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    It is very apparent from your posts that you are not interested in other people's feelings. Just read back on this thread and it's apparent. Your language is offensive and you appear to be on this forum purely to undermine other people's post. Perhaps you think you are an amusing provocative, devil's advocate. You are not. The majority of people on this forum are not overly PC, they are civil to each other, you might think about that before you start swearing at people who have a different point of view to yourself.

    I'm Irish you pillock!

    Plus I've lived in Sussex, Devon & spent time working in Cornwall.

    When you have something constructive to say get back to me :)

    It's still a racist comment. It perpetuates the stereotype that Irish people are stupid.
    I am not a pillock.
    You appear to think making racist comments and name calling are acceptable. I do not.

    Yup agree,food from bins wont make you need a colostomy bag,cheap booze however.

    It is more likely to be the poor quality food. Booze would be more associated with liver and pancreatic problems. Processed foods are well know carcinogenics but the food industry and the government don't want us to know too much about it. Processed meat is extremely bad for us. For e.g.:
    "According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, just 1.7 ounces of processed meats consumed daily—less than two strips of bacon—can increase a person's risk for colorectal cancer by 21 percent. No amount of processed meat is considered safe for consumption."
    There is loads of research on how bad certain foods are for us, going right back to the 1950's. Some say processed pig meat; bacon, ham, luncheon meats, are as bad for you as smoking. The fact that we hear so little of this in main stream media is testament to the strength of the food lobbies.

    Any other (hopefully positive) suggestions?


    Music to get a rhythm going and to help you to keep going.
    Try hill walking or fell running if you're fit. Walking on uneven ground will strengthen the ligaments and tendons around your ankles, knees and hips in a different way to cycling or walking on flat or simply repetitive stepping. In absence of hills; step machine in gym if you can cope with the boredom. I'd prefer a mountain any day, regardless of weather, over a gym.
    Your fitness will help you on the ascent. The descent is harder on the knees, especially as you get tired. Walking poles are great to support joints on a descent, but I don't know how practical they would be in what you are doing. You can get rubber grips to put on the tips.
    Use impact absorbing insoles in your shoes.
    Ankle/knee supports.
    You could google to see what people who do these fundraisers do. I know they used to do the BT tower.
    Good luck. :)


    That was a brave step Mark!

    Hope the painting goes well. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    They may look like clowns but really they are sheep. Just following the latest 'craze'. People so lacking in imagination they have to wait for someone else to tell them what the 'in-thing' to do is. :sheep2:I'm quite neutral on clowns. Never found them scary or funny but I wouldn't like to meet a menacing one on a dark street. :insane:
    I do believe this is another marketing ploy for Halloween. There's always someone making money somewhere behind the scenes. I really do not like the commercialisation of Halloween. All Hallows Eve and Samhain are important dates in the pagan and Christian calendars. But for most people it now simply boils down to dressing children up in highly flammable costumes and sending them out in the dark to beg for sweets.:eek:

    I'm really sorry to hear that. They didn't get in though? Which is good. It's a warning flag to get as safe as possible. It's a warning to all of us. If you look at videos on YouTube you'll see just how easy it is for these guys to break into any vehicle. It's not just the attempt to steal. It's the attempted invasion of your private space and your home. I hope you get sorted out and feel secure.

    If the roof is metal,how would you get the fiberglass to bond to be watertight?Do you mean overlay the whole section then overlap the ridges?

    Good question. I've only used fiberglass on the floor before now. It seemed to attach itself to the metal alright, I'm not sure about the waterproof quality though. That's why I thought of using a sealant too. The fiberglass would plug the hole with a seal around it? Not sure! :eek:

    Fiberglass would definitely be easy to work with. I could put silkaflex around the edges just to be sure. As I said to Wandering Gypsy, I'll need to secure the roof first I think. I could screw two lengths of 2x1's underneath the hole between the ribs and if that didn't hold it, I could think again, maybe about welding.

    I saw my roof for the first time this evening! Oh my word it's dirty :) Not entirely sure what I'm going to do about it, I had a go with the brush at the jet wash and a ladder but it's only got a little bit off so I will have to have another bash later in the week :)

    I cleaned my roof during the summer. I had to as it had little bits of rust I needed to sand and paint. The bird pooh was particularly stubborn! I got a brush from Halfords, a big one with stiff-ish bristles, a bottle of Mr. Muscle and a dish for water. It took a while but I got it clean and treated the rust. It's not a job I would relish doing again. I'll check for rust in the future and if there isn't any, the bird pooh and green stuff can stay where it is; as an extra layer of insulation. :D

    If you go for the piece of aluminium ive got some silicone sheet. If you pm me the size you want and your address ill post you some. This will stick to the roof with silicone rubber or sikaflex, then form the aluminium over it and stick that to the sheet.

    In fact whatever you go for, if you need a bit let me know!

    Thanks Rick, that's very kind of you.

    Can you replace the strip of roof entirely between the nearest ribs to the vent that it is sitting in?As you already have to go through for your stove pipe it seems easier to start afresh in my mind anyhow. I had an old tourer years ago and it also had a dented in bit next to a roof vent that leaked.Every time i popped it out it would ping back in again and attempts at sealant failed,maybe as i couldnt rough up the exteroir enough to get a good key as i was worried about pressing too hard and making it worse and all the popping it out may have compromised the sealant too.In the end I duck taped a bin bag over all of the affected area plus a 1 foot margin all around.... temporarily.:)It stayed like that for 6 months till i flattened it for the scrappie.If you post a picture on here of various angles and say the composition ,there are some very ace fixers and van builders on here that will no doubt help you.

    I was going to post a picture but I currently have a flat tupperware container stuck on the inside to catch the drips (a temporary solution - three months now). I didn't want to take it off until I found a solution but I might just go for it, get everything off, sand it down, scratch my head and then duck tape on a bin bag, until I figure out the best solution :D.

    If you can find the same van in the scrapyard you could cut out a section of roof from the same place your fan is but 3 inches bigger all round and sikaflex the panel over the hole.

    That's a good idea. I called a couple of scrap yards recently for a piece but they didn't have the model in. I think you have to get lucky with the timing for them to have what your looking for when your looking for it. I'm not sure how confident I'd feel about cutting out the bit of roof but I reckon it's a case of getting tooled up and going for it. :D

    Maybe a piece of lead dressed over the ribs with silicone/lead seal underneath and a few corrugated roofing fixings around the perimeter

    Sounds like a good option. Where would I buy lead? Would builders merchants sell lead in small amounts? I would definitely need to support the roof from below, if I add the extra weight of lead.