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    So you're looking for a thief with the same taste in music n food as you? Could be an interesting meet up if ya ever find them....[emoji23]

    Life sure is strange - anything is possible if you dare go with the flow...............big ask, but the rewards can be life changing........mightn't always be immediately obvious either.....

    I prayed to the goddess Kali to sort me life since then has been utter madness looking from the outside............but I feel bigger wheels are turning and healing is going on under the cloak of destruction and loss.................I have given up comfort, material security, a deep rut, a kind of comfortable numbness - and found ecstacy, mayhem, mega confusion, love, hope, potential, joy, bliss, despair, guilt, loss of shame, is turning.......Bigbear67 - been waiting for you all my life fucking glorious nutter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx onwards and upwards and outwards and "fuck 'em all"....

    Pretty lousy, Pharmacology lecturer sprung a maths tutorial on us - it was supposed to be a lecture on multiple dose kinetics. So pissed off and crappily stuck while the bright young things scribbled away I went to walk out before I started to cry, I realise that sounds pathetic but I had no idea what to do, I'm crap at the maths. I could remember the equations but I couldn't see how you got the numbers to put in them. But the lecturer me and explained it all at his desk at the front. Now they all know I'm freaking useless. Now I have a headache too.

    Aw Daisysmum - I so sympathise.....over the past years I have had this kind of crap pulled on me so many times - and it fucking feel completely undermined as a human being, like all the stuff you do know is completely irrelevant and the stuff you're not even "into" is made top priority.

    Don't let the bastards grind you down. If you weren't given the necessary tuts for the maths and your clever arsed "lecturer" expected you to fulfil without any prep - then that is his shortcoming, NOT YOURS.

    Outrageously bad form on his part - what a careless, insensitive bastard...........fuck em all......Daisysmum, you're worth 10 of every one of them - nil desperandum. Think of all the stuff you know that none of them have even registered on their young clean hardly tested little radars babe...........chin up and keep going..........big hugs :huglove: xxxxxxxxx


    Yep, pretty flipping amazing ! what'd we do to deserve this.......just made in heaven.......Big Bear got my number now :hippy:such a big heart groovy guy - from my neck of the woods, my way of thinking, just so feeling like I've come home - was looking a bit wayward for a bit - but UKH n buddies saved my ass - am so happy, what a dude - everything I could have wished for :huglove:xxx

    Annoyed, idiot pen-pushers demanding every form of ID and proof of address going so I can start a new job, I have given them so much stuff. I was born in the UK, lived here all my life, paid taxes and yet I have to jump through hoops to prove it, in order to please some stupid moronic pen pusher. :wall:

    Deepest sympathies Rhythm - if you're out of work or ill - it's a fucking fulltime job fending off all the sodding bureaucracy - paperless office - you gotta be joking - stay calm babe, play them at their own stupid ass game - I'd like to tie the fuckers in knots and leave them in the middle of no'where with no damned map, no water, no light and no food or power - see how they stitch that.

    Nil desperandum :hippy::huglove:xxx

    RH - you are a fucking diamond woman ! could go on, but you said it all fought the power, fight the power and I think you're just wonder fuel :hippy::huglove:xxx

    . . . the Barbie face is just pure imagination, but I thought it was such a wonderful idea I had to get it down.

    Yes, Verty synchronicities can be weird. They seem to happen all in a group or nothing at all. Like you go thru magical patches of time. I hope everything is alright and your benevolent spider is strong. ;)

    Yep, good n strong thanks dude - at last, something I can hang on to with some confidence.

    You are a very literary person - I love excellent conversation, conceptual ideas, magic realism yadda yadda - but you sure do need anchors down if you're vulnerable. Love yur posts man :hippy:xxx

    . . . weird coincidence during a pleasant walk in the park . . .

    Little fifi poodle does her business in the park. The owner stoops to pick and bag it. When she picks it up she notices that underneath fifi's poop is a tiny besmeared face. Surely that would spook?

    NUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUNU !!!!!!!!! I must be reading yur post wrong - this hasn't just happened, naaaaaaaw ?

    If you are serious - well all I can say is the Universe is being as much of a bastard on your ass as it is on mine - because the coincidences, synchronicitys and plain old wyrd shit that is going on in my life at the moment - is waaaaaay beyond any human understanding.............crazy daysies xxxxxxxxxxxxx hugs all round - lots of 'em, tight as fuck :huglove:Hanging on by a thread - but oh it's a strong one, must ha been made by spider brothers n sisters.

