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    Just a last thought. On an even darker note, domestic violence. People may have their perfect partner or more likely nowadays an imperfect partner. Being locked in with someone will either make your bond stronger or can cause violence. There's no hiding from it, it does happen and with the current situation that has been forced upon us it will occur.

    A lot of folks know someone who we have worries about, the smile that's all sweet can cover a whole world of hurt for girls and guys and at present there's little chance of escape for them.

    If you have suspicions please call the law, it could save a life.

    Sorry but there's way too much negativity from the same mouthpieces on almost every thread. I started a thread to thank those who are risking their safety for us all and did ask for no neg posts. May as well asked for folks to dump on the NHS frontline for what it was worth.

    Time to move on I think, don't need to rub shoulders with sad people. Even met Zen at a Meet and I'd have thought he'd have at least thought twice about dissing my wishes.

    What nobody here seems to have noticed over the EU offer, is that our government denied they had taken part in any such meetings, whereas the Gruaniad had seen proof of the minutes of no less than four of those meetings where UK government officials had been present and discussing.

    It was only later that policy was changed, apparently from the top.

    So another BoJo massive lies fug-up, or perhaps it is Cummins who decides policy?

    Maybe it's time for me to move on as IMO there's so many saddos on here spouting negative vibes that it's starting to make me wish they'd cop a packet and give positive vibes a chance to blossom. You and fn Zen should up your fn meds or even better, get a life you sad bstard. To put your shitty views into perspective on this thread, a 13 yr old has just crossed the rainbow bridge, no underlying problems, just a kid.

    Might I suggest that you and the other retards who are so full of shit just start your own poisonous threads and let decent hippies breath a little. I've had a belly-full of serving Lizzie and peeps like you, the best part of whom dribbled down your mummies leg at conception just really piss me off.

    The title may sound that this is going to be a funny thread, far from it. On the news of late there's been two families who have committed murder suicide and I can understand it, it could be virus related or fall out from it or maybe just coincidence. A shedload of grief has landed on an unprepared public who have never experienced anything like this ever before and thousands have had their lives turned upside down.

    A lot of folk bottle up stuff and it goes wrong and of late there's a lot of worried people.

    Just a thought that if anyone on here and that includes 'lurkers' who are worried and on the edge of doing something regretable or just need help, speak up. Nobody on here has all the answers, nobody is perfect but if there is a problem that you're worrying over just ask. If it's really bad there's the Samaritans 0330 094 5717 or post on here for advice and someone will hopefully have an answer or if not may be able to point you in the right direction for better advice.

    Nobody is on their own! :peaceman:

    I've had a number of dealings with Chinese businessmen and they're nearly all liars. When the world finally wakes up to what the degenerate scumbags have dropped on us China will lose a shitload of trade hence why they are asskissing so much with their phoney help after causing it. But then there are the sheeple who will believe the Chinese figures and keep on being their friend.

    Sadly a whole load of governments will see the virus as a partial blessing as it cleans out the expensive waste of society so saving billions of bucks in the long run on top of which it should solve the homeless problem - the empty carehomes will need filling somehow!

    Only seen 2 people in my entire village wearing masks, both were asian students from the big posh school down the road....

    You're lucky. Just down the road from me is a fn snotty college that caters for about 600+ Chinese students from high-end families.

    Wearing a mask in western countries makes other people wonder if you actually have the virus, so they tend to give you a wide berth.:)

    Last week when I had to go out shopping for friends and Thursday when I had to collect extra meds (delivery is now once a fortnight if lucky) I wore mask and gloves. Last week there were nervous glances and it was the 'oh shit I don't have a mask' look and a few with scarves pulled them up over their faces. Too late, they should be wearing a mask and gloves. The chemist and staff were all wearing masks and gloves and it was a strict two in at a time only then wait outside.

    The only retard who pulled a quizical face was the village butcher who believes that the bible is true from start to finish and lectures anyone who says it's not. It was the one time that I didn't take the piss out of him in his tiny little shop as I just wanted a quick service and out.

    Folks in the west just don't get it and from the amount still moving round without kit we're going to be in lock-down for quite some time as the virus will just keep spreading.

    If you want a conspiracy theory to blow your minds, just watch the 2011 film ''Contagion'. It's on at the moment and so far it's as if it's a film made in the future about the coronavirus BUT it was made 9yrs ago........... :tinfoil::tinfoil::tinfoil::tinfoil::tinfoil:

    2000hrs was the time to go out on the doorstep and clap to show appreciation for the NHS. Went out and clapped and nothing heard. FFS I was a couple of minutes early. It came on the TV to do it so went out again and clapped. As I did in the darkness loads of clapping came from up and down the road. Couldn't see who was doing it as well but there were lots out clapping, simply felt hit with a load of good vibes. :peaceman:

    As it says, one for our NHS folk from the peep who mops the hospital floor, delivers stuff, the docs, the nurses, carers, the army, scientists, the folks who are still working, prepping food, delivering, shop peeps, the volunteers, dustmen and many many more unsung heros who are doing their bit behind the scenes.

    Please just smack a heart on here, (no negative comments, please save those for the other threads), just a positive thread for those who are risking infection to try and get us through this shitstorm. :peaceman:


    Go buy stuff and catch up with those that did clear out the shelves. Your survival and stress levels may depend on it!

    Spoken like a total retarded cunt of the first order. The elderly and the people like this nurse don't have that luxury. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself.

    Soft fruit is more of a luxury food than a staple but the veg is needed and bottom line, whoever goes for it will be communal living several to a bunkhouse or caravan or if by the day, bussed in by gangmasters which either way opens the question of infection spread.

