if it means doing it on my own.

    Yeah I don't have a tv so I get that! It is such a shame we all have to be so spread out and can't all live in the same town!

    i do tend to feel like this - sorta.

    I do have friends, but apart from when I meet up with folk at Dovedale, I often feel like the token weirdo. And there is nobody nearby i can pop in on just for a cuppa or natter. Ah well, perhaps my purpose in life is to make others feel normal.

    One of these days I'll heal my adrenals and be able to keep warm enough to go camping again. ~And get a lift too. Here's hoping

    I sort of feel the same,although I'm married.When I lived in Australia,I moved to a small country town.I did'nt know what to expect in the way of making friends,but the first day I dropped my daughters at their new school,a lady approached me to introduce herself.I was dressed as a way out type hippy back then,and she looked the same!Anyway we hit it off,and through my new friend,she introduced me to the rest of "the tribe"which mainly consisted of people like myself.I can't tell you how happy I was,it felt like the most comforting,warm,friendly place to be,where I felt truly accepted.We did alot of community things together,held womens only circles,crafted together,had meals etc.Unfortunately it came to an abrupt end when I ended my marriage and moved over to the UK.The UK has been really good to me actually,but not friend wise.Partly due to us moving around alot,although we have (sort of)settled where we are,but in the 4 years of being in this town,only met one good friend,who has now relocated back to her home county.I just find alternative people tend to keep to themselves here for whatever reason.Maybe times are just different,I really don't know.I don't mind my own company either,but it would be nice to have a cuppa with a few like minded mates.Maybe we should move to Glastonbury!^^

    Must have been so hard to leave Australia, having a tribe like that. I do think it's the age we live in; maybe we need another true hippie revival. I mean where you can make friends easily because people are up for that. San francisco in the late sixties... but with todays' music available. Ahhh :)

    Ive spent my whole life being an outsider, never fitting with any people or groups. I joined and tried so many meetup groups, all sorts of different topic areas including simple coffee and chat, or drink meets. I don't fit with any of them.

    Maybe I should start a group for those out there who feel the same. Maybe you feel out of your time, on the wrong planet, or just too different that people don't want to become friends with you. People seem to like me, but only at arms length. And as for finding a partner... even worse.

    I love my own company but it is no fun spending all your life without a single person on your wavelength... Who feels the same?

    Good to see a pro vegan video. Good job there were subtitles though... or I would'nt have a clue what he was saying! lol Sure would like to see a metal/rock vegan video... :)

    Hi everyone

    I got tinnitus (and hyperacusis) as a result of long term Prozac. There are studies showing the link between seretonin and tinnitus: it seems that when you chemically/unnaturally alter the seretonin balance it creates issues. Shouldn't surprise me but it does.

    That's precisely why the book 'The Gods of Eden' makes sense to me. A half decent theory explaining why there are ancient remains of civilisations: modern man is possibly just the most recent creation by those same beings; the last attempts didn't quite go to plan so they were wiped out. I like this theory, so far fits well to me.

    Good thread, very interesting points of view. :)

    I read an article in the Sunday Sport (ages ago, so some details might be wrong). A woman with a bad headache went to bed early to recover for work the next day. Before turning off the light, she leant over to get an aspirin from the bottle. When she unscrewed the top, a small white disc flew into her mouth!

    Apparently it was a UFO that had crashed into a batch of aspirins and then been trapped in the pill bottle - only to be swallowed, on its release, by a woman with a headache.

    LOL :D

    I believe in aliens, always did. I believe there are benevolent ones and also those who rule this world, and not exactly our 'friends'. Anyone read 'the Gods of Eden' by William Bramley?

    It's taking the ancient astronaut theory and suggesting that advanced beings have modified humans for their own selfish ends, to use us as slaves. Very interesting read, only a couple of quid on Amazon. Not a nice thing to believe, but I currently give this theory a lot of thought as it does seem to fit. Always flexible to ideas though.

