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    I wanted to quote the above Maggi but the website is playing kooky this morning and wont quote. I do feel that in the case of the transition to meat free and what you say about dieting being tough, it has to be treated the same as an addiction. Folk having issues with food they know is bad for them hence weight issues, it is an addiction, anything that is hard to give up or change comes under addiction am sure of that.

    The demise of the convoy days was bought about by itself, it was getting way out of hand, I removed myself as didnt want to be part of something gone rotten, it's no wonder the authorities reacted the way they did. Although I can look back at old film footage and think feck they were a filthy bunch of cunts coming down on folk living on the road and it looked harsh but in reality the scene was imploding on itself.

    I am glad I was around on the scene back then, the good times were amazingly good and it was incredible what folk could achieve if we all pulled

    together. The free festivals were something to behold. There was a real sense of belonging, a real form of tribal connectedness, a real sense of brother and sister hood but in the end the attitude got worse and worse and it spiralled out of control, Castlemorton common being one of the catalysts to fuel the end, then folk drifted aborad and carried on doing the very same in Portugal and Spain much to the chagrin of the authorities there. The soundsystems went over and folk followed and partied on. I packed in vehicle life and went horsedrawn in 94 after it all came on top and the criminal justice bill was introduced in part to curb illegal raves and gatherings of 3 or more vehicles which stopped folk parking up as tribe ( safety in numbers ) which had grown to huge proportions, the parties then were fecking awesome at the time but the state didnt like it as it was messy and I can say understandably, very intrusive on the natives where ever they happened and left carnage behind at times.

    When I went horsedrawn, it was a proper wow moment, within weeks the difference in acceptance from locals and police where ever I went was vastly different, straight folk with land were offereing me park ups with grazing, where as before in a vehicle the very same people would have gladly seen me thrown to the dogs. Once I cottoned on I had gained a large level of acceptability that was it, faith in humanity restored. Yes, back in the end day's of vehicle travelling, we felt frowned upon and hated and the scene reacted in a big fuck you lot, we wanted to party and we did, but the reaction went bad, no wonder really.

    The scene in Bristol was only going to go one way, they were a messy bunch and only bought it upon themselves, a recognisable story from past times for sure that wont be tolerated ever again.

    My sentiments exactly IT. The folk here who are or were the real travellers are now on long term park ups much like myself these days, 4 years in on long term park up after many years full time on the road and it has grown to suit my needs at this point in my life. There is far more posh weekend warriors out there now and no doubt laws and accessibility etc will change accordingly because of the growing popularity.

    All very interesting stuff. Have heard quite a bit about meat free alternatives on the radio recently and to be honest, doesnt sound good, even worse so with your foray into it NomadicRT, by that I mean the pre prepared processed stuff. One guy was experimenting with vegan scampi, just why are they calling this stuff vegan scampi, vegan sausage, vegan fish and chips, vegan meat free burgers and bacon, vegan chicken nuggets. If I was going to head into a vegan way of food I certainly would not be buying food that is still named after the meat version, thats a cop out. It's all about the multi corps cashing in on what they see as a cash cow ( pun intended :reddevil: ) Also heard a food science slot about the lab grown meat, whoa no way, it's just a chemical conconction grown on a petri dish. I certainly wont be going down that road.

    Why would someone who is vegan want to eat a food product that has the texture and eatability of meat, is that seen a a transitional thing from being a meat eater to becoming a fully fledged Vegan.

    Weekend warriors with tens of thousands to splash bringing out town and city attitudes are not in for it as a real solid way of being to find an alternative to the stink and repression of modern life. To those types of posh wankers, like most else they have it's an accessory not a life.

    Like the modern eco living on the land, the likes of Mr had it all paid for Dick Strawbridge brought it to the mainsream on TV and it's made it all very expensive and much more on the radar from the authorities, whereas is was relatively cheap and do-able, if you kept your head down you could fly under the radar, it bought those who are doing it into the firing line. Those that can afford the stupid high costs of doing it legally have made those who cant and have to do it on a shoestring and needing to stay under the radar even more illegal, same goes for vehicle and boat life.

    The high rise in the number of people doing it weekend warrior vanlife style is only going to bring it even more into the attention span of law and authorities and that will only mean one thing, more regs and laws and more expense that those of us for real wont be able to comply with or afford.

    The moon has been seriously bright the last few nights culminating in a full eclipse last night, the shadow of the Earth covered the moon, it was noticeable but as she was so bright, it dimmed more than shadowed.

