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    well i have a really nice been burger recipe that ill have to dig out and get back to you but there is quite alot of choice for veggys in supermarkets these days,iv been vegy since i was 9 and live mainly on vegtables pulses and rice and cant get enough!!!!hehehe!however i beleive that you can show them the facts but at the end of the day they've got to make there own decision!

    many sparkles good luck x

    i have no problem with people bein out of it iv done enuff of that myself!but i do have a problem when they cudnt give a s**t about anyone else and influence there experience in a negative way!O yeh and i have to agree about the security we woke up early in the mornin to our nieghbours bein chuked into a metal cage!

    I totally agree and its not like im against anyone having fun but i did feel it was a totally different atmosphere,i came back last year really majorly high on life after having a fantastic time and im not the only one who felt this way! i just think its a shame that there are so many people in the world like this and now there encroaching into my tiny bit of fluff time hehehe!why cant everyone be nice:(

    muchio fluff x

    Sorry everyone but im gonna have to put more of a negative perspective on this the festival was fantastic and bootiful but there were sooooo many shitheads there!loads of peeps who were just there to get majorly out of there heads and shove it in other peoples faces!they were totaly missin the point of the festival and taintin my experience aswell!on the one day that i managed to really relax and enjoy myself and gain knowledge for the life we are hoping to lead we got broke into!grrr!role on glasto bein back on so they can all go there and i can have as good a time as i did last year!Hehehe sorry for sounding so doom and gloom it makes me so happy that fests like this are still going on but do they run the risks of goin the same way as many others?i really hope not!many sparkles x

    Hmmmmm im wondering if maybe me and my pixie can get handfasted at big green this year only a contemplation at the mo as we've been meaning to do it for ages and i fink the loved up energy would be perfect!can anyone help?

    Muchio fluff and love x:hippy:

    Wel im afraid i am guilty of walking around the glastonbury bubble barefoot last week i hate my feet being in shoes and flip flops are usualy as far as i'll go but you have to be careful with kids they arnt as aware of dangers so in town no but in nature be freeeeeeeeeeee!

    muchio fluff x:hippy:

    Well i never wanted anything like toy guns i was very much into stereotypical stuff like dolls(altho my mum did try to get me to play with cars etc it just didnt work) my brother was a typical boy but my momma wouldnt let him have toy guns and i think i'd be exactly the same with my kids,i think it sends out the wrong message i hate violence!


    Hehehe:D i fink your own are meant to be different?So my momma says anyway she didn't particuly like children but she loved her own!

    Fairy fluff x

    Ahhhhr sounds scary!Could just be something passing through,our house has always been fine except for a period of two weeks once when loads of scary shit kept happening,like our old radio that had no batteries and wasnt plugged in as it hadnt been used for years kept turning itself on!now how is that possible.I really hope this strange energy leves you all in peace.

    Many sparkles x

    Well i fink i have finnaly made the decision to come of the pill!The other day i finnaly got diagnosed with pcos,i take diannette to help balance out my hormones as well as contraception and iv freaked out because the gynecologist was saying to me that altho with all pills there is a risk of blood clots hte risk is increased with diannette!He told me that it should only really be taken for periods of 6-12 months.....iv been on it for 4 years and never been told about this before!So quite frankly its time to take a stand!The last thing i want to do is damage my body!

    muchio fluff x:D

    Well i have a lil red star on my arm and a lotus with an om on my back.I also have my septum pierced two lip piercing my tounge and a tunnel and other few holes in my ear hehe.I fink body art is another good way of expressing your creativity but its something that is in the right place and is really well thought about.....not like a rose!!!!!!hehehe.

    muchio fluff x:hippy:

    I will most definately be going to big green again this year our tickets are already on the way.....we are eager beavers:D will be there with all my fairy crew fluffin it up,sparkles for all!

    Muchio love x:hippy:

    It is scary that there is a place for these nasty bastardos in our society today playing on stupid peoples unease.My partner went to vist his family the other day and told me there were bnp posters all the way down broad street(birmingham)they target places with alot of ethnic minorities,they absolutely disgust me!There is no question about if they ever got into power which we can only hope and pray they don't we would leve this country and never look back.


    wohoo bet its all starting to feel very real i wish you all the luck in the world!ooooo all these babies surely it is my turn soon?hehe.

    Lots of fairy dust x:hippy:

    You can get extension hair real cheap (2-3 pond per pack) dread them up and plait them in hey presto instant dreadies!

    Star they look very pretty,im a bit of an extension making addict!ill use anything!

    Fairy dust x:hippy:

    I'v been thinking about comming off the pill because i don't like puttin chemicals in my body and i worry about hte side effects.I came off it for just a month a while ago and i couldn't get enough lovein:D its not like i wear a chastity belt normaly but i did definatel notice a difference.

    Rainbow sparkles x

    Ahhh fanku stormy i'll know the laydee to come to :D hehe i suppose the worse you work things up in your head then the more stressful and hard it would become.But i still think your all incredible!

    fairy sparkle dust x

    All these giving birth stories have really freaked me out!!!!!I really wanna start our own family but i have major issues with anything medical and i dont think this thread has helped!hehe!

    Many sparkles to all you amazing birthing ladies!:D x