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    I went down the cheap route. £300 transit with less than 100k. It needed welding and probably will for every future MOT but parts are cheap. I'm just about to do the front brakes. New disks & pads £50.

    I've been back in a stationary brick house for 3 weeks nearly. Living in a van worked for me working shifts because I had a 2 shift pattern and two different areas I parked up. So I was there one week gone the next. Even so I had 5 or 6 park ups in each area anf randomly used them. I have parked in residential streets but I snore and knowing I'm not a quiet sleeper I struggled to settle those nights. I often used laybys like the truckers. I parked up on industrial estates although my old transit looked suspicious there.

    The times I have been bothered by the police I have been polite and upfront about my living arangements. I even had one shake my hand and wish me luck. It really does come down to act like a dick get treat like a dick.

    I've no idea whats in that area but I was in Lincoln a couple of months ago for 2 weeks on a course. So it made sense for me to stay there than drive there and back daily.

    I am pretty comfortable sleeping in laybys on A roads if its separated from the main carriageway with an island. I was advised by police when they stopped by once to have a red night light on the back just for extra visibility.

    My van is windows but has sky light and solar panels. My thinking is people expect someone to be in the vehicle. Even overnight. Park near truckers and use a different one each night.

    I have a set of bluetooth speakers that run off a 15v wall adapter.

    They work fine on 12v in the van. Prob lose some top end volume but its a small van so it doent really matter.

    Did you find guitar relatively easy?

    I found guitar tricky. I think maybe its the teaching style of teachers I've had. Its pretty much pick a song and learn that when I'm finding I learn more learning some theory as well.

    Ukulele chords are simpler and you'll probably be playing tunes quicker. Its great when you can play along to a song on a video or just audio.

    I've never heard of it described as Hell's, Devils or suicide itch but I suffer that or something similar.

    Its happened maybe 3 times in my life. My face arms and legs brown off. But if I show my back shoulders to the sun for even 10- 20mins I'm done. For 2-3 days I will have a prickling stabbing sensation all over my back and shoulders. There wont even be a sign of sunburn.

    The only way I can describe my reaction is that of Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk.

    The last time it happened about 4 years ago I found sitting in the bath with a cool shower trickling over my back soothing but nothing stopped it. If the water stopped the attack flared up.

    I wont take my t-shirt off in the sun anymore. Its just not worth it. I do rock the t-shirt tan though 😎

    I'm on the ferry to ireland on Thursday for the week. The first few days will be in Kilkenny. Has anyone got any advice tips on free stop overs down that way.

    The last few days are visiting family so thats sorted.

    Well out of curiosity I decided to drive through in my shiny new work van.

    It looked like the first suggestion. Nothing more than "market research" check point. One lone copper with a bunch of unmarked cars and people in Hi Viz with clipboards. Didnt get stopped.

    What are these census points set up on major roads? One has just been set up in one of my overnight spots which is no problem because I've used it for this week but are they a vehicle inspection point etc or a survey or something. A survey being my understanding of a census.

    Either way I'm going to avoid that road for a few days.

    Had no internet for days just catching up before finally driving home after driving the support vehicle for a yorkshire 3 peaks challenge event. Which ended up being a bit of a disaster.

    Yep pretty windy in Hull. Van is getting battered and my skylight waterproofing is getting a good test. And its passed so far.

    I like it when it rains. I dont need to sneak around my van as everyone walks with their heads down 😊

    Wire up either an old indicator, bright led or something in the back of your van. Light on when you get in the back = lights on.

    Thats a good idea mate. Cheers.

    I was thinking what I could do.

    LED's in your sidelights might have just saved your bacon, Nick........just a thought.

    Maybe. But my headlights where left on. The power hungry filament lamps they are! Greedy 😂😂

    Ah well live and learn.

    Hmmmmm I'm sure you won't do that a lights left on buzzer, easy to do

    My van has a lights left on buzzer when I open the door. But last night I climbed into the back without leaving the van.

    House battery is pretty dead to. Just waiting for breakdown to jump it off. Poor drills and admin. Not looking after my house battery ha.

    Currently seeing if my split charge connection will charge my starter.

    Draw back of a pass through cab. The alarm doesnt sound to tell you you left the lights on.

    In the words of homer simpson "dough!"

    I've decided to cut a big hole in the roof of the van. Extraction fan just not doing it so time for an opening sky light.

    I would love a piece of land to park up every night.

    8 months ago I decided to move into my van. I was at my lowest. Wel actually I had just passed my lowest on my way back up but didnt realise at the time. I got myself into a situation of pretty much being homeless.i was like this for 2 years. I couldnt afford to get anywhere. Couldnt afford to live with my girlfriend and that broke down. I had to get out of a business lease and didnt need the stress of trying to pay rent.

    I fixed out my old transit whilst working on agency. I landed a full time job. Got out of my business lease. I was just about to go full nomad but I have started the best job (pay and conditions wise) i've ever had so stayed local. And to be honest I would of missed my nieces and nephew. I am at the best place I've been in years.

    Right now I dont want to live in a house. Funnily enough I've just had a drink with my ex tonight. Who knows what could happen there.

    For me it was the best decision I made in a long time. It hasnt taken me much adjusting really on previous living conditions.. its an upgrade.

    You'd be right not to jump into it but even if you did it for 6 months. A year maybe it would be a big boost to your finances. And not having to find a parkup nightly will only make it easier.

    Ultimately its up to you and I can only share my experiences.

    Got off work early. So after blowing my 12v computer charger last night (connected 12v socket the wrong way) I've decided to get a cheap inverter. Just to charge electronics rather than run them.

    I'm not i london and this isnt a van story but when the taxation for new vehicles was changing in April a lad at my previous job was all set to take his car to the scrap yard. He said he couldnt afford the new tax so wasnt worth it. It had just passed an MOT I believe as well.

    Just an example of panicking and not understanding the changes.

    A couple more weeks training in telecoms I may of been able to help.

    I've done my repairs. Sacked off the tidying. Gonna watch some tell and learn somemore Ukulele

    I've checked into the local campsite. Couple of little repairs needed on my van interior and a good tidy round in order after a few weeks out of town. I'm terrible at house keeping.