    And you could see the full curve of the Earth when it started and finished, so I wonder how the flat earth society explain the curve of the Earth when it's shadow is eclipsing the moon, could see it clearly, it's a fecking globe you dimwits.

    Well it seems spring has arrived, well an early false start here in the East. Since xmas day we have been having T shirt weather days. Things are sprouting and growing and the birds are singing in the hedgerows.

    Personally I couldnt give a shit but good on him if he's stuck two fingers up to the firm. There was a posh bint blathering on about on the radio just now, near the end of her gush she said about they wanted financial independance and find their own way in the world, then she said she didnt know how they would manage that, er you silly posh cow, get a fucking job like the rest of us but I expect they have got assets enough between them they probably dont need to work, I expect he will still get a stipend and Charlie boy will probably see him alright in his will when he pops his clogs.

    Growing meat from stem cells and bacteria doesnt appeal to me in the slightest. I can see why people would go for it but in my mind it falls under the banner of processed rather than natural. Me personally, I eat for health, energy and necessary vitamins and minerals to make my body perform in the way it should, that comes first, I suppose survival instincts comes first over source and ethics of food. I'm one of the lucky ones where I dont have food issues, I'm not a fussy faddy eater, dont have allergies or illnesses like diabetes derived from food , there isnt much I dont like, I dont have weight issues, I couldnt put on a stone if I tried as my metabolism is fully functioning and the chemicals in my brain that tells me I'm full is fully active.

    I cant begin to say I fully understand all of this, but what I do know is from previous excursions of poking the hornets nest in the middle east in recent timesit will unleash a backlash yet again, they are not going to lay down and take it on the chin. The yanks got all upset about 9/11 and I do feel they have just sent another invitation.

    That is one thing that is being watched closely, that being the melting of the ice caps thus weakening the salinity of the oceans, the weaker that gets then yes, things could change drastically.

    I've jump started my LT50 a few times last winter off a large 110 A/H leasuire battery I keep on a solar panel, the vans own battery had a cell on the way out so was dropping its charge quickly. I've had the leisure battery for at least 8-9 years and its still good as new even though have used it to jump start the VW. If I was to do this regularly then yes I expect it wouldnt do the leisure battery any good. I never have to over crank the VW to start it, it's always an instant start when it's got the required power to heat the plugs after 5 seconds so it wouldnt have caned the leisure battery. As an emergency back up I'd do it again.

    Poking Iran and Iraq in the eye with a sharp stick again, stupid cunts. what I cannot figure is all over the news Trump orderd this, Trump ordered that, Trump makes the big announcement that thye made a strike, what the fuck does he know about the Middle East or military strategy. I'm sick and tired of the news making out it's all Trumps doing, well they would I suppose as he is their president unfortunately. Who is it really instigating all this and making the decicions that Trump announces like it's all him FFS the orange cunt couldnt play hop scotch let alone play world warring games. Powerful people behind the scenes playing chess with the world using Trump as the mouthpiece. When Trump speaks, his mouth really does appear to be like what I imagine an actual arse hole looks like when it's trying to push a particularly stiff turd out.

    TBH I'd forgotten all about Brexit. too busy getting on with life. Been busy getting on with my adult life for the last X amount of years regardless of what politics says or does and I shall carry on doing so while I'm fit and able. And they are too busy politicking to be bothered what I'm up to and their laws and regs havent stopped me living the life I choose thus far, so Brexit, wake me up when/if it happens, I shall be carrying on getting on with my life regardless.

    I do what I can to have a care, I wont say doing my bit to save the planet as I think that statement is very futile for one person to claim they are doing. It will take most of the human race in the modern world to save the planet and that my freinds isnt going to happen any time soon.

    No matter what we do or dont, the natural cycles of the Earth going through ice ages then periods of extreme heat and drought will see us off eventually. Beofre long, there is going to be huge rafts of peoples that will be unable to live in their natural home lands due to oncoming extreme naturally occuring weather conditions and in some places around the world that is already happening. Even in the UK, it is noticeably warming, in East Anglia it's rare we get snow now where as at one time, we would be inundated with massive falls.

    I feel naturally occuring climate change due to our planets natural life is moving on further and faster towards doom than what humans are doing. We are not helping but we are not the cause. It is known we are at the end of the last ice age and that means only one thing, Ice caps and glsciers melting, rising sea levels, surface temperatures rising, desertification of once green lands, this is happening at a rapid rate in Spain. No matter what humans do to halt our activity we will not be able to stop the natural occurences that will eventually wipe out life on Earth.

