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    okay , if you say so Zendaze . Seems to me that the people who are having their little girls genitals mutilated ,as an obvious example , have emigrated to and are living in countries where the resources , health and quality of life are distributed more evenly , or at least more evenly than the countries they have originally come from.

    I think that borders might be closed because countries are waking upto the fact that not all who arrive on there shores share quite the same values as themselves.

    fgm might be considered as a behaviour that has been brought to European countries by migrant people's that have recently arrived on their shores as are the other examples amongst many I could have pointed out . It is pretty obvious really.

    reports from across Europe and crime statistics would suggest otherwise.

    For example here's a couple of stories from among a great many:

    In Sweden ,Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson, said in a debate about crime and immigration that it looks as if there’s a war in the country:

    “Last year, 300 so-called shootings were carried out in Sweden. 42 dead, criminals with hand grenades, as if there were war in our country”.

    The politician was speaking at the first parliamentary debate of the new year on Wednesday morning. Even Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven admitted the country is facing serious problems. He said:

    “It is obvious that there are major societal problems. We have violent crime that we can not accept, we will push it back.”

    Germany is experiencing an explosion in anti semiticism and are proposing legislation that might deport migrants with anti semitic views according to Die Welt.

    February 1. More than 1,000 police officers raided 54 homes, mosques and businesses in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Offenbach and Wiesbaden in an operation targeting the jihadist scene in Hesse. Hessian Interior Minister Peter Beuth said the raid was not about preventing an imminent attack, but rather about "smashing a widespread Salafist network."

    February 6. Some 48,000 women and girls currently living in Germany are victims of female genital mutilation (FGM), according to a study funded by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs. Another 9,000 girls are at risk. Most of the victims are from Eritrea, Somalia, Egypt, Ethiopia and Iraq. The problem is especially acute in Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. The number of people affected in Germany has increased by around 30% since 2014.

    Of course ,yes all distraction.

    Nothing at all to do with Islam a religion that sees a woman's worth as less than that of a man, which in most muslim majority countries says that women should be covered up ( to varying degrees ) so that they do not inflame the lust of men .or in some cases must be accompanied by a male guardian in order to leave the house

    The fact that 84% of members of these grooming gangs are muslim along with the stories that have been coming out of Europe the past few years , relating to sex crimes on women perpetrated by men from muslim majority countries suggest that this just might have something, not everything but something to do with Islam and how it may have some influence on male attitudes to women.

    I believe that in the sixteen cities where these rape gang cases have been brought to light and people, prosecuted all but two of the victims were white girls.

    I do realise it's not just Rotherham , it's happening allover the uk , Newcastle, Sheffield ,Oxford etc .Stories are starting to emerge from Glasgow where the authorities seem unwilling to do anything.

    Of course brown muslim girls are been abused, the writer Shazia Hobbs who is mixed race - white mother , Pakistani father has been writing extensively on this subject .

    Here's a link to a clip of her talking on these issues

    Maajid -

    Seems like a bad case of islamophila

    I guess that every other report , story or docmentary on this Rochdale muslim

    grooming gang horror story must have been reported wrong , even when they reported the facts and conversations that they had held with health, workers , councillors and police offices involved in this whole disgraceful affair.

    I suppose that every other report must have been put out with the express purpose to disseminate this pure ' racist ' propoganda - that the story didn't come to light sooner because people didn't want to be called racist .How fortunate we are then that the SWP is here with absolutely no agenda at all to put us right on this story. They did get it right , as almost every story has pointed out , that these were white working class girls from not the best of backgrounds and were seen as not worth the effort of bothering with by some involved. But they seem to have overlooked some facts and aspects for some 'strange' reason.

    I suppose that the Labour mp for Keighley,Ann Cryer must have been lying when she recalled in a BBC documentary filmed in 2012 that she had worked with the families of the victims involved, and had been "round at the police station virtually every week" and was "begging" both the police and social services to do something. Cryer said, "Neither the police nor social services would touch those cases. I think it was they were afraid of being called racist." 'Cryer had attempted to reach the Muslim community and persuade it to take action: "I went to a friend of mine, who was a local councillor and happened to be a Muslim and therefore able to represent me to the elders, because I thought it was a good move to try to get those elders involved. I hoped that I would be able to persuade the elders to go knocking on doors and say 'this behaviour is un-Islamic and I want it to stop because I'm going to tell the whole community about you and what you’re doing if you don’t'. Now they weren’t prepared to do that.

    The councillors who said that they had clear direction from managers not to identify the perpetrators as coming from an ethnic background must also be lying to promote this racist agenda

    British police were still scarred from the Macpherson report of 1999 which was set up following the death of Stephen Lawrence and quite rightly charged them of institutional racism. Following this the police were reluctant to take action that would see such charges directed at them again. Honour crimes etc, were generally not investigated as it was seen as been to culturally sensitive.

