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    The riser should be longer, youd want two containers stacked on end at least... :whistle:

    I last used pinterest years ago (iirc before you needed an account) and i seem to remember it didnt allow you to save pics.

    It may be worth a revisit as a few people have mentioned it and should provide an ideal opportunity to waste more hours of my life researching crap i dont need to build get some fresh ideas.

    Re the rocket stoves, currently looking at building one out of perlite/concrete about the size of a bucket for camp use.

    Did you see the stainless one i took to DD a couple of years ago? That was the first one i built and apart from inefficiencies due to not insulating the burn and riser tube i was quite impressed with the small amount of fuel it used to cook a meal. The downside was constantly feeding it small sticks but it is something you could easily learn to live with.

    Another common thing I am hearing that I already suspected is to avoid the free ones as they are often used to collect data from you, so go with a decent brand.

    Imagine it like this..

    You write a letter but arent allowed to post it in your country. There are services that will take your letter and repost it from another country - some free, some paid.

    They will probably all get your letter there, but who has read your letter in the meantime? A paid service is more likely to be trustworthy than a free one. What is contained in your letter - your bank account details are worth a lot more than a letter to Aunt Betty. Anything you send to a vpn can be read by the operator of that service so you need one that you can trust, especially if your usage is more inclined towards the less legal end..

    I have a vpn server set up on my home router. If i want to do any online banking from mobile then the vpn on my mobile connects to public wifi and transmits encrypted data to my home router, which then sends it on to the bank.

    I also sometimes use a free vpn service at home as marshlander does above to bypass geographical restrictions but as i dont use any personal data over them save for a login that was created using a disposable email address security isnt an issue.

    I also use one for accessing certain torrent sites, not for anonymity but purely because my isp has completely blocked them. I've not used one for streaming or downloading if i don't have to and have never had any issues despite using some serious bandwidth on occasion.

    As above, air.

    Does your system have a grundfos pump on it? These normally have a 3 speed selector on the side of them.

    If so, turn it up to full speed and then turn the power off to it for a few seconds, then on again a few times. This would normally be enough to displace any air in your part of the system, either to a point where there is a vent so you can bleed it or to someone else's part.

    There's a kind of honesty to it. Out in the open, nothing hidden. As you said, is it any worse than the factory raising and slaughter (allegedly humane - try doing some work in a chicken factory for an eye opener on that score) of all the turkeys that people will be cooking to celebrate the consumer fest that is Christmas, then throwing away a couple of days later.

    Maintaining sanity - I go through phases depending on my mood , sometimes weed, sometimes strong lager or a certain spirit that i have taken a fancy to - sometimes to excess so costs can vary. I know when its getting excessive so i knock the spirits on the head and go back to aldi 4% beer. As NRT has said above, a couple of cans a day helps to take away the worst of my back and shoulder pain.

    Other times artificial crutches just don't cut it and the dog gets some really long walks which both of us enjoy. Other times I'll ferret or even buy some random junk and turn it into something else just to give myself something to do - usually giving it away at the end. Luckily most of it is auction or car boot purchases so little to no financial cost.

    The one thing i do pay out on is old computer hardware as i have an interest in it, although technically it doesn't cost me money as i always either buy below market value or buy as a job lot and sell off the stuff i don't want to offset cost. I have explained to the missus that in the event of my death, even though she regards a lot of it as junk, that it is worth good money and to sell appropriately.

    The one thing i haven't had to do again is go back to prescribed antidepressants - it was the last time, and pulling myself out of that hole, that changed my way of thinking and made me realise that i had to put myself first.

    Of course if we are talking about maintaining sanity then i have to mention the missus, she puts up with a lot - but i also give a lot back. We have a different type of relationship than i have ever had before, both of us understanding each others issues and foibles. To a lot of people that know us it seems strange but it suits the pair of us.

    Anyway, did this reply answer your question? Probably not, but it was a great post and it will be interesting to read other peoples responses.

    Congratulations. Consider yourself chosen.

    I'm not a cat person - many years ago (20+) a big ginger tom turned up at my house and hung around. Fed him after a while and he stayed, even getting on with my dogs, till about 3 years later when it seems he got a better offer. He fucked off and moved in with the woman 3 doors down who gave him chicken every day! Didn't even acknowledge me when i stroked him after that - twat!

    Bit late but the fire hd tablets are pretty low spec compared to others on the market hence why they are cheap. They are also crippled (as NRT has mentioned above) by Amazons custom android system and its pretty lacking app store.

    I have the hd7, it cost £35 3 or 4 years ago. The stock experience is crap, almost unusable. I rooted it, removed all the amazon crap, installed the play store and a custom launcher - this made it a pretty good tablet for light web browsing, email, farcebook etc plus almost any app you wanted from the Google play store. If you (or someone you know) wouldn't be comfortable doing that then I'd give it a miss and opt for either a second hand samsung or a newer huawei - both of which will be a similar price.

    The best way of using a gas stove in your can for heating is to get some bricks out of an old storage heater, then use the gas stove whilst ventilated to heat them up. When hot turn off the stove, wrap bricks in a towel and get into bed with them.

    Them old stone hot water bottles are good as well, I have a couple for the van and if you preheat them (is put some boiling water in, slosh it about then empty) then refill they stay hot all night.

    I've just noticed that the Berlingo 1.6 petrol is nearly £100 a year more expensive than the HDi version on road tax. :eek:

    But thats only £2 a week rather than a tenner a day lez charge if you like the vehicle. Had a word this morning with the guy who has one - never had any trouble with it.

    Dont know what wav is mate, a few years ago a mate bought a pug 106 which was registered as disabled. Left it as such for the cheap tax. Year or so later had an accident, got done for no tax, no insurance (due to it not being correctly taxed) which cost him his licence (already had some points) There was talk of doing him for fraud but they never charged him so suspect they couldn't make that stick. He also had to pay out for repairs and his insurance for the next few years took the piss.

    No offence taken, and thanks for reply.

    I understand now where "semi permeable" comes in, maybe badly named by the manufacturer. If it works in the way you describe then perhaps a better name/description would be one way barrier? My understanding of semi permeable in your first reply was semi waterproof hence the question what's the point.

    Think we are pretty much on the same page as regarding airflow and ventilation being the key to reducing moisture and mould.

    A lot of the FB group "experts" recommend plastic sheeting or bubble foil completely sealed as a vapour barrier. Obviously you cannot get it completely airtight or 100% coverage so moisture will get through, and IMO without the required ventilation behind it moisture and mould will build up and corrosion will occur.

    You haven't changed my mind about using a barrier, but I'll look out for some if that semi permeable stuff in skips during the course of my rooting and will try it on a small scale comparing it to nothing. Always willing to learn something new....

    I'm sorry to dis-agree but with rockwool I would always use semi- permeable membrane such as the new stuff for under tiles and slates.

    If its semi permeable whats the point in using it?

    You already have a vapour barrier in a van, the body. If you fit another one inside youll trap moisture between the two and thats when youll get problems. Leave it open and breathable, yes it may get damp or wet but it will also then dry out again with the heat and air flow that you add to your van whilst living in it.