    Be interesting to read how it performs. looking at the thickness of the leads on the clips, Mmmmm bit thin. My VW LT50 is a straight 6 2.4 turbo, I very much doubt it would spin that lump over without hotting those leads up. Being old skool, spare battery and heavy duty leads is my preferred. Also keeping everything maintained and topped up, havent had a need for it. The only time I've had a flat battery is when I havent used the van for a good while, but I usually take off the negative clamp when I know I wont be starting it for a week or more as the tacho can drain it after a couple of weeks.

    Thr initial point of starting this thread is not so much the pro's and con's of vegan way of living, it was to point out the fact the the very thing that vegan life is set against, that being the intensive farming of animlas are being offered vegan foods from companies that are heavily involved in the very thing vegans claim to stand against, intensive animal farming, by buying vegan food from these outlets flies in the face of the very thing they believe is wrong. To me by buying vegan food from outlets that also sell food from intensively farmed animals is somewhat hypocritical, although by living a vegan way of eating, it is not the green clean machine it is made out to be.

    I heard the news on the radio last night, about the court case in Norwich, the guy who got sacked by the league against cruel sports of who were investing their pension funds in companies involved in animal testing, mmmm thats not a very ethical choice of investment especially form an animal rights group.

    Do you mean NomadicRT, am sure he was on here recently. We missed you when you went off line from here so I understand when someone is asked about.

    We all have and do them, I feel life is a ritual. I have my list of chores on getting up, they are done in an order, not out of OCD ness, its because its the flow they work in, and each morning the flow heads towards me getting in my workshop, and the flow grows in order of getting ready to go outside. Having an order of getting the chores done like riddling the stove, emptying ash pan, going to the tap for water if needed means its done without thinking, auto pilot means my head is free'd up for more interesting thoughts and meanderings and a bit of planning further into the day.

    One daily ritual is when I've had enough of work, usually around 4.30 to 5 p.m this time of year, I always have to have a read of the current book for an hour ish, make a little smoke, hitting the settee for that read session is my switch off time to wind down the day, then after that dinner gets done. I awlays salute a magpie, done it since a kid when used to go out in the car with the Grandparents and it stuck, it seems to stem from folklore keeping ill omens at bay.
    Another thing I noticed myself doing is when driving, if I see anyone broke down, I always put my hand on my heart and send them a blessing to get sorted quick and safe.

    Whereas I think that is a well written and interesting response Paul which lots of does make complete sense to me, I can not understand why a vegan would consider boosting the profits of a huge food company that makes billions of pounds each year from the exploitation of animals !!

    However vegan take aways and quick snack shops sounds a brilliant idea and I for one would use them if I was near anywhere that had them.

    Bring on the fried dumplings ( vegan and gluten free of course ) :-)

    This is the point I was making IC, the big corps inc. Mcdonalds involved in the exploitation of animals of which is plain here that veganism is all about the animals which it is, buying vegan food from these outlets is akin to supporting their poor ethics regarding intensive animals by putting money in their till. Although it can be said to be making it more widely available as an option on the menu, it is still like going oh well, you exploit animals in intensive farming that goes against morals and ethics of being on a vegan diet but we will spend money with you. Me personally, if I was a vegan, I would not spend money in those places for that reason, it wouldnt sit well with me, I would be finding better alternatives, I dont eat fast food from these places anyway, it's just junk crap. I dont buy meat from a supermarket for that reason although organic meat is available in supermarkets.

    I heard a report on Radio 4 this morning and they were talking about the new release of vegan fast food from the high street crap food chain, Mcdonalds, KFC and Greggs are now doing this. what I cannot fathom is just why would anyone who follows a vegan diet for their own reasons go and buy vegan fast food from the massive global corps meat based fast food outlets. I'm not vegan but if I was they are the last places I would be buying a snack/meal from, I eat responsibly sourced local meat from time to time, I've never eaten a Mcdonalds in all my life, as a meat eater I still wouldnt go spending my hard earned in those places as that's akin to supporting them plus I feel what they do chiuck out as food is utter crap.

    Or do vegan folk welcome another option for an outlet to have a vegan snack/meal and would these folk feel comfortable about spending money with these fast food chains who are massively involved in intensive farming which the vegan movement is so against ?

