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    I do worry about you sometimes :eek:

    You definitely need to ditch the homeboy though :( for his own sake :D

    Be kind!

    Fantasy... pffft :rolleyes:

    Interesting observation as I'm not a Tory and I'm far too polite to tell you what I think about ALL of the political parties. :D What I will say is that I have no wish to become part of a Federated Europe nor do I like the idea of living in The North German Plain which is what the South of England is intended to be if the Federalists get their way.:vomit:

    From what little I have gathered about this, the ones that have destabilised things are the folk who lost the Referendum and who are now trying to get the "vote" changed. :eek: Funny how most everyone seems to want Democracy when the vote goes their way but when the same Democratic process produces a result they don't like they're up in arms about it.:curse:

    You do make good valid points.

    The vote should be upheld. The result needs respect.

    However... there is an argument that the voters were sold a load of horsepoop. Many voters were manipulated.

    Not that I wanna get into all that [panic]

    I had a soul mate but he was waylaid before we joined together,then he moved far away and she barred me.I was stupidly too scared about commiting and telling him how I really felt.I still feel the pain now after all these years.So if you find one speak up and out, let them know.Losing him like that was worse than never having him close in the first place.While there is still breath in you History there is always a chance for love to sneak in ,you are never too old.:)

    I dont like to think of you in pain.

    Stop talking like this :curse:

    You've still got me :o I know it's not the same but ...

    I think we should of remained as team players.

    When dragon says "Why should the 4 working families support ..."

    That is tory talk to me :D that is about saving ones own arse & allowing everything else to go to hell.

    You need to be very careful when shouting from the top of ladders. Before you know it the rot sets in & you slip!
    Guess who waves at you whilst you're on the down? :)

    Nice to be asked :) ta muchly.

    Can I get back to you in a few years animated-smileys-laughing-291.gif

    I personally voted remain for stability & I had a bad & correct feeling about how unstable things could get if the brexiteers won. There are some vicious idiots out there that immediately felt empowered & they used the brexit vote as a blunt instrument.
    Truth be told I was scared of what all those idiots are capable of.
    I was wary of their misplaced anger & I had the feeling leading up to the vote that the mood of the country was so volatile it was capable of making huge mistakes.
    Power is a funny thing & in the wrong hands it can do severe damage.

    However... we are where we are & the country has spoken & that has to be respected.

    As a voter I am out in the cold. I despise what the tories do but I find Labour weak willed & Corbyn is away with the bloody fairies :rolleyes:
    Any other vote is a waste of space in the current climate.

    Your view is not simplistic red dragon. Far from it. Yet, a vote is a vote & it wouldnt really matter if your view WAS simple.
    We are most of us eligible to vote. Look what happened :D

    I was a bit worried driving home in my tin can. Glad to be indoors now. Animals fed & the dog has chosen to just have a quickie in the garden. Heating up, feet up, telly on.

    Love & luck to all those getting blown about. I hope you have plenty of heating & are warm enough :( & power & food & shelter that is safe in the storm.

    Naughty Doris :cry:

    Stay safe peeps xxx

    I don't know how to help these people. I go to sleep with them etched in my brain, I have bad dreams, I wake up sweating & angry. I don't understand why good people are made to suffer. I don't understand the cruelty & the way they are being treated.
    It feels unfair.
    Then I get this other side of me which just shuts it all down & I end up switching off from everything & everyone.

    I can't find a balance anymore.

    I have to turn my back & concentrate on me & my girl or I will end up ill. I wasn't built to fight the world.

    I guess all the people who need help will eventually shut up & die quietly & become just another statistic.

    WARNING TO TORY VOTERS - Don't even speak to me :curse: coz I will take your little linkys & your bullshit & shove it so far up your arse

    Okay I'm going now [panic]

    I know what "the system" is doing to good people who have spent their whole life paying into it. I know what it does to the disabled, to the mentally ill, to the vulnerable, to working single women with more than two kids.
    I see that it is a system designed to create failure.
    It has been VERY well thought out by VERY VERY clever people who will suçceed regardless of the cost to humanity.

