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    I ended up buying an HP pavillion notebook laptop, 17 inch screen, 8 GB ram and 1 Terrabyte memory, as windows 10 can be greedy, and my music stash is vast its come in well handy having huge memory capacity and never have issues with storage. I disabled and put to sleep a lot of junk programmes I dont want that they come with from windows 10 that runs in the background, Avast pro clean up is superb for freeing up junk etc that clogs up and makes them run slower. I will say its the best laptop I've had model wise

    Maintaining sanity costs, love the ter, maintaining sanity, yep needs must at times, got to let loose and have some play time otherwise I'd implode. I've been T total from alcohol for 15 years at least now, got bored of it, that is the one drug that I felt slaughtered my body the worst. I probably get through 50 G golden virginia a fortnight so not a heavy smoker but I do enjoy my roll ups, I gasped at your 100 G a week Highwayman. I rarely do weed as I dont deal well with the brain melting high THC content it's bred with, I do like my high grades sticky charis and creams and traditional dark morrocan, usually have a couple of single skinners in the evening to chill out and read etc, dont own a TV so it is useful for self entertaining, so the cost of that is barely registerable, if I put a monetary value on it I dont suppose it costs me a fiver a week. When I came back from Europe festivalling road trip I bought 3 packs of 10 baccy, it's a bit less than half price than UK prices which is a huge saving and will last me a year at least, so I'm up to £15 a week maintaining sanity. I wont count going out to festivals or partying as thats not a weekly thing. I do succumb to a bit of class A but thats a treat when good is about so not a weekly count, probably over a year £300 twice a year which gets an eigth per £300 of marching powder, so all in all I'm low cost and cheap to maintain and I count my blessings I do not have to have prescription meds for anything. I am so glad and chuffed I do not drink booze. Ah coffee, i probably use 1 packet of Machu Pichu organic coffee a week, hey big spender, so really for me, it boils down to per year it's a grand total of £29.50 a week.

    I just dont give a shit about politicking, Brexit and all thats contained within, too busy getting on with life to have my ears turned towards it. Wont bother voting not that I can becuase I wont register to vote. Due to the way we live we are not really acceptable to them as they refuse to recognise us as a cultural minority group and make laws etc to prevent us going about our lives lawfully so feck them, why vote for those that will hang you out to dry.

    Just been given a 22ft galvanized caravan chassis , so thinking of building some sort of redneck / hobo shack /tiny house little house on the prairie type thing if anyone has any ideas or imput , feel free

    A up chap, been wondering how your doing of late, good to see ya in here, I just got back in after got informed it was back to UKH.

    And in true style, your still on it with the projects you seem to materialse out of thin air. nice one. Like the idea of a hobo shack on the chasis. hope alls good with you.

    Hi Wiz, Good to see you back!:):thumbup:

    Cheers OldKeith, Y'all know the reasons why I went off line due to the lack of interest in CC, but am in it to hopefully see this grow and get back to a decent thriving place that I look forward to logging in.

    Welcome back :)

    With the influx of old timers and a handful of new faces, we can restore this to a positive place again :)

    Yes am sure it can be resurrected, there is a need for an on line place thats for sure so lets hope folk can make it so, will take time but am willing to stick with it and contribute by my prescence.

    I'm not vegan but to me, vegan is a personal health choice, in no way will being a vegan by personal choice change anything on a global scale to do with pollution, better farming practice etc, althoug there are growing organisations putting pressure on it will take an enourmous swing in world population adopting the vegan food choice to make changes that vegan movements want to see.

    Well this is a pleasant surprise. I walked away from social media for reasons known only to me. But there’s so much about the “old place” and the folk who made it so. That Brings me to where I am. What a treasure. I’ll get some firewood in, it’s going to be a long winter. Cheers Paul.

    Ah AW, here we reconnect, good to see you reopened the door here. I was the same earlier in the year, closed the door on all this for various reasons, and now I get a E mail informing me UKH is returned. Had to look in out of interest. And I will say I missed what was good about this place, didnt miss the bullshit trolly dollies.

    Hope your well chap, did ask much after you when you retreated.

    So I get an E mail the other day informing me of a return to UKhippy. Not going to bullshit it, got bored with the lack of interest in the previous edition and life got crazy busy, hectic, full on etc and I didnt have time for much else than wading through life to keep afloat so I switched the light off and shut the door. doors can always be reopened so will see what occurs here.

    Hello all :hi::hi::hi::hi::hi::hi::hi::hi::hi:

    They all have that freaky fucking look in their eyes like they have been abducted by aliens or something worse!

