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    I just moved house recently. The house had empty for some time So it had a bit of the “empty house” smell though thankfully no damp. Plus it wasn’t terribly clean and the previous occupants had been smokers. There wasn’t a massive tobacco smell, but overall it wasn’t a nice mixture.

    I spent the first 2 weeks scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen from floor to ceiling with bleach, sugar-soaping every wall, and getting the carpets professionally shampooed. And then started redecorating.

    I didn’t really start to feel at home there until the old smell had gone. I could smell it every time I walked into the house and it just reminded me that it was someone else’s smell. Probably the best thing for changing the smell is new paint.

    I certainly remember coming in the front door, and noticing that the old smell smell had gone, and that made me happy!

    Hello there, lovely hippie people.

    I’m 57 and on page 1 of (re-) discovering how to live, after recently realising that I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.

    My latest thought is “what’s the point of insisting in my having a *proper* job when it only brings me stress and makes me unhappy?”.

    So now I’m thinking of (at last) actually ditching the business that has been my prison for many years. Not sure what I’m going to live on, but I do have the advantage of having a house, so that gives me some stability. (But a narrowboat would be preferable !)

    I’m really looking for lots of lovely people to talk to, to make friends, and see what I can learn from people who’ve already escaped.

    What made me smile

    Friday night. Going to a gig. First gig for me since January. Very happy to be hearing some live music and to be going with a friend.
    then a friend invited me to a beach party before the gig. Nice to have another invite. Then that friend decided to come to the gig too

    At the beach I met someone I haven’t seen for 10 years. And someone I used to work with. And got chatting to a guy who liked my t shirt and who I very nearly persuaded to come to the gig too.
    then another friend wanted a lift to the gig.

    So all in all a lovely evening with lots of interaction with people. This is what I want my life to be like.

    So it was a happy smile.

    I used to live near Selhurst Park (Crystal Palace's ground) and got persuaded to go to a match by some friends. Have to say, it was pretty dull. But then someone let go of their dog, who invaded the pitch just when there was a lot of action in front of one of the goals. That brightened it up for me no end.

    Each to their own. I can't stand football, but if you like it, that's fine. What is not fine though is the crazy salaries paid to the top players and the crazy profits made by the couple of top clubs. Surely a salary of maybe £250 00 is all that *anyone* at the the top of the pile could ever need, acknowledging that even that is 10x the national average. There are people dying of hunger and preventable diseases every day...... Does anyone care enough to try and distribute the money more fairly?

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