    Thing is as well, that now I'm on the waggon - it seems to be accelerating the fucking madness.......NomadicRT was right, no steering no brakes no notion at all - GROOOOOOOOVY !!!!!!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha :hippy:

    Every day, take one item of 'crap' from your home and wrap it in gift wrap. Then hide it somewhere in public, with a tag, "a gift for you".

    . . . alternatively . . . you don't have to wrap it, just hide your junk all over the place and let finders keep. If you have an unwanted barbie doll for instance, you could bury it up-side-down in a park, so just her legs are poping out. Or, creepily, so that just the face is showing.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha - love it man, you're as sick as me xxx
    god help the local environment !

    I had just wanted to update this post as many of you had said some kind and helpful words and it meant a great deal when it was such a difficult thing to open up about.
    In the past couple of months the situation only got worse sadly. To a point where he was showing little remorse for his behaviour and I was allowing myself to be withered into a corner, becoming a shell. I'd told him it was over but we had to live together until I could afford to buy a new car. A few weeks ago things really came to a head, the police had been out the week before and he was put in a cell for the day. A week later it was the same again, he'd hurt my hand by squeezing it as hard as he could. I went on a domestic abuse forum and what I read finally hit home. I sat and cried reading other people's stories that could have been my own. And then I called the helpline and it all came flooding out. Since then I have been referred to a specialist counsellor which I am so grateful for. I had my first phone conversation earlier in the week, it was hard but also such a relief to talk to somebody who knows what I'm talking about. She has already helped me to see things in a different perspective and I am meeting her properly next week. My ex has moved out and we are getting on amicably, I feel such a huge relief.
    The scary side of all of this is that because of what I told the helpline children's services have now get involved. It hasn't panicked me too much because I know that my children are happy, loved and well-cared for. They gave me a surprise visit on Monday, which was fine, thankfully I was in a stronger mood, I have days where I am an emotional mess and cry all day long and have no control over it, anyway it went well. I have answered a million of their questions and they seem happy that the children are fine. I'm having to attend a meeting at my children's school next week with the social worker and then I've been told the case will be closed. I'm dreading it to be honest, it's a small school and now I know that they know I'm an anxious wreck at the school. They said it would all be confidential but it's such a gossipy place and one of my closest friends is a teaching assistant there. It is what it is though and I don't regret seeking help for all of us to move forward. I'm just going to hold my head high, I can't let this whole thing define me. My ex and I are going to remain friends, we have felt more like brother and sister for some time so I will always see him as family and therefore care greatly for him.
    My relationships with my friends and family have been fractured hugely, I'm going to try to put things right again but I'm still feeling alot of hurt at how little support I have had, my Mum doesn't have a clue about what is going on, I cant talk to her I tried in the past, she knows enough and she did nothing. Sorry will save the rest for the counsellor  But the end note is that the future is looking brighter! x

    Hey babe, just wanted to say how brilliant it is how you've pulled yourself up off the deck......and beginning to make the changes you never knew how to make's fucking amazing.

    The fact that you've been big enough to not hate and be destructive to your partner as well, 'cause nothing is all one persons doing - life is just one strange old trip - learning how to grow, to evolve as a spirit.

    It takes a huge amount of bottle and personal power to see "family" in their true light too - rather than continuing to believe what is often a fiction about their love, it's often simply a bad "agreement to collude in not rocking the boat" masquerading as genuine care. Looks like your eyes are opening to that too - heavy duty strength emerging sweetheart.........well done and best of luck as you keep going. Plenty more miles to do and won't all be smooth - but sooooooooo worth it...........fantastic :hippy::huglove:xxxxxxxxxxx

    After 30 years of living in Andalucia, in June we had to reduce our tat so it could be packed into two small cars. It took some doing as we'd had plenty of space for collecting tat. In the preceeding months we'd had a blitz on different things, most of which other folk have already mentioned. Vids, CD's and DVD's had to be wanted enough for us to bother copying them to a hard drive. Clothes not used in the last year went to recycling, and then even some that had been used but weren't that essential. My wife found it real tough to reduce her book collection but she did it.

