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UKHippy is a long running online community and of likeminded people exploring all interpretations on what it means to be living an alternative lifestyle -- we welcome discussions on everything related to sustainability, the environment, alternative spirituality, music, festivals, politics and more -- membership of this website is free but supported by the community.

    Although the sub-page templates have formats for 1, 2 or 3 columns, they all have the same header and footer code. To simplify maintenance, I have split the code on the first page into three sections, these are stored as text files and contain the HTML for the header section, the footer section and the main body. I include these by running a small PHP page to include them, this means that I can maintain the header and footer for all pages in one place. This will be useful when I start to include advertising links and banners. The include script is really simple at the moment, but I will add a bit in the future to help SEO etc. The code is -


    I should add comments and other stuff, but I've kept it simple to illustrate the concept, and because I am still exploring the use of PHP. :)

    Don't forget that this project is to build a static website, so it is not suitable for blogs. However, if I start to get some traffic, and I want to spend the time updating a blog, I can always install a blog CMS on a sub-domain and use that. I can include some RSS feeds to get some movement on the site without my having to update it. This is worth doing, as Googledoesn't like inactive sites.

    In fact if I build a number of these sites. I could create a site to provide these feeds, that would allow me to update many sites from a single posting.

    Well don't register your domain name through your web host. That is a basic rule for all webmasters. The difficulty comes if you want to transfer your website, and your hosting company tries to charge you to move the name away from them.

    Reasonable basic shared hosting starts at about $12 per year if you use an American company. It should be comparable for UK hosting plans.

    Make sure your plan comes with a free installer like Softaculous. This really does make things easy for you, and it handles all the SQL setup and page installation for a whole range of CMS - including WordPress.

    I've skipped quite a few explanations because I am assuming that people will want to set up asite like this after they have had a go with WordPress. It gives a better idea of how the world wide web works. If you would like a point explained in more detail, then please ask the question.

    It looks as if Google analytics is recording traffic correctly ( not that there is much yet). So I've moved the code into a sub-routine, and called that from the index page, This will make it easier for me to include analytics inthe secondary pages. Remember that when you create the js sub-routine, you don't include the script tags at the beginning and end of the routine.

    If you want to check the source so far, then click on this link
    then right click on the page with your mouse, and select view page source. That will open a new window with all the html listed in it.

    Thanks for starting this thread. I was attracted to it because I keep throwing away fruit and veg that I've either got for nothing, or for a very low price. It looks as if driers start at over £100 if you are buying a new one, so I guess it would be best to look for a second hand one, Some of them use under 300 watts, so they could be used with an inverter.

    I found this review site. I haven't read all the reviews, but I like the idea of using one.

    Google analytics is a really helpful tool. It allows you to monitor and analyse your web site traffic. I already have an account with Google, so it was a simple matter to add the website to my existing list. Google allows you to have up to 100 sites in a basic account. Once I has registered the web site address and accepted Google's agreement, Google gave me a chunk of code to add to my site page. At the moment, I've just added the script inline on the index page, but I'll store it as a library script soon, and then I can just add a simple link to every page in the future. The bit of script I added looks like this.

    1. @@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@ (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@ m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m)@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@ })(window,document,'script','','ga');@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@ ga('create', 'MY-ACCOUNT-NUMBER-GOES-IN-HERE', 'auto');@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@ ga('send', 'pageview');@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@@@@WCF_PRE_LINEBREAK@@@

    As I mentioned earlier, the page designer liked everything to be in lower case. I prefer to choose the case when I am typing the text, so I removed the forced change. This is the statement that I removed for the h1 tag.

    1. h1 {
    2. text-transform: lowercase;
    3. }

    Whoops! I forgot to mention that that is in the main.css file.

    A favicon is the small image that goes next to your link when your site is bookmarked. An example is the cnd logo next to the UKhippy link in your browser bar.

    I created a picture of some honey on a honey dipper, and reduced the size using Irfanview. The maximum size is 32x32 pixels, and I saved it in png format. To cause it to be displayed when the page is called, I added the following code between the head tags at the start of the page


    I like to have some web search boxes on the index page. This means that I and some surfers can perform some direct web searches from the page. I belive that the search engines notice this, and that it helps with the ranking. It's easy to add the boxes, I just deleted the lower right hand section, and replaced it by this code


    I went to the flaming text site and made a simple text banner. I saved it in png format, and gave it a transparent background. This will allow me to add a backgrond image in the future if i want to. I added a bit of html to centre the banner as well. The finished code line is


    I'm being a bit lazy by including the centre tag in the main page instead of the css, but as it is just one instance, I took the quick option.

    I'm going to have to sort out some sort of work table in the van. I'm posting this sitting in the car park with the computer on the steering wheel. The screen is too close, the keypad mouse is a pain to use. etc. etc.

    This fashion for attractive girls to wear thin tights and not much else doesn't help either.

    I'm not sure of the best way to handle this part, as it starts to get fairly complex, and there are some excellent tutorials on YouTube.

    I've started to change the code, and the obvious first stages are the title and text sections. I've noticed that the capitalisation of FAQ has been changed to lower case. This is obviously forced in the CSS ( cascading style sheet), and I'll post the way I stopped that happening. I'll add a few banners and google analytics as well.

