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    Me, in me jeans, me airs and oxbloods. Me mates lass did me hair last night, with the liberty spikes!!!

    Me mates Bones {in the black} & Neilly with the UK Subs T Shirt on. Taken on the mile, Edinburgh.

    Same photo as 1st but in B & W....

    Put em up for you all but also for Paul. Not Skinhead i know but thought you'd like!!!! :wall: 

    Iv no proof of this, its more of a theory. A recession is upon us, thousands losing thier jobs, violence is rife within our communities. The governent want to create clones, meanwhile sorting out the community {in a negative way, rather than positive.

    Wars are always going on somewhere and numbers are dwindling in the rtanks, mostly due to death. I can see a compulsary join up or you starve!!!! The benefits sytstem will dry up soon, more and more will see a reason to join, slowly but surley it will become the law.

    I hope it never happens but its been in my mind for a while.

    I agree with everyone on this thread, get a caravan or a bender/yurt AND a burner!!!

    After livin on protest sites and the like with no burner AND the cold its hell!!! Imn not going to reitarate what everyone's already said but suffice to say, iv seen many fall over a winter....its really tough, you need somewhere to get dry, your clothes AND you need dry and warm...

    Good luck with it and stay warm!!

    If they clash with police again this year (or anyone else for that matter) as they did last year it may just add to the bad publicity that already surrounds them, highlighting their general thuggery...

    Thing is, the same can be said for groups like AFA {Anti Facist Action} who like to kick f**k out of Nazi's, one of the reasons of the large police presence. I hate the BNP but giving them MORE ammo....

    To be honest, we should just shoot the BNP, they're a waste of times and resources.

    Look at this way: if we all ate one person, the problem would be halved over-night. Think about it: I could eat someone you don't like, you could eat someone I don't like... where's the fucking damage? Billy Connolly

    I found talking to them first off helped find out WHAT was up, either that or my dog {at the time i had a Lurcher X Irish wolfhound, she was tall and growly!! Most idiots dont want to f**k with a BIG dog, i also have and very shouty voice, i said A VERY SHOUTY VOICE lol, that sometimes scared them, it was only really a last resort that i would resort to picking up a tool or never know what THEY'VE got!!!

    Thanks man, some good info

    Senseless Acts of Beauty can be a tough book to get {if not using amazon ect} but its worth the wait...not many librarys stock it.

    Twyford was the big one, so many folk who were there, went on to set up Newbury/Fairmile was a turning point in the minds of many.....I saw that 2Life of the motorway" series and that episode, just wish the energy was still there now....

    Im not a number, im not a quote nor am i a cliche, what i am is made of many facets.

    We may be bees working for the eventual end but is that your question or a paranoid statement???

    I am me, as are us all...who are you???

    The only thing the media does, in my mind, is play on the perverse voyeuristic pleasure a large portion of people seem to get from watching other peoples lives go wrong.

    The world isn't fucked, I don't think it's much worse or better than it's ever been. Just different. Mass media just shows you all the bad bits.

    Big Brother ect??? See if man has been on the moon once {which as it goes i dis believe} then how will a new world order help??? If its the old, lock up the gays, immigrants, poor, NRK'ists ect, then bla bla bla, heard it before, nothing new, just facists avin a wee go.

    As for what IT is {if not that]then i dont care either way.

    No one needs to do any fear mongering. 90% of this nonsense is cooked up in the fried minds of people who'll believe anything along these line without any evidence. No one needs to give them any more ideas than they already have :D

    Fair comment, but look at the media, if we didnt watch the news, who would giv a f**k. New world order??? Look at the world right now man....its f****d!!!! Its going to take more than a few polotics/occultists {look i KNOW my spelling is bad, iv just got back from a tough day ok}

    Anyhoo, its all rubbish in my mind, if its NOT and im proved wrong, oh well, had a happy innings

    Nice!! Good to see a restored ploughing engine, they are rare as rockin horse sh*t. Where was this steam fair??? Also, jus to be cheeky, whats the forum your on. We used to be on the Great Dorset Steam forum before it closed.

    Anything involving free berries and alcohol must be good! ;) Autumn's the best time for picking sloes so I'd leave them to ripen a bit longer. If there's no frost before you pick them, bung them in the freezer so they mush up a bit when you defrost them :)

    We've got cherry vodka on the go ... yum!

    I agree with you Lentil, only prob is sometimes the farmers/council take a shine to cutting back the hedgerows :( hence why we want to pick and freeze. Were keeping a good eye on them, we've already found some that are almost ripe, they are that blue'y coulor they should be.

    Im looking forward to autumn, berries, acorns, hazelnuts,rowan berries, elderberries, haw's..... cosy nights and the leaves will be gone and witner will set in, sooooo much to look forward to.....Also on a remote tangent, the railway line will once again come into view...:D

    Ye ye i know, random but it cheers ME up!!!