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    I know it's not cool to wish some fckr dead but he is an exception. He's slimy enough to beat impeachment and we will be trading with the orange twunt.

    The irish trash will kick the arse out of it and the decision could then get reversed as some of them just spoil it for all.

    Just wondering if there's a case for discrimination should I camp on public land as in my view I am entitled to be treated the same as they are no better or worse than me.............

    Some good ol boys expressing the retarded amercian ideal of bearing arms marching down the street playing soldiers..............



    To me they are sad little fcks with low IQ and part of the reason so many school kids are getting wasted all supported by their little orange god, trump or have I got it wrong and we should all dress like female orifices.

    I do like Ned tho on this one

    Wouldnt it be fantastic if every supermarket amd council and National Patk with an empty fuck off carpark at night offered overnight parking for up to 5 vans or motorhomes for a moderate fee to cover water, hookup if needed and somewhere to tip waste.If theres cctv they can see who is being a cunt.

    Thats the kind of initiatives we need to address the issue not outlawing it and pretending there is no problem.

    I like the idea BUT it would just cause a huge increase in vandwellers seeing a cheap alternative to bricks as well as the shiny white brigade taking advantage of a cheap parkup instead of using official sites. I was warned off a supermarket carpark in Glasto as they were clamping vans after the numbers increased so who would regulate it?

    The carparks are such a waste at present being empty from 2200 to 0800 and would be ideal for current peeps that is until the irish traveller shitbags spoil it.


    You can see where thing were going after The Convoy crackdown years ago and Bristol more recently. Authority just doesnt want people doing what they want.Plenty of holiday towns are stopping overnight parking on seafronts and car parks,same in National Parks.

    NC, the convoys were fuckups in the face of the working man and the powers that be and Bristol was taking the piss. If the convoys were low key and better organised then maybe there'd been a better outcome and better acceptence, the media coverage made the most of muppets saying ' we're waiting for our giros' and diesel to move on. Bristol from pics looked to the public to be a ghetto decending into suburbia, too many peeps all in one place and it only needs the papers to say they're shitting in peoples gardens and public anger is then aroused causing calls for their removal.

    It really pisses me off to find an empty park-up then to have neighbours decend on my bumper. Nobody is going to take much notice of an old 'camper' on it's own no matter how scruffy it looks if it't parked for one night. (The peeps in their so called 'stealth' vans have no idea how much they stand out in the rural. A parked up van in the sticks is usually thought of as a 'gyp' on the rob.)

    Too many vehicles especially together, cunts leaving rubbish and shit / toilet paper in laybys (regular occurrences nowadays) is what kills it without media coverage to entice more and will just bring more barriers, more regulation and more hate.

    It's democracy trying to get free but as in a lot of countries those in power are afraid of it. Subjugation through fake religious brainwashing will take many decades to eradicate if ever.

    Let's face it they will never be free and they will never be homeless,poor,live in a damp bedsit or work in some dead end job for a minimum wage,so let's not feel too sorry for the poor little rich kids!

    Given a choice between anonimity living in a damp bedsit where nobody knows who he is and being a prince, I think he'd he'd swop tomorrow and would go on to make something of himself instead of sitting there festering.

    Used to have occaisional jealous thoughts of the direct line royal offspring and their lifestyle but in reality I know that I couldn't hack the pressure they're under, stuck in an armoured goldfish bowl and being monitored 24/7 whether he wants it or not with a salacious shitty public fed by a gutterpress, waiting on his every fart. That to me is a living hell.

    I'm stuck with Liz and support her (especially on printed plastic or coin) and immediate line of succession, the rest especially pedo Andy can fuck right off but this little ginger bstard has gained my admiration to an extent and it's a shame that 'Hewitt Jnr' isn't next in line and not because he hasn't got that cheesey 'I wanna punch you in the mouth' smile but because IMHO he appears to have that certain something, a charisma that is needed in a head of state.

    Don't know if there's a connection to the downed plane, just hope not, but it's odd for one to fall out of the sky at the same time Iran kicks off. First thoughts were a USA cock-up taking out an innocent aircraft but they're all lying bstards of the first order so we'll never know.

    Among the dead are - '' 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians - including all of the crew, 10 Swedes, four Afghans and three Germans,''

    Well it's started, sort of. Iran foreign minister says it was in defence and they don't want things to escalate..............

    The president is the commander in chief and with his 'selected' aides has initial ultimate power. Whoever is playing chess will just sit back in their little fortresses while the world burns. Princip, a nobody, triggered WW1 but a president taking out a seriously high commander in someone elses homeland is never going to be forgiven and him threatening to hit cultural targets if Iran does try anything is just going to inflame all muslims.



    Iran is about the fifth largest oil producer in the world or so I read some time back. Just wondering if that has a bearing on the matter as Iraq was a high producer too and they only had weapons of mass destruction as well as a stable tyrant until the west fckd up the balance of power.

    Spent last night on their carpark as the field was a bog. Pissed off as cheffy was doing cheesy chips and fckd off just before I tried to order some :wall::wall::wall:. Only complaint about the place was they had some good music but too fn loud too enjoy it happily, maybe I'm getting old but if it's good why the f does it need to make your ears bleed.

    I had tried to park on the Sanctury but it had seven traveller vans there and will sooner or later be barriered thanks to their fn selfishness, useless cnts. One or two won't get attention but that many will!

