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    There are some absolutely beautiful rooms in this thread...I have serious fireplace envy!! There's nothing better than a warm-looking front room with comfy furniture :) I will post a pic myself once I have a suitably inviting-looking picture of my front room!!

    Morning all...long time no post and I've come back in search of a thread just like this one :) my SAD has hit me full-whack today, I really hate it because I just spend time sitting being all weepy and pathetic for no good reason...I'm a productive and practical person and I don't like feeling sorry for myself! But on the flip-side, I know I need to take care of myself at this time of year and not put myself under too much stress that I won't be able to deal with.

    I'm feeling quite isolated at the moment for various reasons - although I did send a long cathartic email to my friend last night which definitely helped! - so if any gorgeous hippies want to chat/email I'd really like that. All my info is in my profile (once I've checked it's actually there!!)

    Unconditional love is something that develops and I don't think it's necessarily instinctial...people can have a mother/child relationship without actually being biologically related.

    Personally, this is something I think about a lot. I love my husband in a totally different way to my friends and a totally different way again to my family. It doesn't mean I love one person more than another, it's just different.

    Remember that your family's problems are not your problems. You may feel a responsibility to help them but they aren't your problems!

    I call some of the young people I work with "hon" or "sweet" if girls, or "mate" if male. Ones I know, usually. Ones I don't know when I can't remember their names! And usually only in a "quick" setting - like if they ask me a question I might say "Yes hon?"

    Edit: I don't know when I started saying "sweet" for "sweetie", it's just crept into my vocabulary!

    My mooncup is awesome...although it's made me rather concerned as to how heavy my periods are...

    Quote from

    It holds 30mls of menstrual blood, approximately 3 times more than a tampon or sanitary towel.
    This means you will need to attend to your mooncup less often than when wearing conventional sanitary protection.
    Textbooks describe 80mls+ produced over the whole cycle as a heavy period.

    So, three and a half cupsfull over a period or more is classed as a heavy it's not good that I empty it every 20 minutes and it's full each time :eek:

    If you're short of money, Megabus is very cheap travel from one city to another (of course you have to get to the city first :D) but it's like £1.50 including internet booking fee from anywhere to anywhere.

    You could try and make some money this summer by setting up stalls for hair wraps at various places as you're travelling around :)

    I don't eat meat because at the moment a lot of cheap meat is heavily processed and really not that good for you, and also because I personally don't like the idea of the way animals are treated while they are growing and then when they're killed. The hock burns you see on chickens for example, where their legs haven't been able to hold their huge bodies up.

    Apart from the cramped conditions, extreme distress and the terrifying way they're treated, the amount of antibiotics and growth hormones they're fed is just not something that should be going into the human food chain.

    I would probably eat meat if the meat I ate was totally free range, not fed growth hormones to speed up the growing process (and therefore of course increase "productivity") and was killed quickly with as little distress to the animal as possible - rather than trussed up by it's legs on a moving conveyer belt before it's already dead. A really dignified way to die.

    Quote from Walking Barefoot

    Better to put up with a phobia for a few minutes than to possibly become seriously ill.

    Case in point: I had a phobia of dentists (still do, to some extent). I didn't go to one between the ages of 19 and 23. I forced myself to go to the emergency dentist after four years because I was in so much pain. Result - one major filling and a tooth extraction.

    If you leave it, it'll only get worse and be ten times as difficult to sort out.

    Quote from Naeni

    No they'll just want to..poke about me:eek:

    Probably. But that's their job. And sometimes, you just have to be poked.

    It's something you have to just do after a while...throughout your life you'll need smear tests and what have you, and apparently after you have a child then nothing is sacred any more...

    You're going to have to go to the docs...we're not medical professionals, we can't diagnose your medical problems...better to go now and get it sorted than wait until it gets worse.

    The doctor's not going to tell you off for going or laugh at you or tell you you're stupid, believe me.

    It's over in two seconds...Jack has to inject needles into HIMSELF every FORTNIGHT, since he's started doing that I don't really care about needles any more!

    Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    But would you think that if you could afford to drive as much as you want? when you drove before did you have more money or was it cheaper to get train?

    I have absolutly no intention on buying a car, not only because I know there's no way we're going to be able to afford to buy or run one in the next few years, but because we've managed without one so far and we really don't *need* to have one - we live in the middle of the city right next to the shops, the train station is ten minutes walk away and the bus services are fab - no point.

    I will get a car in the future, though. And that is when we have children. I've seen far too many harrassed parents on buses to want to try and juggle a child and shopping on public transport as it stands at the moment.

    I have no choice but to use public transport or walk, as I don't own a car. I cannot afford to run one.

    I did have a car until about two years ago when it broke down and was declared not worth fixing. In those two years my realisation of how lazy I was is quite enlightening.

    I would not dream of driving in any big city, car or otherwise. I will always take public transport over it. The stress, the delays, the's quicker to walk. Even when I owned a car, I lived in Gloucestershire and Jack lived in Kent, I still took the train (with 3 changes each way) to see him as I did not want to drive there.

    I've also lived in the middle of nowhere, where I would've had to walk for 40 mintues even to get to the centre of the town to get the bus. I couldn't have used public transport there because it was appauling - there was a bus every two hours to the town I worked in, rubbish when you're working shift work. I had to drive then as I had no choice. The public transport system to tiny villages and towns needs to be better to encourage people not to drive.

    And now...well, I live in the middle of town so I dont' have to worry about the hassle of trying to find somewhere to park when I want to go shopping. And even if I didn't, I'd still take the bus into town as it's cheaper than parking and the bus system is very good.

    Tomorrow I have to walk a couple of miles to get to work. I'd usually take the bus but it's payday on Wednesday and I've no cash left. I'm not really bothered - I love walking, I love the fresh air and it's really not far. People have stopped walking to places, they just get in their metal boxes and drive. Which is a shame, beacuse walking can be a lot more fun.

    Just been watching some coverage on the BBC - one pub owner was saying how everyone was going into their pub looking 'normal', went into the loos and got changed into their 'Glastonbury' clothes :rolleyes:

    Quote from Atomik

    So they've not found a pill to cure you yet? :harhar:

    Medical science has given up and pronounced it hopeless.

    Quote from Atomik

    Yes. It was a one-line joke. It wasn't intended to be a balanced observation on the various uses of the contraceptive pill. :rolleyes:

    Besides I've been on the Pill anyways :harhar: they give us a special "lesbo pill". Stops us getting preggers by any other ladies...or something...

    (and this really is Emsy, by the way...)

    I've been on the pill for quite a while and end of last year I decided to come off it because of the reasons you stated. The few periods I had after were horrendous i became really uselss just lying in bed in agony!! I had forgot how bad it was before I had been on the pill! So I went back on it and it was a lot better for me, and I shall remain on it til I can find an alternative!