    It only takes one which makes it a tough call.

    My old mate who I dropped the surprise shopping on this morning, just been on the phone to him to warn him the bags on his doorstep as I couldn't rouse him earlier and he thinks he's got the virus and is in a right state but just about managing. His family know he's bad so he's got some sort of safety net.

    My oldest surviving mate who had laughed at me when I tried to warn him back in January put a whinging post on Farcebook last night and that he was going to have to eke out his larder as there's nothing on the shelves in the shops.

    Thought I'd get him some in as he's not in the best of health (got parkies) and some fresh veg for me from Tesco. Got there 0650 to avoid the crowds only to find a full carpark and a huge queue waiting for the doors to open. I was the only one wearing a respirator and I did notice several old folk cover their faces with scarves after seeing me.

    The fn place was virtually empty, few tins, no flour etc, it was bloody scary but I got him some stuff and dumped it on his doorstep. On going out saw two women in facemasks and that was it as far as peeps were looking after themselves. As I left tossers were speeding into the carpark dangerously.

    Out of this whole mess with this virus and the impact it is having on friends, family, social media, the news and world events. Im having to learn to honour contradiction. It doesn’t take the pain away, but it makes it less personal. It will be over soon and no doubt we will all have learned a lesson or two, Peace and patience.

    NOW do you understand my reply. :peaceman:

    The Rules are a last resort and the army and police will enforce them if ever they have to. I'll give Bobo his due, he's trying persuasion and has put in place safegueards for the vunerable but no systems perfect and this has been forced on all of us at a short notice.

    Sadly a lot of total selfish tossers are still carrying on as normal and will spread the virus by going against the advice. Pubs full of morons, parties as if it's just the flu. It won't be the flu for the care-homes and anyone here who's ever been in one or had family in one will know that they have no chance once the virus gets in.

    This virus has totally fckd up my lifestyle and plans for at least this summer but I'm still me, alive and I can do time but there's the thought of 'hope' and 'freedom' once this shit is over.

    Peace and blessings.

    Good news


    China: for the first time since the beginning of the outbreak, there have been 0 new cases in Wuhan and in the Hubei province, and no new and no existing suspected cases in Wuhan and in Hubei

    For now. it would appear that it can be done until the second wave. The Chinese unlike the public in this country have had a big stick hanging over them so had to comply and it could have worked but the problem here will be peeps kicking off against the powers that be who are seeking to save us.

    And even more news - Eurovision has been cancelled :peaceman:

    The Independent -


    Look to China for what comes next

    Scientists around the world are watching how the coronavirus outbreak in China develops in the coming days and weeks because it will reveal whether their modelling on how long restrictions to normal life will have to last is correct, writes Shaun Lintern.

    Yesterday scientists from Imperial College London released their detailed modelling of the coronavirus pandemic, which dramatically concluded that the UK could face an indefinite period of lockdown without a vaccine. It showed the coronavirus would return and overwhelm health services every time restrictions are lifted.

    Must say I was wondering the same, chest been a bit tight for a couple weeks now, & a weird dry cough off & on for same. Haven't felt poorly or owt tho, just a bit different to usual.

    Likewise but the biggest danger is that you may think you've had it and you're wrong so you then let your guard down and get it for real. French deathrate for under 65 is 7% according to the Beeb this morning and it hasn't even started.


    The number of confirmed cases in France grew by more than 16% on Tuesday, reaching 7,730, The death toll rose to 175, with 7% of the dead aged under 65.

    More than 2,500 people are being treated in hospital, including 699 in intensive care.

    The UK boffins yesterday said they'd be happy if theny managed to keep our deathrate under 20,000.

    As well as a vaccine they are still working on a reliable test to check who's had it or not!

    A lot of the elderly don't have computers so if peeps can please try and advise any that they know and where possible assist with getting them some food in.

    I've got two oldies who just don't get it but they're complying with my instructions just to keep me quiet, are stocked up with a delivery service in hand.

    I'm not normally an anxious person, but it's all a little bit scary at the moment!

    Italy is running at 27980 + infected after a 24hr increase of 3233 with a further 349 dead.

    Spain is running at 9428 + after a 24hr increase of 1440 with a further 41 dead.

    The UK is a week or so ahead of Italy.

    More than a bit scary but there's been enough warning given for peeps to be ready. The sheep doing the panic buying have until recently had there heads up their arses.

    Aljazeera news this morning - 07:54 GMT - France says coronavirus situation 'deteriorating very fast'


    The coronavirus outbreak in France is "very worrying" and "deteriorating very fast", the head of the country's health service said.

    "The number of cases double every three days," Jerome Salomon said on France Inter.

    "There is a real worry that the speed of the outbreak could saturate hospitals and this is something we absolutely want to avoid," Salomon said.

    "This is why we must do everything to slow down the outbreak," he said. "Each Frenchman and Frenchwoman must tell themselves every morning: how can I reduce by a third or fourth the number of people I approach? Remain at home, it's as simple as that."

    Information and knowledge will dispel a lot of fears so that folks can be ready for it instead of running around like headless chickens or just ignoring it and hoping it will go away.

    Comparing it to flu is not a good example Wiz, it's far deadlier. Flu's deathrate is 0.1% and corona is above 3%. Italy is an advanced nation with a good hospital system and the out of date figure for infected is 24747 peeps, dead 1809 and recovered just 2335 to date. A high number in critical care will die and those that pull through from critical care will have a likelyhood of being disabled from nacked lungs. 80% will get it mild - just like flu and that 's the only similarity!

    We will have nearly the same deathrate. The only difference is that our government have a small advantage of a few extra days in which to do something whilst learning from other countries fck-ups.