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    Don't forget the 'freebie' there's always a freebie before you get sucked in.

    My best ever tomato plant randomly came up on a pile of building rubble that I was piling up to back fill a traditional stone wall. I eventually started watering it with some left over washing up water and had monster tomatoes off it all summer.

    Well having had a reply from my mother (who by the way suffered for over 35 years with "itch"). Only stopping scratching before drawing blood. She tells me she has not had any symptoms in the last 3 years. After paying to see a lifetimes worth of specialist consultants. Taking vitamin B plus tablets seems to have done the trick.

    However, this coincides with going on back to back ship cruises around the world for the last 3 plus years. Only stopping on land in Spain long enough to say hi to her friends. Occasionally calling to see some of her kids in U.K. When flying in to sail from Southampton. So if Stress is a contributing factor, we sure can hit that one on the head. Vitamin B plus are easier to swallow than blaming karma.

    Yes vi B (and Zinc) this is linked to pyroluria which is what I posted earlier. It is one of the most overlooked conditions so I've heard.

    You're not, they're static. I saw a French peep in Scotland once with an old Hymer which had a panel mounted on his roof like a radar and it followed the sun tilting automatically. He did try to explain but he was some sort of boffin and it was a neat job which folded flat when not in use.

    There is a German guy who lives in a camper a few KM's from me. He had one of those for about three months and now he's back to regular solar. I passed him one day while he was walking his dog, so I asked him about it. Apart from almost telling me to mind my own business he did say the wind had carried it away!

    Oooohhhhh plagiarism! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

    I did say in the original post 'its about the film Holes'. It was just written from a first person perspective which was genius. The candidate made it sound very authentic and true (no idea if it was or not) but it was very creative and a change from the million identical answers I have to read.

    I like the idea of sleeping in a greenhouse (glass house) I get immense pleasure from just looking at the changing sky. The amazement of stars and vastness of space. I'm more in tune with natural daylight hours than I ever was as a party animal. Waking naturally to the changing seasons. All this without neighbours overlooking of course. I like my privacy.

    I haven't got any curtains in my bedroom (no neighbours either) I haven't used an alarm clock for years and wake up according to the seasons. I love lying in bed with no light pollution and just admiring the stars and the moon. I remember telling some of
    my work colleagues (the female ones) that most of their menstrual complaints were because they had too much artificial light in
    their lives. They just called me a hippy and had a good laugh.

    .......Sticking it to you right when you least expect it!

    I'm marking student exam essays right now. One in particular has really affected me. It's about the film 'Holes'.

    This is based on a true story of a boy wrongly convicted who gets sent to some sort of labour camp to dig holes.

    Only the there is a dark corruption about the reasons behind it - there is no kind of reform in mind.

    The student has written a personal account suggesting that the boy was his best friend and the story is set in his home town. Not sure if it's true or not but it's so compelling to read I'm convinced.

    Someone pass me a tissue!

    I tend towards procrastination, but when I make a decision I usually end up taking the most inconvenient, awkward and challenging one ... or so my ex-wife, my children and the work colleagues from my last proper job nearly twenty years ago might testify.

    Decisions are like shoes - there's no one size fits all. If you've ever tried putting on someone else's shoes then you'll know what I mean. Although we might be able to put them on, they don't actually feel right. On the other hand, our own shoes fit perfectly. Same for decisions!
    Ok we've all bought a pair of shoes that rubbed and pinched - sometimes they wear in and are ok and sometimes they don't and we bin them. Same with our choices..sometimes things need a bit of time and sometimes we have to realise it's not going to work.
    The flip side are those shoes you wished you'd bought two of because you didn't know how damn comfortable they were gonna turn out to be. Same with the choices - how many of us have had the 'oh I wish I had done it sooner/years ago' chat with ourselves?

    I make use of my mountains and run with my dogs regularly - If I don't notice that much it's because I'm deep in thought and when I see every flower or cloud clearly I know I'm back on the scale of relax without a care in the world. Well, other than not lip skidding over a crazy collie who can't run in a straight line!

    My daughter whilst working as a waitress was observed by a customer holding her hands out infront of her palms down and thumbs extended to 90 degrees nearly touching , the 'L' shape made by her left hand indicated left , the customer asked if she had just done that to determine her left and right , when she coyly replied yes he said how sweet and gave her a tenner tip :)

    Aww that's so cute! No one has ever rewarded me for having to take a moment to think which is left and which is right. I'm going to use that 90 degree finger thumb thingy - very handy (no pun intended)

    I taught in a university health board for five years - most horrible job I've EVER had, with the exception I shared an office with two other women who hated their jobs as much as me and we had a laugh and made the best of it. I feel like I've done my corporate climbing. I always sort of feel like I must better myself, by this I mean learning new things and trying something new. I think I bore easily and need to keep things fresh and alive.
    For me, the real important thing is having as much say over my time - I've become obsessed with not having any constraints on me at all...I literally hate it!
    Yes I hear you on not planning the holiday thing - I just like to up and go a lot too, although with all the animals I have some degree of planning is necessary in getting an animal sitter.

    A little while ago I put up a post about recklessness verses spontaneity. I sort of wanted to guage how people measured it in their own lives as that week I'd packed in my job without so much as a care in the world. After watching a beautiful sunrise one morning, I walked right into the head teachers office and said

    'I am resigning...I'll put in writing later' turned on my heels and just carried on until my notice was finished.

