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    Awesome idea! It did take ages to go round

    I'd like you to share music you like, you keep saying people won't like it... I'll think u'll find I like psy trance. :)

    Question 3 if you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone?

    Why haven't you told them yet?

    If I could take me kids with me yes!

    I only see my friends when we meet up at dovedale. I've seen 3 friends that are local to me in the last year.

    My dad lives in the same village as me and he's only bothered to see us twice this year. I've seen my brother 3 times.

    My uncle and grandma live miles away and my mum I live with...

    I've told Jay, if we go travelling the world I'm not bothered about coming back.

    I bought a book in a charity shop called...

    The book of questions, I like silly things like that and thought you could all join in?

    I'll post a new question every day :) (if I don't forget) [panic]

    Some cunts used my credit card details to clean out my account :(

    my little girls best friend has stopped playing with her and is now best friends with another kid because new best friends mother is making her, she wants her playing with the popular kid!! Wtf is wrong with people!!

    And a Xmas present I ordered has vanished off the Internet because of probably another scamming cunt!

    I hate fake brain washed people who lick arses! Agghhhh

    The sound of a cars engine running continously whilst I'm trying to get to sleep.

    When I was pregnant and trying to have an afternoon nap, the guy up the road used to drive his motor bike up and down the road over and over and over again.... It drove me bonkers and just as I'd go to the shed to get a shovel out of my shed (it was going round his head) he'd stop...

    Heading out to la pharmacie shortly to buy some new dressings for the wound I sustained falling in the river a fortnight ago. I'm using up French Whale Fan's supply having used up the ones I brought over to France with me. Tomorrow we are off to Annecy to see a cinema live broadcast of the Bolshoi Ballet performing La Sylphide. Last Sunday I saw Wagner's Die Walküre under similar conditions in Peterborough. I had a a friend who had enough stamina to attend the whole Ring Cycle at Covent Garden. I spoke to her on Monday and she was already exhausted with two more nights to go. The live broadcasts are pretty amazing, though, and in some ways better - in particular the views are better than being in the audience at the opera house. I'm not convinced that the sound is as good though. Real music in a real setting is always better innit?

    It sounds amazing! I hope you have a fabulous time and heal quickly x