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    Yes! Most definitely! I have no idea...Most probably 3 daft monkeys and reel big fish and dreadzone. the rest will decide itself! How about you? will be awesome to see you both!

    I haven't been on here in bloody ages, but I've just managed to wrangle myself a ticket and would very much love to find some of you hippy folk there again! It's been too long :D

    i help at a homeless centre, and when i bumped into some guys today in town they told me that 'it's a pleasure having me back and it puts a smile on their face' :D
    after having a low couple of weeks, little comments like that are rapidly improving this one!

    oh definately. i was just saying to someone yesterday that one of the reasons i love macro photography is that often when you first upload and look at the photo, you see things that you never even knew existed!

    i eat a vegan diet and most of my lifestyle is as vegan as i can make it too. i wont buy/wear leather, same with silk and wool (though i find it itchy anyway so wouldnt wear it), i dont buy products that are tested on animals or that contain any animal products, i have a 'good shopping guide' to enable me to buy as ethically as i can and i bank with the coop as i feel they are the most ethical available. i am however undecided on things like honey and as always, there are slip-ups and exceptions. sometimes its really difficult to go for the most ethical option but i do where i can.

    i hadnt done yoga in a fair few weeks, but have done small sessions for the past 4 days and can already see im improving; i can now touch my head to my knees in some of the forward bends and warrior styley ones (i should really learn the names of the poses!) :D

    Like many of us, i love to drink tea :D, and my favourite brand ‘Yogi’ tea has little philosophical phrases on the little labels of the tea bags. Today’s says,

    "Happiness is taking things as they are."

    This is an idea that i seem to find myself battling with lately. I can totally understand this concept, and do think life would be much better if you just accept what you have and are happy with that, rather than dreaming about what you dont have. For example, its obviously stupid to wish you had someone elses legs because you dislike your own, because you’ll always have your own legs only, so the only way you’ll be happy is to accept your legs as they are.

    But is this idea always right?

    What about in relationships? Being a student, i live between 2 homes and so am often subjected to my relationships becoming long distance for periods of time, and have always found communication during those times an issue. I recently spoke to my boyfriend about this, as he had been particularly lacking in communicating to a level i would have liked. He acknowledged and said he’d make more of an effort, and to an extent, i have noticed it. But it still seems to be lacking, which has led me to wonder whether i should just accept our relationship for how it is, or do i strive to make it more perfect.

    And that led me to this thread. Should we always just strive to be happy with how things are, which would mean thatd we’d theoretically be happier more often than we are sad, which can only be a good thing right? Or are there some areas or situations in life in which surrendering our ideals and dreams to what actually is, is the wrong thing to do? And if we do surrender them, would we really achieve happiness, or would it result in resentment or regrets further down the line?

    yea,i have been meaning to! i swear i used to have one, but got rid of it because i never used it :damn: does anyone have any dvd recommendations?

    i love it :) when im at uni i go every week, but find it hard to motivate myself at home, maybe i just need to develop a little routine.
    i love doing the shoulder stand, and the bit where your legs go behind your legs afterwards (not sure of the name!), it feels sooo good :D

    well, yesterday i saw all of my flatmates for the first time since moving out of uni :) , i swam in the sea! had a lovely day by the beach playing in the sea, sand, collecting shells and looking for creatures in the little pools when the tide went out :) it was a lovely day

    i made some cordial this week :D
    the citric acid is just as a preservative i think. the cordial only lasts a few weeks without it i think, unless you freeze some of it :)

    dragonflies posing for photos and going to investigate the odd bird that just flew into a tree, to have a red kite come flying out close above my head (literally stopping me in my tracks in awe :D ) and hovering round long enough for me to take photos :D :D

    do you cook for yourself or have family meals?
    if family, it was easiest for mine to make the adjustment by using meat substitutes to start with.(i live in a house of meateaters too!) that way, you can eat the same as everyone else (mostly) just with fake meat instead of real

    invest in a good veggie recipe book and experiment :D even if you dont use the recipes, they can be useful for inspiration if youre simply not used to cooking without meat

    make sure you like vegetables! :insane: sounds silly, but when i decided to go veggie, i barely liked any veg, and it made it that little bit more difficult! its important to have variety and make sure your diet is still balanced (not as hard as it sounds). try not to get into the habit of eating a small range of things, because if not balanced, a veggie diet can be as unhealthy as a meaty/junk food one! lots of people seem to find they eat more cheese/dairy when going veggie? lentils will become your best friend! :D

    i shall try n think of more stuff later, but am short of time right now. if it all seems a bit daunting at first, try substituting or cutting out one thing at a time and do it gradually. might make it easier for your family to get used to it too!

    finally..excellent decision :D :carrot:

    i havent been for a year or two, but if they still make the woods all glowy and sparkly, then thats the best bit :D so pretty!