    When Mohamed Shafiq from the Ramadhan Foundation in northern England spoke out against the gang rape of white girls by members of his own community he received death threats.

    A story here , from the Independent that reports on the findings of this years research into grooming gangs carried out by the Quilliam Foundation. An anti extremist think tank made up of British - Pakistani activist and researchers , that states that 84% of grooming gang members are Asian -…e-newcastle-a8101941.html

    I deleted my post that I made first thing this morning , I had just woke up with a terrible hangover, dry, grapey tasting mouth and bleary eyed so I couldn't properly read the SWP articles and thought that I should before posting . What I had said was that SWP article was a crock of shit and I still think it is whereas the article that Duckman posted by philosopher and professor Rogerr Scruton is excellent .

    Here's what the lovely Labour mp for Bradford had to say on this issue. She deleted it but someone got a screenshot.


    Once again Nomadic I get what you are saying , but

    If the US hadn't have flown to the aid of the Yazidi trapped on Sinjar mountain along with the PKK (biji biji ypg/ypj) opening a corridor to lead the trapped and starving Yazidi people to safety , the massacre, genocide and sex slavery of the yazidi peoples would have been far worse.Likewise without American help in the battle and siege of Kobani in northern Syria on the Turkish border as the Turkish army looked on ,that city and possibly the whole of Rojave would be under Daeshbag isis control , with the complicit help of the goat shagging , deranged ,despot Islamist ,Sultan Erdogans regime. No more left, libertarian kurdistan Rojava in Syria ,and perhaps after the complete capitulation of the Iraqi army to daeshbags , Iraq now might be under almost total daeshbag control.

    In Iraq , left wing opposition and trade union movements and minorities that were persecuted under Saddam were calling out for help , their calls often falling on deaf ears for years before any millitary action was undertaken. The world looked on and did very little as genocide was committed on the Iraqi Kurdish people ( biji biji kurdistan) which saw between 3,200 and 5000 people killed and between 7000 to 10000 injured, mostly civilian , gassed by Saddam in 1988 in Halabja as part of the Al- Anfal campaign against Kurds.This campaign led to the deaths of between 50,000 and 100,000. Kurdish authorities put the death toll higher.

    I opposed any intervention and the war in Iraq but this despot should not have been allowed to commit these crimes

    Sorry for going totally off topic

    Nice post RT,

    At the current time the most persecuted religion is Christianity , forced from their traditional homelands in the Levant , coptics blown up and murdered in Egypt.

    Persecuted, murdered and imprisoned all over the middle east and Pakistan.

    In Nigeria Christians names on list to be slaughtered by Boko Haram ,girls captured and forced into sex slavery or suicide bombings.More than one and a half million people from one state alone – Borno – are now displaced from their homes, and are now living in IDP camps across the country.

    Meanwhile, in what is known as the Middle Belt of the country, in places such as Plateau State and Kaduna State, another form of religious and ethnic cleansing is happening against local Christians,

    In village after village across this region the same story is replayed. Herdsmen of the Fulani tribe who follow the Muslim faith have for more than a decade been picking off these isolated villages one by one. They attack at day or night, coming through the bushes with Kalashnikovs and machetes, and hacking to death the unarmed Christian villagers. They often rape the women and kill the children before either razing the village, including the church, or settling on the land themselves.

    The biggest atrocity in the US committed against the gay community was at Pulse nightclub in Orlando carried out by Oman Matfen an American born man who pledged allegiance to Isis daeshbags in which 49 were killed and 58 injured in a terrorist gun attack.

    I see what you are saying but with over 400 people killed in Europe in Islamist attacks over the past few years, worldwide, 1036 people killed in 140 jihadi attacks just in December 2017 , I really don't think that other religions are the main issue here.

    I guess if the prophet of the other religions was a warlord intent on global conquest to establish a woldwde caliphate through jihad , dawa and hijra and who took and advocated the taking of woman as sex slaves we may be experiencing the same threat from them.

    With the greatest respect nomadic RT, it is not because of Christians , Jews , Hindus or Buddhist etc. or indeed your nomal everyday muslim that treats his faith generally the same as everyone else does that we now have bollards and armed police protecting Christmas markets in Europe or why in Berlin on new years eve there was a woman's only safe space.

    It is not people from these other religions that are driving vehicles into people or blowing up little children at a pop concert , or going on stabbing and gun rampages all over Europe (Apart from Poland and a few other former communist countries).parts of Africa the middle east and others in this woldwde jihadi insurrection

    It is not because of the far right or Christians that Jewish synagogues need armed police protection in the UK during high holy days or indeed why Jewish synagogues are hiring armed guards in Germany.Or for that matter why Jews are emigrating from Europe to Israel. 5,000 from France last year.

