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    it’s highly illegal to tamper with meters. Once sealed, access to the mounting screws can’t be got at usually.

    I wouldn’t do it these days unless in a squat and babysitting a grow room or two. :D

    Those seals turn out to be surprisingly easy to get hold of! I wanted a couple for my main fuse and meter when i rewired my house, guy gave me a bag full. Used 2, kept a couple and sold the rest on for a tidy profit 😁

    Theres a load of roadworks round you with equipment left there, and a mate of mine rents a workshop about 4 miles away. Last couple of weeks there's been a suspicious flat bed transit hanging around, and he had 2 guys approach him about the shell of a car he has there..

    Maybe connected?

    When I was at a previous company we had 2 massive tanks of heating oil to back up the gas supply to our boilers.

    Over a couple of years me and my mate both helped ourselves to a considerable quantity, me for my 2.4 non turbo Hilux, him for his car. Just added two stroke oil to every tankful and it was fine.

    Re the heater, when they reach setpoint they go to low fire mode rather than shut off. This is when you'll get sooting. You are better off getting an undersised one and running it flat out, or when you achieve the temperature you want shut it down.

    Do you serve Perla? If so, nice and cold please!

    Thank fook there’s a pub that allows dogs. Last pub made me sit in the beer garden with my dog.

    Theres a pub near us that is nice to stop at after a good dog walk. I tied Ty to a picnic bench outside and went in for a pint and a bowl of water. Upon returning he and the bench were across the road and there was a worried looking cat sat up a tree...

    WTF!!!!! Romanian agricultural workers are being flown into the UK to assist farmers with harvests etc. What part of the lockdown allows for this to happen? Just another example of the welfare and safety of the populace coming after economic considerations.

    The part where we need to eat, and all the racist Brexit voting bunch that didn't want foreigners stealing their jobs don't want to get off their arses and harvest British produce.

    Personally I wouldn't touch Adrian flux with a bargepole. I have no personal experience with them, but a friend was insured with them (modified car) and had nothing but trouble when trying to claim.

    That story about poor service and difficulties as soon as you try to make a claim is repeated across several self build van and modified car groups and internet forums that I am part of.

    I had one RT! Nice cerbora single phase unit, it was liberated from a previous employer when they made us all redundant due to closure, figured they wouldn't need it.

    Was actually not that much use! A grinder is still a lot easier in the majority of cases..

    Swapped it for a esab buddy Tig set, now that is something that I'd recommend...

    I've been here, I've been reading but not really posting much. Had some stuff going on, nothing serious, but most of what I've read recently has been coronavirus.

    As someone who has to go to work through it I've got the attitude, maybe wrongly, that what will be will be rather than worrying about the risk (whatever that is, I don't believe all the MSM hype) so I haven't really engaged with those threads as I felt that to publish those views would detract from or maybe be seen to be making light of people's genuine concerns. Recently that seems to have descended into argument and as NomadicRT stated in his post (a lot of which I agree with) I don't need negativity like that in my life.

    I'm not dissing anyone who wants to post whatever view, I'll read them all and even though I might not agree with them I've never had to resort to the block button on here.

    There are some interesting people on here, Lika mentions above getting called on his/her first night - I've seen contraversial posts but I've also seen some very interesting posts from that author (I hope you don't mind me using you as an example, just illustrating that blocking someone for a couple of posts you might not like means you miss out on a lot more)

    I also agree with Rogue Traders point about grammar police. Who gives a fuck if it's not spelt correctly, I have a friend who cannot even read or write but has a wealth of experience, and if you question him in his field of knowledge or ask for advice you will get the benefit of 50 years of working in his trade as a top quality craftsman.

    I've had the privilege of meeting a few members from here at various locations, all of them I have been pleased to meet, all have interesting stories to tell even if I don't agree with all their views. There's none of them that I wouldn't be happy to chat to again, or to feed them if they rocked up to my van.

    Great thread Rogue Trader...

    Well luckily esssential workers can still go to work. That means that I can go to a food factory and stand in a small area with 150+ people, probably 30 of whom are new every day due to agency staff turnover for 8 hours producing fish for supermarkets. No testing of any of these new workers, no protection supplied by the company.

    The one concession to this is that they have put the tables further apart in the canteen so that people can only sit 2 to a table. This of course isnt enforced so everyone sat together....

    Then i go home and cant walk my dog 3 times a day on my own.....

    Fucking joke!

    Ive been burning pallets from work at home now for years. They take next to no time to cut up with a jigsaw, and also there are loads that get damaged with the blocks knocked out that I just pick up all year round. Had plenty of people tell me that it'll fuck up my burner and flue, both are still fine. Other than that the only other stuff I burn is skip find softwood, and the occasional trailer of logs from the brother in law when he's got too many already.

