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    I found that leaving a window open by a few mm's massively reduced condensation and yet you don't get cold as you imagine you might. The heat still traps within the space even with that essential air flow breezing through.

    Hi. I'm 51 now, but feel 151 most days! Starting a course of physio today, hoping that'll help. Due to stiffness & pain i can't do much excercise which just makes for a vicious circle. Just doing a bus conversion at the mo, so i'm getting some bending etc. Used to be very active so I find it doubly frustrating to end up like this. 😣😞

    I ended up seriously incapacitated with sciatica in 2017, and spent 4 months digging myself out the hole sufficient to be able to start exercising again this year. I could barely walk at one point.

    After doing tons of very painful daily stretching for months to rid myself of the sciatica in 2017, I spent most of this year working out hard and am now very fit and strong again. You can do it, just put the work in and you'll restore your health and be leaping around like a teen again in no time :)

    I used to be off on the bike every weekend as a younger man. Tent & army dossbag over the rear seat & away you go. Woke up most mornings somewhere between the beer tent & my bike! Can't cope with it anymore, if I get on the ground now I can't get back up😣 Getting old & stiff is just a fuckin crock.....

    How old are you and have you tried yoga or other fitness to 'de-stiffen' yourself? You know, if you want to be less stiff.

    I am 45, which I know isn't that old in the grand scheme of things, but because of fitness activities I can still leap up from the floor like a gymnast*

    *Might not actually resemble a gymnast when getting up from the floor. Conditions apply.

    I didn't find it that inspiring as aside from a couple of them, most of them were simply living on their parents land. One with a boat had saved herself, and someone else had also saved and taken a risk with developing a brownfield industrial site.

    For those with their parents .... well, we can all live 'mortgage free' with our parents can't we. Well not all of us of course, but you get the point, I felt those examples were cheating.

    Gotta Quechua 2 man tent, stick on Violet the Vespaclone. Been used all over the place from Snowdon at the Dragon Rally to various festivals for yrs now. Tends to get loaned out to Kay who works with me at events as I have gone posh and bought a bargain in Lampyland from the hardware shops vile pile. twas reduced to £20 and its a 4 man one. Be like a palace and it held out in torrential rain so used that last year. The Quechua is deff better quality and it only cost me £20 off ebay with a free sleeping bag of Fleabay. Its funny like Wizz was saying never liked tents as always had vans but aint got the finance over the last few years to justify van and car so tent it be. Anyhow now I back on two wheels of throbbing 150cc power tent is fine.

    I bought two of those for my kids, absolutely outstanding for the price, I'm very very happy with them!

    I have three tents :)

    I like to camp in lots of different places. Festivals are cool but I also like a rural breather too, I love Shell Island in Wales because of it's informal natural camping, it's stunning sand dunes, and you get a bit of both there due to the party area in the middle.

    I have x 2 Quechua 2 man tents for the kids, and my tent is a Vango Arc 3 man, it's fab and borrowed lots by the family. I don't camp in tents any more really, I got addicted to campervans a couple of years ago.

    One pot is so efficient, I'm a one pot addict. Mine is usually a curry or a chilli though.

    OMG my Mum's stew with home made dumplings was THE best - miss you Mum!:*

    Modern day busy 'house' folk still do a version of a never ending stew but after their meal on day one the remaining potful is decanted into separate containers and put in the freezer to have bits added to it later. Two days of the same thing is enough for me!

    BTW Wiz if you go to a supermarket, or butchers, keep a look out for 'hogget' - a sheep over 1 year old - its becoming quite popular atm.

    I totally forgot about dumplings!! I used to put them in from time to time in stews but I swear it's been a year, whaaat how did I forget. The kids will be so excited when they get dumpling stew this week.

    I really need to write things like this down, I think I'm getting senile.


    Most of January has felt pretty mild so far in my opinion, I don't even think I've seen a particular frost yet and had quite a few sunny days too.

    A bit of snow would be nice before Spring comes.

    Your not the only one Rick69, I'm 52 and have never wanted, felt the need and it's just not in my make up and have never felt biologically driven. The hard part through life when a bloke knows he does not want kids is finding a female partner who is certain sure they do not want any either.

    Similar difficulty to my own ... you really do need to feel reasonably sure that person is not about to change their mind in the future.

    I mean there are no guarantees of anyone changing their mind about anything, but it's an area to be very careful about if you are certain you don't want children. Or in my case, that I don't want any 'more' children.

    Not that im looking, but why are the children a prerequisite? Im 45, have no kids (that i am aware of) and have no interest in ever having any - i can't be the only one!

    Yes many men have no interest in having children but I'm cautious around those who are relatively young still (in their 30's) who say that, I mean ... we all know how easy it is to change one's mind and the younger you are the more likely it is that a change of heart could come about.

    Also ... men have a habit of saying whatever they think you want to hear when they are blinded by just getting what they want right now, with little thought to the future and so I would always take such claims from a pursuing man with a pinch of salt. Yes for some it's just the reality, but for many, they will really just say anything they need to say.

    I just see it as an area perhaps for me to be very careful about when considering young-ish partners, I'd hate to be years into a relationship and a guy suddenly start realising that he does want kids after all :/

    I learned at school when I was 15 and it's definitely one of my most useful life skills.

    Keep with it, yes it hurts to start, just like any muscle, and like Chained Thistle says, it's much easier nowadays than the old fashioned typewriter I also learned on at school!

    Plus back space is a blessing, we used to have to use tippex :D

    Yes, I worked for ten years as a mortgage advisor etc in large banks, and then when I had my first child at 28 I left work to stay at home and started a creative business that I still run from home now 17 years later.

    I've got four years until my youngest turns 18 and then I'm selling my house and off to live full time in a van and have even more life flexibility :D I can continue to run my home business from the vehicle.

