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    Wish I could legally shoot the bloody thing out of the sky!

    Could you say you mistook it for a pigeon?

    As they are controlled over wifi i wonder if some sort of transmitter and directional antenna type arrangement could be used to interrupt the pilot?

    What happens to them if they lose contact with the device controlling them - do they just hover, do they land or do they just go off and do their own thing?

    were still very popular in the 90s, died a death after that. Theres still a few about - more on the continent. One of the main advantages here besides not relying on mobile signal is that they are legal to use whilst driving.

    I'm just not sure I'm ready for a vehicle with a cruising speed of 40mph, and a 10mpg thirst!

    Some sort of modern (ish) diesel conversion must be a possibility. I am glad i have no room on my drive as the temptation is very strong....

    Here's one I'm looking at:…2d2ca3:g:SqgAAOSwNWxaBd5c

    Thanks duuudes

    That one is midband only, no uk40.

    If you google for a multimode expandable (dont pay for expandable, the instructions for a lot of them are on t'interweb. Either then buy one you like or make a note of the model numbers and search ebay etc for them.

    It's massive overkill if you just want to use it in the uk, on the other hand if you want one that you can use anywhere that its legal its the way to go. Also, if you fancy dx'ing you want a decent rig.

    Something like ebay 202156940454 would do everything you wanted. Not uk legal though..

    These are a good radio - 80 uk channels and europe. Knights (the seller in the below ebay listing) are also a well established shop who are happy to offer advice. Ebay number 232243601747

    are you bothered about it being legal. If not then look for one that can be unlocked. A lot of them now you can select the country which will give you the legal channels for that country as they vary. I believe in the uk now that fm uk40 and midband (cept) are legal as well as sideband. Also, some use countries use am and some fm. If you get one unlocked you have the full range of channels and am,fm and sideband.

    Back in the day i had a nato 2000 which went from super super low to super high band with uk40,fm am and side bands. Spent many a happy hour talking to people on the continent from my car parked up at caistor top on upper sideband.

    When im on my tablet later ill havea look round eBay. ..

    Just don't go there. Only had that once, 20yrs ago, a bottle and a quarter plied by a mate who I talked into marriage and I spent a long time taking to the big white telephone.

    T'is my downfall. I won't drink it in company any more as i can't say no and it causes my sense of humour / sarcasm to get far enough out to offend most all people. Luckily the misuse has learned to just ignore me! She really is one in a million.

    Once shes finished the cleaning... :beard:

    You seem very brave tonight, Rick. Has she gone out and left you with the keys to the internet? 😂😂😂


    youll cop it .The walls have ears.Remember.....:death:.....[panic]....:)

    Its not the walls I'm worried about... :flame::oldtimer:

    That's always the concern, where does it end? What starts of as an innocent desire to learn a new skill soon leads to a total breakdown in society. The question is not are they capable but what are the long term ramifications. The kitchen has been tried and tested over the centuries and shown to be a safe, invigorating and fully satisfying place for a woman to hone her very best attributes.

    You see, someone else who gets it... :whistle:

    One of my Uncles (who i never met), was a Japanese prisoner of war. My Mummy kept all the newspaper articles about him. He did eventually come home, but only survived 3 weeks. They had pulled all his fingernails off! He was kept submerged under water and starved. The dirty fuckers!

    A few years ago at a previous job they introduced a japanese maintenence strategy with zaizens, 5 point analysis and all the other bullshit that went along with it. It was determined a success by the pointy shoed cunts at work and a couple of japanese who championed the system were invited over to see it in action and listen to some bullshit presentations.

    A few of us made our feelings known, and one guy who was expected to give a presentation refused to speak to them - all those concerned were threatened with disciplinary action. When the guys turned up we were all herded into a meeting hall and expected to stand and applaud him. Those of us who didnt received a bollocking after the event.

    Thanks for that.When I get my dream off grid shack on wheels I will get a bug scanner if one can be had ,build a moat and switch off the grid.

    People dont need to place bugging devices, they can just use the devices that you place in your home for them - and they will work over a moat. Use wired where possible, avoid wireless, wifi and bluetooth etc to cut down on the number of potential access points.

    I went to the torture museum when i lived in Amsterdam. It's not a very nice place, but interesting all the same.

    I just wonder what goes through these folks' heads, to design an instrument of torture? Do they think of something that they would hate done to themselves?

    Things like thumbscrews and their larger derivatives i suppose it would be easy to imagine how someone would come up with the idea if they hit their own thumb etc. Rat torture, branding and hot irons - again pretty easy to come up with ideas. Even the saw before being refined, probably started with someone cutting themselves and realising just how much it hurt

    It must take a different, warped mind entirely to come up with the judas chair etc.

    add to that the growing number of people who use rf wireless cameras in their homes, security, door monitors, baby monitors etc

    These short range devices can all be picked up by anyone sat outside your home with easily available receivers.

    Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of bluetooth headsets laid around in peoples homes. Using a cheap bluetooth dongle, and a linux laptop you can easily hack these to listen to conversations around the device.

    The device class is changed from computer to mobile phone and easily available free software allows it to then connect to the bluetooth headset using the default (usually not changeable) pin of 0000 or 1234 and listen in to anything being said in the room.

    They sound like a lovely bunch of people

    They sound like a lot of businesses these days.

    We have cctv in the production areas at work, and people have been (rightly) sacked for sabotage.

    Saw an ad on tv last night,with these home monitoring kits.I can see two sides to this.The positive side would be,extra security,and you can see whats going on when you're out,in regards to someone breaking in or whatever.

    This idea of security came up on another thread. Its bad enough getting home from somewhere to find out you have been burgled but would you really want to watch intruders in your home from a couple of hundred miles away where you could potentially do nothing? Unless you have someone you can rely on to go round and give them a kicking your only option us the police, and the intruders are likely to be away before they get your call anywhere near the top of the priority list.

    The brazen bull was really grim, I read somewhere that the inventor was the first person to be killed in it. Fast acting karma

    I believe that he was eventually killed in it, but by no means the first.

    As for really grim the spanish wedge takes some beating..

    ive had various colds and chest infections for 6 weeks now complete with sore throat, cough, unable to get warm and pints of green snot. Coz its a factory and everyone is in close proximity with recirced air everyone is infecting everyone else.

    Finally got rid of it (fingers crossed) :insane:

    what got me, the “victim” must endure the Blood eagle without showing fear or weakness. It’s one thing to be a tough bugger, when the quality of your afterlife depends on the “victim” keeping a stiff upper lip and not crying out throughout the ordeal. It makes me wonder a) If I could carry out the same Blood eagle torture on my worst enemy and b) why I need regular painkillers when the nerves protruding from my vertebrae and sending “hurt signals” to my brain just because I think it’s too much pain :whistle:

    There was a series on discovery some time ago called death machines, and another one that i cxant actually remember the name of. Both series covered the various methods and machines that were used for torture, ritual deaths and executions. Interesting viewing - may be worth you checking out.

    The one that stands out as memorable besides the blood eagle (which must have smarted a bit!) was the brazen bull.