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    Jenny or Enjen.
    First it was Jenny because I started to run and we watched Forrest Gump so my wife always said (in Forrest's voice) 'Jenny, I was running...' Then Jenny became January which turned into Enero (Spanish for January) which became Ero and finally Enjen.
    Not complicated at all...!

    Plenty of omega 3s, 6s and all essential amino acids. Unless you have a diagnosed nutritional deficiency OR you have a bad diet then there should be no reason to take sups. It can be worth having your bloods taken to check. You may be low on B12 but that is not a vegan only problem, it is an absorbency problem that can affect anyone. I take B12 occasionally because I was borderline low, but everything else was OK.
    Fresh (and raw) fruit and veg is the way to go!

    I mince several cloves of garlic, add a teaspoonful of salt and steep it in two to three tablespoons of good olive oil. Cook pasta of your choice, toss in garlicky oil, eat. It keeps away colds and vampires, too.

    That sounds yummy, although maybe with a little (or a lot less) salt! Pasta is good with baked beans or oil and soy sauce :-)

    I've been learning more about 'freeganism' and apparently im pretty much already there, I hold the same values and beliefs, but im still learning more. I've never been interested in dumpster diving but if someone else was doing it, maybe I would go along and try. I know some supermarkets in the uk purposly spoil their waste which is really sad, but a few places in NZ donate theirs to food banks which is fantastic.
    Does anyone here dumpster dive and if so, what kind of food do you get? I would love to hear your stories :-)

    I met my soul mate online and we have been inseparable ever since. We both saved each other, in more ways than one. We just both happen to be women. Funny how things turn out!

    Well I guess I could consider myself an electic witch. I do occasionally write spells for myself, I have performed a croning ceremony for a lady and I enjoy rituals. Witchcraft is a lot of different things to a lot of different people but this is probably the simplest way to explain it.
    Casting spells is all about the intention. You can cast a spell with nothing more than a candle or you can have elaborate spells with all sorts of tools. At the end of the day, if you believe something can happen then you can will it to existence. It goes off of the same principal as 'ask and it is given'. Even if the spell isn't granted, it can still have a placebo effect.

    So I consider myself a bit of a herbalist and I have a cupboard full of herbs that I like to make into tea. I decided to buy some wormwood the other day without doing any research (as usual) and I made myself a nice pot of wormwood tea. Many have tried to explain the taste but to no avail. Even with licorice root and 3 spoons of sugar, this tea was beyond saving. I cannot describe it, even the thought of drinking it makes my throat close up in ravolt!. The closest explanation I have found online is this.

    "after reading that one could get mellow from drinking wormwood tea, i decided to try some before i made the rest into absinthe, there is nothing on this earth that could compare to how vile even the smallest amounts of wormwood tastes: 1 shot wormwood, 1 shot sugar, wormwood is so bitter i couldn't taste the sugar or anything, given the chance i would rather suck on an aspirin wrapped in an old dirty sock, that doesn't even come close to how vile wormwood is, my tongue has shriveled, i'm thinking of cutting it out to banish the taste."

    Anyone had any luck with this vile herb?

    I was 100% raw for 6 months, but have been one and off a lot longer than that. There are many different styles of raw food and not all of them do you have to eat a lot. I found what worked best for me was high fat ( shite load of avo's, nuts, seeds, cold pressed oils and also a lot of dried fruit). I had loads of energy, lost weight, skin glowing and it didn't mess with my diabetes. I then switched to 80/10/10 and even though I love eating tonnes of fruit, I was craving cooked food, my blood sugars went messed up and as you said, I found it hard to eat enough, especially as the fruits and veg are high in water content.
    Have a play around though, don't give up on it, it is an amazing lifestyle, you just need to find a way that works for you.

    My wife made her own dreads nearly 7 years ago and she did mine for me (I no longer have them now). What she did was section them, but randomly, and then with a really fine metal comb (like a pet one) savagely back comb the shit out of it until you are left with stubs of back combed hair and them roll then a bit to take shape. Neither of us banded them, but it can be a good idea. Your hair should dread pretty well I would have thought. Do not use any products and you may not want to wash them for a while.

    I love going barefoot but when I can't, I wear minimalist shoes. I have a real distain for gravel though, that just just fecking hurts when you are running and you land on a sharp bit and it goes right into your arch.

    Tourism can bring to light practice's that are unethical and wrong, putting pressure on countries and politicians to change these things for the better. It can also cause people to behave in unethical and immoral ways in the hopes of getting money. It is a double edged sword but I think tourism generally speaking has more pros than cons. There are places being ruined, however take goa for example. You can stay in Palolem and you could be anywhere in the world, but walk 30 mins to the local town and it is completely untouched and true to real India. Tourists attract tourists, so as long as its not written in 'lonely planet' then it will, for the most part, remain untouched!