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    just another point

    by you staying in most of the time and missing out on what life has too offer isent going to change the minds of millions of people who go about thier daily buisness fully clothed

    Agreed. I still dont understand the whole nudism thing for peace, and no offence the cake story, didnt explain a thing!! Are you comfartable being nude around only guys, or is it easier round females??? Im not meaning to be rude, im just curious....i dont frown upon nudity, im quite happy to be nude in the comfort of my own home, as are you it seems, but im not into being nude outdoors, there's a limit. I live in Scotland after all.

    So....naked for peace??? WHY??? Can you explain to me WHY/HOW getting naked will ever bring peace??? I see this as just an excuse to flirt outragesouly....

    Iv seen naked bike rides but i dont understand it...maybe im just a prude...

    Heard a tale from Wanstead M11 protest. They're were a load of em up one of the 40ft towers, that wanted to go to the offy, so down they went to the basement, under the road, through the other set of rat runs, and up to the offy, she served them sharpish and they didt it all again....10 mins L8r they were BACK up the top of the tower, and the rozzers knew nothing....:D

    Signed it mate....poor ladd...he looks well sweet...remember my mates staff x pit, he was a right mardy twat but hed wouldnt harm a fly, ed come up wen i was on a beg, and rag me for ages....:D

    Nuffin wrong wif the breeds, its the w****er owners that are the problem, oh ye that and the [STRIKETHROUGH]pigs...[/STRIKETHROUGH] police and the courts for takin he had'nt done eff all but look sweet....

    Will get a copy of the U toob vid and stick it up on me face finngy.... Goos on ya Wiggy...:thumbup:


    fundamental part of forum ettiquette bobbi, explaining what the fuck it is youv'e linked so people don't have to check (or just don't bother if they're lazy/busy like me ;))

    feel free to add something in the thread title next time if you're feeling generous :pp

    Sorry Paddy....:whack: ....was in a rush to get it done before i went off out....Will make more time in the future....again sorry

    Only anarchy iv seen latley is eco actavists sitting round smoking pot, whie drawing "Circle A's and saying its the govenrments fault??? : yawn:

    Anarchy in action is about being pro'active, using a peice of spare ground to grow crops and NOT just shouting/screaming when there's a problem. Anarchy is a group of people making a difference, not a riot.

    Is it good or bad??? Im undecided on that one....

    Anarchy at sits on thier a**e and complians about the government and the system, while a select few do the work quietly....

    Anarchy is a label, its a cause, its £3:50 in yer local alternative clothing store....True anarky or similar is co'operation, people working together....

    I dont trust NRK any more than i trust the government!!!

    Im a punk, always av been. Now, im not an NRK'ist, im not a glue sniffer [not any more}....I happy as i am, not lackin nuffin inside....

    As for labels, that the society's problem, if they want to "label" me, then let em...

    Wide braces, crossed over laces, no button down collar, loose fitting jeans tucked in boots ... nope, not skinhead ;)

    Ye ye i know....if ye can get a finger in yer jeans yer NOT skin'ed!!!!:D

    No probs Hickeybee, i intend to.....but i will be gettin a new pair @ some point!!!!!

    Do tourists stop you in the street wanting their photos taken with you ?

    Ye they do...on Sat'day me and Neilly were out {bloke with UK SUbs T Shirt on in pic} tourists were droppin thier kids off with us to get hier pic taken with the punks....its funny, 1 month of the year, they love us, the rest of the year they hate us...!!!!

    great pics.. and those ox bloods are just lovely (:

    Nice the are hickeybee but they're also full of holes {at the toe end} and falling to bits...Need a new pair....

    It felt good to be dressed up again, lookin smart.....

    besides the amry dont want me im a dylexic asmatic layabout :D

    Well thats me out then also....:clap: Wouldnt fight for my country, i dont want to travel just to kill indigneous peoples...:eek:
    :music:...i dont wanna die, we dont wanna die, im not gonna die for this governrment...:music:

    I know we had national service and its that im talkin bout, we live in scary times indeed. Ninja, we already have a war goin on in the middle east, 2 in fact, Iraq/iran and Afghanistan....why the feck would we need another??? I was once told by a recrutiment soldier at one of thier caravans, that they wont take alternatives until its all kicking off in the uk, take that how you will.

    By the way, the pub im pictured outside, is the Auld Hoose-Edinburgh. It serves the best selection of Ales, Ciders and local Wine and Whisky in Edinburgh. It also serves VEGAN/VEGGIE Food at reasonable prices. On a sunday, they serve a vegan/veggie roast. As well as that they cater for omni's. The jukebox is the best with a wide selection of punk/rock etc. Just thought you should know.