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    Off grid from the UK sure, just disappear abroad. Europe would be great until the UK leaves. Within the UK a little harder as the secret cameras will get you. Survive with no money, bin surfing. Land foraging. Etc. Fishing. Tent and no transport unless its a pushbike. Could be done. Life would be hard, but free.

    Yeh sure, they are a good 100 quid cheaper to buy on China’s mainland compared to the UK. I am looking to build a hybrid system for my needs. Solar and wind. 400w wind and 200w solar off grid mobile setup. Solar panels are just as expensive here tho. So buy them back in Blighty. Take a chance whilst here. 👍

    Wow! Well I dis not expect that Paul. I am so glad you decided to open the hippy gates again. We/I missed this forum. Some good news from out of the mire of sadness in this bad world!

    Me! In China again working, Back to Blighty next spring.


    Any guys or gals on Ham radio? Monitor 145.500FM Call M6AKV Currently in Cornwall. Often whizz scan on 446 PMR if you are not a Ham.

    Great News, Their loss, your freedom. Good on you, and remember you`re the boss, not the employer, who is making a shed load of cash off from your back. Companies that treat you like crap, should be named and shamed.

    I work with another US teacher that has a sports degree. Yup, any degree with some type of TEFL cert. China has changed it requirements this year to a points system for entry working as a teacher making it a little bit harder to get into China. In Vietnam you can teach in some training schools with out a degree also. The UK teaching degree is really not needed as the holly grail. Any degree also needs to be notarised now, with transcripts. As to salary the big cities are obviously the best choice. 18000Rmb+ (£1500) a month. More in International Higher education establishments. The average is about £1200 a month. Deposable income is hell of a lot higher in Asia than blighty.. I live well on 3000rmb living costs a month, and my employer pays the rent, gas and electric. I work around 25 hours a week in a private training school. No Council tax, no TV licence, no over priced food, life is great and great weather too. The employer requires that you are from a native English speaking country. Anywhere from the British Isles is OK. As long as you can speak clearly, and with a minimal accent. Slang is too confusing. Its a good life when you find a great gig.

    I teach in China currently, been here in central Hunan province for the last 2 years. About to come back to blighty in September. If you have a degree is any subject and a TEFL you can earn a good wage in the big cities. I went to Vietnam last year for a month teaching, which I loved as the students respect teachers a lot more than Chinese students. I decided to return to the UK as it is getting a bit hot regarding N.Korea. Teaching is fun, but you are teaching basic English to many students. Phonics is king here.

    Have you seen the prices of camping stoves, I mean the wood burning ones. Man with a welder, some washing machine steel and a workshop could make a few quid. Design it build it and sell.. Just an idea..

    Hello Geofw , Although you are in the next province, the distance is huge. Bit far by bike. You have been here longer than me. First came to Shanghai on holiday, then a friend asked if I like to work here. Been here since 2014. I know what you mean about chatting in native English than robot English. I live in a large city and I only know 3 other native English speakers. Only met two other British peeps since 2014 here.

    I wonder if you speak Mandarin, I would guess you can speak survival Chinese. Can on only speak very basic Chinese my self, get by OK in shops.

    Planning to leave China in the Autumn, move on to pastures new. Back to the UK first, then on to Spain for the winter months. Just living out from a Van and travelling. Parking up next to the sea and an empty beach, sleeping under the stars somewhere in the south. I have noticed where ever you are in China, where ever you go, could be on some mountain, some old Chinese guy pops up and say Ni hao as he walks by.

    Anyway sure keep in touch.

    It is great to know that your are also around here too near me, so don't feel to alone.

    Hi, I wonder if we are neighbours!.. although your not as far from me. I live in Hunan province, Changde. We are so similar, been here since 2014 teaching. Like you my heart is not here in China, but what a country ehhh...

    Currently working as a Teacher in China, private school, age ranges from 3 years to 18 years. It is good fun, but hard work. Before this NHS foundation trust community centre support.

    penny4.JPG This bear was made by me, and sold to an American, back in my previous life I buillt many. A few years ago I learnt the art of making hand made mohair bears. When I get back to travelling, Love to be more creative. I was thinking of making flowers out of discarded plastics. Then plant them around desolate places. Or jus sell them on the road side.

    The bears takes a good couple of days to make, with the right materials, but using old clothes would be a more cost effective way of producing them. Love being creative!... especially with discarded items..

    I have seen some weird and wonderful stuff over the years. One of the most scary was watching two large lit orbs a few feet off the ground whizzing around a big empty field near Helman Tor in Cornwall. It was the speed these things were going, with no noise and circling each other. Driving through the lanes Bodmin Moor in Cornwall mid summer, very late at night, a Huge black cat jumped in front of me, then jumped over a hedge. I thought it was a dog at first, then I saw the size of that tail.

    As to ghosts, as a kid, used to play with mates in ruins of a monastery. Hide and seek sort of things. I saw a monk standing at the end of an old footpath, then disappear into the wall.

    Heard a dong` hanging out in park opposite of a huge bell tower, Bodmin Jail. Haunted as heck.. That bell was taken to a museum many decade before.

    So much, I have seen, and probably thought nothing of it. Creepy stuff like burnt upside down cross shapes at Luxulyan Vally, Cornwall.

    TA guys, I was thinking of the rutland. Yup on a pole away from the van, Only really going to be used for times of low sun power tbh. 3 blade type... I wana connect a CB radio also, remember them from eons ago?