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    As I understand it, the characteristics of honey are dependent on a variety of factors. The nectar from the local flowers is obviously one important element. The local environment, the density and variety of local flora also play a part. the type and activities of the bees affect the way the honey is created. One other major influence is the method of distribution. Not much honey seems to be packed locally it is bulk shipped, and may be subject to various forms of processing such as filtration. It may also be diluted by various sugar derivatives.

    Honey varies dependent on its purity, and the bees' food. Most cheap honey is either diluted, or farmed from bees fed on sugar. Real Manuka comes from an area in New Zealand, and the flowers that the bees visit allow them to create honey that is believed to have a lot of health giving properties. The big problem is that retail sales figures put the sale of "Manuka" honey at about a hundred times the volume that New Zealand reports as being farmed.

    I'm sure it will be good, but I don't know how I can tell if it is worth the extra money. This 340 gram jar would normally cost £14, I got it for a bit less of course, but it was still more than I would normally pay for honey. I'm assuming that, because it is Marks and Spencer branded, it is the genuine stuff. It is imported and packed in the UK though.

    The danger there is that the "expert" systems are funded and created by pharmaceutical sympathetic organisation and individuals. Removing the decision from trained doctors and giving it to computers is a very dangerous precedent. For example, in your example you suggest providing and aspirin - it is now widely accepted that aspirin is extremely damaging, and should be avoided. By widely accepted, I mean believed by people who have taken the trouble to analyse the research findiings, and review trhe sampling processes.


    According to the American College of Gastroenterology, up to 60 percent of the approximately 14 million patients with arthritis who consume NSAIDs regularly will develop side effects related to the drugs. Although most are minor, side effects may include stomach ulcers, bleeding, holes in tissue, and even death. In December 2004, the FDA warned that one NSAID -- naproxen -- may be associated with an increased risk of heart problems. The following year, the FDA ordered all manufacturers of prescription and over-the-counter NSAIDs to revise drug labels. The new labeling requirements include boxed warnings that highlight the potential for increased risk of cardiovascular problems and life-threatening gastrointestinal bleeding.The danger is real. According to Postgraduate Medicine, more than 100,000 Americans are hospitalized each year with intestinal trouble caused by aspirin and other NSAIDs. Fortunately, only a small percentage of cases are fatal.

    I still believe that Interenet advertising is a useful sideline, and although it is difficult to get up to speed with one or more sites, if your blog or video channel gains popularity, it can make a great deal of money.

    You can start with nothing but a decent domain name, which costs a few pounds per year. You need a computer and internet access of course, but I assume all here have that.

    Thanks for posting that video link - I think it is worth watching, especially if you believe that doctors and the drug companies are acting in your best interests.

    It is not true that all people who live to a decent age owe it to drugs. In fact the reverse is true. If you consider countries that have a healthy aged population, then they have a very low incidence of drug use. Don't believe the media hype, but do your own research. The helsthiest octogenarians that I know have a negligible dependence on drugs, and a healthy active life as a result of it.

    With regards to the video, a few points are significant.

    Statins don't help people to stay healthy, in fact they can cause diabetes and other problems, without providing any benefits.
    2 hours of brisk walking per week is more beneficial that poisoning yourself with statins.

    Cholesterol is the basis of body regeneration, and there is no evidence that drugs to reduce it are beneficial. In my opinion, it is more important to allow natural body functions to dispose of excess. Eating burgers and processed meat can inhibit this. Keep off the burgers and the statins if you want a healthy life.

    So called medical evidence is published to increase the profits of the drug companies, and not to help people to stay healthy.

    I can appreciate that big Pharma create problems that require the continuance of drug administration. My point is that it's better not to start in the first place if you can help it. I know of a four-year old girl who stubbed her toe, and was given pain killers and anti-biotics when the traditional remedy - a hug from mum - would have been more effective and a lot safer.

    I know a lot of elderly people, and most of them are messed up because of the cocktail of pills the surgery staff prescribe ( it doesn't seem tobe doctors these days). The healthiest and fittest are the ones whodon't take any pills. You only need anti-biotics if your immune system has been screwed up because you have been given anti-biotics in the past, or you've eaten meat from animals that have been dosed. In fact it's getting difficult tobuy food that hasn't been poisoned - they are now giving water melons growth hormones to make them larger, and that is carcinogenic.

    All these care workers seem to be able to do is to take over the lives of the incompetent, and they impose their own bigoted ideas on them. and before someone suggests it, I'm not imposing my ideas on him. I'm not even trying to get him to switch from Warburtons sliced bread to Waitrose organic bread. :)

    I believe that you should avoid all of the products from big Pharma, and that includes aspirin, antacids, headache pills anti-biotics etc. etc. nature has got far better cures without the side effects. and no vaccinations or pain killers either.

    The guy was/is active , but he had a traditional diet, and reduced that a bit because he had to do the cooking. My partner cooked him lunch today, and some others are pitching in, so hopefully we can sort him out - he looks better already. The problem is that the hospital are sending a couple of people round to see if he can cope on his own. He should pass, because we spent this morning cleaning the place. :)

    The real problem is that he believes the doctor's advice, and times have changed - doctors don't try to cure people, they just push them onto drugs that mess them up.

    A year ago he was still active, and could climb up into his tractor. After a couple of dosctor's visits, he was put on a variety of poisons ( big pharma pills), and a couple of weeks ago he was found lying on the floor in his house. He didn't have a stroke, and I think his problems were caused by bad nutrition. He seemed to be living off Lidl tinned soups and chips. He's now ended up by having to use a walking frame. It seems to be that as you get older, the worst thing you can do is to visit your doctor.

    It's the rain that gets me. I really just use the van as a bedroom, and transport. Putting together some web sites is useful, because I can do that in a restaurant. I'm also teaching myself PHP at last, so I can download some tutorials, and look at those in the van.

    Keeping busy, and keeping an active mind gets me through the dull days.

    My problem was that I mislaid the papers. I found them and discovered that I was 10 minutes out of insurance, and I was parked in the McAnonymous car park, so I renewed as the quickest option. actually it wasn't that quick because I must have had to listen to at least 15 minutes of contract spead as the deal was read out to me over the phone. I did manage to get them to knock £50 off the quote.

    I read that post on Davi Dick, and I saw the reference to the money making forums here.

    Why aren't I allow to view them - is it only for members with special access rights.

    Sam the Cygnet says there isn't a grain of truth in the post, and that it's a load of old cabbage that he wouldn't swallow.

    I've just had to renew the insurance on the Scudo. It really annoys me as they will only give me one years no-claim discount on it. The Berlingo gets maximum no claim discount. I don't see why I shouldn't get the discount on both, as I haven't had a claim for years.

    I don't have a crisis - well a minor one - it looks as if one if the rear windows in my van is leaking, but I expect that'll be easy to fix.

    I'm in a fairly good position at the moment, and I have a direction for the future. I'd like to preserve that, so I started this thread to see if others were planning for the next year or so, and to see if I should be doing a few more things.

    I don't think it will be worthless. As the banking structure starts to hit problems, they are going to have to restrict credit, and try to recover debts. This could affect your credit rating if you have any mid to long term debts. Your credit rating is used for a lot more that an assessment for a loan. Car insurance and rentals are two examples - even if you pay up front.