    Get your hands off the button Paul :rolleyes: I'm just having a moment.

    You might surprise yourself, Roamer. I always thought the same way, but I discovered that it is a very satisfying thing to do. I worked for a while in a home, which was a horrific place, but the inmates - and I chose that word deliberately - were wonderful and I made some very strong friendships.

    I'm not good with people. I could look after a stranger in need for a certain amount of time but I'm not cut out for it long term. I dont know how people do it?
    I couldn't look after someone that was going to die. Why would I? I wasn't born to be bloody hurt over & over & over again.
    I get fragile when things go wrong
    Plus I was born to fight! I don't do all that dying stuff & poorly stuff :( far easier to take no notice.

    Anyway :snub: lets stick to the topic.

    People are now committing suicide and surrounding themselves with the shitty lies that government have sent them in writing.
    It's growing week on week
    Diabolical words from the powers that be that will come back to haunt them.
    A tory would be lucky if I even spoke to them.

    I'd be a crap carer with people :(

    Yet I would crash the car ten times out of ten for any animal in front of my tyres.

    I wish the majority of my family dead on a daily basis. I have done since my twenties. When I tell you I wont blink I really do mean that. I won't flinch. All I will feel is relief. A huge great sense of relief that they are dead & buried.

    My aim is to outlive the bastards & dance on their grave.

    :DIts Spring well and truly.Sat in some woods and at about 5pm the volume of bird song was awesome,an intricate,random but wonderfully woven orchestra of wild voice.So uplifting and to top it all the buzzard came over low mewling.Stood there ages just immersed.Such an invigorating time,all creatures busy pairing up,making nests,snowdrops all over,buds all over,soon frogs spawn and taddies.Wonderful.Makes my soul happy.:sunflower:happydanc

    I'm not so keen on frogs. Slight phobia but manageable.

    Frogs raise my heartbeat faster than anything. I go into scream mode & lose all control.

    Snakes no problem, rats no worries ... just not a frog.

    Mind you :( mines 17 now & I hardly recognise her with the potty mouth on her & she has complete disregard for who's about! I had to pull her up in Asda yesterday when we were having lunch in the cafe.

    I'm sorry but I won't have it. You will behave in my company :whip:

    We belly laughed yesterday coz I did actually threaten to take her home. She's nearly 18 & will be driving soon :o

    School holidays :clap:

    Lets lock em up in school 364 days a year.

    They are only allowed out on xmas day for good behaviour :)

    It's half term & the place has gone nuts :rolleyes:

    Why do kids shout :S then the mums shout louder [panic] then the kids outdo the mum & on it goes.

    I only had to look at mine & I could stop the merest squeak at ten paces :reddevil:

    There are a ton of really good books out there. DR D G Hessayon does really good books that are specific to whatever e.g. the house plant expert, the veg and herb exp. There is a book in this series for whatever you want to grow, from the most basic to the down right weird. your library should carry at least the most popular of them.
    Keith is right, do your homework about the area you live in. Different parts of the UK have different temperatures on average therefore different growing seasons. The best bit of advice being offered here is plant little and often ensuring a supply right through the summer.
    Good luck!

    Little & often.

    I will remember that this year. I think thats where I have gone wrong in previous years.
    I just have a mad weekend in the sun & bung it all in everywhere & expect a mass harvest at the end of all :o

    I do try but I am a bit useless really.

    I am determined this year to get it right.

    I was forgetting it was half term :eek: jesus my nerves are shattered & I was only in town hour & half.

    Yeah I think I will take your advice & wait a few weeks, I didn't have much luck finding what I wanted at the right price.
    I did get a few bits in the pound shop though :) I got this cute little sign that says "Homegrown tastes better". They had one saying "Trespassers will be composted" :D
    They had seed packets 3 for a £1 so I got some gem lettuce, spring onion & spinach.
    I got some cool bendy green buckets too.

    I will start everything off in the conservatory. I hope it grows this year :( my cat destroys it every year so I will put it all up high & then no slugs either :clap:that was a top tip from boaty.