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    I have to work this coming Saturday and spend Sunday recovering from the previous six days efforts.

    That being said, I am planning a break in Morocco toward the end of November. Going to stay in Chefchaouen for ten days.

    The last visit was in that town was 1975. Passed it many times since but never stopped there.

    I have never been much of a contributor to any social website, this one included. But am glad to see the flag has been rehoisted and some wind is in it (innit)... The world needs more hippy (or in my case "old hippy ") unity.

    My must have is breakfast, and that is usually, live yoghurt, cacao nibs, roast almonds, dried white mulberries, freshly ground linseed and at the moment fresh raspberries. Alongside that is freshly ground coffee, very very strong.