    Hi Maxal, great reply. And Donald Trump... lol yes definitely not! :)

    When I had dreads I got asked for weed a lot, and they'd look at me in disbelief when I'd say I don't smoke. The sheep out there make so many assumptions if you are non conventional. Everyone to themselves in my book. I see myself non mainstream and individual, and awake in a world full of zombies lol.

    Yes snoopy lies on his roof looking at the sky, I always felt that free spirit vibe from him :)

    HI everyone,

    I was wondering if I am actually a hippie/hippy. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what makes you call yourself one, and how you determine who is and who isn't.
    For example, take me for instance:

    I am a middle aged female with naturally long grey hair and do not dress in 'fashion', I just wear what I love; I am non conformist ,anti government/nwo/and a conspiracy believer; I am vegan; clean living; creative; always burn incense and my home is very ethnic/ecclectic; I don't watch tv or read newspapers and magazines other than Nexus or online alternative news sites; I did have dreadlocks for years (but had to take them out after a nasty bout of psoriasis and hairloss); live on spicy food and listen to a wide range of music but never pop.

    On the other hand, I have never smoked weed or done lsd; and I dislike sixties music. lol
    I don't have any close friends because everyone thinks Im too eccentric... and it bugs me that I can't make any friendships. Ive resigned myself to a life of mostly hermitdom, but miss partying and enjoying happy times with buddies.

    Would you class me as a hippy?? And tell me about yourself... what makes you fit the title? :)

    I would be happy to give a small regular subscription, but only a tiny one as Im broke. I have not made any real life friends through Uk Hippy, despite posting to meet up. Maybe it is Manchester, but just not getting anywhere. I don't want any more forum 'friends' I want to meet people in real life... I can't get anyone to meet me in Manchester.

    Well no pressure there then! Frankly Ive been lonely as hell for years, surrounded by sheeple and so tired of mindless conversation. When they realise Im not mainstream they think Im weird and walk away. Ever since joining Uk Hippy Ive tried to arrange meetups in stockport and manchester but no one has ever been able to so far. Its just this side of the UK... If I were well enough to drive I'd soon find kindred spirits!

    Feeling very disillusioned; it's like Im the only one with the sunglasses (think the movie 'they live') ;)

    Im not well enough to do camps anymore to meet them when they come out from their hiding places, Most of the folk on my wavelength don't socialise in 'normal' places.... and thought I'd make real life friends here.... sadly for me its an online thing.

    Did keep in touch with one lady though, and another did chat to me which was nice. However we're too far away from each other and can't afford the transport for the trek to make it a real life regular friendship. I so hate living in this town, and can't move.

    Thought about starting a meetup group, but Im worried about nutcases. What to do...

    Lots of interesting posts there. Food for thought. I managed to end up with loads of stuff and despite regularly donating loads of things I still had way too much. I kept everything I actually use and need, but still rammed...

    The decluttering is fab, I did everything I put in my list; but craft materials take up sooo much of the space. I have many hobbies and have materials for all of them. I am trying to finish off projects so I can downsize this too. Also I hope to move in the near future and Ive kept all my decorating materials, inc steamer and tools; and big strong boxes. So I guess once that's gone the storage cupboard will be a lot emptier. :)
    Can't camp anymore ( fibromyalgia and can't keep warm) so I'll be getting rid of my tents and sleeping bags... once I know some good home for them to go to. Anyone interested in these, Im in Manchester. Give me a shout.

    I just woke up one day and realised that the reason I hung onto most of my stuff is because i was too insecure and weak to purge it all. I felt like throwing it away was stripping my identity away... and spent over a decade wishing I could just 'go for it' and purge but only ever thinned things out a bit here and there. My advice is ( a bit drastic for most people but here it is anyway ): With the exception of white goods and (basic) furniture, imagine you can only hire a transit van to move. Everything except the furniture and white goods goes seperately; if it won't fit in a small transit van you can't take it. That's where Im at right now, purging like Im going to live abroad.
    How many pans, bowls, plates, cutlery do you need? I use one of each and two spares in case I get visitors.