    I've never paid for wood yet, there's loads out there for the taking.

    I have heard lots of bad things about the ring unit, but the ctek unit is severely restricted in terms of the maximum wattage solar panel you can connect to it. You also need to buy the separate smartpass unit to get a decent charge rate.

    Ultimately you are better off avoiding units which claim to do a couple of functions and buy one unit for each. In this case a dedicated solar controller and a dedicated b2b charger would be the optimal setup.

    As above, quality cabling including correctly terminated crimps and earths are a major factor in the performance of low voltage systems.

    As for a cheap b2b unit, i am playing with a solar controller and 24 volt alternator wired to the solar input. Seems to work well and is a lot lot cheaper than one of the quality dedicated b2b systems available on the market.

    If he ever needs a hand compo you got my number,you know im reliable..and im in the process of applying to the age comcern thing..started before we came up here but as we were nomadic the crb was an were settled a while its no prob now xx

    Ill talk to him. He normally uses a guy literally just round the corner from him as he's available at the drop of a hat. Give me a few days and ill message you or UJ

    RM my BIL does it part time. Hes got a load of gear, a good chunk of money comes from his tree work at weekends but he also does a few lawns. Cheap petrol mower from the auction in town and he charges £15 a lawn. Hes stacked out in the week with them, so many hes turning them down in summer. Also got his name down with age concern so they recommend him for a lot of the sheltered houses etc. Obviously insurance etc for the last bit but when he started it was lawns and cash only. 2 a day for 5 days is £150 in your hand minus petrol.

    Funny because I've worked in factories most of my life even when contracting. The blokes are usually full of shit or just talking about the new car or the next expensive holiday or these fucking Alexa type gadgets whilst the women are, apart from a few exceptions, generally better to work with and talk to. Yeah ok there are the bitches but blokes can be just as bad..

    Ok part of that is taking the time to talk to them (or listen in quite a few cases as it seems that all some of them actually want is someone to vent to) Once a handful of them talk to you the rest seem to accept you..

    Of course if you just want stereotypical look at her tits type conversations electricians are the ones to hang around with although I've found (again generalising) that quite a few of the lesbians here are quite happy discussing attributes of both others and themselves..

    The main advantage of having worked with loads of women is that when you are younger and out with all your mates who all work with blokes none of them have a fucking clue how to talk to them. I've started many conversations for mates with the women of their choice in exchange for beers...

    Ey up, will get over to see you both at some point.

    The car compounds in town and in Immingham are regularly advertising for drivers to shunt cars off the boats and around the compounds. Its odd hours so puts a lot of people off...

    The riser should be longer, youd want two containers stacked on end at least... :whistle:

    I last used pinterest years ago (iirc before you needed an account) and i seem to remember it didnt allow you to save pics.

    It may be worth a revisit as a few people have mentioned it and should provide an ideal opportunity to waste more hours of my life researching crap i dont need to build get some fresh ideas.

    Re the rocket stoves, currently looking at building one out of perlite/concrete about the size of a bucket for camp use.

    Did you see the stainless one i took to DD a couple of years ago? That was the first one i built and apart from inefficiencies due to not insulating the burn and riser tube i was quite impressed with the small amount of fuel it used to cook a meal. The downside was constantly feeding it small sticks but it is something you could easily learn to live with.

    Another common thing I am hearing that I already suspected is to avoid the free ones as they are often used to collect data from you, so go with a decent brand.

    Imagine it like this..

    You write a letter but arent allowed to post it in your country. There are services that will take your letter and repost it from another country - some free, some paid.

    They will probably all get your letter there, but who has read your letter in the meantime? A paid service is more likely to be trustworthy than a free one. What is contained in your letter - your bank account details are worth a lot more than a letter to Aunt Betty. Anything you send to a vpn can be read by the operator of that service so you need one that you can trust, especially if your usage is more inclined towards the less legal end..

    I have a vpn server set up on my home router. If i want to do any online banking from mobile then the vpn on my mobile connects to public wifi and transmits encrypted data to my home router, which then sends it on to the bank.

    I also sometimes use a free vpn service at home as marshlander does above to bypass geographical restrictions but as i dont use any personal data over them save for a login that was created using a disposable email address security isnt an issue.

    I also use one for accessing certain torrent sites, not for anonymity but purely because my isp has completely blocked them. I've not used one for streaming or downloading if i don't have to and have never had any issues despite using some serious bandwidth on occasion.