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UKHippy is a long running online community and of likeminded people exploring all interpretations on what it means to be living an alternative lifestyle -- we welcome discussions on everything related to sustainability, the environment, alternative spirituality, music, festivals, politics and more -- membership of this website is free but supported by the community.

    Tried it a few weeks back but got swarmed with thunderflies, little bstards soo moved onto The Drove where I got inundated with Maybugs and it was late June but I'll try again later when it's colder.

    When this place goes a little piece of all who contributed to it dies and a whole lot of good stuff will just disappear into the ether forever which is such a shame. Would it be possible to move stuff to a free proboard site like the other place, a lot of work but worth it if you can as you have failed to date to find that magic formula to draw in new blood and I am at a loss what to suggest apart from that.

    A few months back went through a village and nearly got clocked by a biker. The kit was in his backbox with a camera attached to the bike so in all intent and purpose it was just a biker stood on the footpath with an unmarked bike. Only clocked it being a biker myself and saw what was in the backbox.

    I was doing about 34/35 on a steepish downhill in a 30 limit and he was stood opposite the village school and adjacent nursery which to me was fair enough and well justified.

    It was a fuckfuckfuckatyfuck moment and I returned and got chatting to him to see one way or another if I was in the shit. Nice guy, big grin as he knew why I'd returned, and no I was just under, anything 35 and above was in play and it was all on video and automatic.

    Turned out that some 6 and 8 leg quarry trucks had been doing the 'hell driver' bit through the village along with some regular commuters and he was there as the village had complained.

    Came close to tipping on crossing Rannoch Moor a couple of years back after a shit journey on the M6 above Lancaster then made the mistake of going over the Pass of the Cattle in a white out. Walking pace and backside going halfcrown sixpence.

    Nationwide do £100 each and apart from Paypal who I don't fully trust anyway all other minor internet offerings are Mickey Mouse IMO and risky.

    Saw a cab on somewhere on my travels which looked half decent but they rotted and from the look of the switch cluster photo that's going to be one serious restoration project although it's unmolested and that's the main thing for someone who knows what he's doing.

    It'll need a good few grand to make a proper job before converting it into a classic home which will be a labour of love at the end of the day.

    The news vultures are saying the fool has lost her child so the bleeding heart brigade will now be out in force and a terrorist supporter will hit the headlines with her fuckugly face again and again. Mr Giveafuck lives next door.

    I do feel sad to a certain extent that an innocent has been lost having been spawned by filth and never given a chance but IMHO the fault stays squarely with the so called mother. My thoughts and real sympathy are with the victims, like the Yazidis and all who have suffered at the hands of these religious retards.

    Living beyond the fringe.

    As a kid I used to hear old folks talking about peeps who were alternative or abnormal as being beyond the fringe. Just wondering if there was any mileage in a similar sounding title which would be picked up by search engines.

    The old hippy title to me was good as it covered all but that moment may have passed.

    I think and it's only an opinion, that there are not that many people out there travelling and living the nomadic life so the site isn't going to attract big numbers.

    I also feel that maybe people who come as guests don't join because they're not alternative types but people who have an interest in camper vans and the weekend away thing.

    It's probably also that people are put off by the subscription fee. People still expect internet content to be free.

    There are thousands of peeps travelling, just amazed when I park in the ass-end of nowhere that van dwellers turn up in the same place on rotary park-ups having made the transition from house to van, mainly single guys. How many are on the net, don't know but there has to be common ground to attract them and it needs to be cheap or free.

    Farcebook has free singles camping groups and alternative groups but that place is shite and a lot of the twunts don't have a sense of humour.

    The name doesn't help at all unless everyone had veedubs or landies to attract the sillyfuck brigade.

    The ladies have disappeared too, something has been lost from when I first came on here, even having the likes of Hagrid gave sparks but further than that, I've no interest in politics, too many bad vibes come from it.

    Unless there's a change I won't be renewing, can't say exactly what's lost but it's not what it was here.