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    I thought I would post an update on the Renault Scenic I bought for the battery. This is for the benefit of those who diss'd me for this decision.

    A couple of days ago I sold the alloy wheels plus the spares that were with it for £48. The tyres were taken off and disposed of by a part-worn tyre dealer at no cost to me. I had some replacement steel ones in the garage, so they can go with the car when I scrap it - that saves me the cost of disposing of them.

    The battery is working well - so that saved me the cost of a new one. It saved me the time it would have taken to pay a premium price for a new one, and from being later for my MOT slot.

    The seat belt bolts are just right for the interior of the Scudo. I'd had trouble in finding these bolts as the pitch is finer than that on standard bolts.

    The jack is better than the one in the Berlingo, so I have replaced it.

    I've saved the bulbs and fuses.

    I've given one of the rear seats and the heater fan to a friend - he did the work inremoving them.

    If it is an easy job, I'll repace the seats in the Berlingo, they are dirty and broken.

    There are some other parts that may be useful for me.

    At the moment, I am down £2 in cash, and have saved time overall because of the delay if I had purchased a new battery. I still have the car to run in for scrap, so I will make a profit on the deal. Sometimes it is better to consider the broader options rather than just taking a conventional ( and expensive) path.

    Auctions and internet selling becomes a real problem if you are mobile without a base. I won't use PayPal either, but then there are several alternatives. It comes back to blogging or Internet tutorials, and monetising those. That can build a steady stream of income for you if you stick at it.

    I was tempted to try house-sitting for people who have gone away for holidays. You wouldn't even need to stay in the house if you camped in the garden.

    Sorry to hear of your problems. I always find work is a great productive healer if you can immerse yourself in it.

    If you are worried about Xmas, why not volunteer to help out with some charity functions, they could be fun.

    use it to list some of the names I own, and to see if I can drive some traffic to them. Please ignore the prices, some of them are a bit creative. :)

    This is the site
    It only took a couple of minutes to set up the site, but it's taken quite a while to go through the options, and to decide on the best settings. Populating the site is a completely different matter.

    It would be easier to set up the software as a general auction site, rather than one just for Internet domain names.

    At the moment I'm customising an auction script to sell domain names. I think that there may be another boost to their value as the world economy changes shape in the future. Building an Internet shop on your own domain name seems to be a good way to ensure some income in the future. Some of the free e-commerce scripts are quite good, and they are fairly easy to set up in a few minutes.

    I bought some mugs from a pottery shop in the Cotswolds years ago, they were great. The top was narrower trhan the base. This had two benefits. The drink stayed hot for longer, and the mug was more stable if you were thumping the table. ( don't ask :) ).

    Good luck with it.

    There are numerous reasons for setting up on-line shops apart from the obvious.

    One good reason is to profit from your own craftsmanship and abilities.
    One is to de-clutter and get rid of your own surplus stuff.
    Another is to help charity shops to sell surplus items.
    I'm setting up a dvd store which I hope to use to harvest traffic for parked domains
    I've just set up an auction site for selling domain names.

    There is always more to the Internet than the obvious. :)

    For anyone thinking of starting a shop - the following domain names are unregistered.

    and many others. :)

    My partner spent a lot of time in Somerset, and she had a friend that used to throw a pheasant into the cider. I don't know if it was plucked ( the pheasant, not the friend).

    It can't be secure if they can reclaim the money at any time in a six month period if they feel like it.

    It's quite a problem trying to run an on-line sales business. In theory Ebay should be the best choice, but it's so riddled with fraud and deception, that I try to avoid it. The only way I use it as a means of introduction to a cash on collection transaction.

    I'm coming to the conclusion that Ebay is right in their opinion that sales don't matter - it's the other stuff that makes the money. I don't plan to rely on selling DVDs on my DVD Gems site. Once I've got a few hundred listed, I'll add some banners and hope for a bit of income from that. Of course, if someone actually wants to buy a DVD, then I'll sell it, but that's a lost page for advertising displays. The obvious solution is to leave it online with an out of stock message.

    Rick, this is a thread about on-line shops, so I was speaking from the perspective of a retailer. As I mentioned, there are so many alternatives, that I think anyone would be mad to accept PayPal these days on an Internet site. But that's just my opinion based on my experiences and those of some of my friends.

    PayPal is not a secure payment method. It is only a loan for six months which may not have to be repaid if PP's profits are not too low.

    Ebay lost interest in the auction side a few years ago. They now seem to be more interested in selling advertising space against the interests of the sellers, harvesting customers on-line activities, and promoting some of their other services.

    I'm pretty shocked by someof the attitudes here.

    I took a decision that enabled me to honour my obligations to a friend and a tradesman. I thought it would be a slight inconvenience to me, but it has turned out rather well. I'm disgusted that peoole would spend waste time driving around to buy a battery, because they are too lazy to dispose of a scrap car for a profit, and then they post that they are bored.

    Get it into your thick heads, that the only thing I eat in McD is the egg wrap.

    I posted about the mug warmer because I thought it was a useless gimmick, but I would try it just in case it worked. It's called "keeping an open mind" - as it happens it is a useless gimmick.

    I don't do things for my image either - if I think it is advantageous, then I'll adopt it.

    Unless you go buy a car with a half dead battery move it to McDonald's, take the battery off, charge it, set up an auction site site to sell the rest of the car, review McDonald's WiFi cos it's different to all the others, then you can keep your crap coffee warm. Or just drink it!?


    So many stupid assumptions and attitudes in there. Why don't you stop and reflect on the whole situation. Maybe you aren't living in a van, and even if you are you have a permanent site.

    You don't have to be Einstein to realise that it is possible to plug a notebook into the mains, and use the USB power line to run low voltage electical items like mice and microphones.

    btw McD coffee is not too bad, and half the price of the frothed up sugar stuff sold in many places.