    Well. all told, two zero one nine has been a fair good year. Usual ups and downs and bumps that you expect in life, have survived it with a smile and a generally sunny outlook so cheers 2019, bottoms up, nice to have known you :D Had a stressful time around May / June time, that was mostly my doing as cocked up delivery dates for my work, and ended up having to do 3 months work in 6 weeks to keep my promise to customers but I nailed and topped up the bank balance to healthy numbers which allows me to play hard after I've worked hard to be able to play hard amd so on, wirth this premise in mind, I had another banging year out festivalling and partying, still not got bored with it after about 35 full on summers of festivals and parties, still gunning to get on the damce floor on front of a phat sound system, so 2019 is going to culminate with what I love, am off to an all nighter full on psy trance party tonight to see in 2020 with good freinds, whoop whoop, feels a bit weird to head off for a full on party to get off my chump and dance hard and perform general shennanigans for many hours on a Tuesday night but feck it, only live once and being self employed and answerable to no fucker helps loads in this situation, I genuinely feel for the poor feckers who have to go to work on Thursday morning after a NYE party.

    After 53 years on planet Earth, over the years have gone to great length's to learn to survive the bumps and curve balls fairly well. You have to if you want to survive and get through whatever comes along. so if two zero two zero performs and plays the game then all will be well and I will say looking to the near future it's looking good. Got more work on than I can shake a stick at, got festival tickets in my vault ready for printing off nearer the time, so all in all, looking and feling good.

    A little tip, dont leave important documents, cheques etc dated thus, example 3/2/20, make sure you put and check anything is dated in full 2020 for this year only.

    Best wishes to all for a happy healthy fun, filthy, rude 2020, I'll be doing my best to make sure it is, see ya on the other side :hi::pp

    I suppose it depends on the nature of their er 'visit' of which I would be needing to know before any info was given or questions answered by myself, I'm sure they have to give a reason but as they probably have a myriad of pre recorded excuses like 'routine check' or 'reasonable suspicion' or 'been a complaint' you are then required by them to play ball as with either of these excuses they are lawful reasons for stopping or detaining someone, if you dont play ball they can then step it up to your refusal to answer questions or comply with requests like getting out of your vehicle or supplying them with name, address driving licence etc which could lead to further action to get you to comply with their requests. Every step of refusal to comply with their requests is a step nearer to being detained I suppose. I've been asked for details, who I am, what I'm doing under the pretence of them saying they stopped by just to make sure I'm ok and havent had any bother, that's been a popular excuse used to knock my door when I've been parked up wild. Usually by being nice with a smile renders the situation a pointless excersise on their behalf.

    Usually if the situation is fairly freindly I go along the lines of out on a road trip, breather from work and every day life, bit of time out etc etc rather than vehicle is home and where I'm parked up is current address. Thankfully I've never had a knock for a direct cause like I've created a crime and they are after me, making sure your one to five steps or more ahead if you have created a crime helps to avoid a purposeful visit. So usually it's been a routine how long are you stopping for, be gone in the morning type knocks. When I have stated vehicle is home it's never been an issue as I havent broken a law.

    If someone is generally nervous around police prescence then that might arouse a bit of suspicion as they are well versed in nervousness etc. At the end of the day I suppose it's down to the nature of their visit as to what way I would play it.

    Just another fucked up part of a fucked up system invented by fucked up people who don't deserve any of what they have mostly stolen from the poor. The whole system is bent & is just full of thieves & charlatans patting each other on the back as they fuck us all over some more....

    Damn straight BB67, its all part of the charade of said fucked up elitist system.

    As it goes, someone sent me the link below to read, a take on the eliteism and the construct of the current system and whereit coud be heading, as in creating a voluntary army out of the public without them knowing and given that huge swathes of the poor and working class sectors of society just voted overwhelmingly for the elite rich party this is an interesting read on psychosocial engineering, once it opens, just scroll down a bit to see the script, interesting website…ny-cycle-maslows-martyrs/

    What, more conspiracy.....?

    Maybe you already know DARPA help fund the free TOR Browser you mention being used on the dark web...?

    I wasnt thinking conspiracy, if paying a subscription, surely it's no bad thing to know where it's going and who holds your debit account details for monthly payments.

    Dont know of Darpa, I dont know jack all about these VPN's, Tor, Dark web stuff, only because I havent felt the need to have them and have nothing to hide to feel the need to use them.