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    I hate to rain on the parade, but GMO's are produced for one reason only and that is to make profits for the companies that produce them. Never mind fish genes, the biggest problem with them is that peasant farmers are being coerced into absolute dependency on foreign companies who will ream them so hard that they can barely survive. Already, there are laws being passed to prevent farmers saving their own seed, under some pretext or other, and with intense lobbying from the monsantos of this world. Buy gm seed from monsanto and you then spray it with round up, also from monsanto etc, and if you don't, your crop will fail. This is the exact opposite of all the work that has been done in the developing world promoting resilience among small farmers. The UN FAO has even come out and said that if we want to feed the world, then we need a massive increase in small farmers, in the uk context they would mean smallholders. If you wanted greater yields in Britain, simply split the hundreds of 1000 acre plus farms into tens of thousands of small holdings and you would have no need of gm crops in the first place. As for cholera, don't make me laugh, it's typically spread by infected water supplies, not from vegetables. If in doubt, wash your crops in clean water before you eat them. I spent over twenty years living in the tropics eating food from god knows where and I never got cholera and only had a bad dose of the trots a couple of times, which is what you'd expect in England with all our lovely plastic wrapped supermarket shit. As for the fish thing, I remember back in about 1985 seeing an article in Time magazine where they'd spliced a gene from a glow worm into a tobacco plant and made it glow in the dark. They were doing it to enable them to study the plant better, but the bigger problem is that we start splicing things and they end up going wild, cross pollinating and we end up with some really nasty weeds. Apparently most corn is now contaminated with gm genes by natural cross pollination. That's going to make it much harder to maintain pure seed stocks for hybridization or heritage seeds that need to be kept in case things go wrong and disease wipes out our latest super duper varieties. I have twenty five years experience of tropical farming and I can tell you that if you give a rats arse you should be very worried about gmo's in the food chain.
    Rant over!

    Well said.

    Some are ,especially if ur of use to them,
    I've been friends with and worked for a farmer for years n he says I can park anywhere I want on his land n do as I please.

    I got carpentry skills. So all i got to do when we hit the road is find a farmer in need of said skills.

    As Beardymark says...IF u r of use, and you get a good rep, but god help u if u fuggup.......Farmers may seem to be 'out-of-the-loop' but I remember working on the farm one tuesday, and having a little trouble ( didnt see oil light due to the dust n crap) n siezed up a really not cheap piece of machinery, I was at the Market the next day.......guess how many people knew? Yup.EVERYONE! so...if u r will be ok, but if a Farmer trusts ya, do not, take it lightly......

    Well im a good chippie. So hopefully i can use that skill to impress and see if i can make some farmer friends.

    See. Im thinking of going on the road with family. We have the chance to rent house out. I am a carpenter so can get weeks here and there with agencies when moneys tight. But how on earth do you get friendly with farmers and make contacts to stay in cheaper fields. There should be a page set up with details for cheaper campsites or fields to stay in the uk between us hippies

    I kind of think. The new 5 pound note takes you away from nature just that little bit more. The old ones actually felt like paper to a degree. The new ones feel stranger than plastic. With the digital age upon us anything connecting us with the touch of nature is a bonus. Sorry if i sound like a hippy. .... oh wait. Thats what im here for.

    Sounds awesome fire tree.
    My family and i hope to do the same.
    Can i ask how you go about finding a place to rent a bit of land like that. And what sort of costs you are looking at.
    No worries if this is too intrusive a questioning. I am just gaining info before i uproot the wife and kids
    Thanks for your time
    Peace and love.