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    very definitive statement there Bernie. I'm hesitant to comment but was on and about this street for a good while last year.

    Photos are at the peak time when the place was busy plus extra traffic between festivals passing through.

    We weren't outside anyone's front window and things were generally harmonious and functioning nicely.

    Evening Post decided to stir the pot, most of the calm lot who were on there cleared off and took a site. Empty street filled up with transit traffic and scruff crew who were less invested in keeping it sustainable, fights and fires and rubbish, hassle from authorities and cleared off.

    We had recycling sorted, litter picks regularly and sweeping in the street and parks either side, dealt with any noise etc. I'm back in bricks at the moment but most of the old lot are on a 'tolerated' site which seems well managed and have open dialogue with the council.

    exactly, is for living or camping?

    I was tempted by one of those Berlingo/Kangoo type things for weekends away but wouldn't want to full time in that space.

    Motorhome is probably a comfy way to go but will mean you're obvious everywhere except a campsite.

    If you're not wanting to get involved in build or pay tradesmen then the key things you are probably looking for is 'utilities' and insulation.

    for some reason this was never done with the Transit I'm buying, still down as a minibus but far as I can see it ticks all the boxes.

    Reckon we can do the reclassification at the same time as change of ownership, or is it going to need sending the v5 off twice?

    thanks all for good advice, clearly I'm ignoring it! Can't raise funds for a couple of months to get a something smaller, easier to shift the LT now.

    Have come to an agreement with ex that takes my concern about the true value of the Transit into account. Of course if I move that on later at her asking price then I'll pass the difference on to her.

    Meantime a good friend is interested in the LT, someone with an attachment to the model and funds to rescue it from eventual rust death.

    ooh, there are some decent looking Kangoos in my budget.

    Thinking though that even if the Transit is dear I can take it on without having to put top dollar down at once and keep an eye open for something smaller and cheaper if feels like a good idea.

    I suppose there is the risk that then if I want to move the Transit on I'll have to take a loss and still owe my ex the balance.

    Been away a while since going all indoors, got off the road in November.

    Just had to put some money in the old LT to get it through MOT, thinking it's time to shift it on as I can't give it the TLC or put the money into stopping the corrosion in its tracks. That then leaves me vehicle-less...

    Buying something 'new' I think I could go up to about £1800.


    - buy a little cheapo hatchback (pro - cheap and easy; con - might be a dud, no room to sleep in it!)

    - buy something like a Berlingo? (pro - intermediate option that allows for some camping; con - not as big, might be a dud, higher purchase price)

    - buy my ex's LWB 2002 Transit minibus conversion (pro - easy, can pay in bits, still have a van; con - more than I really want to spend and maybe overpriced at 4k)

    - take some sort of loan to put proper money into bodywork overhaul and keep the LT!


    - do seats fold flat in the back of a car-style Berlingo? Is there a better option like that?

    - anyone want to buy a Mk1 LT35?

    - what do you reckon to the Transit price? is in reasonably good nick but not perfect.

    - how is everyone?

    Cheers peeps, life moves on and I have a building to live in. It's been good being here but need to get on with the next thing.
    No net at home and need to stop taxing the work connection so this is a goodbye-for-now. I'll be trading at Glastonbury Frost Fayre with my Nepali kids' clothes etc. and hopefully having a bit of a jig at the Sangers stage if I can get someone to mind the stall, so say hello if you spot a tall bloke with long hair heheh.

    Aye but under pressure is different.

    People been moaning about the cold for weeks already. I just keep my mouth shut. Sunday night though it suddenly set hard, was around two degrees when I woke up yesterday. I can cope with it, but it's not as nice as summer.

    I would say I am not a hippy.

    On the other hand I did get followed down the street in Margao (Goa) by a load of kids shouting "HELLO HIPPY" so maybe they're a better judge of the matter.
    I tried explaining that I'm a metalhead but got nowhere.

    Changing the clocks makes sense to me, no one is pretending it's an absolute measure of Real Time, it's just a point of reference we all agree on. When the thing you're describing (daytime, nighttime) is a shifting thing then it may be useful to shift your reference system with it.
    I'm feeling much better for a breakfast and sitting to make some plans for the week. Should be out of the van and back in my old house come Wednesday and been making a list of things I'm looking forward to - stove, easy cups of tea and cooking, being more secure and rested for my son, playing music whenever I like... Got plans and fun things between now and then so life is feeling good!
    Just off to the allotment in a sec to smash up some pallets for the burner heheh

    Hard to generalise really, isn't it?
    Given all the fuss about the park up I was at I wonder how the angry neighbours are feeling now - established lot moved off, few more tatty trailers moved on, fewer people staying put and more passing through. Suddenly there's split bin bags blowing down the street, camp fire one night in the trees, dog off the lead, no one with a friendly hello when you walk by...
    Maybe if they'd put prejudices aside and worked out living alongside the first lot (who were willing to be good neighbours) they wouldn't have to put up with antisocial nomads who don't give a shit how they feel.

    Insomnia :(
    Stuck in the sleeping bag in the van. I think I'm going to have to give up and go for a walk round the block and do winding down all over again.
    I was tired and ratty with my son this afternoon and we had a massive stress out at each other, my mind keeps reminding me what a knob I was. We sorted it out and I know there's no harm done, but I should have pulled myself up on it quicker. No excuses for going into Serious Parent mode!

    Definitely competition in Bristol - from a wide range of people tatting in vans, at a range of officialness, to crusties on foot. I see a couple of people with bike trailers tooling around with bits of boilers etc.
    People doing it for profit, for pass on and personal use, just out of habit...
    I got three nice mugs today.