    Maybe a bit intrusive Chazz - but what you n your wife living in now, you back in Blighty or on a small planet none of us know about yet. Sounds like you've both really committed to simple radical living :D No worries, tell me to mind my own :hippy:x

    [QUOTE=So you folks who also make and store jams, what do you think about this sugar thing?[/QUOTE]

    It is tricky like you say OK because if you risk "alternative sugar" sources, like coconut sugar, you don't know if the preservative qualities are the same.....guess you have to do test batches. I agree that one can get completely for decades fats and oils have been bad for us, and butter a no no......then we find that so many veg margarines are borderline toxic and that butter from grass fed cows is really good for us. So, I think NomadicRT has a point - it's not as though you sit and eat a whole jar of jam at one sitting - so a spoonful here a spoonful there, moderation is the key with everything I s'pose. Just a pity I find moderation in all things quite tricky to achieve....keep trying though.....will get better :hippy::D xxx…0WjAIQEAAYASAAEgJUXfD_BwE

    Yebbut I'm an awkward bloke to live with....[emoji57]

    Erm I'd like to hear from any fuckin human being who thinks they're not awkward to live with - and then quiz the people who live with them.......everything is only a matter of opinion.

    I mean, "one mans meat is another mans poison". If you're in the wrong place with the wrong people for your fit - you're going to feel awkward to some bugger or n other. I've only just begun to realise am saying it as much for myself too. Nil desperandum n all that shite :hippy::huglove:xxx

    Im no angel, I
    Learnt alot about people from it and have no regrets

    R U no angel babe ?

    Hells bells, I feel done - there was I down in the pit of hell, looking up thinking wow, that there Luce Lightbringer, source of all light and with a hotline to God - she's a gal to be mates with.....she can help me get all these fucking demons off my ass.

    Totally shocked and not a little disappointed that I won't be seeing yur wings babe...

    Only jesting sweetpea, I think you're fab just the way you are, whatever that is. Don't care what you're past has been full of....I understand you know where to bury the bodies as well (skills) - you'll do for me matey - your vibes is heavenly.

    Big love, Jen xxx

    [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I'm no hero. Far from it lass, far from it. I'm just a stubborn bloke is all...

    Just depends on your definition of superhero really dude - stubborn bloke with an ability to share, communicate, admit his failings, confess his (so called sins), admit his fears - well that'd do it for me.

    Not one of those Alpha twats who is top of the heap - usually by just being more capable of manipulating every situation and everyone around their own advantage and always be the fucker smelling of roses when everyone else is in sodding bits.

    Just refreshing man.....that's all.......hope today is a good day :hippy:xxx

    Just re-visiting the general atmosphere pervadin during my teenage father was in the middle of the territory, dealing with local authority, construction and constabulary being an architect and a mason - different era - full of complete and utter bastards.....and I wonder why I never wanted to be a woman in the middle of that bunch of shitehawks..........waaaaay too vulnerable............they're all still there (I know one of them, a total cunt), different flavour but same basic recipe......I pity the good guys in and amongst trying to retain their integrity in the face of darkness.

    This was a 4 part drama - pretty heavy duty and all the more scary because this shit goes on all over the planet and right under our noses.....who needs to luxuriate in horror fiction when the real thing is waaaaaaaay more scary. Just trying to work shit'll be worth it when I get to the other side :D…ear-of-our-lord-1974.html

    Yup, heroine free nearly 12 years ish and 5ish years opiate free. I struggle most with old emotions that were blocked off coming back.

    Well fuck me, you kept that quiet you bugger.....mindst you, understandably so. It's too painful (when you've got enough pain anyway) to get another bucketload tipped on your head by trusting another (yet another) all too fallible human who turns out to be yes, another twat - so I'll let you off matey :hippy::huglove:Love you loads, xxxxx

    I actually found heroin easier to quit on the morphine which is weird because morphine has no shit in it that's why it's harder to kick I have been opiate free for eight months now Thank fuck for that

    Very interesting and possibly helpful share for other peeps there Maddy.....n real nice to hear about things when they're working. So often we forget to mention when things are on an even keel. The so called professionals can't share nearly as much as their actual client base, because they're not living it and their subtle listening and communicating skills are often very lacking. Some of the medications I've been given with really poor and inaccurate instructions for use. Probably all written by big pharma legal depts. to make sure of compliance, but bugger all use to me. In fact often to make sure you stay ill and deteriorate if possible - so you become more dependent and they've got you for life.

    Sorry to sound so negative......there are obviously some meds that are amazing and life saving, but there are big gaps in efficacy and rules for appropriate use, which you tend to have to find out the hard way.

    Fab share Maddy, wonderful :hippy::huglove:xxx