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    A discussion popped up today about the most hippy reasons for a scar. My son has a scar on his face from a hula hoop and my neighbour burnt her face yesterday with some spinach! Would love to hear your stories

    I'm very typical Aquarius but also aware of the influence of my rising sign and definitely act out my Aries moon! Yep. I'm a believer but it has to be in context of all the planets and houses. They all play a part of the whole in my opinion. [emoji3]

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    Usual story of cut backs. Wardens there only work til 3:30 on Friday and not over weekends. Yes, I agree about name on the tag although mine is so people focused that she'll go to say hello to anyone who gives her eye contact. It was a terrible weekend but we made it. The first thing she did was a huge crap outside the cop shop in reading!! I didn't even have bags with me. Apparently she went out on beat with them cos they weren't really equipped to keep dogs. Mad! If only they had left her alone she would have made it back. I'm a bit para now and always keep her on lead or shut in the van when we're away from home.

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    :wall: I feel like this and like this:curse:but am trying for a :angel: to rise above in spiritual grace.I move around a fair bit,my hound with me everywhere.8 years ago he was microchipped to a friends address just in case a puss or bunny diverted his attention from me.I have now done a BIG EVERYTHING FAR AWAY move so I called BAYER (01296336579) who run the PETLOGmicrochip service to change to a care of address to where i am now but they couldnt BECAUSE THE CHIP HAD NEVER BEEN REGISTERED!!All this time a false sense of security.The vet took my money ,hound got his chip for nothing.IF he had legged it ,got confused etc no one would have known who he was.Apparently thousands of chips were done then were "sent off"but never got registered.Bayer mumbled something about transition from paper to internet causing a muddle AFTER they told me there was no record as he was DEAD.The hound dozing at my side a hallucination then.I reckon its a scam,how else could this have happened to thousands of animals chips?Tell everyone on the planet to check their animals chip is actually registered and active now.DOGS LOST site offered to register his chip number for free (its written on the registration documents)so with a picture too he will be safer.Im going to spread the word as much as possible.Feel a bit better now.Sorry to go on .x

    Just to add to this. My dog ran after a squirrel and ended up on pavement heading back to me . Police picked her up about 4pm on a Friday. I rang police about 5 pm to report her lost. Nothing. Didn't get her back til Monday morning. Police had her the whole weekend. They didn't have a scanner and she had lost her collar disc so no contact number visible. I always carry a spare disc now when I am away from home. My only reassurance was that she couldn't have ended up at a vet cos they would have scanned her. I did get the chip checked recently and it's still active and registered.
    I don't have her name on the disc though. They are fairly cheap online.

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    I had dreads a way back and actually managed to comb them out with a nit comb and lots of perseverance so it doesn't have to be for life. I echo what others have written about a single lock being high maintenance rather than a head full. I missed them so much that I put them back in after a year!!

    I also knit, crochet and spin. I sometimes teach drop spindle at festivals and have made a gorgeous jumper from raw wool on my spinning wheel. It was a labour of love though (to myself) and worth at least £3k in terms of labour hours!! My favourite is crochet nets that I staple gun to my truck walls for keeping clothes and the like off the floordrobe. It's a post apocalyptic skill!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your trauma and honesty here whitepoppy. It helps me to get perspective with my own mum who is nowhere near as bad but the distance between us is WAY more than miles and the relationship is not healthy. It takes some strength to say "enough" and step away but sometimes regardless of the blood obligation we have to preserve ourselves by getting out of the way of the "hits". I have yet to stop myself stepping back into the ring but your post here has given me a lot of food for thought. Wishing you some peace with your decision and strength to stand by it xx