    Bedding: two sets ( and a spare if you have people staying over )

    Craft projects: only what I have for exact projects, donate all spares and unused bits. If you haven't used it in two years give it away.

    Toiletries: imagine you are travelling, one of each and only those you actually need. Dont stockpile. Same with makeup if you use it

    CD's: transfer them to digital, or play them on you tube. Only keep a cd if you cant find it to play online, or dont like ipods

    Clothes: basic wardrobe and a few fave pieces. I have two pairs of shoes, one for summer one for winter. But if you have a life (unlike me lol) then also a nice pair for going out that goes with everything.

    Camping: I cant camp anymore, fibromyalgia too bad for tents and travelling so I got rid :( Hard to do but did it.
    If you do still camp, keep the basics.

    Books: Keep your cherished faves, even if that means hundreds of em. If you don't use it, donate it.

    Dvds: Only keep them if you will definitely watch them again. If you have loads of them, I put the cds into slimline cases/a wallet to save space.

    Food pantry: Don't stockpile. Buy as you need, or maybe one spare in the cupboard.

    Ornaments/sentimental stuff: Keep absolute faves that always make you smile when you look at them. The rest can be photographed. They say looking at a photo of an item evokes the same happy memories as the real thing... without the clutter.

    If you get technical about it, you are using precious energy and time and probably create unnecessary stress. If you are finding it really painful or difficult to clear out then there is emotional attachment to the stuff... I asked myself why Im hanging on to it, I mean REALLY why. Truth is when I was honest with myself I realised I felt naked and afraid without it all. I think its the perfect time to re build power and find our identity.

    Hope I didnt go on... and that it helps at all?

    Hi etherea, that's why I posted the links so that anyone can decide for themselves. It is a delicate subject I've found... very controversial and not winning me any friends. Just thought it good to share in case anyone is interested. Im vegan for the animals myself too, but have health issues that may be being worsened by these products. Im going all natural and giving it a whirl to see.

    Hi Paul, the article explains about how some of these turn to free glutamine which acts the same way on the brain as MSG. Not to be confused with glutamate, which is natural. This stuff is Just as bad for you. I would truly love to eat soy... it would be a LOT easier lol.
    I do want to carry on eating my tofu lasagne.... Guess its hard to know for certain if it is all true. Im still open to learning. If anyone knows better I'm listening :)

    I know there was a post already some time ago about this, but I was not allowed to bump the thread so Im posting here. Ive been veggi for a very long time but finally took the plunge to go vegan recently. As someone who does not want MSG it is a nightmare trying to find foods!!

    I wanted a vegan gravy, I loooove gravy, so I have gone all over the place looking for some. It seems that every single one contains hidden msg. Worse still are the ones who put "NO ADDED MSG" on the front! How evil are they?

    So... for those of you who are still unaware I'm going to spread my thorough research findings with you all. There are links below to the full articles, but I'll list a few SNEAKY other names for MSG below.

    Other names for MSG include:

    Yeast extract
    autolysed yeast
    soy, or soy sauce
    glutamate inc calcium glutamate, magnesium glutamate etc
    textured protein
    whey protein
    calcium caseinate
    sodium caseinate
    yeast nutrient

    That's just for starters. Please take the time to look into this if you are serious about removing this neuro toxin from your diet. It is serious stuff... and in just about everything. My advice is - cook everything yourself. :( Yes I know...

    I hope this helps someone.

    Much love...
    Rainbow :hippy:

    Hi MaggiMcgill

    Sorry you're having the same trouble with homeswappers. I agree... I see some awful stuff on there!

    Makes me laugh out loud at some of the photo's... they don't even bother to tidy up first! LOL

    You either get dark, blurry, upside down shots of the loo; a snapshot of the bed (usually unmade); and a grubby, messy kitchen... he he. It shows you the mentality of the swappers... When I see one that has clearly been kept tidy and loved it's usually asking for really great areas or houses. No one wants this poo hole... LOL. It may be tidy and looked after but so far no one wants to live here. Keep up trying though, you never know.