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    Awww they're all so gorgeous, i got my cat willow from a rescue place and i kept bursting into tears when i was there, i'd love to volunteer but i may end up an emotional wreck.

    How do you go about volunteering? I work full time and it's shift work i'd be worried that if i volunteered that you'd have to go on the same day every week for example and i couldn't do that, you've inspired me to look into it though, awwww the cute kitties

    well each to there own i suppose :flower: you think i'm vermin and i don't aggree, you're not gonna change your mind and all the people on here who like glasto are not gonna throw their arms in the air and say 'you got me'.

    BJORK WAS MINT!!! Yay 'Raise your flags, Higher Higher' :carrot:

    Well if you would have read my post you will see i said that i liked the smaller festivals too, i hardly think that going to glasto makes you vermin, thats a bloody ridiculous statement really.

    Quote from balbalblue

    Can I just say that I thought that Boghenge was great...very witty.

    The stone circle at Glastonbury is a fake one...building Boghenge next to it made this point and also made the point that the one thing mainstream punters seem to worry about most at a festival is...the bogs...

    Boghenge is cool, and it's Banksy's work too and Banksy's a minter. Some people have slagged it off but i think it's cool, did a fair bit of glow poi round them parts :)

    I can see everyones point about Glasto being full of middle to upper class types and it's not the same and all that, i still really enjoy it though (i had to go this year coz Bjork played- she was amazing!!!) however i enjoy the smaller festivals too.

    I'm up for a meet up should be loads of fun, i can't wait now i'm sooo excited. PM me if you wanna meet up, i'm gonna dance my socks off it'll be mint :calmdown:

    They sell that Barry M stuff in Superdrug and it's not dearer than most make up i don't think so maybe you won't have to too much saving Boz.

    Quote from ms-violet

    I didn't know Barry M were cruelty free! Sometimes when I'm feeling brave, I just fancy some of their colours... I may have to buy some now! :D

    I read about it in a veggie magazine, seems to be alot cheaper than most cruelty free make ups.

    It's lovely i got the perfume for Christmas, one of my favourite scents and as Pixie said it's smell is very hippy. It's gorgeous.

    Quote from Atomik

    The more you put in, the less chance it has of curdling. Let the coffee cool a little then add a lot of soya milk and fast!

    Might give it another go at some point methinks, if i can find one which isn't in a tetra pack i've completely cut out buying them, maybe i should get on to the local council and badger them to get a recycling system in place for them.

    Quote from starcatkel

    yeah shes normal sized. very long tail, very slinky but with a round tummy, she has glittering and shimmers in the sunlight, has a coat like velvet but better!
    shes the most gorgeous cat, so laid back and funny she does the most amazing chattering will try and get a clip uploaded soon, shes wonderful!

    I want a cat now, live in a high rise flat though so it wouldn't be fair, be great to see a clip she's a lovely pussy indeed x

    Are there any good soya milks that don't come in tetra packs because we can't recycle them yet round here? I'm not actually vegan but try to eat vegan a few days a week. Also do all soya milks go funny in your brews? I've had soya milk in brews in coffee shops and it's been fine but every time i use it at home it seperates and looks a bit rank.