    It's not going to go away in our lifetime now he's done what he's done. I was sat on top of Dartmoor when it came on the radio. I can't believe that the orange cunt would slot a target in Iraq of all places. That bit didn't sink in at first but the Iraqis are now really justifiably pissed off and want every yank out of Iraq.

    More to the point every terrorist arsehole and a shedload of the muslim world who really didn't give a fuck before and were quite happy to live quietly now have a reason to band together and start WW3.

    We will now be dragged into the pending shitstorm and more British blood will be spilt.

    Blair has a lot to answer for.

    It's time the dishonours list was scrapped. There are a few worthy peeps given MBEs and OBEs for outstanding community work but ffs how does some tv cooks who's on mega salary qualify. Anybody can be put forward for an award BUT it's the fn wheeltappers and shunters who flop out one tit and show one leg who get the most or high-up arseholes thanking their cronies, it's not what you know............ A friend who's way up in that club got an MBE and he's done SFA except crawl up the ladder.

    Being made a fn lord does that mean that the twunts are all now eligble to sit in the house of lords, unelected making decisions on laws, get paid £300 + for just showing their greasy face and get subsidised nosh in their canteen at our expense or am I being fn cynical.


    Anti-Brexit barrister kills a FOX with a baseball bat 'while wearing his wife's satin kimono', sparking row with animal rights activists

    • Jolyon Maugham QC claimed he killed a fox with a baseball bat on Boxing Day
    • Mr Maugham said he 'dispatched' the animal wearing his wife's satin kimono
    • The fox got caught in netting around the chickens in his central London garden

    A top barrister has apologised after revealing he killed a fox with a baseball bat this morning.

    Jolyon Maugham QC, known for fighting a series of legal cases against Brexit, revealed that he 'dispatched' the animal the day after Christmas in his central London garden wearing his wife's satin kimono.

    He said he bought the baseball bat to 'discourage intruders' but ended up using it to kill the fox caught in the protective netting around his chickens - who were left 'a little anxious but otherwise well'.

    Mr Maugham, an outspoken remain-backing lawyer and occasional newspaper columnist, tweeted: 'Already this morning I have killed a fox with a baseball bat. How's your Boxing Day going?'

    Social media users were divided as to whether Mr Maugham's response was appropriate, with some finding the post amusing and others branding it 'vile'.…led-FOX-baseball-bat.html

    He proudly announced it on Twitter. I just hope some wackjob does the same to him, twunt.

    It's stopped raining for the time being and the suns out and surprise surprise the world hasn't come to an end and one can just hope that we've a better future for this country but at the same time we must not forget climate change.

    Religion and politics are the two biggest fuckups ever devised and turn decent loving folk into whining subsurvient tossers who just want more. I just want a unicorn.

    Dont think thats any great surprise. I think the only question on Tory majority is the size and the unbearable smugness and extreme policies theyll be pushing on us.

    I'm well pissed off with the twaddle talked on the election wankers program but fek me. Blythe Valley, labour since 1950, mining lot, gone blue. Is this the start of a new world and have I missed something.

    Voting broke out and the whole fkin lot of em cried “WOLF”.
    What were the elections like when you were young.

    "You called". I'm fucking pissed off with this election and glad it's only got 24hrs before we hear who the latest fuck-up is to infest No 10.

    Just wish a plague of biblical proportions would wipe out the fn yanks and ruskies and that we'd go back to the old fashioned UK ways of voting. No head to head in the retarded yank style, only watched briefly as I thought that that fucked up twink Corbyn was going to blow that twunt Boris and not a bit of cunnilingus insight. They are all scum whoring themselves in front of a stupid salacious public choreographed by a lowlife media system and I can't fn spell at this time of night.

    I will withdraw gracefully back to my cave with the view that whoever is in power will just fuck us over and bollocks to them all.

    I tend to ignore most news except headlines but missed this outbreak which has killed 64 with 54 deaths among children aged four or younger. Did anyone see it on tv or hear about it because I didn't until now?

    Samoa may be in the arse-end of nowhere on this planet but some twat in the USA shoots three peeps or Trump farts and it's headline news yet this death-toll goes unnoticed unless I've missed it.

    On top of that it's pertinent to our country with folks refusing the vaccine and that the WHO has stripped the UK of it's measles free status. I can remember having it as a kid and it was evil along with mumps.

    Innocent until proven guilty is correct Marshy BUT there are two laws in this country, one for the likes of celebs whether royal or actors and one for the common man like you and me .

    It's only when enough 'nobodys' stand up and peeps like us question whether there's fire as the rooms full of smoke does the powers that be extract their fingers and try to carry out the letter of our law so that justice can be at least seen to have done. Salmond was looked at by his own but walked away with £500k costs as he beat the system first time around.

    Saville, Harris and many more high profile peeps took a long long time to nail and had many high profile friends trying to protect them until the truth was clearly seen and they made a shrewd withdrawal.

    Trump is as corrupt as they come but he'll most likely die before they impeach him due to many barriers being put in the way of justice.

    It'll be the same with Andrew who cannot remember having that photo taken. The movements of the senior Royals are known at all times (Court lists or something similar) and recorded yet no records have been produced which would exonerate him.

    Trial by media is wrong unless it's the only way to finally obtain some justice.

    I support Liz, Phil is good for a laugh as he's still living in the past and the twunts lost his no-claims and Harry shows promise as he's a bstard and deffo not a Windsor. The rest are just hangers on. As for Andrew 'can't remmeber holding a blonde girl' as per photo, guilty as sin.

    If he'd got any decency he'd do the right thing and commit harikari and save us £250k / year.