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    I think a lot of the hit and miss reports on the duratorq/tdci engines are due to it being a bit sensitive to dirty fuel... If the filters are changed regulary and you dont fill up too often at supermarket pumps.. I had the tdci mondeo and put an inline fuel filter in it and changed every so 225,000 out of her before I sold it on..

    Not sure about the renault I always steer clear of french cars but not sure about the vans.... As the for the transit there are better arround for the price if you shop about just dont buy one from a builder. It doesnt say what engine it has but Im guessing its the 2.4 duratorq. The engine its self if serviced isnt a bad one but again there are better around mate.

    The textile (rag) trade is a bit like metal it goes up and down depending on demand.... its not worth selling by weight unless you have a way of storing or transporting tonnes! .... I'd have to agree cherry pick the good/trendy items and sell individually at bootfairs or online. I knew a women who did alright out of going round paying a fiver a bag of decent buts she pulled out of textile bins on recycling sites.... she also had a contact who brought clothes (mainly vintage) for a prop company, if I see her ill post the company on here.

    I do agree people who park irresponsibly or dangerously should be punnished and prevented from doing it.... however if you have taken the time to park in a suitible parking space and paid but are litterally 2 mins over the time you shouldnt have to pay the same penalty....This happened to me... I even appoligised for being late and offered to extend my time at the ticket machine... nope just got a fine and not only was the warden not sorry to issue it he was smug about it. I'm sure not traffic wardens are the same but Im pretty sure road safety isn't the top of the councils agenda as most warden lerk around pay and dislay car parks! Also as traffic increases and car parking fees rise I wouldn't be supprised if more people started parking illegally in unsafe places. ..... just my 2pence worth lol

    30p I wish!! Some places I visit are a quid for half an hour!..... fair point on the double yellows ect.. though but giving some one a 60quid fine for being minutes over what is already an overpriced parking fee is just crazy

    A lot of it is that "tips" are household waste sites and paid for by householders tax so the council are trying to keep costs down by making it more difficult for trade waste to be dumped as they should pay for it themselves.... I worked at one for a short while and found people to overly rude when trying to tell them the rules ect... If it was upto me I wouldn't give a f**k if they brought it in a wheel barrow or flatbed lorry. But many of the tips now have a live cctv feed to the coucil and people have lost jobs over letting people off with such things..... Just remember its the system you need to be against not the people who are just earning a wage.....unless they're traffic wardens they are pure evil!

    I get what your saying that's why I'm thinking boat or roof box they are already well shaped for the job... for me its more for my boards to reduce the lift underneath them and protect them from the elements a bit.. Hard to explain in words but thinking along the lines of a shallow long roof box that will atatch over roof bars but not covering solar and adding a bit of stealth to a planned wood burning flu..... it's going to be nightmare but have 18 months left to figure it out. ..... just thought fibreglass was a good suggestion to use for material and readilly availible in shape to deflect wind.

    Fibreglass will cut with most hand saws... its quite bendy so will easy fit places with less acurate messuring and will fix in place with holes and cable ties if needed... thers's alot of things you could use... old motorhome shell parts/ boats kyaks even an old roof box ...all are generally areodynamic in shape🖒

    This is something I'd like to overcome in my build..wind drag and fuel consumption as Im planing to have spare wheel /boards and solar pannels on my roof... I was thinking about cutting an old fibreglass boat or something similar to requird shape, fitting it the paint it... Its light weight strong and durable and easy to repair with fibreglass putty....

    I'd have to agree with ma bungo on the weight issue... A van roof depending on size can support between 100 -200kg max based on even loading. A trailer would be over its axle weight and probably over the weight class of a cat B licsence.... you could probably grow a few herbs or maybe even some strawberries if the birds don't eat em.... I'm currently looking at ways to grow small auto-flowering plants 60 days from seed to harvest(you could call 'em herbs) either using windscreen as green house or some low wattage CFL grow lamps that would easily run off a decent solar power system...just means no tv but you wont need one once they're ready😉