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    How is your friend?

    Thank you for asking. He's improved a lot. He was shuffling his feet before his "event" and now walking around, and picking up his feet. We went round there today and cooked some of the apples from his trees, and a couple of other people are also making sure he's eating. I'd like to take the juicer round, and make some apple juice for him, but I suspect that may stay on the side until it's gone off.

    The dog is still pinching all the left overs though, and it drank his soup this morning. :)

    Toads seem to be crap at PR. I like them, and they are the gardener's friends, but a lot of people seem to think they are evil for some reason. Probably the fault of the witches. How many pet toads has the witch Clinton got around her? - see that's the sort of bad PR toads get.

    The time and inconvenience in getting a new battery, making sure it was charged, and possibly being late for my booking was much more of an issue than the cost. As it turns out, I've got a free battery, the Scenic will probably realise more than I paid for it, and I've got an exciting new Internet project - the on-line breakers yard.

    I'm really pleased with the way it has turned out, especially as the Berlingo has got a new MOT over a week before the old one ran out. Apart from the testing charges, all it cost me was a new brake light bulb.

    Sometimes the obvious conventional approach is not the best solution. :)

    As you know, I'm really interested in trying to do something with all the domain names that I've got. I've just put an auction script on Big ends, so I might try that as a classified listing option for the parts.

    It's not worth it Sooty. I've got to find somewhere to work on it, get a new MOT, buy the bits to fix it, and maybe get £300 for it.

    If somebody here wants to take it on, then I'm happy to sell it, otherwise it will have to go for scrap. The important thing is that I got a new MOT on my Berlingo, so I can carry on with my de-cluttering.

    Well I needed a battery quickly, and I always like to save money if I can, so buying the car seemed to be the best option. I paid less for the car than I would have paid for a new battery. :)

    Now what do I do with the bits that were wrapped round the battery? Somebody paid £400 for a scenic diesel engine and gearbox, but I can't see how I can take out the engine to sell it, and I said I'd move the car before next Wednesday. I'll see if the seat will fit in the Berlingo, and I may take out the electric motors, starter alternator, lights etc. and then I reckon the rest will have to go for scrap.

    So now I own a Renault Scenic with no battery, and broken gearbox mounting, and a scratch down the side. It's been standing for a year or so, and I don't think it's worth the time and effort to get it back on the road. The simple answer is to run it into the scrap yard and walk away from it. However, as you guys know, I'm looking at application for Internet domain names. I've got that name, and I wonder if it is worth putting a blog on it about disposing of EOL cars when NFA. What do you guys think?

    I've become a bit distracted and fascinated by bees and their lives. It looks as if I may have done the wrong thing by making this a static site - there is so much information and potential in this topic. I'll go with it for a while, and maybe think about putting it into a cms later.

    Well the good news is that the Berlingo passed the MOT. The other good news is that the Cleo is really a Scenic diesel.

    The bad news is that the Berlingo needs a new indicator stalk. I've actually got a spare one somewhere in the garage. As they cost over £100, I'm going to have to pull the garage to bits to find it. :)

    The Berlingo has to go in for its MOT today, and when I tried to start it, the battery was flat. I bought the Renault so that I could use the battery for the Berlingo MOT. So can I turn a Cleo into a mini-camper?

    What are the causes? I think there are a load.

    Indifferent parents
    Changes in the emphasis in education
    The rise in the use of the internet on cell phones
    Corporations and authorities interested in ECO ( easy commercial options) rather than environmental issues.
    A reduction in the ability to synchronise interpersonal communications.

    and so on........

    But I expect most people will blame it on Brexit or immigration depending on their brainwashing. :)

    This is just the head and tail sections of honey faqs, and you can see I put a search block in the footer. I was going to add a duckduckgo link, but it really needs to be in the same format, and I didn't want to spend time trying to customise it.

    Just the heading and footer sections

    btw. This shows the advantage of using php to pull in sections of our pages. It took about 30 seconds to put that page on the net, and I can add anything I like in a body section.

    Lets hope that media exposure will help to avoid this sort of behaviour in the future, unfortunately it may have the opposite effect. I remember as a kid, that someone was putting elastic bands round swans' beaks so that they starved to death. I could never understand the motivation for this, and it took quite a lot of work to remove the bands - the swans weren't too happy about it , even if you were trying to help them. Whoever it was only did it to a few, and it stopped suddenly, hopefully a couple of cobs sorted him out. :)

    I'm using the free WiFi at McDonalds to build a static web site about bees -
    Honey - frequently asked questions
    I'm using a template, and it's just in the early stages, so please ignore the latin links.

    In the footer section I've added a search block for Google, Yahoo and Bing. All 3 seem to work everywhere except for McDonalds - only Google works there. I get a message to say that the other two sites are blocked to protect the customers in McDonalds restaurants. McD uses O2 to provide WiFi services, and so does Waitrose ( a UK supermarket chain ), All 3 work at Waitrose, so it isn't O2 that's blocking the sites, and the message is bannered by McD.

    So the question is - why is McD insisting that customers use Google?

    At first I thought it was some globalist plot, but on reflection I think it's probably just that McD is being paid by Google to disadvantage the competition.

    The trouble is that you don't really know what difference it makes, because you are never told about the factors used in personal evaluations. I don't need/want credit, but I decided that I would try to get as much of the system working for me as I can. It took me over a year to move from low 3 out of 5 up to low 5 out of 5 for my credit score. I did this by a variety of means, one of which is to pay off my credit card early - sometimes I am overpaid by a few pounds. I've also increased my limit a few times, and I make sure there is never more than 25% of the limit owing at any time.

    I don't know if this has been useful to me, but being NFA has several disadvantages, and I thought that I should try to minimise these as much as possible. One small advantage is that I get cashback for using the credit card, so I'm due about £60 just before Christmas. It hasn't cost me anything to use the credit card, as I use a debit card if the supplier tries to make a charge.

    This is taking a lot longer than I thought, but it's really interesting. I've added a load of bee and honey links to the footer.

    I'll probably make a campaign page to try to save bees next. There are some quite worrying things going on that result in the death of bees. Legal action by pesticide manufacturers is just one of the problems. Bees are so important to our survival, that it is mad to try to kill them.

    I've always thought that this would be a brilliant idea. There seem to be a number of elderly people living in large houses. Parking in their grounds, and helping them to stay in a home that has all their memories and conveniencies seems to be a good idea, and it's cheaper thasn moving them into homes. I don't expect the government will agree with me though. :)