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    Islam is an intolerant and hateful religion. It's hateful towards women. It's hateful towards other religions. It's hateful towards gay people. I'd quite happily stop any further inward migration of muslims into the UK. Why should we tolerate the intolerant?

    I'm putting together some ideas for a Luton conversion and I plan to insulate said van to the max. That means I won't need much heating. This rules out a woodburner which would be way too hot. An eberspacher diesel heater is a possible but they're a bit steep and presumably a calor gas fire would give off too much condensation. What alternatives are there?

    How about a non-opening double glazed skylight? With a separate extractor fan assembly run off a 12v computer fan if you're worried about damp? I'm sure with timber and perspex sheeting it would be possible to make a reasonable double glazed skylight, perhaps with some form of sliding insulated panel that you can close when you need better insulation.

    I'm toying with the idea of converting a Luton and they are quite tall. Even with a well insulated floor and ceiling there would still be way more than 6 foot of headroom. Would it be good to use this extra height to effectively lift up the floor and use the space beneath for storage? Daft idea or a cunning plan?

    Just being nosy. Where are you parked up? How did you decide on your location?

    Me? I'm sat here in the van as the sun goes down. I'm just near a small place called Glasson Dock overlooking the Lune Estuary near Lancaster. I'd heard about this place and it's nice and peaceful. Just a small industrial estate further down the road and sod all traffic this time of day. And a view to die for. Hoping for a glorious sunset. Only my second night as a nomad.

    " We are seriously thinking about selling up to use equity for paying off debt and using what's left to buy boat or even 5th wheeler just to get back some freedom"

    How much money would you have left? What are the implications of not having a fixed location? Information is the key. Do lots of research and be realistic in your expectations.

    Good day. Bit tired as I was doing a Samaritans shift from 11pm till 2am last night. Then at work in a DIY shed for the morning. This afternoon finished repairing the water pump setup in my campervan. Now at GFs for the evening. Life is good.

    I suppose I'm nomadic to a degree. For the last 3 months I've been living in a rented house. Next week I'm living in my campervan for the summer at the very least. However, I do get bricks and mortar 3 nights a week at my girlfriends house. I'm getting some money soon from the sale of my house in France and might get a narrowboat.

    Insulation depends on when you want to use the van. All year round use means you'll need more insulation. In a modern house there's twice as much insulation in the roof as in the walls so bear that in mind. Also the floor insulation should be about the same as the walls. For all year round use I'd go for 60mm kingspan in the walls and floor and 120mm in the roof - that's what you'd get in a house.

    I am thinking of getting a bigger vehicle for full time use. A like the idea of a 7.5 tonner but am worried about the implications of parking it around the outskirts of towns whilst a luton van you can park on any residential street. I'd welcome your views. Thoughts behind having a 7.5 tonner are that I can have a bigger onboard water tank and a proper shower, more storage space etc.

    My van has two seats in the front of the swivelly variety. Both seats are bolted to square boxes. Are these boxes standard for the van? If they are, how can I remove them temporarily to fix a leak and replace the carpets?

    With a luton van, I'm pretty sure it's possible to shut the roller shutter and lock it from the inside with some minor DIY work. However, is it possible to lift and close a tail lift whilst you're stood in the box before you shut the shutter?

    I work for a well known DIY retailer on the shopfloor - 20 hours a week at minimum wage. It's loads of money for me and enough to live on quite happily. And although the rota can be a bit shit the job has no stress whatsoever and the people I work with are very friendly and relaxed.

    Thanks for the lovely sarcastic replies. I've just joined this forum so I was unaware that this question has been asked before. Have you considered some counselling for the obvious anger management problem you appear to have?

    I've got a gas hob. Rather than buying an expensive diesel heater or woodburner, why not just switch on the hob from time to time? I know that there will be condensation but the van isn't exactly airtight. And I know about the dangers of carbon monoxide so I would never go to sleep with it on and I have a CO detector. Given this, are there any problems with using the hob? I realise that the van beneath the hob might not be too warm given that hot air rises.