    Of course you can build a static site ffrom scratch, but for a quick project like this, I'm going to use a free template.
    There are a lot of free template sites around, but for this project I'm going to use one from HTML5 up

    I've scanned down the list, and I'll use the minimaxing theme, as I've used this before. It's easy to install, I just download the zip file, and unzip it. You shouls then read th text files including the licence for use.
    I use core FTP to transfer files, so I started this, and copied the unzipped files over to the server. Make sure you put them in the correct directory, in this case I've also got a copy on my hard drive, and I'll use that as a basis for my page modifications. Leave the zip file in the hard drive directory. This means that if you mess things up, you can always go back to square one ( or do some co,mparisons to see what is wrong ). However, you can delete the zip file from your server if you copied it across.

    So now I have a domain name that is hosted and resolving on the net. It contains the template site, which of course, is not what I want. If all looks good, then I can start to make the changes, and add the useful content to replace the latin stuff.

    Is it better to fix the problem and live longer, or die earlier, but have low blood pfressure.

    What is high blood pressure anyway? Try checking your blood pressure after you have run 5 miles uphill. OhGod! it's far too high, quick get the poison pills so that I can have normal pressure. Oh wait. I can just sit down for a few minutes and return to normal.

    and I wasn't suggesting sticking with high blood pressure, which isn't a disease. I was suggesting fixing the problem so that the body can adjust the blood pressure by itself.

    Thde first thing is to login to my domain name registration account, and check that I have sufficient funds for the registration. If you don't have a domain registration account, there are many registrars that would love to have your business, and who will register a .com name for you for less than $10 per year.

    Now I check to see that the name is still available through my registration panel, and if it is, then I apply for registration. This throws up a page that I need to complete and enter all my details for the who-is records. Also, I have to agree to the terms and conditions associated with the registration, and provide at least two name servers to resolve the name.

    The name servers are provided by my hosting company, and I just copy and paste them into the reg. details. If all is well, and I now own the name, I can set up the hosting. I do this by logging into cpanel at my hosting account, and entering the domain name as an add-on domain. If this works, then I can start building the site. Note, you may have to wait a short(ish) time for the name server linking to be propagated around the net.

    I haven't discussed finding a web hosting company here, but there are many threads around about the pros and cons of various hosts and hosting plans.

    The first step is to find a domain name for the site. This is a personal preference, but I am only interested in .coms without hyphens. would have been great, but that was registered in 1997, so I have no chance of using that. The next best thing is a two-word key phrase. To help me to find this, I'll use lean domain search

    This throws up over 3,000 names containing the word honey, so as I think it would be best to start the name with the word "honey", I'll refine the search by selecting this option, and, as shorter names are generally better, I'll sort them by length. Scanning through the list gave me two names I liked and Now to decide which is best. I could register both of course, but that runs up the costs, and as this is a minor project, I don't need to do it. My personal preference is for "honey faqs", but lets see what Google thinks. I loaded the Google search trends page, and entered "honey faq" into the explore search term box. This was the result
    analyse honey faq searches
    You will see two things as a result of that link. The first is that there aren't enough searches for Google to provide any results. This should be a red light, and I should explore the search terms in more detail, but here is a pop singer called honey cocain, and I didn't want to wade through reams of lists containing stats that were not meaningful to me. The other thing that you may notice is that I used my shortening service for the link. This will be give a bit of an advantage as I discuss this project.

    Now I have to decide between "faq" and "faqs". Reloading the Google trends page, and comparing the two words, I get this result,faqs

    I've posted the real URL in this case. You will see that there is a big difference between the two words, and it looks as if I was wrong in preferring faqs. So seems to be the name to usde.

    We've discussed building websites using WordPress and various other content management systems. I thought I would post a thread about building a static website without using these packages. I'll build a site about honey, and as I don't intend to make this a blog, but just a simple list of questions and answers, I don't need to have any dynamic modification software.

    I think it's a shame that doctors and others are obsessed with messing atround with blood, instead of adressing the underlying problems. Blood is the transport medium that the body uses to move nutrient, oxygen and other beneficial products. The body knows what it is doing, so if it increases blood pressure, it is to move more beneficial products around to maintain and heal various organs, including the brain. Reducing blood pressure just means the body functions are impaired. It would be much better to address the basic problems such as obesity, smoking, lack of excercise, malnutrition, dehydration or whatever.

    I ought to blog some elements of it. It's the single minded bit that I find difficult - I keep getting distracted. I started to look at honey and its production, and it's quite fascinating, and it leads you into other topics. One example is the reason you shouldn't give honey to babies.

    I think the point I am trying to make is that you don't really know what organisations are up to when they are evaluating people with regard to the provision of services. I understand that Facebook pages are being analysed to assess people. It may come to the stage that you will have to have a Facebook account to be able to claim benefits.

    It isn't very difficult to organise your affairs to start to improve your credit rating, so it seems silly not to make the effort imho. If you are determined to fight the system, and not to support any elements of it, then you need to accept that your life will be disadvantaged.

    These are the last few searches on my credit history. If it doesn't matter, then why do they bother to search?

    We live in strange times. If you are working for a living, you may not have the time to make any real money. There seem to be a variety of ways these days -

    Own a bank, and pick up government money from QE
    Become a corrupt politician, and get paid massive amounts by the globalists
    Trade in capital assets - land, houses, and corporations
    Marry it
    Become a public figure and promote fraud and death. ie. pension funds, ponzi schemes and pharmaceuticals
    Build a high traffic Internet business
    Earn minute amounts from millions of transactions on the net.

    It is the last two that interests me, and I believe it can be done by creating a mix of sites.