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    Corona Virus Bill HCB 122 was this week hurried through parliament and is now law.

    1. Forced detention and isolation of anyone, including children, for any amount of time.

    2 Authorities can take biological samples from a person without consent.

    3. These powers to last two years, with reviews every six months.

    4. Powers to prevent protests against these measures.

    5. Surveillance safeguards to be weakened.

    6. Conditions required for treatment and detention under Mental Health Acts are lowered.

    7. Cremations can be forced against personal or religious wishes.

    8. Changes to the court system, including the coroner's court and to the way deaths are registered.

    9. Where deemed necessary, no inquest into suspicious deaths and no medical certification required for burials or cremations.

    10. Indemnity for the NHS should they fail to provide adequate care.

    11. Only one medical officer required to sign any order for forced medication, vaccination or detention.

    If it's true. It's up on

    Was given a mountain bike a few weeks ago , am avoiding the bus and cycling to work. Haven't cycled for years, hard last week but it's getting better and will make me a bit fitter. I've called him Altior after the top champion chaser ( horse).

    i've been checking out Alistairs channel for a couple of weeks and listened to that yesterday at work, I'm not so sure on some of the things he puts out there , but some of its good. The event 201 seems a bit of a coincidence. The Q anon stuff is like Icke territory , whom he did part 1 of an interview with last week.

    Not much help for Italy and Spain from the European Central Bank, European countries closing borders and Schengen showm to be bollocks along with the banned exports of critical aid from France and Germany It's almost as if the EU ideals might be unravelling.

    Of course they do , they can't possibly compete with the superior knowledge and intellect of Narcissus staring into his mirror and congratulating himself on being a higher creation than the flotsam that threatens to disrupt and distract from his superior worldview and lifestyle existance.

    Thanks for making me a special case and singling me out for your superior knowledge and intellect, it really has warmed the cockles of my sheeple like heart.

    I'm sure that some people with or without titles are working on the issue of transport for nhs workers just a shame that they won't have your depths of knowledge , common sense or expertise.

    Oh dear, I made a typo . Allahn forgive me

    No, most people may not visit a number of outlets offering different viewpoints but the point is that in countries not controlled by repressive , state controlled regime's an individual can and do exercise this option/right to do so and that it is freely available.

    Some joined up thinking is very badly needed on this issue, I think I read or heard somewhere that black cab taxi drivers were offering their services to facilitate nhs personal travel to and from work.

    And a wondrous service it is , for us sheeple wretches unaffiliated by narcissitic ,petulant elitist arrogance and starved of knowledge and facts to have such a superior intellect as yours shining light for us into the corners of darkness which we wouldn't otherwise see due to our defective braincell counts.

    Their mistakes get reported , reputations scrutinised, positions reviewed.

    But once again ,thank you for your amazing qualities of deduction in saying that even if they are wrong I am led by them.

    Genius .

    Thanks for that , as someone that's dumbed down that can't see your narrative it's nice to be patronised and shown the light.

    Perhaps if humans have been dumbed down its due to them listening to narcissistic opinions from people that consider themselves to have far superior intellects to the ordinary sheeple and also heeding the voices of popular mouthpieces on TV and other media over people that have stayed out of the limelight and in the background, spending their lives in academia, studying subjects and becoming experts in their chosen fields and thus qualified and capable to give a balanced ,considered and thougthout opinion and thus able to analyse and present facts and evidence if called upon.

    Authorities of most regime's especially in this age of hi tech information generally do not distort , manipulate and outright fabricate facts to the same degree as some absolute state controlled regime's do in order to further their narrative and if they do you can generally find out the facts for yourself online. Of course you can't if you live in a repressive totalitarian state that tries to control what you can or can't see or indeed even think

    I feel that comparing the UKs handling of news of the Spanish ( racist ) Flu in 1918 to the Chinese Communist regime's reporting on the Wuhan flu today is a little disingenuos .

    Essay from Unherd - China is not the hero in this darkest hour.…r/?tl_inbound=1&tl_groups

    Well he is a medical expert .

    He is the medical director for England in the NHS and a proffesor of renal medicine at university college London.

    His past roles have included being chief medical officer for the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, chair of the Association of UK Hospitals medical directors' group, and chairman of the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board speciality advisory committee for renal medicine amongst other roles and positions held.

    It hardly takes a massive leap of faith to believe the Communist regime of China might have just told a wee lie or manipulated the facts of the real number of deaths they have incurred .

    Stacks of urns in Wuhan prompt new questions on virus toll -…questions-of-virus-s-toll

    This is pretty out there.

    Celebrity's and elites that have self isolated ( Tom Hanks, Harvey Weinstein in prison etc ) are all on a list of people that visited Jeffrey Einstein's island or are involved in an elitist Hollywood paedophile, satanist child sex , trade ring that inject adrenochrome into themselves that is made in a Wuhab medical facility and has been tainted by agents with a strain of the virus in order to be able to identify them as paedos and prosecuted by the Trump administration . This is why theyre going into lock down.

    Apparently, symbolism in pop videos , films , Chelsea Clinton wearing an upside down cross and even tweets by Tom Hanks that by a giant leap of mentalism are coded messages to other elite nonces are " evidence" of this.

    It's part of the Q anon conspiracy bollocks theory.

    Prince Charlie ?

    Thank the good lord Allahn for your confidence of your superior braincell count reinforcing your narcissistic arguments bristling with a much deeper intelligence than the ordinary ignorant sheeple could ever manage .You're wasted on here you should be in charge of the police or perhaps a replacement for the highly educated experts the government turns to for advice on important issues.

    thought opinion polls showed that the public are generally supportive of the way the government has handled this crisis, of course a narcissit would call them brain washed sheeple, devoid of their own superior intelligence and understanding and totally deserving of their fate.

    Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Champion was forced by Jezbollah Corbo to resign after her article that said a few true but un pc things about the people in these grooming gangs .

    Trevor Philips in the past few days has been suspended from the labour party over past comments he has made including comments about Pakistani muslim men abusing children.

    Artice by Rakhib Ehsan from Spiked -…fence-of-trevor-phillips/

    As stated I burn fuel on a stove , but I think this is a good read by Sam Harris that draws comparisons with the way people of religious faiths feel when their beliefs and rationality are challenged with the way people feel about their fires .

    " It seems to me that many nonbelievers have forgotten—or never knew—what it is like to suffer an unhappy collision with scientific rationality.

    Article here -