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    We will be moving into our van full time soon. We shall be staying local for a while and I will continue working. I foresee everything becoming more challenging. From collecting and boiling water to lighting fires and cooking in a confined space, throw in a toddler and there is the potential for a lot of stress. The positives I hope for in the short term are to be able to save up some money, to take advantage of the countryside around us more (as I'm sure we will welcome every opportunity going to get outside rather than stay cooped up all day), to prepare ourselves for the future that lies ahead of us, and to hopefully grow closer as a family.

    You can, you will. Just keep those positive vibes jonathan, that and your little lady's cooking will see you through :hippie:

    Sorry, less than 100 in each country in the wild. Norway with it's sparse populated areas (5.3 million peeps) could house a number of wolf colonies without problems for mankind but they are driving the animal to extinction for the pleasure of the hunt.

    The sanctuary near me is a valley, lots of space, the big one in Scotland I've told is the same. They're not fucking zoos but a lifeline to a persecuted species and invariably the owners are paying a lot of money to try and keep the species alive. Most of Europe have a wolf of one sort or another ranging from small scabby looking predators to the big boys. Norway and France have less than 100 wolves left due to hunting (2000 Norwegian hunters applied for a licence a couple of years back to kill 16 allocated wolves, twunts) whereas the Iberian peninsular and Italy have 1000s of wolves.

    Hopefully there will be a day when a sanctuary is no longer required but that's a long way off as primitive man is still hunting inedible animals for fun. They're the ones along with their families where anger should be directed.

    I question why they are being kept in a 'sanctuary' why is it a sanctuary?

    They're being decimated in the wild, Norway has very few left, the yanks are slaughtering them left right and centre and the idea of most of the sanctuary's is to preserve the species and where possible release them back into the wild.

    There's a lot of wolf sancturys in the UK and they cater mainly for purebreds but sadly there's a number of high content hybrids that were knocked out by certain peeps a few years back and I believe that they cater for those as well.


    Profiteering from the sick is not an issue of race,it is a state of mind that has no boundary.

    Anything that is paid for by the government under contract is a cashcow and if it's for the disabled the profits are just disgusting as is the waste. The privately run homes which I checked out ranged from disgusting to very good and sadly the best one of two that I found and used is an hours travel away and it's Sikh owned and cannot be faulted at all. Most of the others were just factories for disposal of the elderly but the bottom line is that they all make good profits. The only thing that appears to close them when they are really bad is the 'medical inspectorate', can't remember the body but it shut a 'specialist home' which I was hoping to use.

    True. The older I get the more I see in my friends the need to have a communal, accessible, legal rehabilitation camp/park up commune.

    If Ten property owners were to sell up and re-invest in a legal residential camp with “in-house” care facilities incuding registered or trained care/nurse staff. Equipped building constructions and facilities.

    You will need a minimum of two 'carers / nurses' per shift for moving for one bedridden hippy according to the powers that be. I had years of being told that and the only help given was one carer for 3hrs a week. Now the O/H would only get 24hrs per week from one carer and I'd have to pay / do the rest myself if she was to come home.

    Ten peeps selling up and reinvesting would need staff working for below minimum wage to survive but it's a dream to chase though. The competition for suitable properties for such a commune are the Indians who have taken over loads of nursing homes and are milking the last drop of cash from all.

    He's extremely tame from the way his handler had him on an ordinary lead in that article. Why some twunt would release such an animal beggars belief. Found this clip of him at the reserve.:hippie:

    Thanks for the offer AW,, the caravan is something that I hadn't thought of as I've been given the contents of a vintage caravan which I have yet to strip out and which has good panels (just rotten woodwork).

    I'm looking at planking from a friend, which won't be T&G or treated, alternatively reclaimed planking.

    The van beds about three foot up and open under the back and from the crap that was pressure washed off once the body was removed I want it watertight as much as possible as well as vermin proof.

    AW nearly all camper conversions on vans are sealed floors, my Master is apart from the fridge / battery vents. That "hygienic cladding" looks just the job and a good price.

    I was looking at Dibond (ally sided plastic sandwich) but it's dear and then there's the ally v steel reaction.

    I'll have a closer look at the cladding. :hippie: