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    You chose to judge people from your Cosy pulpit wiz. You took a few statements made in light hearted jest, Even if it annoyed you that some of us still find goats milk shit in tea and have hilarioushorrendous goat milking memories. I’ve not heard anyone on here moan in a selfish serious way, about hardship. Many have been more than generous with their support and advice for others. You and I have no idea how members are getting by as individuals, Young'ns or old timers. I know what it’s like to live out of shop bins for months. Hold in a drug habit and still find enough special brew to keep the mind wolves at bay each day, while bringing up a kid, three dogs and two horses. When we can’t drive, we walk to scrounge our needs, when we can’t walk, we crawl. When we can’t crawl, we are fked and go without. You jump on your bike and “pic” the local shop before anyone inconveniences your day. Glad you still can. My mates daughter is ill, I was asked if I could pick up her antibiotics from the chemist today in the nearest/serviced village. I drove by the only small supermarket in 5 miles, The cue was still down the street. Turns out, the locals are cueing up at that local coop upto two hours before it opens, just to buy milk and fresh bread for their families and it’s like that until they run out of essentials milk/bread etc.

    Two things us fire flickers didn’t envisage back then. Disabilities in middle age and the persistent state control tearing down our homesteading dreams at the point of sustainability.

    Now let’s all love the life you live, live the like you love, while it’s still plain sailing and available.

    I just found it bizarre that long term resilient hardy folk that have lived through tough times like living on the road has been are flapping about not having milk for a few days, some hardship that is.

    And for your information after you've judged, I always go up the village that early on my push bike, like I've been doing over the last 3 years since I been where I am, reason being, I got stuff to do during the day, it means I can get a full uninterrupted day in my workshop without having to go out during the day, same if I drive to a supermarket to do a main shop, I'm down there by 7 a.m so I can get back and get on with my day. When I'm done with working or cant work any more, then I also might be able enjoy the luxury of being able to go to the shops whenever I feel like it at any time during the day and have the time to queue for three hours, even when thee isnt a pandemic, I havent got the time to battle with the masses jostling through the ailes so I always go early to free up time to get on with more important stuff. I call that being efficient and organised, got nothing to do with getting the pick of the shop, they dont do the daily restock till mid morning each day in the village store so there's no prime pick to be had that's for sure. I havent had a loaf of bread for three days, so what, dont see me whinging about that and I havent got the luxury of having all day to drive 15 miles to find a loaf, I wont starve and if there was 1 loaf left on the shelf in the village I would leave it there as there is elderly folk in the village who would need it more than me.

    people always wanted milk on site apart from the vegans, summer always had to be powdered and even that went off.

    Steely resolve of folk in the old days , indeed yes , a steely resolve to sit in the dole office till you got your giro.

    There was steely resolve, not everyone sat in the dole office but most had to at some point, I worked my way through, always have done with the view to get shit together and do something positive in life and stand on own two feet to live this way, the lunch out scenario wasnt an option for me and countless others. I've lived this life to create something better that suited me as the main stream option didnt suit me rather than escape a shit life in the mainstream.

    Here's a thjing going back over a few decades that I and others should remember all too well, its part involved with me seeing and thinking lately what has happened to the steely resolve of travellers, hippies and alternative types regarding what was seen as the useful ability and strength to be able adapt and change to deal with whatever came along, and we had it in bucket loads. I and countless most others knew how to go without when dole money didnt show or work ran dry, we knew how to get through in times of hardship when it hit our truck, bus and trailer doors, I'm seeing all that has shrunk away from chunks of the fraternity

    This leads onto my clear memories, and in part adding to why I wrote the previous post earlier, never any offence intended, my thoughts and opinions, we are allowed them, and it's this ---- over the decades from back in the day, I was there, as was everyone else was who was there and has been since, sat round the collective fires and in others vehicles, benders, tee pee's etc at free festivals and on site, now tell me, what was a favourite topic of conversation, yes you may have got it, it being this, the collapse of the state and society by whatever means, what would be the reaction by government, how would the public react amd behaved , and what would us, the great unwashed brigands of the land who all felt we could go it alone without a state ruling us, we were having a go by dropping out of society anyway. I remember countless upon countless reams of this topic of conversation and all sorts of folk had a contingency plan of sorts, some didnt but we all had ideas we threw out there as to what we would do or try if the shit hit the fan while this topic was being chewed over round the collective fires, no one can tell me these conversations didnt happen, all us old skoolers will have chatted and debated this much over the years,mI know you will have as I wasnt talking to myself all these years

    And now, some shit has actually hit the fan, of which we all collectively have talked about over the years which it could have been many things to cause a turn of events, but I am seeing people in the traveller community, hippies and alternative folk flapping like the masses, hence I have had to ask myself what has happened to the steely resolve we all felt we had to be able to adapt and change and deal with whatever came along. I can feel it, and I know there will be plenty of folk out their feeling that their life choice and life style is paying off a bit. I do not see this as a case of them and us like on the prodigy album cover, we're all in this together but I have been caught surprised by the reaction of folk that I thought had more steely resolve to do better than flap and get in panicked state. So this is the truth of the matter of what I've seen and heard over the last week. I've seen hardened hippies living on the land shitting themselves and they got no reason to as they live in social isolation by choice 52 weeks of every year anyway. One lady was quite relieved as her fella had started washing his hands regularly after what she described as the last 15 years, I was amused at that.

    Oh yes that powerful hydro weed full of chemicals will send me into a bout of fear and panic like you Wiz, organic weed and nice hash has the opposite effect. It's quite hard to stop the fear once it starts and controlled breathing helps but mostly you just have to ride it out.

    A lot of the inital panic fear feeling in the hydro weed is down to it being too fresh when folk smoke it. As it goes, if you stash some in an airtight bag and in a container and seal it up and store it in a dark cool place for anything over 6 months then you will find the terpine compounds and the many other compunds mellow and change to what will become what it should be. I got a bit like that which has been stashed for over 8 months, and now with a littkle sprinkle, I get that old skool happy giggly head high which is what I look for. when done like this it mellows like a decent mature cheddar, but folk dont do that, they go and score and smoke it too fresh and after a couple weeks of the initial dry and when it is like that it is still not propely dry. good hash should be stashed for a few months after being made as well as there is compound changes go on that make for a much better smoke into what it should be, fresh made solid can bring on a panicky thing as well. Let it mellow for a good while and you will have a different thing, it's same as wine and whiskey really.

    I had to have time off here as to be honest I got a tad bored of the constant oh we're all doomed and there's no milk left on the shelves. several years ago it was rare to see a hippy or alternative type wanting milk, cant get over that I've read so many here want milk. I cant stand the stuff so everyone else is welcome to my share.

    It seems the masses have calmed down a bit from the stupid panic buying although there is plenty of arse hats going out for jollies with freinds and rellies at the beaches and parks around the country, well, in a minute that is only going to bring on a more severe lock down.

    Now we're two weeks into it, given my life choice and ways nothing has changed, its life as standard and havent really noticed it as I live away from folk, rural setting with no neighbours, the village shops are business as usual but with common sense precautions but I have been going up on my push bike before 7 a.m to get bread and veg etc before they get a queue forming. My workshop door is 5 yards from my truck door so no travelling to work unecessarily issues. Ther are extra positves which should be highlighted in anyones life to cancel out any of the impending doom feelings folk are feeling, and that is the extra noticeable hush, although it's pretty quiet where I am, its now been noticeably quieter again which I have been revelling in, the last two days have been utter bliss as for two whole days I did not hear one human made noise, the far distant low hum from the main road was non existant, no train from the local line that runs down the side of the village, no tractors, so have been in utter bliss, it has been a case of virus, what virus, been sat out in the sun reading my current book, having a smoke and revelling in listening to silence, you can actually hear silence if your practiced, it's beautiful, but to be able to truly listen to silence there has to be no man made noise.

    Wiz, I think you said somewhere your rent is £10 a week? I can do roadside in summer and costs are low but in winter my overheads are in the region of £80 and upwards I agree £94 is an amount easily lived on, unfortunately when I started my business I ran up some credit card debt and there is interest to pay. And if I have to pay site fees £94 is gobbled up almost instantly. Plus VED, insurance, diesel, MOT, repairs.

    But what I was really on about was that employed people would get paid 80% of their wages to to £2.5k while we got £94. It seemed somewhat inequitable. That was my point. However it's changed now and govt will give us 80% of average earnings over last three years. So that is good, feels fairer. 😀

    Yes my ground rent for my park up inc leccy hook up is that Millie but there is a reason for it, I do keep an eye on the place as the owners do not live round here, having someone here is in their interest especially as no one is around at night time. I know some freinds who pay £90 a week for a long term park up on a caravan site plus they have to feed the leccy meter but one of them is a high earner so can afford it, I couldnt. I just cant get my head around paying that much cash for a park up. Farms have always been a freindly resource over the years where have been able to do a few hours in exchange for and when seasonal picking work was on then park up's were provided but in very recent years I needed somewhere to reside in one place. Where I have been able to save over time for emergency situations and later on a small pension fund hopefully rather than having to fill someone elses pocket in extorionate fee's/rent to live somewhere I have a safety net which yes, I feel blessed for it but have worked blood sweat and tears for, I dont need the virus wage funds and to be honest, I think I would not apply for it as debt is like inviting Satan into my life and I refuse to do debt in any shape or form if ever I can help it, this emergency fund isnt going to be free gratis, but from what I have heard, pay back is interest free. It is right the Government should be putting this money out for folk to tide them over, after all, without a nation of worker ants, their privilaged life would be nothing like it is.

    What else can they do though, it is sensible to stop people driving out of cities and holing up and they wouldnt know f they are potential spreaders unless they were tested. A good mate of mine is a warden and lives in his trailer full time on site on a usually summer busy, occasional winter caravan and camping field, his boss has been turning people away saying they are closed a week ago as they were getting flooded with people booking to find somehwere to hole up away from towns and cities, they didnt want anyone breaking out in symptoms after they arrived and not being able to leave and infecting others so they closed the gate as precautions as they live there.

    These are the measures needed across the land for damage limitation and prevent spread where possible. Maybe people who are already on caravan stes will be able to stay, they never said anything about the sites have to evict already sited people, maybe have a go a ringing regular places you've used asking if you can creep on for the duration as you have nowhere to go.

    It doesn't seem fair does it? I will only get £94.50 / week. Luckily as has been said elsewhere us boat / truck / treehouse * dwellers live simply anyway but still it isn't really fair.

    How about the Universal Basic Payment idea? We all get £150 / week.

    * Other forms of accommodation are available.

    Only £94.50 blimey, I live damn well on that, I wish I was earning more to be able to say only £94.50 a week. I'm self employed running my own little business and the end of year figure after expenses can be around £3 - £4 K, last two years it showed a loss on paper, I do get working tax credit of which has been a life line to keep me bobbing along. I have been frugal and have made a regular saving over time so can survive for a year or so without work, £94.50 a week living in my truck, I feel I'm doing alright on that.

    I dont play computor games as have far better things to do, but lets have a light hearted laugh, here's a game based on sorry I havent a clue on Radio 4,

    Pick a name of a film and replace one word or part of the film name with ' Toilet roll '

    It goes like this ------

    Raiders of the lost toilet roll

    Alice through the toilet roll


    Thankfully it is business as usual for me in my harness work. Have checked suppliers and have what I need in stock for all of my orders over the next 6-8 months. Mmm, if this hits fuel and that gets rationed, horses are awlays in the side lines ready to go, I know just about all the people in the land who own and work plough / field work / road delivery capable heavy horses. Over the years I have kept a safety net going so if I didnt have any paid work for a year I'd survive without work, I deserve some time off so would sit back and potter and stay safe but I would aslo quite happily go do a couple of days a week picking/field work in exchange for a park up and a supply of veg

    Hopefully in the aftermath of all this many will realise they have been indoctrinated into a narrowing trap of dependency and globalist hands constantly emptying their pockets leaving little or nothing to have quality of life.

    Probably not though.

    Poor sheeple, don't even have the good fortune to get a decent shepherd.

    Yes with you there on that one losingbaggage. we who live on the cheap (sensible) side of life in vehicles or boats with no huge rent or mortages and are not engrained into a system that is corrupt and is designed to feed the rich while lower classes have to slog their guts out for far less have been lambasted over the years, it probably seems like quite the viable option now being so a virus has come in and shown everyone how fragile and weak the system they so rely on is because it really doesnt take much for it to start cracking at the seams rather badly.

    Mc nasty donalds has announced it is closing down all outlets wholesale tonight, thye say they are doing for the safety of workers and customers, if they were really concerned they would have shut a week or so ago to rally help prevent spread. anyway, imagine what the greasy feeders who guzzle this crap into them are going to go through, they will be going through withdrawal sysmptoms as shite fast food which is high carb sugar chain quick realease energy food is addicitive and anything someone stops that has addctive qualities will provide withdrawal symptoms, god forbid they might start feeling and looking more healthy.

    Mmmmmm interesting times isnt just the title of a Terry Pratchett book. In many discussions across two forums with folk of our olk has always said when the shit hits the fan in varying degress, we all know what scnraio's will occur across the nation. No matter what, if it is a sizeable event, panic and fear will always raise it's head in people. Go back a fw thousand years, this human instinct made up the survival instincts within us. Those instincts are still there as an undercurrent but modern humans live in a modern society where we work for money to then buy what you need to survive rather than hunt and gather or humans a bit later self sufficency when agriculture was taking shape. These human traits in modern time where people rely on outside forces to stock shelves etc so food can be bought is now being treated like a form of hunter gathering, there's food there, get ot while you can, a hunter gatherer would see a boar and get the urge to get it while he could because he had no surety when he was going to see a catchable boar again, modern humans are panic buying but running on the same kind of instincts Mr early human boar hunter was. This human instinct can and does go as far as fuck everyone else while hauling their food in and will fight to protect it.. Sitting back in my rural non neighboured park up I am looking in and seeing all this going on.

    Although it affecs us all, but because I live quiet away from others and certainly away from the main stream by choice, it feels like I am on the periphery looking in at how the masses are behaving and treating this, for the most part I understand why as it is based on fear instincts but it is vile to see the food and supplies grabbing. humans should no better than to do that and I do feel that the suoermarkets should have put a lid on it before they did, they had every chance as it was happening under their noses. for this to stop spreading, people will need managing as they have proved they are not capable of enforcing social distancing and lock down fully. I spoke to a mate today, him and his partner have still been going out eating etc as many people are with pubs etc still open. Life in a vehicle tucked way for many years put us in good practice as I live like that anyway by choice, what the masses call lock down is not far off daily life. Not being engrained in main stream society does put a different slant on life. I have my usual food shop in from Sunday just gone, will be able to eek out a week and a half I would have thought then I will have to do another normal sized food shop, hopefully people will have got a grip on things, realise they have been selfish greedy fuckwits and it will have calmed down with suppliers still delivering and sensible shopping practices implemented by the shops to ensure that there is fairness which will curb the fear people have that there will never be stocked shelves again.

    Regardoing the government. About 5.15 I had radio 4 on and Boris and the chancellor were reeling out the latest measures regarding businesses and jobs and I will say fair play to them. Today they have announced massive measures to cover the cost of wages while businesses close so folk are not sacked and left with no income backed with grants for all businesses and they are putting long delays on tax bills and the quarterly VAT bills being paid. Taxes and loans etc will have to be paid back, no interest is being set, interest was at 6 months but they have set it than it doesnt have to be paid for 12 month's. they have upped and extended working tax credits and have opened it up so it is available to many more people while this is going on but they have to really step up if they want the current modern system to survive and at least they have seemed to have recognised that and have delivered some quite extraordinary packages to see the country through, thye said it will take a few weeks to get it going as they are having to draught it as thry speak as no contingnency plans are there to implement immediately. It's massive task but if they stick to their word and deliver what they announced then its going to be a real life line for folk.

    ''Who else is happy they have a stash of THC laden smokeables to see you through''

    I got 12 weeks worth if I stick at half oz per week , but getting through the munchies will be a right bastard .....

    Yep I wont have to worry for over a year on that front, plus I bought 3 packs of 10 duty free baccy when I came back form euro festivals end of last summer, still got nearly two packs left, that will last me into next winter if I slim the rollies up. I wonder oif tesco's will sell me a full box of rizlas lol Got party goody stash enough to have self isolating solo personal festivals in my truck for when I fel the need to let loose and turn the tunes up and dance. Being so a lot of folk will be on self iso, I bet the supply chain of the various consumables and sniffables in towns and city's will be on boom time sales, letter box deliveries, push your notes out and catch the bag as it gets posted in, erm hopefully.

    Sit back and have a phat spliff or a drink, employ common sense and dont let panic and fear take you over so you cant think sensibly and rationally, why be like everyone else. I thought alternative types, travellers and hippy's were supposed to be the together ones who can turn their hand to face all sorts of emergencies and life tipping events, well, I wont say how wrong I was but a lot of folks within the tribes are not as resilient as they make out since this has started. I bet those who are fortuante enough to own land and are more or less self sufficient are wetting their finger and drawing a vertical imaginary line in the air and I wouldnt knock them for that little act of smug if they did.

    Yep, agree with Paul here, we've had it coming for along while, and given the way the modern scientific world has labs the specialise in viruses etc, you know by that they work on developing, experimenting and wrking on vaccines on things they discover. Things like corona do not just miraculously appear as if by magic.

    Fear and panic has hit the nation and it isnt down to the virus per se being abroad, it's down to folk shitting it about the everyday life that they are accustomed to that is going to have to change for the immediate future and maybe longer. The vulnerable and elderly with heslth conditions would be rightly worried about the virus and it can kill them. Panic buying of food etc now isnt virus based, it's down to people seeing others who started panic buying and they are shitting it that there will be nothing left. Quote Gandhi " there is enough for everyones need but not enough for everyones greed " That sums it up nicely.

    Because businesses can and are being shiut down and folks jobs are on the line, not being able to make bill/debt payments and life to keep rolling on, for something like a virus to shut down a country, it goes to show how volatile modern life is and how close to the line of collapse at any given time and overnight is something kicks in. Complacency about something like this happening and affecting and tipping up everyday life is alive and well as corona has proved. Buckle up, we could be in for a bumpy ride. Who else is happy they have a stash of THC laden smokeables to see you through :stoner:

    A panic attack is a panic attack. Benzo's and Valium will help loads and as you say though doesnt suit everyone, but what has been clinically found,

    Ketamine is the one for trauma shocks and panic attacks. It is one of the best calmers around and it's nowhere near as harmful in medical doses as Benzo's etc and it isnt addictive like valium, folk who do valium regularly, it takes a very long time to wean off them.

    Anyways, back to what I mentioned about the paper bag job, that is really effective, to add, put some calming music on, like meditational music, low light levels, candles rather than bright leccy lights, head held low and breath in and out in deep breaths will really settle it after a bit, if they do that for minutes on end it will help if they havent acess to anyhting chemically to settle them, also having someone there helps as well, if someone is on their own with a panic attack going on, that doesnt help as the mind can run riot makng it worse. good on you sitting up till thye were more settled.

    Fear and paranoia is doing more harm at present. If folk stopped panicking and let common sense rule then it will be no worse thta thew standard flu's. My nearest neighbour is a medical expert working high up in the NHS and I help out with the horses from time to time, was chatting to her about it. It's people not employing common sense and people panicking and shitting it is going to make it worse than it needs to be.

    My nicest times I've had at the drove in post free festival days is when no one else is there. Cant be doing with all the theatrics that happens there at Solstice these days. Druidic decorated stick shaking isnt my bag and circle chanting while staring at the sky with some kind of false hope that some great event or ethereal being will drop down from above is all a bit too yoghurt weavery for my liking. Everyone has different takes on it. But yes, if one is well stocked, an empty drove will be a good place to sit it out. I dont suppose there is a tap where the old visitor center used to be.