    I think that look is called being scared shitless due to all that they believe in on Earth will be proved to be a crock of shit when they pop their clogs and they find there is no pearly gates and horn blowing angels welcoming them to the upstairs. It's a pity there will be no way of them to actually know and have proved its a crock of shit after they die. The look of disappointment on the fervent priests and those shouty american preachers faces when they die and realise there isnt the land of heaven they believe in would be priceless.

    I saw a piece yesterday obviously written by fervent believers, they were saying about the golden cross never got touched and how it was down to god to leave that intact, they forgot to mention the difference in temperatures that wood burns at and the melting point of gold, there's a vast difference between the two, fucking retards.

    Well my weekend is work hard and play hard, thats the usual for me then. local sound system crew is putting on an acid techno night tomorrow, vinyl DJ's whoop whoop thats a proper treat, is gonna be a banger of a night and for one, I cannot feckin wait, for those of you not familiar with acid techno, linky below, this guy is an utter legend on the scene and is doing a vinyl set, this goes back to the golden days of free festival sound systems and spiral tribe esque, oh by the way, sunday is cancelled so do not disturb after much :insane::shock::broc::broc::broc:

    An act of god is an insurance term, in other words a get out clause. Farmers animals or horses breaking out of a field onto a road is classed as an act of god, ot it used to be unless it changed, somehting that happens that isnt caused by humans. Laying blame on an utter fiction to describe an event of natire, hail stones smashing a green house, act of god. some deluded fuckwits will believe it is their god getting angry and delivering a message unto Earth. The shouty American preachers will always spout that bad shit that happens on Earth like the aids epidemic is gods punishment to humans. If their god was all powerful like they claim, well will leave it there as there's only one answer, and bollcoks, load of is part of the answer.

    No doubt there will be massive tax breaks handed onto to those who made obscene amounts of money in donations to rebuild and a personalised plaque on the wall.

    In the meantime while a percentage of 'gods'chldren are dieing of starvation due to malnutrition and lack of basic healthcare. Obvioiusly religious buildings take priority over the welfare of suffering humans, no change there then. By the way I do use the word god in fictional terms.

    Yep, although the Vatican does not own the Notre Dame, France has been a Catholic stronghold and the building has been at the center of their religious activities. It is somewhat stinky that this outporing of money can come forth to rebuild it but the money cannot come forth to help people in desperate need in dire times just to put food on the table and get by in life and create a sound future for up and coming youngsters. This is sound proof that the uber wealthy do not two shits for the less well off, those who work hard all their lives that in turn goes a long way to make these people even more wealthy off the back of the working people, its happening all across the globe at alarming rates.

    Such a shame that such stunning architecture and the skills to build such a thing over 800 years ago has had this happen to it.

    Right thtas the sentiments over with and feel it genuinely, as always here the flip side that I cant help thinking. The radio news came out with the report that philanthropy has risen to the fore and pledged many millions of Euro's. Over 200 miilion Euros coming from one uber wealthy family and many millions from other individual familiy houses that have been named. They must be so aware of the kudos that will get bestowed upon them. What strikes me is they are oh so quick to pledge such vast amounts of money to rebuild the Notre Dame in the name of the arts and culture and probably religion as its a catholic strong hold but, what about the poor sectors of their society who are grubbing around in the dirt compared to their status, they are not in a hurry to resovle serious problems of humanity.

    Agreed all driven by two things, GREED and MONEY and in my view both of these things however difficult or crazy it seems need to be eliminated and quick!

    Yep, somethings needs to give. Although there are sound alternatives that work on a local small scale for those with vision who can see a need to drop the current methods of making, trading, supplying the needs of local communities et it just will not work in the very near future if it was rolled out across the land, too many in the main stream want to keep what they are used to, they wont give up lightly or easily and the government wont take initiative. People are sorting stuff for themselves within groups and local community efforts. Like many things that start off as alternatives to the mainstream, in time stuff does leak into the main stream and become accepted and popular like festivals and glamping.

    All very good stuff. It isnmt only 5G, as we know its many things that are having a massive cumalative effect on the degrading planet. a massive swing of change could be done with technology but we are not there yet to fully implement it and as governemnts are not fully embracing wind, solar, tidal forms of generating electric to the degrees they could and getting to grips with transport and emissions we cant do a lot apart from step away from using the things that are a contributing factor. I do what I can on a personal level but its far from perfect.