    Don't be afraid to make massive changes! Life is for living! Just do it.

    I'm quite open to a wide range of people but like everyone do have few deal breakers, if feel they are all rather reasonable and realistic;

    - No relatively young men young say 40 who don't have children already. (I do not want any more children and am too old anyway).

    - No drugs.

    - Must be at least 5ft 9 . Sorry, I'm allowed one shallow one, I literally cannot cope with be taller than a guy.

    - Must be reasonably healthy weight and not a total couch potato. Don't need muscle bound gym guy, just not total muscle atrophy guy, lol. Don't mind a bit of a 'I like my food' belly, lol.


    Having been working with selling jewellery for a length of time now I'd say that no you will not be able to fit it into a back pack, it's the sort of operation you could just about fit into a campervan.

    To make money at retail you need to be selling in a reasonable volume each week, because each sale only tends to make a small amount of profit .. and so that does mean you need space for materials.

    To give you some perspective about the sort of things you will need, they include;

    Raw materials for making the jewellery - gems, metals etc.

    Packaging materials - jiffy bags, jewellery boxes ... these actually take up quite a a lot of space. Imagine how much space say 50 jiffy bags can take up. You won't be making enough profit if you don't sell say at least 50 items a month.

    A printer - are you going to stand in a post office queue each time you have some parcels to post? That would be very inefficient and eat into profits the time this takes up ... especially at Christmas when they are busy ... so you need to be able to print your own labels and drop the parcel into the nearest post box.

    You will need desk space - a small desk is fine, but you're definitely going to need desk space to create the jewellery on.

    Jewellery storage - you will need somewhere to store a few small boxes of jewellery, jewellery is small but you will still need to be able to store items from your range.

    Competition is so fierce online nowadays that you need to have at least a hundred products in your jewellery line otherwise you will never get found in the online searches. The more items you stock, the more chance you have of selling them basically.

    It's better to have all your items made already and ready to ship immediately, because another thing you will have to compete with in the competitive jewellery market is 'speed', customers are used to fast delivery (Amazon and Argos are getting items to people the same day).

    If they have to wait for you to make it ... you will make less sales and struggle to make the business work. You don't have to offer same day or even next day delivery, but to compete, you really will have to be offering to post it out the very next day after they buy it online, so they are only waiting a few days for delivery.

    I hope that has been useful information! :)

    PS: Another great place for selling is Amazon Handmade. I joined there this year and have found it very good. Some people have success with eBay too but I've not really found it that good for me in terms of shifting jewellery.


    I’ve never come accross so many folk making so much of an issue out of something we have been doing since the dark ages. “Showering” in a litre of water?? The average bladder will hold approximately 660ml and I’m sure although warm, would not be sufficient volume of liquid to rinse even the tiniest amount of soap out of my wig. I’m sure you dudes are just thinking these methods up and have no more experience other than putting the plug in the hole or pressing the on button.

    Towel on floor or Kneehigh bench, bucket or bowl of Luke warm water (half a kettle if it’s still in there) flannel down and behave.

    There is a YouTube Video showing someone having a shower with 1 litre of water in a bottle. Yes, I've done the same myself - not just making shiz up, it is indeed sufficient water for a decent rinse off.

    Simply stab some holes into the bottom of a bottle to get it to sprinkle out when you need it to ... you have to squeeze it.

    Have YOU tried it yourself before you leap in to debunk it?

    Yes I've done the kneeling on floor on a towel thing before too, but you do get far cleaner with a showering effect that allows the water to flow off you. But you only need 1 litre, it's enough.

    Have any creative/maker skills? You could sell things on Etsy, you can make reasonable money on there (I have a shop there) but it would still take work to get it going.

    Any self employed endeavour that is run online is going to take serious hard work to get off the ground but it's worth it for the freedom of being able to work anywhere.

    Have you thought about filing for bankruptcy so that you can be debt free? Personally I would recommend that you seriously consider this and research the implications of the choice. I suspect that in your current position, this is your best option for a better future.


    Has anyone ever thought of sitting in a tiny blow up paddling pool and using a 1 litre bottle shower? Inflate, sit, lather, rinse with the bottle shower. If worried about splashes it's easy enough to hang a shower curtain from the ceiling.

    Pour the 1 litre of pool waste water into a jug by tilting the 'pool' off the side step into the jug, then pour the water into the sink and grey water container (or out the step if not near a water source and using bio soaps), deflate the pool and store away.

    In the summer simply put up a toilet tent outside and shower with a 1 litre bottle directly into the soil wearing flipflops and using a bottle shower. Ok if you're urban wilding you can't put up the tent, so you stick to the indoors pool winter solution.

    What's all this talk about wet wipes ... it's so easy to have a basic shower even in a tiny space. It only uses up 1 litre of water which is plenty for the shower and not an amount of water that is difficult to source daily, and it doesn't have to cost loads to heat it because tepid water is fine (only need half a litre of the water to be hot water and mix it with cold), no one needs a boiling hot shower.

    All conversations seem to be all or nothing ... ie if you can't have a full piping hot proper shower you have to go to wet wipes or flannels with wash bowls, whereas instead there are in between solutions.

    I have been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for fifteen years. I would say that the UK design industry has been getting tougher (winning clients) over the last 5 years and so I would recommend that you build up your work as a freelancer BEFORE you hit the road to ensure that you can make it work as a regular income before committing to buying a vehicle and quitting your job.

    Also find out how much income you will need on the road vs in a bricks and mortar lifestyle. I'd say it's getting tougher to win clients, but probably still enough to fund a more minimal lifestyle if you're good at your job and willing to work hard.

    I'm not a digital nomad yet, as I'm waiting for my youngest to turn 18 before I sell and depart the family home, but it's my intention to become one at that point for sure.