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    Thanks. Oh, he did... from his whole long life... shadow measuring in engineering (He was such a smart guy), building his own home, building Spitfire engines during the war, the life of the village... all his cats and the love of his late wife... he was a real prince.

    Sadly my friend Wally passed away a few days ago. He was a great talker/listener and loved having his photograph taken... this is one of the last shots I made with him.

    If I was closer too ya I'd be glad to help... does sound like you need more than pointers... experience is the key too success in photography I think - just takes ages to learn all the different things and you soon find there is always something new to discover... if a lifetime of education and evolvement.

    Maybe you should do a road-trip with a real photographer?.. then you can focus on your speciality : )


    Honestly, get a second hand D200 Nikon... all the camera you will ever need and ridiculously cheap since the D300 and D700 came out : )

    If you really want 100 % coverage you could get a eye-piece magnifier - that would enlarge the image you see but like Paul, it's not that important : )

    The best thing to do, if dealing with homeless, is go and say hello, have a chat and get permission... you'll end up with more personal photos, learn something, show someone you give a damn (explain to them what and why you're doing it) and not end up with the same 'impersonal' street shots that are being done to death these days...

    As for other situations, shoot when you like and where... the best rule of thumb is not to photograph anyone in a compromising position...

    If you're really worried about release permissions and some stock agencies will ask for them... print out & carry release forms and get permission from all parties (If say a head on close up portrait) if you feel you may use the image for commercial work... other than that, if its a scene in the public domain, a crowd, a busy street no specific permission is required.

    As for privacy laws... it's all daft really, what with all the CCTV recording us all the time...

    Nice : )

    Tip for your next pair... what i always do is buy a cheap pair of sunglasses that I like, my current pair look like 1950's wayfarers and cost 2.99 from Tesco... pop the lenses out and get them to put the lenses into them... cost me 40 quid for the lenses and fitting : D

    Take a picture of a cars/vehicles boxed in parking spaces or tightly parked... it represents the amount of vehicles & people and emphasizes limited space... touches on ecology, economy and personal space... if the brief is 'small world' a topic that covers elements of a shrinking planet/increasing population and immediate surroundings... plus you would have some interesting shapes and textures to play with...

    Brilliant stuff Andy... love the photos showing us all the stages and Custard having a double check sniff! hehe : )

    Looks really awesome bud - well done on all the hard work : D

    If landscape photography... ooo you could be daring and go for film and use a large or medium format camera - they make the most amazing results in that field :)

    Another great lens for the Nikon is a 18-70mm - I use it 70 percent of the time :thumbup:

    I would say Nikon as you can use almost any non dslr lens on a Nikon dslr. All for little cash... by way of example a 1.8 50mm second hand for about 40 quid and it's a great little lens and I have about 15 other lenses all bout for next to nothing. Just be sure to shoot full manual as often the auto functions will not work. RE - menus... never found a problem there... I hardly use menus anyway - once you get a set up you use the menu function less and less.

    RE Flash - you can get a second hand Sigma - equivalent to a SB 600 Speedlight for about 40 quid - thats a saving of about 150...

    Best camera of all would be a Nikon D700 - out of the specified price range but full frame sensor and from the trys I have had... peerless camera : )

    Saying all that - you could shoot film - get a Nikon F2 or F and have soooo much cash left over to kit yourself out with a hundred other things - your budget is quite high so you do have a wealth of options.

    What subject are you mostly going to be shooting? - that may help your ultimate choice in both body and lens.

    If it's your first - get a d50. If you know SLR's... A nikon -D200 or a d2x or D2h is just perfect (second hand 8-1000 quid) and a d300 is amaaaaazing and Nikon will take so many more lenses than a Canon. I've used Canon and Nikon SLR and DSLR and Nikon just have more flexibility and a better build quality.

    RE lenses - go second hand - heres a great place used by pro - sooo cheap : )

    ...look under used...

    Good luck : )

    Anyone that believes in the literal text, the talking snakes, the Arc etc is insane... they are all metaphors and organized religions have used any and all texts as a method of social control.

    I believe in God but spell it nature.

    I think it's OK to use a lot of NET if you mix the recreational side of it such as forums with educating yourself and creativity... I find myself accessing books and art, documentaries and a whole planet of info that I would otherwise be oblivious to...