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    Quote from Atomik

    I don't have a problem with him killing himself if he wants to (or anyone else killing themselves, come to that). The problem I have is with people taking pleasure in it or wanting to see him suffer.

    That's a ridiculous argument. On that basis, we'd execute every criminal. :rolleyes:

    I am not saying that I would take pleasure in it - I'm saying that if he wants to top himself, fine!!!! If the crim doesn't choose to top himself then that's fine too - we'll keep him alive! I WAS actually saying that I wouldn't want others to kill him cos that would just condone violence!

    On the other hand, put him in a room with people who've been abused - the 'victims' never seem to be given justice. Our society seems to be all in favour of "oh the poor crim, stuck in his cell with his own TV/Rights", that we totally forget those who have been affected by his/her actions!

    Unfortunately many of these people don't end up with people checking up on them several times a day - once the initial media interest (if there is any at all) has gone, they are often left to their own devices and depression. Poor crim is checked on several times a day, own TV, exercise/education programme ...........

    I accept that some people are mentally ill and cannot help their actions - if the problems mean that they are going to persistently search out people to kill, wouldn't it be kinder to 'put them down'. After all, if any of us recognised that we were doing such appalling things to others, would we want to live??

    Just a thought ........ rant over!

    I stick by what I said - if he wants to top himself - let him!! I don't particularly want to see him 'idolised' like the Moors Murderers - that must be even worse for the families, still seeing the likes of Hindley et al shown on TV or in papers repeatedly, with no warning to them! Get it over and done with - let him kill himself and people will then start to move on ... after all such psychopaths have been known to escape from so-called 'high-security' jails or are we forgetting that??

    I don't think he feels any remorse over his crimes at all! I think he just feels sorry for himself - he may be in solitary but the other prisoners will still get to him by spitting in his food or other means (after all he's been attacked several times, despite his guards, if the papers are to be believed). He's still a fuckin' devious arsehole otherwise he wouldn't have pretended to have swallowed the prescription drugs!! Let him kill himself, it'll save one of the other 'lifers' doing it!! The sooner the better cos then we won't have to pay for him either! I really don't know why we keep pandering to these bastards ....

    Quote from wiggy

    Ohh come on, we have to count to a MILLION you know

    I know they say every penny helps and all that jazz but come on!!!

    Tut!! So demanding! :)


    Quote from Hedgewitch

    Smoking what i was smoking, taking what i was taking, and as addictive as my personality is, i quit when i was pregnant and to be honest my body helped me to quit. Why others can't do the same is beyond me. Morons, the lot of em.

    You and me both babe! But what's the answer with these families when education is all around you!! I wasn't (and am not) an angel mother but I draw the line at smoking and drinking around youngsters!! Save it for when they go to bed ... and then in the garden.

    I'm afraid it sounds like you have a dysfunctional family there Wiggy. I hope the various authorities (ie. GP, maternity unit etc. are working together and alerting others to the situation).

    I hope they don't drink too much and fight every weekend too - I had neighbours like that and it REALLY got me down!! Got sucked into the argument when I heard him battering hell out of her one night ... she was screaming for help (had two youngsters under 3 in the house) and I heard her through the wall. Phoned the police who arrested him. He was released when sober, she took him back and I was then subjected to a year's worth of abuse from both of them until they thankfully moved!!

    You have my deepest sympathy hon!

    Cats don't really mind being 'house' cats cos they are basically lazy! If you have lots of toys for them and play with them and show them lots of attention, ie. brushing, they really aren't that bothered. The only trouble is cleaning out the litter tray regularly - but the stink can be controlled by feeding them dry food only (with plenty of water at all times).and those huge enclosed cat litt trays !. If you are really concerned about them exercising, there are companies that design 'flumes' for cats so that their 'run' is actually clear plastic pipe that goes in and out of your building??!!!

    It's a bit like rabbits - you can teach them to adapt and they actually relish the attention and are all the more entertaining because of it, as long as you are prepared to give them the time and attention that they need every day and not only as a 'party piece'.

    You are SOOOOOOO lucky - there's only ONE day to go (as if you hadn't cottoned on by now) and then you lot can have some peace and quiet!! :)

    I wanna go NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay - who's going to be at the two week Isle of Skye festie then in mid July??? I'm going with 6 pals :D and taking my own car up so that I can bugger off to the Lake District on me own afterwards for a few days :D:D:D:D Fan-bloody-tastic!!! Can't wait!

    I do not condone adults smacking children but will confess to having done so approximately 5 times in his (25 year) life! Each one I can remember cos I still feel dreadful when thinking about them now!

    1. Ran into the road without looking! (That was a knee jerk reaction to the absolute shock and horror I felt when the ice cream van screeched to a halt just in time)
    2. Raised his hand to me (he was a testoterone filled teen at the time and hard measures were called for)!
    3. I foolishly (perhaps) thought he was ready for responsibility and so gave him my pin number (he was 14 doh!) and asked him to do the weekly shop - he emptied the account, fucked off and had a wonderful time... I got in trouble with the bills/living for the rest of the month and it took me 6 months to get straight again!!!

    Better not say anymore - I'll get locked up!!

    So yes, teach people to parent properly and the occasional tap won't harm anyone (though definitely not the canings youngsters used to get in my day -

    - but don't let the pigging government keep dictating what we can and can't do!! I have known kids who would test the patience of a saint!!

    I think that animals should be left in their natural environment as far as possible. Obviously, if they are becoming endangered and humans can help out - fair game!

    If somebody wants to keep anything in a cage, I strongly disapprove - I would HATE it for myself and so wouldn't do it to other living things. Makes me really sad to see goldfish in tiny round bowls full of algae and filthy water, birds in tiny cages with no chance of flying properly .... the list could go on (but I'm sure you get my drift)! Like others, I don't have a problem with responsible pet ownership but if you are going to have a more exotic pet - make sure you give them the space, relationships, food and environment they would have in the wild!

    You're right - the streets locally are deserted now during school holidays and in the evenings!! We were always out playing and used to wander for miles. Their kids will either grow up to be total rebels, finally let off the leash or tied to their parents apron strings for life!!

    So the answer is..... we let all the dogs out on the street and give them their freedom from slavery! Let them live eu naturalle!! Imagine the bloody chaos that would cause - you'd be constantly culling them! IMO I still say a happy working dog is a good thing.

    Quote from Coyote

    Are the majority of folks today actually incapable of looking-after-themselves / acting-in-their-own-best-interests / stupid / foolish / very-easily-manipulated-or-lead?


    Sitting here pondering and putting together the familiy tree. Amazing how much we don't know about our own families!!

    Which got me thinking - there is not one person on this earth that knows everything about me - let's face it, how many of your friends know your grandparents or greatgrandparents names?? Do your grandparents know the name of the festival you were at last weekend??

    What do you think? Does it make you feel very alone or very independent???