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    We went last year, probably wont go again. The only thing that would probably change our mind is if a load of others were going...

    Although there were some good ideas and some nice van builds there, there were significantly more who have obviously just followed a few builds on instagram and consequently a lot of them looked very similar. There were also interiors that would present significant issues when either travelling or using the vehicle for living.

    The event was organised by, and geared round selling their own business (which is hiring out peoples campers) - something which they appear to be reasonably successful at and i think that any information and inspiration you could glean from builders was a bonus of your own making.

    We didnt catch all the workshops, but the ones we did seemed geared round the people giving them selling their own products - again, no disrespect to them as they are making a living and if you just take away the advice then maybe worthwhile. On that however, the electrical workshop was lacking, some good advice but some other poor advice even going against 18th edition recommendations so not just my opinion.

    As has been mentioned above, there are plenty of people there selling themselves as a brand - it would be an ideal place to go if you wanted to learn about that.

    The dog situation was a farce. We paid for a ticket, plenty didnt. There was also in the t&c's stuff about them being on leads, fouling, barking etc. Round where we were all three of those were routinely ignored which i wouldnt normally be bothered about but having paid £50 odd quid to take him did piss me off.

    All said though it was a good weekend, was nice to catch up with people and met a few nice folks round our fire pit and saw a few nice vans. The bands of an evening were all good and not all covers, and the free showers were spotless. Certainly worth going at least once, worth the ticket price - i'd honestly have to say no.

    Out on the field this morning with the dog and came across this young pigeon just sat on the grass, waiting to either die or be eaten (which i suppose is the same thing in the end). His eyes were both glued shut with some yellowy discharge, and there was a pile of feathers close by. No nest visibly nearby so suspect he was taken there by a cat although he doesn't have any other injuries.

    Took him home and bathed both his eyes with cotton wool and warm water until he could open them, friendly little fellow didnt even need holding - just sat on my hand whilst I did it!

    He's perked up now he can see, preening and eating a bit of dog biscuit soaked in water, which by the way he attacked it is the first thing he's had in a little while.

    Going to keep him a couple or few days to make sure his eyes dont start glueing up again then hopefully let him fly off to his new life...


    It has an exhaust leak on the back box where it connects to the main pipe,i took it to Quick Fit for repair...

    Firstly, avoid Kwik Fit like the plague.

    Try an independent garage, if its not totally rusted out they should be able to weld it up for you. Or find someone local with a mig set who would do it for a couple of beers.

    Or as a last resort, ive used screwfix high temperature flue sealant which comes in a silicone gun tube to repair exhausts before.…ilicone-black-310ml/66373

    From experience of a previous job, frozen is definately better than fresh as most veg is frozen within a few hours of leaving the field rather than the fresh stuff which goes though packaging, warehousing and sitting on a shelf in the supermarket for several days.

    There was a thing on farcebook earlier in the year - meat free march. We gave it a go and after a month hadn't really missed the meat. Now we probably only have meat once or twice a week, sometimes a couple of times more if we buy a pack of bacon and sometimes not at all.

    The easiest stuff we found was curries, stews etc where we just made them but left the meat out. Despite concerns that we would be hungry etc there wasnt actually any difference. We did get some recipes off Rainbowmama (Nicky) and a couple of internet sites. Also some good advice from a vegan guy at work who was really helpful.

    Go for it, if it doesnt work out you can always buy meat again..

    it seems particularly bad this year, for the last 4 or 5 years i have sneezed occasionally and occasionally had sore eyes, last year i took tablets less than a dozen times- this year I have had to buy anti histamines in bulk and my nose is bleeding from so much sneezing and blowing.

    Just seen this, as keith said - the first thing i would do is get rid of norton.

    I would also advise getting rid of windoze and replacing with Linux but this isnt a practical solution for many.

    However, did the problem start after you installed any software, toolbars, browser addons etc? If so, try uninstalling that piece of software. I havent used windoze for many years but when i did there was a piece of software called spybot search and destroy that was free and highly recommended for removing malware and spyware - i would give that a go, you can always uninstall it afterwards if you dont want to leave it on your laptop.

    There are also guides online on disabling unneeded windoze services both to increase privacy and speed up your os - the black viper site was really good for xp and windoze 7, i expect it still is. That would be worth a go as you probably dont need half the stuff that is running in the background.

    I do have a certain degree of paranoia but i wouldnt let anyone access my machine remotely...

    Lastly, if you dont mind - could you ask Steve whether he got my email re stopovers etc after quirky, it didnt get bounced back so someone did!

    might be at Dovedale but im a bit worried about Dovedale as everyones met one another there.

    Im not really a people person, and tend to keep myself to myself, but i can honestly say that Dovedale was one of the best things i ever did. People are friendly and accepting, and dont pressure you in any way. Maybe they are all as fucked up as i am and thats why it went so well, but there are some great people there - I'd say go!

    Ah yes, reminding me of battery power drills!

    I can understand tradesmen having one for drilling and one for driving, but it amazes me how some of my neighbours will get out the whole power drill/driver kit to put two x 1" screws into a bit of wood. And they are much younger than me, so it's not age. They just don't seem to possess hand screwdrivers. It's the same inside their homes: some of these people live on their own, but even have a machine for washing dishes....

    On the other hand, if you have the drill/driver why not use it? Most woodworking requires predrilling holes to avoid splitting so you may as well use it to drive the screws as well.

    Although dishwashers and all the bluetooth controlled kettles, toasters, lights etc i really dont get. There are two of us (and a dog) and we can get by with washing up once a day (at the most) and washing clothes once a week or so. We can turn our own lights on and off, make our own tea..

    The amount of remotes that people have at work for stuff is amazing, especially all these alexa things etc. I have found one use for them though, whilst round there simply ask alexa to set an alarm for 3am....

    The look of disappointment on the fervent priests and those shouty american preachers faces when they die and realise there isnt the land of heaven they believe in would be priceless.

    Do you think the shouty american preachers believe all that shite they are shouting or are they just cleverly lining their own pockets by exploiting the "believers"

    My moneys on the second option.

    My take - its gods house (if you believe in that sort of thing)

    He let it burn (standard getout for insurance companies)

    Surely if his followers were to rebuild it would be an affront to his wishes...

    There was a programme on the telly a little while ago, it may have been one of the ones Mark Gatiss did (ill try and find it on youtube)

    It explained why a book will always be better than a film when it comes to fantasy/horror/suspense - you create it yourself in your own mind whilst reading it. Nothing anyone else creates in a film no matter how good the effects comes close to your own interpretation and the images you create.