    I ' ve seen videos of gay people been chucked off buildings in Syria , Iraq and most recently thanks to ours and good old Hillarys efforts ,Libya.

    In Iran it's just hanging from cranes.

    In Egypt in September men who waved a rainbow flag at a pop concert were forced to endure anal examinations to check for ' deviant ' behaviour.

    In 13 countries, being gay or bisexual is punishable by death. These are; Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, parts of Nigeria, parts of Somalia, parts of Syria and parts of Iraq.

    In 17 countries, bans are in place to prohibit 'propaganda' interpreted as promoting LGBT communities or identities. These are; Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, Tunisia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lithuania and Russia.

    These countries are nearly all countries with muslim majorities with some or main influence from sharia law

    When I speak or listen to reformist muslims or ex muslims they are exasperated at why the liberal left don't listen to what they are saying. People who quite rightly fought and fight for equality for women, children's protection, the rights of LGBT people , etc seem to turn a. blind eye and are deaf when it comes to these reformist and apostates voices being heard. They call this the bigotry of low expectations and wonder why a brown skinned muslim womans rights in Somalia ( or from a strict conservative muslim family in the uk)aren't fought for as hard as a white woman's in Europe or elsewhere

    In the the US the women's marches against Trump were led by a woman called Linda Sarsour( which apparently means cockroach in Arabic ) a woman who wants sharia, wears a hijab and has said that Ayaan Hirsi Ali needs an 'ass whipping ' and should have her vagina taken away. Ayaan a Somalian woman who had to endure FGM when she was 5 years old.In a lot of Muslim countries women are forced to cover their hair in order not to be unvirtuous and inflame the lust of men. Non muslim women on those US marches were wearing hijabs as some sort of protest against misogyny. In Iran ,women protested in their hundreds of thousands when after the Islamic revolution they were forced and had no choice , but to wear the hijab.

    Women in the recent protest in Iran are tearing off their hijabs and the people are shouting Islam is poison and we don't want an Islamic republic.

    Islam sets itself up as the last , final perfect, unchangeable word / revelaton from God and Muhammad (pbuh/saw) is the most perfect human to ever exist who's example from the Qu'ran ,sura and hadiths should be followed.

    islamophobia is a word that was invented by the muslim brotherhood in order to silence any criticism of Islam, their are new laws been passed in Canada and in some parts of Europe for this very purpose.

    As for the crusades:

    I think that it was after several centuries of Muslim conquest and invasion ,where land was taken from as far as the Levant,Palestine and Jerusalem,Egypt,Turkey ,Ghana, Afghanistan ,right upto Spain - areas that used to be called Anatolia and Andalus ,that the Christian crusades began.

    In 1094 the Byzantium emperor Alexius Comnenus I asked for help from western Christendom to help against muslim invasions of his territory.

    In 1095 pope Urbanus II preaches for the first crusade. Jerusalem was captured in 1099.

    During these Muslim conquest Churches and religious buildings were destroyed and cities ransacked , the conquered people had three choices -fight and die,convert and pay the zakat tax or keep their biblical faith and pay the jizya tax, be treated as second class citizens and be referred to as dhimmis.

    Dhimmi as a status was orignally just applied to Jews, Christians and Sabians.Later the status was also applied to Zoroastrians,Mandaeans,Hindus and Buddhist.

    It should also be noted that Islamic expansion continued well into the 17th century. For example Constantinople was conquered by muslim crusaders in 1453 and Vienna was unsuccessfully beseiged for the second time in 1683.

    Of course it would be ridiculous to suggest that Byzantine and Western European leaders always behaved in an exemplary manner, but I think that some people seem to believe that Islam was an innocent victim in the whole history of the crusades and this simply is not true.

    or perhaps Jezbollah appearing on Iranian state tv in support of a hard line theocratic regime .The leader of the opposition generally relishes an opportunity to talk about unfairness or injustice. Yet after days of protests in Iran, Jezbollah Corbyn said nothing.

    Perhaps the reason may be that the leader of the opposition was until recently in the pay of the Iranian regime. For presenting programmes on its propaganda wing, Press TV (before becoming Labour party leader), Jezbollah received up to £20,000. Damningly — or it would be damning if more people cared — he appeared on Press TV after the channel lost its broadcasting licence. It lost that licence not because of its always clear political support for a sectarian, gay-hanging, women-oppressing dictatorship. It lost it because during the channel’s campaign to delegitimise the 2009 protests, Press TV broadcast a forced confession from a journalist who had been abducted by the regime and was being held in prison. Ofcom thought this crossed the line. Jezbollah Corbyn did not and was happy to continue to take his apple-juice money from the mullahs of Tehran.

    I don't like the idea of punching people really , but it wouldn't hurt if someone poured a pint over the vacumous gobshite Lily Allens head. An exception to the punching ,sychophant dictator worshipping gorgeous George Galloway