    I sort of had a couple of moments when I thought 'oh my god what have I done' but swiftly reminded myself on why I had moved to Spain in the first place. I moved here to get away from the rat race, to have more control over my life, to grow my own food, live as much of a self sufficient life as possible and sort of drop out from the modern, fast paced world in some ways. My role in the school seemed ever expanding, with more and more responsibility (someone said to me this is the price of being competent - get more dumped on you!) and I was getting less and less home work life balance.

    Well, I would like to think that that crazy and snap decision over a view of of reds, pinks and purples and looking at the mountains has paid off. Today I have been offered a job as a distance learning tutor for a college in Malta. It's working from home a minimum of 10 hours to week with quite a lot of input on how I schedule my time. This means that I no longer have to commute. Even the closest of jobs where I live means I must spend at least 30 to 40 minutes each way in a car as I literally live in the middle of nowhere. Not any more! The academic director is Irish and seems a very nice person, odly she left Ireland for more or less the same reason as I left Wales. We both had similar outlooks on life and I'm hoping it's going to be a successful and harmonious working arangement.

    Has anyone else taken a snap decision like this and made a success out of it?

    I'm left handed, so does that technically mean that my right brain is everyone else's left brain? If so, therefore for me and others like me it sort of reads simplistic and left brain interpretation (unless you're a south paw and have an awesome left brain if you know which way left is!) Anyone else get confused by left and right? Of course I know which is which most of the time but can't seem to put it into practice in my everyday life. Any advice appreciated as long as it doesn't involve writing an ´L´or ´R´on my shoes.

    I've been told by a couple of people who have spent extensive time living in India that some of the reason western folks get sick over there is that they consume too much and because of the energy you get from the sun you don't need to take in as much food energy. Can't comment on the accuracy of this, does anyone know?

    I do think fasting can be a good thing, short term, it's said to be good practise for a lot of animal husbandry so why not for humans.
    But I was sort of brought up in the 70s, hunger strikes, if you don't eat, ya die. This kind of the way it works.

    It's true that you need more calories to keep warm. I can only say that we have having a 38-39 degree heat wave every day at the moment and I've hardly eaten a thing. I just haven't got an appetite until at least 9.30 - 10 pm when it cools off a bit. The down side is that I have to be up at 5 to do my run with my dogs.

    Totally love this!! I make my own naan bread which is supposed to be cooked in a tandoor oven, but I've used a cast iron pan. I'm going to steal this idea as I really want one now for my outside kitchen. What video did you use? Can you post a link please!

    I'd like to own a gadget that would produce enough electricity from the heat of a solid fuel stove to pump warm water through an eight metre circuit plus radiator with the water heated by the stove.

    This is sort of my next project! After having the coldest winter I've ever known in Valencia I had to buy a small woodburner for my bedroom as the one in my living room just wasn't enough for the whole house. But, it just so happens that my bathroom is higher and I'm planning on conjuring up some kind of gravity fed system to run a radiator in there for the coldest months - January and February.

    Dog and cat hairs come up easy enough, if you just damped the palm of your hand and drag the hairs off furnishings in one direction into a pile. I had 2 alsations sand a bitch cross living with me in a small tin trailer for nearly two years. I know how much hassle it can be to have floor furnishings. First thing I did was remove carpets and paint the floor. Sweep the floor and clean out the woodburner every morning with a hand brush. It was a ritual and best way to keep on top of dog hairs. A good hoover is only as good as its rechargeable battery. On my DD bus. Once a week I would crack up the petrol generator, stick the sound system on and run a domestic electric Hoover through the place.

    I hear you with the removing carpets. I've got tiled floors everywhere as is the norm in Spain, all the rugs are washable rag rugs and I wash them frequently. I've made their beds out of duvets which I've cut, sewn and made removable covers - everything is washable! Only one of my dogs likes sitting on my lap on the sofa, it sort of looks hideous as he's a mastiff cross and quite big. I've got removable covers on that as I made them and throws - yep you guessed it, all washable! I love my pets but I'm obsessed that my house doesn't smell of dog!

    Yeah I second the be careful what you buy - avoid Chinese produced controllers. I've learned the hard way on that one! My controller was manufactured in Germany and does the job perfectly and it wasn't too expensive. I do think you should have a controller as it protects the batteries from getting too low or overcharging.

    I read the title to this and it made me think instantly of my gran. She was an avid home brewer, elderflower champage, mead, gin and loads of different wines. She used to let me have a little sample sometimes - I was the quality control expert. I recently tried some local home made sherry in Sevilla. I could have happily drank the lot as it was just the best thing I've ever tasted and I never buy sherry ever.

    I've been subjected to one or two of those. My answer has always been mind your own business and let me carry on my way. I've never answered any of their questions or agreed to be rounded up like a sheep and subjected to big brother. They quickly realise I'm not going to co-operate and I've always been left to continue my journey.

    I can't see how she can maintain her grip. Her party is split, into two distinct fractions and it's only a matter of time before they all back stab her. While she's trying to maintain order in her own party and avoiding a direct challenge to her leadership while negotiating a coalition deal. That and trying to negotiate Brexit without a majorit...tick tock, tick tock and she's gone.

    Sometimes I help our local estate agent out, nothing major just doing a couple of emails for the expat clients when the only English speaking partner is away on holls. They are swamped with Brits out here at the moment looking to buy or rent and are putting it down to Brexit.