    Leading onto what I have been seeing form the extinction rebeliion groups now taken to the streets of London to make a npise aboiut hustling government on to make radical changes, what they are asking/demanding the governemnt to agree to is rather far fetched in the time scale they seem to have set, like 0 % carbon by 2025, never ever in a million years wil and can that happen by that year. Also in the vod clips thta have been put on line, well, a lot of the people there need to stop right there and look at theor own personal stance on what they are using and doing, they are creating an awful lot of pollution on the day they are marching and shouting about stopping the ecological damage to the planet to the point its hypocritical as fuck, I saw people wandering in the march with single use plastic water bottles they were drinking from, spray painting walls with messages with chemical spray tins which will then have more chemicals used on it to remove it from the walls and no doubt washed down the drains to end up who knows where and the amount of folk who must have driven in cars etc to get there must have added to the clog of stand still traffic with engines running which causes more pollution than moving traffic and how many of them are happy to fly in planes to go abroad. The majority of these people will be living in resource greedy houses using energy and other less than savoury stuff yet they are happy to go shout about it on the streets, protest does get messages out to the wider world and pressures government to varying degrees but they ought to look at their own impact and carbon footprints and sort that first before they go on protest marches. If I went down to join in I would feel like a proper hypocrite as I use electric hook up, burn wood and smokeless fuels, drive a van, some foods I buy are flown in from other countries etc etc. What the extinction rebellion groups are demanding is so unrealistic at this time as it demands it all stops and soon, plane flights are not going to end any time soon nor is vehicle use or coal power stations, I totally get why so many folk are upset and anxious about the way we are treating the planet, I despair as many do but it's just marching on regardless but as I said its all gone too far and the modern world isnt going to stop in its march of progress any time soon, its too valuable for wealth creation and people need the jobs to survive as there isnt any real alternative for the masses to just end all pollution creating activity in a space of 6 years like their claim is.

    We are all guilty, and now the world is waiting to embrace 5G which is another nail in the proverbial.

    I guess the question is, Can we ever stop this madness or will we all keep shopping until the end?

    Thats what keeps the modern world turning and working. For the current modern world to keep turning in the way it is keeping people in the life they have become accustomed to and what they aspire to, the wheel of consumerism has to keep turning. The minute this stops all will collapse in a heap. The trouble is, most jobs people do because they have to to earn a living to get by all revolves around stuff people need to live in the modern world. It has all gone way to far to stop it to revert back to a better healthier planet. The only way this can happen now is some disaster or global collapse of the modernindustrial world. We know there is better ways to live and be but the majority in the modern world who are so deeply engrained and conditioned will not be prepared to go back to simpler better ways and I dont reckon it will be possible now.

    Talking about making a stand about environmental and ecological reasons. Yesterday it sturck me yert again, on watching a guy across the yard washing an already clean car with a hose and letting so much water run to waste I get more and more incensed at seeing this sort of shit behaviour, When I see this all I can think of is the amount of people in the world who have no access to clean fresh water or have to walk extraordinary lengths to fetch thier daily needs then I see people here wasting it frivolously to wash already clean cars, he is ocd about it I reckon but does not give one jot of consideration of the waste he was creating, pisses me off, I so wanted to say to him what he just wasted would have meant life or death today. Imagine all the water wasted at these cheap pull in hand car washes we see everywhere. Fucking humans, and we try and keep hope that things can change for the better and soon when people are so retarded in not giving a shit about such unashamed waste.

    The way life has evolved on earth, it is definitely going through cycles. The inventiveness of humans to create the world we have is an absolute wonder and a phenomena but it is bringing a worse darker side of humans out with it, selfishness, greed, jealousy etc etc which is harmful to the self and to others and to the planet. Perhaps this is all part of the natural evolution of our own growth and learning rather than a result of what we have become, perhaps both are a major influence. As a race we can see what we are doing to the environmental side of the planet and we know it is wrong and very damaging. Maybe now it's just down to time as the human race is now very aware and is prepared to make a stand and is doing so.

    I share your views on the arty-farty editing of the video, I felt much the same way about it.

    But further in, if you can ignore the whizz-bang element that passes for video art these days, is much important information on the biological effects of emf radiation. There are also interviews with learned professors from several outstanding universities talking about these effects, and about how all the scientific studies are being ignored. 5G is very very big business indeed.

    I did try and go again with the vid but when stuff appears all conspiracy theory-esque it does put me off, I want hard scientific facts, so will skip forward to the learned professorsand see what they are saying. As 5G is massive business it will get rolled out regardless. I remember a while back there was reports from Holland where they have been finding lots of dead birds around sites where it's been tested/running. I exepct given what it offers as far as super speeds etc revolving around gadgets and devices, the general public will lap it up as they love gadgets and devices especially those that buy into firms like apple etc, I never realised that there is hordes upon hordes of people go to their stores for events etc in their droves like folk go to the cinema and gigs, like it or loath it 5g will arrive in full regardless of any environmental or health risks.